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There are a lot of things One Piece is known for. One infamous thing is that the manga is known for is the weekly breaks Oda takes to keep his health on check, effectively doubling the wait for the next chapter. Often these breaks happen with chapters where the anticipation is at a peak. The chapters shown here are the chapter released before the usual weekly intermission—and what plot is revealed during the last moments of that chapter.


All spoilers will be unmarked.

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    Dressrosa Saga 
  • Chapter 749: Law reveals that the past Corazon was Doflamingo's brother by blood. This chapter was followed by two weeks of absence of the manga.
  • Chapter 752: Part of Law's past is shown—revealing that he lived in the "white city", and he doesn't have much time to live.
  • Chapter 761: A young Law vows to kill Don Quixote Rosinante, then known as Corazon.
  • Chapter 765: Corazon manages to get the Op-Op Fruit for a young Law, but is accidentally found by Diez Barrels's henchmen.
  • Chapter 769: Bellamy prepares to fight Luffy, claiming it to be his last fight.
  • Chapter 775: Franky defeats Señor Pink.
  • Chapter 779: Doflamingo indicates that Law has been killed.
  • Chapter 783: Luffy reveals (but doesn't show) the existance of Gear Fourth.
  • Chapter 789: Luffy recovers from his 10-minute recovery just in time to save Rebecca from killing Violet.
  • Chapter 794: Sabo and the Revolutionaries leave Dressrosa.
  • Chapter 799: Bartolomeo announces the intention of seven crews consisting of gladiators from the arc joining the Straw Hat Pirates, an asks Luffy for the O.K.

    Zou Arc 
  • Chapter 803: Something falls from Zou as the team from Dressrosa scale it.
  • Chapter 806: Nami tears up as she prepares to tell Luffy about something that happened to Sanji.
  • Chapter 809: Jack reverts to his human form during his past fight with the Mink Tribe—but we only get a closeup of his eye.
  • Chapter 816: The Minks reveal their friendship with the samurai of Wano, contrary to what everyone else believed.
  • Chapter 821: Zunesha gets attacked by Jack, and Luffy hears a mysterious voice.

    Whole Cake Island Arc 
  • Chapter 825: The Straw Hats run into a ship belonging to Germa 66, and we catch a glimpse of Yonji's face.
  • Chapter 828: We get a glimpse of Ichiji and Niji as they prepare to head to Whole Cake Island.
  • Chapter 831: The Sanji Retrieval Team begin to be trapped in the Seducing Woods, which itself becomes sentient.
  • Chapter 838: We get official reveals of both Ichiji and Niji.
  • Chapter 842: Luffy defeats Cracker.
  • Chapter 845: Sanji decides to marry Pudding.
  • Chapter 849: We see a gravely injured Reiju.
  • Chapter 852: Luffy escapes the Whole Cake Chateau as he searches for Sanji.
  • Chapter 856: Luffy tells Sanji that they'll crash Big Mom's wedding.
  • Chapter 861: Sanji and Pudding arrive on the Whole Cake Chateau rooftop, beginning their wedding.
  • Chapter 865: Big Mom's childhood flashback begins, and we get a glimpse of Elbaph for the first time.
  • Chapter 869: Big Mom regains her senses from Carmel's picture being destroyed, and attacks Bege's Big Father form, causing him to writhe in pain.
  • Chapter 873: Big Mom, in a frenzy for her destroyed wedding cake, catches up to the Sanji Retrieval Team.
  • Chapter 877: Pedro performs a Heroic Sacrifice against Perospero.
  • Chapter 881: Luffy announces his intention to not die against Katakuri.
  • Chapter 885: The new wedding cake is finished.
  • Chapter 890: Big Mom catches the scent of Sanji's new wedding cake, signaling their arrival.
  • Chapter 895: Luffy and Katakuri attack each other with their most powerful moves.
  • Chapter 900: The Thousand Sunny is presumed destroyed by the Queen Mama Chanter, with only the Jolly Roger remaining.

    Levely Arc 
  • Chapter 904: The generals of the Revolutionary Army begin their rendevous to Peachy Island, the new HQ of the Revolutionaries.
  • Chapter 908: The Five Elders are revealed to serve a being called Imu, and ask it what should be snuffed out of history.

    Wano Country Arc 
  • Chapter 912: Luffy and Zoro prepare to square off against Beasts Pirates Headliner Basil Hawkins.
  • Chapter 916: Both Hawkins and Law near Bakura Town, where Luffy is currently at.
  • Chapter 920: Kin'emon announces the intention of the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai alliance to invade Kaido's home base of Onigashima in two weeks.
  • Chapter 924: Luffy gets thrown into the same jail cell as Eustass Kid—and the two notice each other. Fittingly, this break marks the end of the arc's first act.
  • Chapter 927: We get a glimpse of Shogun Kurozumi Orochi, and his Devil Fruit power.
  • Chapter 930: Sanji appears to confront Page One, and decides to use the Raid Suit given to him by Niji.
  • Chapter 934: Queen arrives at Udon, while Luffy prepares to attack another Gifter.
  • Chapter 938: Hiyori (Momonosuke's sister) is formally introduced.
  • Chapter 942: Tonoyasu, true identity Shimotsuki Yasuie, is executed, and the true purpose of the SMILEs are revealed— it robs people of all emotions except smiling.
  • Chapter 945: Big Mom begins fighting Queen, and her craving begins to kick in.
  • Chapter 948: Luffy, Hyogoro, Raizo, Kiku, Chopper, and a newly-freed Kawamatsu prepare to liberate Udon.
  • Chapter 951: Big Mom and Kaido begin to clash within Onigashima.
  • Chapter 954: Kaido and Big Mom form a pirate alliance.
  • Chapter 958: None of the Akazaya Nine's allies show up at the port, and it's implied Orochi did something to them the night before.
  • Chapter 961: Oden meets up with a young Shimotsuki Yasuie, and meets his newest servent, Kurozumi Orochi.
  • Chapter 964: A younger Gold Roger reads about Oden in the newspaper, setting up Oden's established defection from Whitebeard.
  • Chapter 967: Roger and his crew find Joy Boy's treasure (which may be the One Piece), and christens the name Laugh Tale for the island it's on.
  • Chapter 970: Oden and the Akazaya Nine are defeated by Kaido and his forces, and the ten of them are sentenced to execution by boiling.
  • Chapter 972: Oden is executed as Toki begins her plan to send people to the future. note 
  • Chapter 975: Kyoshiro reveals he's Denjiro to the Akazaya Nine and has brought all his soldiers, and the 4200 from before, thanks to Kin'emon's "clever thinking" and telling the traitor a different interpretation of Yasuie's final message.
  • Chapter 977: The Tobi Roppo arrive at Onigashima as Kaido reveals he has a son. note 
  • Chapter 979: Luffy, upon seeing some oshiruko at Onigashima, is reminded of Tama and prepares to attack the pirates who spilled the oshiruko.
  • Chapter 980: Kid appears and attacks Apoo.
  • Chapter 983: Yamato appears and helps Luffy escape from the Animal Kingdom Pirates.
  • Chapter 984: Not only does Yamato reveal himself to be Kaido's daughter, but reveals that she knows Ace.

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