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As each member of the Straw Hat Pirates has a lifelong ambition, disrespecting these dreams are the easiest way to piss them off.

  • The whole Straw Hat Crew:
    • Don't treat people like garbage or that they are somehow beneath you. A good chunk of the crew have suffered this at one time or another and won't tolerate people that act this way. Just ask the World Noble that Luffy sent flying with a punch.
    • Harming a member of the crew is enough to piss the rest off. The Franky Family learned that the hard way.
  • Monkey D. Luffy:
    • Don't touch his Nice Hat (a memento from his idol).
    • Don't disrespect the title of Pirate King (it's okay if you lay honest claim to it; he'll see you as a Worthy Opponent instead).
    • Don't disrespect the Jolly Roger by stealing or defacing it. Wapol learned this one the hard way.
    • Don't steal his food, especially when it's meat, his Trademark Favorite Food (he's a justifiable Big Eater).
    • Don't insult his mentor Shanks. Shanks lost an arm to save Luffy's life, inspired him to become a pirate, and gave him the trademark straw hat as a promise to meet again once Luffy was a great pirate.
  • Roronoa Zoro:
    • Do not disrespect his dream or the idea of fulfilling a promise (his ambition to be the best swordsman in the world is a promise he made in memory of Kuina).
    • Do not make light of Luffy's ambitions in his presence. He made a pledge to serve him and he intends to keep that pledge.
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    • Sanji, period.
  • Nami:
    • Do not spend money without consulting Nami first.
    • Do not steal anything from her, especially if she stole it first.
    • Crewmates acting stupid in front of her tend to make her pull out the Armor Piercing Punch.
  • Usopp:
    • The Lovable Coward who would rather run away than fight, even post-Time Skip. But if you insult Luffy in front of him, you're doomed; he may be the weakest of the Straw Hats, but he's still a One-Man Army when he needs to be, and like Zoro, he won't put up with insults to his captain. Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Christmas found this out the hard way, after hitting him with enough force to kill a normal human a thousand times over.
    • Mocking his father Yassop is a quick way to piss him off. Kuro earned a punch in the face for disrespecting Yassop in front of Usopp.
  • Sanji:
    • Sanji's biggest berserk button is when anyone wastes food, including using food to fight with. He and Old Man Zeff almost died of starvation when Sanji was a child and before that he used to feed the poor despite the punishments his family threw on him, so this one's very understandable.
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    • He won't stand for it if somebody insults his cooking.
    • His original wanted poster had an ugly composite sketch. Bringing it up was bound to draw Death Glares from him.
    • Do not bring up Kamabakka. Remembering his two years in "hell" are enough to ignite in rage and/or open up a king-sized can of kick-ass.
    • Don't say that Sanji is incapable of protecting anyone. Doing so is a one-way ticket to finding his boot planted on your face.
    • Any and all things tied to the name Vinsmoke will send him into an incredible Tranquil Fury. He's long since settled down at the agony he went through, which is why he reacts so quietly, but pushing the subject enough will send flying him into a rage.
    • Do not disrespect, hurt, or insult women in front of him.
    • Zoro, period.
  • Tony Tony Chopper:
    • Do not make light of medicine, and don't be a doctor who's Only in It for the Money. Learning this from Dr. Hogback really pissed him off.
    • Do not harm a child in his presence.
    • Being Caesar Clown.
  • Nico Robin:
    • Do not disrespect history, and especially do not destroy it, as she demonstrates on Yama in the Skypiea arc. Her goal is to seek out the truth about the Void Century which has been lost in time, so she honestly thinks there is much at stake.
    • She also gets angry when people talk about her past and why she got her bounty (either because it touches on the first reason, destroying history, or because of the Blatant Lies told about her to keep the world turned against her)
  • Franky:
    • Do not take his speedo or do anything to dent his macho image
    • Do not deny your own creation
    • Do not hurt Robin
    • Never attack the Franky Family. Ever.
  • Brook:
    • Brook's afro is precious to him as it is the last defining feature he has that his old friend Laboon can recognize him by. So... Nobody Touches the Hair!
    • Do not make light of life, as Brook's is intimately aware of the fact he's living a second life.
    • Another one that's Played for Laughs: in One Piece Film: Strong World when man-eating ants ignore Brook because he was considered "leftovers", he angrily states it was "a bit inconsiderate" and proceeds to cut all the ants down. This Berserk Button is pushed again in Chapter 682, when the little dragon from Punk Hazard looked disappointed that Brook didn't have any meat on his bones. This actually serves as a minor plot point, as it reveals that Kinemon also hates dragons, but for a much darker reason. Unsurprisingly, however, when he comes across animals who have a taste for bones, he's not any happier.
As for everybody else...
  • Buggy's big red nose is a bit of a sticking point for him. If it even sounds like you're mocking it, he'll fly into a rage and/or attempt to kill you. Luffy insulted it twice, and one time he had a knife thrown at him and the other time he had a cannonball fired at him. Both attacks failed.
  • Averted by Hatchan when Zoro cuts his hair. He... decides to forgive Zoro because it's only hair and it'll grow back.
  • Whether he's falsely convicted of a crime he didn't commit, or stabbed by a spear, Tom's a rather jolly fellow. But disowning a ship that you built will enrage him.
  • Gekko Moria has two notable ones. First is his old crew of True Companions, who were massacred by Kaido; just thinking about it is enough to provoke a Villainous Breakdown. Almost as big of one is stating, or even just implying, that he's weak, which stems from the same incident.
  • If anybody mocked Eustass "Captain" Kid's dreams about becoming the pirate king, he wouldn't hesitate to straight out kill them for that. It's how his bounty got that huge, he just kept killing people whose only mistake was dismissing it. Challenging him about it seems to be fine, however; he respects the sort of will it takes to tell him, right in his face, that you will be the Pirate King instead, which is why Luffy didn't set him off.
  • Bartolomeo, a character who first appeared in the Dressrosa arc, was introduced as a rude, Ax-Crazy Jerkass. It's bad enough if you provoke him at all, but he absolutely worships Luffy; say one bad word against him in this fanboy's hearing, and it will be the last thing you ever say. Seriously- he'll cut your tongue out!
  • Kelly Funk from the Dressrosa arc, a boxer short in stature and temper with prodigious strength but no endurance at all. Call him shrimp or anything of the sort, and he'll pummel you within an inch of your life. As for the "no endurance" part that makes him less than a threat to those who are at least as strong as he, his Devil Fruit powers let him merge with his brother, a Gentle Giant with a ridiculously strong and sturdy body. When that happens, the threat level skyrockets.
  • Donquixote Doflamingo has a notable one: People who bear the name of D. While pissed at the Celestial Dragons, he is very familiar with their beliefs and deep inside, still is one, and he knows at the very least that D means the person bearing it will inevitably be his enemy. That, and the tales that painted them as destructive boogeymen still have a hold over him; people bearing the D are his antithesis.
    • Trafalgar Law. The one thing that Doflamingo resents above all else is the fact that Law chose others over him, his "true benefactor", and has continuously betrayed him time and again. When Law revealed that he was a D, Doflamingo snapped, disregarding all his previous ambitions regarding Law in favor of putting bullets into him.
  • Pica, one of Doflamingo's enforcers, is a giant of a man with a helium voice that doesn't match him in the least. Point this out in earshot, and you will be Buried Alive. You can consider yourself lucky if one of Doffy's other enforcers just shoots you dead before Pica can get to you.
  • Trafalgar Law, of all people, has a massive one. If you're ever dumb enough to insult—or god forbid hurt— Donquixote "Corazon" Rocinante, Law will make your life hell.Just ask Doflamingo, who murdered Corazon (his younger brother no less) and had the gall to laugh about it to Law's face.
    • Also, Law does not take it well whenever someone insults or threatens his crew. After Shinobu accused Bepo, Shachi, and Penguin (who've been captured) of spilling the details of the Alliance's now-leaked plans to the enemy, Law furiously insists that his crew would rather die than betray them and that she shouldn't insult them, states that he'll prove this to her after they're rescued, and gives her a massive Death Glare when she states that captured alliance members should just be killed to keep them from talking. Shinobu's extremely lucky that Kanjuro stepped in when he did, or it's very likely that Law would've sliced her to pieces otherwise.
  • Jack has one simple but very deadly button- do what he instructs you to do or face total ruination. You can't talk your way out of it- you MUST do as he says or he will bring on the destruction like you've never seen before. Specifically, even suggesting the possibility of talking things out will get you murdered on the spot.
    I didn't come here to talk
  • Carrot, the rabbit Mink, has one towards her carrots. Just don't eat them… unless you want to get mauled, as Luffy learned the hard way.
  • Charlotte Linlin, AKA Big Mom has loads of these, and ALL of them result in Disproportionate Retribution:
    • Betraying and/or leaving her family and/or crew. She doesn't just cut the offender off- she wipes out anything and everything ever tied to them and punishes those individuals as well. Even coming to her formally about leaving her crew will make her force you into a roulette where you decide how much of your body or lifespan you lose before you can leave - and the game is rigged to kill you every time.
    • Refusing to feed her sweets when she wants them or not having them exactly when and where she wants them.
    • Destroying her sweets before she gets the chance to eat them.
    • Stealing her treasures.
    • Attempting to copy the Poneglyphs she possesses and abscond off with the information.
    • Attacking one of her crewmates/family, the Sweet Commanders in particular, results in practically the whole crew, high-tier bounties and all, launching a revenge strike. Unless you have a very good excuse for doing so, such whoever you attacked was A: making her look bad, B: insubordinate, C: actively betraying her, or D: All Of The Above.
    • Not coming to her tea party results in a loved one's head mailed to you in a box.
    • Giants and the mention thereof. Due to some childhood incidents souring them on her, followed by an utter failure of an Arranged Marriage, she's very sour on having lost the chance to ally with them.
    • Her biggest one- harming Mother Carmel's photo results in a manic and paralyzing bellow of Conqueror's Haki and the woman completely losing her mind for several seconds.
    • By far, her most dangerous one- being in her way when she's in the middle of a demented hunger pang. It gets whole scores of people killed.
  • Charlotte Katakuri, one of the aforementioned Big Mom's most powerful children and her top lieutenant, cultivates a dark, brooding, aloof image, but loves sweets just as much as anyone else and happily gorges on them. He also has More Teeth than the Osmond Family beneath that scarf, which he's terribly ashamed of. Thus, his snack-times are sacred and carried out in secret; interruptions will be met with deadly force, and anyone who sees the teeth dies. Oh, and if you see him dueling another, stay the hell out. Even if you're family, and intervening in his favor, he'll call a truce to knock you out so they can fight fairly.
  • Urashima, Wano's Yokozuna (sumo champion), attempts to hug his Love Interest Kiko in an embrace...only for her to avoid the hug and cut off his topknot, described to be a Yokozuna's "pride". He becomes completely enraged, and goes from wanting to marry Kiko to wanting to kill her in the blink of an eye.
  • Wano's Shogun Kurozumi Orochi hates being laughed at, especially when he talks about the curse of the Kozuki Clan. He's even willing to murder a child that laughs at him.

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