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In General

  • Ankh in generally is one for the special effects team. Despite being just an arm prop, they're able to make him amazingly expressive through his movements. Very well done.

Ankh... Here we go.
  • #1: Eiji's undaunted confrontation against Mantis Yummy. Of course he'd come to their aid: he's known those two cops and that disembodied hand since this morning! He's already prepared to attack a Yummy bare handed if he needs to; there's no reason to refuse an offer to use the strange seal the hand gives him to kick ass.
  • #2: Refusing to help Ankh collect Medals if Ankh doesn't let him transform when he wants to help people is a stand-up and noble thing to do. Doing so while falling to your death takes serious balls.
    • The Henshin sequence directly afterwards; even the transformation music adds to the effect.
  • #3: He threatens Ankh with throwing away the OOO Driver if he harms Hina. Triple points for acting like a complete idiot while doing so. note 
    • The TaToBa Kick. Even though the Yummy's boss saved it at the last second, the fact he plowed through several giant pillars to reach it and still manage to cause some damage makes it epic. Added points since most fans seemed to really want to see his Rider Kick.
  • #4: During OOO and Kazari's rematch, the Mantis Medal was lost to the latter. But the crowner comes when Kazari subsequently loses his armor as a result of OOO reaching deep into his Medal body and grabbing three of his Core Medals.
    • Ankh and Eiji's talk before confronting the Neko Yummy. It perfectly shows the contrast of their personalities and intentions in merely a few lines.
    Ankh: "Well, I will. The moment you are worthless to me, I will abandon you."
    Eiji: "I'll find an opening in you and save Hina-chan's brother. Even if that means defeating you."
    • The Cheetah Super Speed Medal, period. The fight also got really emotionally escalated due to Eiji's resolve and the accompanying BGM.
  • #6: GataKiriBa debut, complete with a finishing attack involving several clones of OOO's that puts the All Rider Kick to shame. As if it's not enough, the debut of "Gotta Keep It Real" pushed the scene up three times higher.
    • The Battlecry after he uses that combination (all eleven seconds of it!) alone makes it awesome. The rest is just a bonus.
    • A whole horde of GataKiriBa Riders rushing towards the Piranha Yummy horde. While the song provides adrenaline-pumping beats. PURE. AWESOME.
    • Kougami tricking an embodiment of greed into giving him his equivalent to food.
      • During the negotiations, Ankh finally gets Kougami to settle on 60% of his and Eiji's medal gain. Then Kogami presents Ankh with the cake we'd seen him making earlier in the episode... with "60%" written on it. Kougami, you magnificent bastard.
  • #9: LaToraTah debut: Upon transformation, it radiates pure awesomeness heat with such intensity that four of Mezool's Core Medals pop out just like that. Then the fight against one of the Shark Yummy.
  • #10: Eiji, fed up with the Mad Bomber thing, swings a punch at Maki, it misses, but it was this close, made a dent in a wall, and the force causes the doll on Maki's shoulder to fall off, causing him to Freak Out!.
    • Eiji hacking and slashing an entire nest-worth of Shark Yummies to pieces while riding the ToRideVender!
  • #11: Gotou uses a ROCKET LAUNCHER on the Swallowtail Yummy!
  • #12: SaGohZo debut: The force of the Gorilla fists pounding on the chest is so immense, it creates a shockwave that ripples the ground and causes all three of the enemies Eiji was facing to float in the air and fall back to the ground along with debris. The finishing move is nothing to sneeze at either, which involves pounding the ground to ensnare the enemy into the earth and somehow dragging the trapped enemy to OOO who easily punches the lights out of the poor thing.
    • Don't forget how Eiji gets the medals: he just stands up and punches Gamel in the stomach!
  • #15: Kazari's entire plot. Magnificent Bastard is the only way to describe it.
  • #19: A CMoA not quite "intense" as much as "artistic". Eiji, Ankh and Kazari holding up Ankh's three different Core Medals in three different locations at the same time, in 3 vertical split-screens. Then the three birds' crow are heard consecutively... just a split second before the opening beats kick in.
  • #20: A few minutes' worth of footage after the Yummy goes. For one, Ankh and Eiji, despite having a completely valid reason just earlier to break up for good - Ankh's fault, obviously - trust each other completely in regards to defeating the Yummy. For another, Date pretty much "taking in" Goto-chan to train him as the next Birth. All this while a powerful track plays in the background. It's incredible how much context went into these few minutes. Kudos, Kobayashi-sensei.
    • Eiji finally obtains a full set of Ankh's red medals and uses their combo, TaJaDor. The form itself is already extremely badass, but then its theme song, Time Judged All, kicks in and takes it to the next level.
    • Erika showing up to support OOO and Dual Wielding guns and wiping out the jellyfish the Yummy created that were giving OOO and Birth so much trouble.
  • #22: Eiji, while TaJaDor form, uses Giga Scan for the first time. It surrounded him with flames that morphed itself into a phoenix, and he destroyed the Batta Yummy.
    • Ankh and Birth working together to break into Uva's body and get back the Grasshopper Medal, as well as snatch the Octopus Medal.
  • #24: ShaUTa debut: It's Combo power to turn itself into liquid was a start. Then, the way it rode the Manta Ray Yummy was impressive. But of course, the one thing that really made this scene great was ShaUTa's Scanning Charge finisher, where it grabbed and threw the Yummy towards him with the Unagi Whips so he could drill kick it. Truly awesome to watch.
  • #28: Yay, 1000th episode and all, but ShaUTa water-skiing behind Birth CLAWS was freaking incredible. Then, just when you think the CLAWS has been blown up while on the water, it reassembles underground and pounces on the Yummy.
    • One for Hina, too, when she shows just how much Super Strength she has, picking up a giant boulder and throwing it at the Jaguar-squid Yummy.
    • Kougami watching all main Riders (save for Shin, ZO, and J, whose movies don't count towards the 1000 episodes) henshin at once, preparing to watch every fight scene in the franchise. And, yes, we get to see all of them do it at once, with the camera slowly scrolling and showing us every Rider.
  • #29: The first appearance of the other Ankh. He floats down from the sky, surrounded by flames and molting red feathers. Bonus points for the new BGM.
    • Eiji's brief TaJaDor fight against an Ankh with no right arm where they both use the same powers and even both use a Rider Kick.
  • #32: PuToTyra's premiere by completely annihilating the two yummy who were previously making Eiji and Date look foolish.
  • #33: After Eiji gets forced into the PuToTyra's combo fighting a Yummy and once again turning his attention to Date, Goto manages to trick the berserking Eiji into fighting against Kazari instead, who promptly gets his butt kicked.
  • #34: Ankh single-handedly stops PuToTyra's rampage by blocking Medagabryu's blade with his Greeed arm, then forces the belt to eject the medals back into Eiji's body.
  • #36: Eiji finally gains control of PuToTyra, but is still able to hold his own against the revived Mezool and Gamel, Uva, and the Unicorn Yummy. It's also the debut of its Combo Theme, "POWER to TEARER".
    • In a slightly different vein, when the Unicorn Yummy reveals and tries to destroy Eiji's dream, only to discover his dream manifests as the entire Earth appearing above his head, and even scaled down, it is simply too large for the Yummy to tear apart.
      • Double points because the Earth-image was STILL growing and the Yummy cancels the effect screaming "too big!"
  • #38: Gotou finally transforming into Birth and epically Curb Stomping Kazari, Mezool and Gamel all the while the song Reverse/Re:birth is playing in the background.
    • Gotou gets one prior to that, when Dr. Maki pulls out the detonator to Birth's auto-destruct and tries to blow Date to pieces for his Heel–Face Turn...and nothing happens. Why? Because unlike Date, Gotou enjoys going over instruction manuals, so as soon as Maki betrayed them, he disabled the auto-destruct.
    Date/Birth: Ohh! Gotou-chan, NICE! *characteristic thumbs-up*
    • Hell, even before that, just the fact that he was willing to stand up to Date and fight for what he believed in. This was Gotou's Episode of Awesome, hands down.
  • #40: A Villainous example is where Lost Ankh manages to succeed on his first proper attempt to get the Ankh we know back into his body, and manages to set it up so Eiji couldn't simply transform to stop him.
  • #42: The final fight between OOO and Lost Ankh specifically the way it ended: After a berserk PuToTyra destroys both of Ankh's wings midair, he lands and slashes Ankh so hard it destroyed three of his Cores.
    • Gotou finishing off the Ankylosaurus Yummy as well.
      • Gotou already proved he's a bigger Baddass with Birth then Date but he clinches it when in 42 the Yummy freezes him in place, that doesn't stop him from shooting and you can hear him (or possibly the Yummy) chuckling the whole time. Still Frozen the Yummy makes a badass boast only for Gotou to counter "about now is the time for my supervisor to show up"
      • Yes, Gotou actually timed the battle to Satonaka's late arrivals!
  • #43: Eiji and Ankh have a little showdown. Eiji using the power of the Purple medals is strong enough to force Ankh to withdraw. Note that this is AFTER he says that even with three missing Cores, his power is back to about where it was eight hundred years ago.
  • #44: Kazari's fully revived state, stealing medals from all the other Greeed as well as handing poor Goutou his ass as Birth. Seriously just look at his armor...
    • However that just makes it that much more awesome when Eiji as PuToTyra cracks one of his Lion cores and causes his eventual demise when Dr. Maki in his now fully complete Greeed form rips out all but that medal leaving him to bleed out cells until he finally deforms and the Lion Core shatters completely. And considering everything he's done over the series I think we can all agree that he won't be missed.
      • It does show how damn good he was a villain character though.
    • If you watch closely, Uva manages to avoid Kazari's attack.
  • #45: Despite trouncing RaToraTah and Birth Prototype, Mezool is finally brought down by Eiji using the Medagaburyu to destroy a set of her Medals. Turns out the Medagaburyu is all OOO needs.
    • The fact that Toei finally remembered the Tora Can and the Toride Vendor also counts.
  • #46: DATE IS BACK! And he takes the Birth Prototype to help Gotou take Gamel down.
    • At the same time, Dr. Maki causes Eiji to completely change into a berserk Greeed, and it is utterly Creepy Awesome.
  • #47: Ankh performing a Heel–Face Turn and saving Eiji from Maki by lighting Maki's doll on fire.
    • Uva becoming complete.
  • #48: Eiji going Implacable Man against Complete Uva, wielding the Medajalibur and Medagaburyu at the same time.
    • And finally having a successful TaToBa Kick, against Uva, no less, whom even the two Births didn't stand a chance against.
    • When Eiji walks out at the start of the episode, having gotten a huge power boost, a kicking guitar solo plays in the background while the ground cracks under his feet.
    • Uva gets a small one by saying "I don't need more" (in reference to Medals). Yes, a being made of pure greed and desire decided that he had enough.
    • Eiji and Ankh teaming up as Putotyra and Ankh's full Greeed form to kick ass and save innocent people from the mass of Yummies atacking civilians.
    • And Eiji delivering a full Giga Scan with his purple Medals in TaJaDor form, while having Ankh fight with him side-by-side in spirit.
    • Let's not forget the moment where Eiji absorbs all his cell medals into the Medagaburyu, in order to deliver an insanely powerful, spinning Grand Of Rage to Giru/Maki. Maki gets un-killed by the... thing that Uva became right after it, but still, that was impressive. Plus, Maki even pointed out that Eiji would hurt himself doing that move... but he still pulled it off fabulously.
    • Listen carefully to the OOO Driver as Eiji henshin's into TaJaDol for the last time. The voice is not that of the usual Akira Kushida, but Ankh! Pretty much drives the point home that they're now truly fighting together.
      • Not just that, but if you look closely at the Taka medal symbol during the henshin sequence, you can see it's not the usual red, but the same gradient as Anhk's wings.
    • Dr. Maki gets one as well. Taking Kiyo-chan off his shoulder and telling off Kougami as he does so. Considering that this is the guy who uses Kiyo-chan as a surrogate and how he freaks out if someone knocks him off his shoulder, this is a pretty awesome bit of Character Development.
      • Kougami one-ups him with this line: "Have you forgotten? Eight hundred years ago, the Core Medals were created in sets of ten." And then he whips out the medals used by the original OOO to transform and pulls off an epic medal toss even Ankh would approve of. His message of hope about how the power of OOO will reinvigorate humanity and inspire us to greater heights also proves that, despite his eccentricities, he really is one of the good guys.
    • How about the simple fact they shot Maki with a BLACK HOLE! That alone is insanely awesome!
      • Ahem. That was a flaming black hole.

Movies and Specials

  • The birth of TaJaDor in Movie War CORE. Just as it looks like Eiji's about to be defeated, he rises from the water and not only holds off Core, but causes CycloneJokerXtreme to become Gold once more, buying both Riders enough time to set up their finishers.
  • The preview for OOO's summer movie shows a brief scene of Kamen Rider OOO TaToBa Combo posing alongside his SEVEN single colored Combo forms. Say, haven't we seen this kind of thing before?
    • The actual scene pretty much plays out an early WMG to the letter - OOO goes into GataKiriBa form, summons a ton of clones, and the Core Medals are divided between them to summon all OOO full combos simultaneously. What pushes this into CMoA territory is the fact that it's an Enemy Mine moment, with the Greeed donating Core Medals to make it possible.
    • BuraKaWani's debut in the movie. His battle includes using kicks with projections of a biting crocodile, blocking with his arm shields, and playing a flute to summon a giant cobra from the cobra head. He then finishes the Nue yummy with a sliding rider kick.
    • Kamen Rider Fourze arriving in a fireball to help OOO out. The whole scene reflects the atmosphere of the Fourze series perfectly.
      • Better yet, unlike the previous two times, he doesn't make Gara suffer The Worf Effect, he fights him briefly then does a Fastball Special with OOO, giving OOO the momentium to land a critical blow on Gara.
    • How Eiji outdoes the Big Bad Gara before that certainly counts. He offers himself in place of the civilians being harvested for Cell Medals, and singlehandedly overloaded Gara's Doomsday Device.
      • Kougami gets an assist on that one, having been the one to trick the big bad into making it happen (and magnificent bastard that he is, his reaction makes it clear that yes, it totally was his plan all along).
  • Movie War Megamax:
    • Eiji seemingly taking a level in badass and fighting decently untransformed.
    • Ankh from the future reuniting with Eiji, allowing him to take on the mantle of OOO again.
    • Satonaka once again showing her combat capabilities, twice in the chapter too.
    • OOO showing that he can perfectly go toe-to-toe with Poseidon, who has shown the ability to beat both Gotou and Date as Birth at once.
    • Eiji managing to separate Minato Miharu from Poseidon despite all the odds.
    • Gotou and Date, despite their injuries, still determined to come and help out defeating Poseidon.
    • Miharu finally defeating his fear and transforms into Kamen Rider Aqua, showing some kickin' jet ski skills and helps OOO to finally defeat Poseidon.
    • Another one alongside Fourze, described in two words and a letter by the OOO Driver.
    • OOO's transforms into Super TaToBa and Fourze into Rocket States battling against the Super Galaxy King.
      • Super TaToBa is powerful enough that Eiji completely neutralized Kannagi's time-stop ability and not only fought him on equal ground, but was clearly winning. Hell, if he'd used that form when they were further from space, Gentaro's presence would have been completely unnecessary.
      • Any of those battles before this could count, from Double's rapid chain of transformations and Maximum Drives, OOO using every combo at his disposal to destroy the army of mooks, Fourze cycling through his switches, also to take out the mooks, and the seven legendary Kamen Riders and Aqua destroying the dummies of the Dopants and Greeed created by Kannagi.
  • In Movie Wars Ultimatum, Eiji pulls a Big Damn Heroes to save Koyomi when she's threatened by some mooks, beating them down untransformed and barehanded. He then leads Birth, Double, and Accel into the Underworld to help out Wizard and the Fourze Riders, and does the most damage to the villains' transport thanks to the return of Burakawani and Putotyra. And then he goes Super Tatoba and, along with the other OOO and Double Riders, plus Meteor and Nadeshiko, enacts a sextuple Rider Kick to finish said transport off.
  • In Let's Go Kamen Riders after General Black is killed by OOO, all of his brother Riders run in and the entire Kamen Rider Legion poses, showing why they'll never die.
    • And then, when Great Leader Colossus, the true form of Shocker's Great Leader finally appears and proves too much for every main Rider in the show's history to handle, a combination Big Damn Heroes and Big Damn Villains moment occurs when every single other Rider from the show's history, good and evil arrives, and together they mount up on their motorcycles and charge, striking the ultimate villain down with a salute to the show's 40 years of awesomeness: The All-Rider Break.

Meta and other

  • In the OOO novel, Eiji's section features him using the power of the medals and all the single-colored combos to stop a war in a middle eastern country. It also serves as a great bookend to the first part of the novel, where we see the original OOO from 800 years ago do the same thing... only while the ancient king used the power of OOO to bring conquest and destruction, Eiji is now using that power to bring peace.
    • Also, the novel heavily implies that the show's epilogue, where Eiji talks long-distance with the others, takes place in a barren desert because he just single-handedly stopped said war there. That is the true power of OOO.
      • More impressive? Eiji doesn't kill anyone, even saving the enemy pilots of the air force he brings down.
  • Take a look at all the scenes of Ankh perched in a tree or high off the ground. Now look at those again but with the knowledge that his actor is afraid of heights. The only thing that gives this away at all is that you can occasionally see one of his hands tightly wrapped around something to brace himself. He's also reportedly afraid of water which makes scenes where he has to jump into some very impressive as well.
  • The Complete Selection Modification release of the OOO Driver is slated to not only come with every medal ever released, and several shown onscreen that didn't get releases, including the Super Medals, but several medals that weren't released at all, yet found in the driver's sound files. Not only that, they made entirely new medals to go with them to make them full combos with their own songs, names, and illustrated designs. If this is the end of the line for OOO, his toyline certainly went out with a bang.

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