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Bungled Suicide / Video Games

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  • Siren. Akira Shimura shoots himself with his hunting rifle after having just too much of the Cosmic Horror that the village of Hanuda became. Unfortunately being that Hanuda has become Cosmic Horror, instead of dying he revives some time later as one of the many Shibito, and cracks up when he realizes that he's still alive. This is repeated in the PS3 remake Blood Curse, with Seigo Saiga turning his shotgun on himself after assisting one of the other characters, only to revive as a Shibito and use that shotgun on the partner of a third character when they come through a few hours later.
  • If you fail to save Cid in Final Fantasy VI, Celes will throw herself off a cliff in despair, only to survive landing at the bottom. It's mentioned that dozens of other people threw themselves off and did die; when she realizes she survived, she concludes something wants her to survivenote . On returning to Cid's body, she finds a note directing her to his raft, and the game proper resumes.
    • Also counts as a Happily Failed Suicide, since finding a seagull patched up with what looks like Locke's bandana makes her happy she didn't try and gives her the determination to head out and look for her friends.
  • In Planescape: Torment The Nameless One can actually stage these as a means to at least two ends, thanks to his immortality. First to knock a suicidal Dustman back on his rails in the Hive, then to discredit a lecturer's claims of afterlife during your stay at the Civic Festhall.
  • .hack//G.U. has Atoli's player Chigusa, who bears several marks on her left wrists from failed suicide attempts. She has stopped trying to end her life after meeting Haseo.
  • Subverted in the opening scene of Persona 3: Yukari is shown pointing a gun at her head and trying to pull the trigger with shaking hands, then dropping it and crying, but it turns out she was only trying to summon her Persona, not kill herself.
    • In Persona 5, Shiho Suzui, unable to take Kamoshida's abuse any longer, jumps off a school roof, convincing the protagonist and Ryuji, who had previously been afraid of killing Kamoshida, that the abuse must end no matter what happens to him, and contributing to Ann's awakening to Carmen. Thankfully, Shiho fails to pick somewhere high enough to kill her and ends up hospitalised instead, and by the time she's recovered, Kamoshida has long since faced justice.
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  • In Agent Stone's backstory of Twisted Metal: Black, he tries to shoot himself in the mouth after realizing that his anger not only led him to kill the target, but also a girl and her mother. However, it fails because the gun was out of bullets.
  • It's never shown or stated outright, but Adrian Andrews' attempted suicide in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All was most likely this.
  • One of these sets off the plot of Postal 2's expansion pack Apocalypse Weekend: at the end of the base game, the Postal Dude shot himself upon realizing he forgot his nagging wife's rocky road ice cream. The expansion opens with the revelation that he survived the shooting, though the bullet lodged in his brain ends up causing all sorts of crazy, Silent Hill-esque hallucinations throughout the next two in-game days.
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  • Clem and Crystal from Psychonauts are two seemingly very cheerful children who are secretly suicidal. It's implied their self esteem issues are due to bullying. Their behavior for the most part is played for dark laughs. Clem and Crystal try to poison themselves and jump off a building but both attempts fail (though the latter was an Interrupted Suicide).
  • Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water: Among the 5 girls who made a Suicide Pact to drown themselves and die together, Fuyuhi and Haruka survived. The malevolent spiritual influence of the mountain ensures they die for real later on, though.
  • In Forever Home, Kina throws herself off a cliff after her hometown is destroyed for the second time. She loses control of her light magic and survives the fall, but gives herself amnesia and a different appearance. The party later recruits her as "Eidol" and actually have to back off from revealing her memories in her character quest to keep her from committing suicide again.
  • Implied in The Evil Within 2; Sebastian's model in this game has bandages around his right hand, and the events of the first game were certainly enough to drive him to the Despair Event Horizon... do the math.
  • In Fallout 4 completing the quest Giddyup ‘N ‘Go all the way including visiting the Wilson Atomatoys Corporate HQ and retrieving the quest giver Arlen Glass’ holotape from his daughter, has him reveal that after he lost his job, then lost his wife and daughter on the day the bombs fell, Glass tried to commit suicide by sitting near a radioactive bomb crater. Except the radiation didn’t kill him, it ghoulified him instead.
  • Conker's Bad Fur Day: After his botched attempt to kick Conker's ass, Frankie the Pitchfork hangs himself out of shame. But since he doesn't have "a neck of any description" he's just left hanging from the rafters of the barn until Conker cuts him down later on.


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