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Not even Mantra could've seen this one coming.

Along the years, One Piece has provided a great share of wild events and turns, and even wilder reactions to them.

  • The main antagonist of the Skypiea arc, Enel (pronounced and sometimes spelled Eneru), a Psycho Electro with a god complex, was introduced and shown as a calm, arrogant so far unbeatable supervillain…up until he found out that his lightning powers can't harm Rubber Man Luffy. The expression of shock is without a doubt the biggest example in the series. Why without a doubt? It took up an entire page in the manga.
  • From the same arc, there's Luffy, Sanji, and Usopp expression when they think they're falling off Skypeia.
  • Elegant Gothic Lolita villainess Perona comes a close second with a similar moment, when she realizes that her positivity-destroying ghosts don't work on the naturally negative Usopp.
  • Robin was introduced as a calm, unshakable villain. Her first expression of this comes when she tells Crocodile that the Poneglyph said nothing about Pluton... and he responds with a speech that basically equates to saying You Have Failed Me and/or You Have Outlived Your Usefulness.
    • Other examples include when she sees Aokiji, when CP9 reveal themselves to her, and when she finds out that Spandam was going to use Loophole Abuse to kill the other Straw Hats.
  • After seeing Luffy charge into the Galley-La headquarters, Nami, Zoro and Chopper decide to follow him in, with Nami reasoning that if Luffy did this, then much of the security will be distracted looking for him. They vault over the fence and into the courtyard... where the security hasn't decreased in the slightest. They have the same reaction.
    "This was a dumb idea!"
  • Speaking of Spandam, he’s such a Hate Sink Smug Snake seeing Oh Crap! expressions from him are extra funny. One in particular is when he gets a scrambled message from one of his soldiers that says Luffy took one of them and will be soon captured. He goes to Robin with the news ready for some Evil Gloating, but while doing so he hears the full report, that Luffy took out 5000 men leading to this expression. Then there’s when Spandam activates the Buster Call by mistake, but gets over it telling Robin it doesn’t matter because he’ll happily sacrifice all his men to win and then Robin points out he is broadcasting to all his troops as while saying this leading to another Oh Crap! face.
    • Best of all there’s Spandam’s face when Usopp snipes him from a mile away and rescues Robin from his clutches.
  • A plot significant one occurs when Lucci has Kaku monitor Iceberg's pulse before explaining his theory about where Iceberg hid the Pluton blueprints. When his guess is correct, Iceberg's pulse quickens and confirms his suspicions.
  • The expression of frothing rage on Rob Lucci's face, after hitting Luffy with his strongest attack, starting to walk away, being sure that his opponent is dead, and then suddenly realizing that Luffy is still standing, is frightening, rather than comical but contrasts with his previous calm and confident demeanor no less.
  • Regarding the war between the Marines and Whitebeard, we got firsthand evidence that Whitebeard wasn't someone to mess around with: one of his commanders was capable of effortlessly decimating a small fleet with a single attack, a pirate with a bounty of nearly 100,000,000 beri was downright inconsequential to him, and a minor clash between Whitebeard and Shanks was enough to split the sky. Then the war starts. Whitebeard has forty-two ships full of allied New World-based pirates, his fourteen remaining commanders have shown themselves on par with the likes of the Marine Admirals and Shichibukai, and, oh yes, Whitebeard himself has a Devil Fruit power capable of leveling entire islands at a time, at the very least. Not even Luffy could see that power in action without getting a face like this; it may be the only thing that's ever downright scared him.
    • Expanding on the war, this expression runs through the whole thing, on both sides, as chapter after chapter there are indeed a lot of things to scare the crap out of people. Examples includes Whitebeard popping up right in the middle of the Marine ships, along with his allies; Oars Junior showing up to kick ass; any and everything the Seven Warlords of the Sea do; army of Kumas. Oh shi—
    • And rather notably, Sengoku, the master strategist who's basically planned out everything that's happened so far in the war, completely loses his composure when he finally sees Luffy using Conqueror's haki.
    • Whitebeard Pirates get this when Ace is killed by Akainu and Whitebeard is ticked off.
    • Akainu himself gets this in the anime when he realizes Whitebeard is standing behind him.
    • Sengoku gives one when Whitebeard reveals that One Piece exists. This single move basically destroyed everything the Marines where trying to accomplish by using Whitebeard's death as an example which instead turned into the flame that started a new even greater age of piracy.
  • Buggy goes through several levels of this when it's revealed he was on Gold Roger's ship. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Fed up with Dracule Mihawk continuously chopping him into pieces during Chapter 561, Buggy shoots one of his Special Muggy Balls at him. Mihawk deflects the ball back at Buggy, giving us this priceless expression just before it explodes in his face. It should be noted that it's one of the few moments where Buggy ever closes his mouth.
  • Miss All Sunday's words in Alabasta to Koza "You seem troubled but it's quite simple. Just think of the worst possible situation and you'll understand."
    • Shortly before that, Cobra panics when he hears Crocodile is after the Pluton. Crocodile later cites this reaction as proof the Pluton is somewhere in Alabasta when Robin lies to him that the poneglyph doesn't give its location.
  • Played with when Nami tries to activate Tornado Tempo: first Nami herself gets one when her supposed ace-in-the-hole turns out to be what looks like another one of the Clima Tact's gag functions, then Miss Doublefinger gets one when said gag segues into the attack proper.
  • The reaction of Mock Town's local drunkard on seeing Luffy and Zoro's then-new bounties of (respectively) 100 million and 60 million Berries. Note: the guy was piss-stone-drunk at the time, but seeing those high numbers snapped him back sober instantly.
  • Zoro The Stoic's Oh Crap faces are some of the funniest moments in the series.
  • In the flashback halfway through the series that shows Luffy's past, he and Ace are having dinner while casually talking about becoming pirates. Then the mountain bandits who inhabit the house they're staying in do Spit Takes in unison. Luffy and Ace are confused…until someone right behind them clears his throat. They slowly turn around, and then repeat the bandits' Spit Take when they see Garp standing there.
  • Neptune and the Minister of the Right share looks of panic when they realize that Luffy sent their treasure to Big Mom. Including a booby-trapped one.
  • In an another flash back everyone gets a Oh, Crap!! seeing the Sea Kings arrive at Fish-Man Island.
  • Hody's expression upon seeing Luffy knock out half of his army just using Haki.
  • Nami and Usopp when Luffy sees the new log pose, which indicates which way the most dangerous island is…because Luffy will want to go the most "exciting" route.
  • Doflamingo gets some epic ones after he realizes that he underestimated the Straw Hats, in spite of being smart enough to know that he shouldn't. Three noteworthy ones: first, he realizes that Luffy has escaped from his perfect trap. Second he realizes that thanks to some of the other Straw Hats, Sugar, a Devil Fruit user who was singlehandedly responsible for keeping him in control of Dressrosa for the last ten years, has been defeated and her power neutralized. And third, shortly after that one, when he sees Kyros comes out of nowhere and decapitate him. That one turned out to be just a string clone, and he manages to recover once he engages Luffy again. And then he gets punched by Gear Fourth Luffy once, and goes right back into escalating Oh Crap reactions as he figures out why he was suddenly on the other side of the island, that Luffy can now fly, and that his attacks aren't working anymore. He also gets one final one seconds before Luffy sends an enlarged fist breaking through his defence and into his face, sending him flying into the ground and defeating him.
    • Ussop from the same arc when he learns he is the most wanted man in Dressrosa.
  • Eustass Kidd, Basil Hawkins, and Scratchman Apoo have this reaction when they get a surprise visit from Kaido, one of the Four Emperors, who had just jumped off a sky island in an attempt to commit suicide AND LIVED.
  • Sanji when he learns his evil family the Vinsmokes have found him.
  • Jack has a mute one, but the expression on his face says it all when Zunesha, an absolutely enormous elephant, is going to wreck his fleet with a single swing of its trunk. Gets better because he has experience, being a Mammoth Zoan himself; while everyone is wondering why Zunisha raised its trunk, he knows exactly what's about to happen.
  • Nami, Chopper, Brook, Pekoms and Pedro when Luffy makes them jump off Zunisha.
  • Vinsmoke Yonji when he sees his normal human brother Sanji breaks his Super Soldier older brother's Niji's jaw.
  • One that's a plot point occurs during the Tea Party when Beige is considering bailing out of the failing assassination plan while his cover is still intact. He decides to stay the course after seeing Katakuri, who can see the future, have an Oh, Crap! expression, reasoning that if he's alarmed then the Straw Hats must manage to succeed in the plan.
  • Everyone present at the Tea Party wedding in Whole Cake Island when the bomb goes off and the castle starts to collapse.
  • Charlotte Daifuku when he sees Jimbei manage to knock his mother Big Mom off the Sunny with a Megaton Punch.
  • Charlotte Katakuri when he realises the Luffy's punch that he thought dodged is still coming at him.
  • The appearance of Kaido as a massive dragon in Wano causes a collective of Oh, Crap!! from everyone present including his own subordinates like Jack, but it gets even better as Luffy enraged at Kaido for hurting Tama attacks the emperor only to discover that his strongest attacks did nothing to Kaido leading to a Oh Crap! moments before Kaido pulls a Speed Blitz on him.
    • There's also Franky, Robin, Usopp and Zoro's reaction to learning about Luffy's capture, with the normally stoically beautiful Robin's face being the winner.
  • In the anime, Page One has this expression when Sanji imitates a meteor and super dive kicks him from the sky in his Raid Suit.
  • The Big Mom Pirates all have this face when King shows in his Pteranodon form to kick them off the waterfall. They go through it again, when Marco appears and does the same thing.
  • Everyone in Udon Prison when Big Mom shows up, Luffy even thinks he's in a nightmare.
  • Queen has an Enel-worthy Jaw Drop upon seeing Big Mom not only remained standing after his massive Brachio Bomber attack, but actually regained her memory from it and recognized him.
  • Once again, everyone gets to crap themselves in fear when Kaido insists on having a proper battle with Big Mom, and their very first Blade Lock splits the sky in two. Everyone from the lowest to the very top immediately understands it's time to leave before the island they're on simply stops existing because two titans are clashing on it.
  • And once more in Chapter 954 with the people in Onigashima when Kaido and Big Mom reveals that they're forming an alliance.
  • Kanjuro the Double Agent has a satisfying Oh Crap expression when he discovers the Red Scabbards have the full support of three armies behind them and all his traitorous schemings has failed to stop them.
  • Shogun Orochi being a despicable Smug Snake on the level of Spandam has a good amount of these. When Oden charges at him in a Flash Back, when Zoro and Sanji foil his attempt to kill Toko and when Zoro tries to kill him right back with a 108 Pound Phoenix. In Chapter 982, Orochi has this expression when he learns from Kanjuro that there’s a fleet coming to his doorstep, bonus points in that it explicitly prophesied that he would be conquered and defeated by Oden’s wife Toki. So Orochi knows there’s a good chance he’s gonna be brought down by the samurai and he rightly fears it.


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