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Famous Last Words / One Piece

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One Piece loves this trope. In particular, it opens with one...

  • "You want my treasure? You can have it! I left everything I gathered together in one place. Now you just have to find it." Gold Roger
    • "My fortune is yours for the taking. But you'll have to find it first. I left everything I own... in One Piece." in the 4kids dub.
  • "Nojiko! Nami! I love you." Bellemere
    • "Don't you dare lay a hand on my daughter, you filthy beast!" in the 4kids dub.
  • "Don't worry Chopper. Your mushroom won't kill me. I've had a marvelous life! Thank you, Chopper!" Dr. Hiruluk.
    • "Don't worry Chopper, the mushroom didn't do me in. People! I am a doctor! Chopper follow your heart!" in the 4kids dub.
  • "Go meet with the friends who are certainly waiting for you somewhere on the sea! Live with them!" Jaguar D. Saul
  • "Ah, why? Just leaving the accompaniment." Before dying the first time, Brook
  • "Is a man from East Blue really standing in my way again? ROOOOOOGEEEEEEERRRRR!" Gold Lion Shiki
  • "If it's a girl, call her 'Anne'. And if it's a boy... 'Ace' That's the name he chose for this child. Gol D. Ace, the name of our child!" Portgas D. Rouge, right before she succumbs to Death by Childbirth.
  • "I can't raise my voice to let everybody hear me anymore. Could you tell them what I'm about to say right now? Pops, everyone... and you Luffy... Even though I've been good for nothing my whole life... even though I carry the blood of a demon within me... you still loved me! Thank you!" Portgas D. Ace
  • "THE ONE PIECE... THE ONE PIECE IS REAL!!!" Edward Newgate/Whitebeard
    • In the anime: "It was a good voyage."
    • Or if you're going by his thoughts: "I am so grateful to you all. Farewell, my sons."
  • "I'm happy to hear that..." Fisher Tiger
  • "Just a little bit more, until this country can be beneath the real 'sun'..." Queen Otohime
  • Going Merry's entire death speech: "Sorry. I wanted to carry you all a little farther." "But I was happy." "You took such good care of me. Thank you." Manly or not, tears will be shed.
  • "It's okay. Look... even if the crime returns from 12 years ago... everything is different from the old days. Now this island is full of power. From here on out... no matter what happens to my body... I was able to help this town... My dream... has finally started to run." Tom
  • "Law won't obey you Doffy. That kid's beaten his fate... he triumphed over the prediction he'd die in three years. He isn't the Law that lost sight of himself and wandered his way to the foot of the mad pirate. There's nothing he could possibly learn from you, the poster child of absolute destruction. Just leave him be already, he's free!" Rocinante/Corazon's final spoken words
    • "Walk, Law. Unnoticed... quietly... far away... far, far away. Nothing will bind you anymore. Not the iron borders of the White City, nor your shortened lifespan, nothing will restrict you anymore. You are now... truly free." Corazon's final thoughts
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  • "This should be sufficient to undo all of your magic... So long!" Pedro
  • "Orochi... How about this? Shall I recite the words that have a stronghold on your heart? 'A man of such caliber... shall never in his life devour Oden!!' Wahahahaha!! Cover the children's eyes! For now the final daimyo serving Kozuki... Nay, the friendly oddball of Ebisu Town, shall make the final grand journey! In fact, I'll go singing! And a-one, and a-two!" Tonoyasu aka Shimotsuki Yasuie's final words.
    • "So this is where it ends... Listen to me, Kin'emon... and you Red Scabbards samurai! ...And the future Shogun, Momonosuke! The plan you created is a blank sheet of paper! But I shown my comrades in caught in Rasetsu... a new gathering place. This is all that I can do with what is left of my life! Nothing Orochi the coward can say will sway the minds of his soldiers now. For 20 years, no one has been able to take Kaido's head! Go!! To Onigashima!! Avenge your fallen liege!! I will await the good news in the after life!! Forgive me, O-toko! Forgive your father for leaving you behind!!" Tonoyasu aka Shimotsuki Yasuie's final thoughts.
  • "How upright of you... build your strength while you can. For I am a story to accompany your drinks. I am Oden! And I was born..." Kozuki Oden's final words before Kaido shot him, which are continued by Wano inhabitants: " boil!".
    • "Toki, Momonosuke, Hiyori, I shall be the first to leave!" Oden's final thoughts.
  • "You are the moon unaware of the dawn. May your purpose be fulfilled, and cast nine shadows on the night woven of 20 years, and you shall know the brilliance of the dawn." Kozuki Toki's prophetic final message
  • "Kaido! Wait a moment! The Flower Capital is my territory! Who do you think allowed you to make all those weap-" Kurozumi Orochi

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