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Ankh regrows the rest of his body before the finale.
While saving a One-Winged Angel for the actual finale...
  • Jossed, his real body's already out there and it's been hijacked by his left hand in #29
  • Unjossed! Amazingly, Ankh is going to be finally complete in #46!

Ankh will be the last Greeed Eiji must fight.
Think about it, if/after Eiji kills the other four Greeeds, Ankh will be the only one left. And he might decide that he doesn't need Eiji anymore, and challenges him to a fight.
  • Hard to say, but highly unlikely. Kobayashi's villains are more complex than they seem, especially so near the finale after much character development. A villain so straightforward that it could be predicted from the get-go is not quite within her style, from my own observations of her works; she's too experienced for that.
    • What about Shiro? Didn't he make is debut early on?
      • Indeed; what I meant is that they're more certain to be complex as the series went on. Shiro was a reverse case, as he has already met the criteria from his debut; it's the slow revelation about himself that keeps the viewer mystified.
  • If Ankh does end up being the Big Bad, perhaps Eiji will find a way to manifest all the monochromatic Medal sets as seperate drones to help him fight Ankh, who may use his own Core Medals and a second OOO Driver on Shinji's body to become an evil Rider.
  • Jossed. It was Maki as the Dinosaur Greeed.

Ankh will be the second Rider
After growing attached to Hina while possessing her brother's corpse, he will have to protect her. Eiji gives him the three bird medals he has and, using his own Greeed power, become a rider himself.
  • The opening, at least, seems to hint at Ankh's possible attachment to Hina in the future, in the scene where she hugs him in the back and his reaction.
  • Jossed. The second Rider is an entirely new character and works for the Kougami Foundation.

Ankh will be the third Rider
Third time's the charm?
  • Jossed. It's Date as the second Kamen Rider Birth, returning from the Bus.

The cell medals the Kougami foundation has at the beginning mostly belong to Ankh
Which explains why Ankh is an arm and why they have a boat load of medals.
  • Jossed. The reason Ankh is only an arm is because his body became a separate entity.
  • How they got the massive amount of Cell Medals is not explained.

Ankh's method of creating Yummies involves possessing a host
It's already been said that Ankh and Kazari operate using similar methods and that could extend to how they create Yummies as well.
  • The preview for episode 25 gives us this image...
  • Long jossed. Ankh's Yummies attack people and steals from them their Yummy parent's desire, forming them into feathers of that Yummies' actual feathers. If the parent of the Yummy doesn't want the feathers, the Yummies forced them to take it.
    • Well, it was that one Bird Yummy. The others were much different.

Ankh's White Yummies will devour emotional desire instead of material desire
It might explain on how Ankh is different from the other Greeeds. For example: Instead of feeding on say, money, it feeds on love. The more love it has, the more cell medals it builds.
  • Jossed as of episode 11. The other Greeed's Yummies can feed on abstract desires such as fame, so it can't be something exclusive to Ankh.

Ankh can't create Yummies but can create OOO instead.
And if the current OOO's dies or the OOO Driver is destroyed/used to seal the other Greeed Ankh goes down with it/etc. It would explain why he wasn't sealed with the others if his body was shattered to cell medals and his Core Medals spread far and wide to keep him from regaining his body again. It would also add a greater reason to why he didn't want Eiji to drop the OOO Driver than just loosing his method of gaining medals. One more thing, it could also mean that Ankh helped the first OOO defeat the other Greeed then lost to the 800 Years ago OOO.
  • Why would Ankh have the ability to create the one entity that would pose the most threat to them?
  • If the theory that Ankh is the 5th Greeed to of been made is true, and by the methods the Greeed create Yummies and manipulate desire, Ankh could be the fail safe Greeed. As in, the anti-Greeed Greeed.
  • Jossed as of #24.

Ankh was OOO before
In that battle 800 years ago. The fighting turned him into a Greeed.
  • Jossed in #29.

Ankh is a Yummy.
The Ankh attached to Hina's brother is actually a specialized Yummy who only thinks he's an incomplete Greeed. The true Ankh will reveal himself once his copy has gathered all of his Core Medals.
  • Jossed. Ankh is the real Ankh's consciousness stuck in his body's right hand, and his body has somehow gained a sentience of its own.

Ankh has a deeper connection to OOO than we know
TaJaDoru is the Midseason Upgrade form while normal Combos are just more powerful alternate forms. Also, none of Ankh's Cores were in the tomb with the rest of the Greeed. The missing Cores can be explained as having been scattered when the Greeed were beaten 800 years ago, but Ankh was outside of it for some reason and was about to unseal his fellow Greeed. The other Greeed also hated his guts before he stole their cores, meaning he likely ticked them all off 800 years ago. My guess? He helped OOO 800 years ago.
  • Confirmed!

Ankh is the strongest Greeed
Thats why he was separated from his cores, to limit his power. The other Greeed 800 years ago worked together to separate him from his cores so even if they were sealed he wouldn't be at full strength.
  • Would also explain why TaJaDoru is the Midseason Upgrade form.
  • Ankh (Lost) after absorbing Ankh, was a match for the PuToTyra Combo and might have won, if his right arm didn't freeze up. I think this one's confirmed.
    • Yup. Even at 6 Cores, Ankh is the strongest out of all of the Greeed, and had Eiji not destroy 1 Taka, Kujaku, and Condol Medal... this troper actually shivered at the thought of a fully-powered Ankh.

Ankh was destroyed 800 years ago
But someone revived. This would explain why he wasn't sealed up, as if he was believed destroyed, there'd be no reason. Also, it would explain why he's having so much trouble keeping his form, he has to completely reform it and, depending on the sub, the other Greeed thought he was dead. Also, it makes sense when you think about it, TaJaDoru is a fire powered bird form and that symbol on his chest resembles a Phoenix an awful lot, and Phoenixs are famous for coming back from the dead. Also see the 'Greeed can revive from their Core Medals' WMG.

Ankh's Yummy will force their user to do something against their will
All the other Greeed have names with something doing with the way they make their Yummy. His original name was Asshu, to dominate. Makes sense they'd control their henchmen.
  • Probably confirmed as of #25, as the Parrot Yummy abducts the Victim Of The Fortnight and forces him to take in the strength drained from others. He starts out protesting, but gradually gives in to the desire that birthed the Yummy in the first place.

Ankh will be the Multi-King
.His original name means to dominate, and being the Multi-King is the ultimate sign of dominance with Greeeds.

Ankh was created later/before the other Greeed, as a Counterbalance
Think about this. OOO and the O Driver were created by the same people who created the Greeed to stop said Greeed. Therefore, with the exception(?) of the Medaljalibur all of OOO's equipment and powers were programmed by the scientists to match the Greeed's themes in order to fight them. But then why do two of Ankh's medals (Hawk/Taka and Peafowl/Kujaku) give OOO an extra piece of equipment that enables a (presumably) stronger Finishing Move ("GIGA SCAN"), and is multipurpose?

Ankh will eventually pop a coin into Eiji's head.
And a Yummy based on the desire to help people will turn out to be awesome. The Shark Yummies are feeding by causing explosions, after all, not by eating them.
  • Episode 21 appears to be dealing with this but it's not Eiji. So, specific guess is Jossed but clearly the writers have been thinking along similar lines.
  • Episode 31 also features a Yummy born out of the desire to help others. A recurring moral for the show seems to be that you should keep your desires in check, whether they are good intentioned or not. Eiji specifically mentions that he only tries to help people within the bounds of reason. So this theory is pretty much Jossed.

The other Anhk
is really OOO from 800 years ago who went berserk.He overused the core medals and because of having most of Anhk's he transformed into a Greed with his form. May be linked with the OOO turns the user into Greeeds theory above.
  • Jossed. He's the rest of Ankh's body which gained sentience thanks to Kougami taking one of his cores.
  • Not to mention the other Ankh is very passive unless the real Ankh is around or he himself is threaten.

Body Ankh isn't all there.
She (i'm convinced Ankh is a she based on voice and body shape) seemed rather confused, and the Hand got all the memories. They will destroy her, hand-Ankh will get the cores but won't be able to regenerate, later we will learn he will need to combine with the body to restore his body, OOO...Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!.
  • Ankh is a dude. The voice is meant to be childlike not female, while the body seems to have more like a aviator's jacket and leather pants. Though I might agree with your whole Ankh needing to recombine with his original body to restore himself theory.

Ankh (Lost) will begin to act like Kazari's his parent
Kazari did say he was like a "baby bird looking for its mother", which is rather true since his mind is basically an infant. What do baby birds do? Imprint on someone. Whose treating him "good" (as far as he knows)? Kazari. For comedy, he might call him his mother instead.

It will turn out that Ankh's Left Arm is his Evil Counterpart.
Turns out that Ankh's Left Arm will appear in #25. Since he didn't have Eiji and Hina to hold him back and rub off on him somewhat, Ankh's Left Arm will be Ankh's original personality and completely evil. Otherwise, Ankh's personality is divided between the two of them, Ankh's more villainous traits in the Left while his Right is less evil.
  • Jossed. Ankh's left side is the polar opposite of his right side, which is also the original Ankh.

Ankh's Left Arm will join with it's other half on Shingo's body
Seems kind of obvious. Maybe not right away, but at some point down the line they may find it necessary to continue their existence. It could also cause some tension, having two different sets of memories and possibly personalities rumbling around in his head.
  • Jossed. Ankh's left side include his original body.

Ankh's Left Arm's name is Asshu
Ankh's working name was Asshu. Since his Left Arm is showing up next episode and having two characters that look almost the same both named Ankh would be confusing, his Left Arm will be named Asshu to tell them apart.
  • Jossed. He is referred to as Ankh.

Ankh isn't the only Greeed unable to complete itself
Just occured to me. What if none of the Greeed are truely able to safely complete themselves now like Ankh? Only he got it the worse. The only way to be complete is to absorb a massive number of Cores like Gamel and Mezool did, but even that was flawed and extremely dangerous. Kazari's been absorbing cores left and right but he's still missing his leg section. Perhaps like Ankh they can't regenerate their missing part. And Kazari finding this out will trigger the above situation.
  • Jossed.
  • Maybe this is precisely the reason Giru is The Ghost...

Only eight of Ankh's medals are still intact.
When Ankh's mind was sealed his body became mentally identical to Ankh prior to the destruction of his tenth medal. After Kougami removed one of the medals from Ankh's body he destroyed it thus causing Ankh's body to have its own mind.
  • I'm pretty sure that the medal he took from Ankh's body was the one that he later gave to Eiji before the TaJaDor combo debuted.
  • I agree with the above troper, similarly the purple medals reacted when the tenth was taken from them we have no indication it was destroyed

Ankh will start possessing Date
Since Date is having problems concerning the bullet loged in his head and Shingo is now awake he will most likely fuse with Date.
  • Jossed. Shingo is unconscious again and Ankh is back to possessing him.

Ankh and Giru are mortal enemies.
While the Greeeds are not exactly close with each other (expect for Gamel and Mezool), it seems possible that Ankh has a bigger conflict with Giru then with the others. How do I figure? Well, for one thing, Ankh controls fire, while Giru, supposedly, controls ice. The contrast in elemental use would be a decent hint at a rivalry. Also, both of their Core Medal's Combo forms share some things in common:
  • Both are classified as Super Combos, meaning that they are on par with each other.
  • Both have the ability to fly, which means that Giru can fly just like Ankh.
  • Both of their Leg Core Medals give OOO's legs razor sharp feet (Ankh's Condor Medal uses talons and Giru's Tyranno Medal uses feet claws).
  • Both have a personal weapon they can use and each one has a different nicknamed finishing move (TaJaDor uses the TaJa Spinner to execute Giga Scan finishers and PuToTyra uses the Medagabryu to execute Putotyranno Hissatsu finishers).
    • Speaking of the Medagabryu, if you recall, the toy version does not feature TaJaDor and the remix version of its jingle in its sound effects track. So, if this also applies to the series, it would mean that their not included because Giru would not want to use the powers of the Greeed he hates the most, no matter how strong he is.
    • Maybe it's because birds evolved from dinosaurs that you can't get a remix for the TaJaDor since you will be technically calling out yourself, just highly evolved? I mean with the exact same reasons above as to why Ankh and Giru would be considered mortal enemies, wouldn't it make sense that they have the same abilities due to them being from the same evolutionary line? And maybe that's what it leads to them being mortal enemies, because they are related to one another? Heck even their powers are in the same spectrum as each other, just on the opposite ends.
    • This theory actually makes alot more sense when you consider that Anhk's medals (along with the other four Greeed) represent desire while Giru's medals represent the lack of desire.
  • This WMG is technically Jossed, as none of the Greeed had even heard about the purple Core Medals until their introduction in the series, the full set of which had been sealed in a stone container. You can't really grow to become enemies with someone you've never even heard of before.
    • The maker of the purple medals hated the maker of the red medals. And so designed them to be similar enough that people would compare them and see that his were better. Medagabryu lacks a TaJaDoru sound effect because the maker believed that no one would have a reason to contaminate it with red medals. The fact that the Taja Spinner can use purple medals shows that the hatred was one sided.

Lost Ankh will become more powerful as time goes on.
I mean we already saw him create winds strong enough to cover his allies escape, when a few episodes before he seemed evenly matched with OOO.
  • Was confirmed until OOO utterly destroyed him as a rampaging Putotyra.

Ankh will be absorbed by lost Ankh...
But it will back fire on ol' Lefty, as Ankh takes control of the full form, but either due to lack of creativity making him take the same form that he had controlling Shingo previously, or Lost ankh fighting against him and something happening to Shingo that requires Ankh, still an arm, possessing him, he won't be going Full Greeed all the time... plus, I'm pretty sure he still doesn't like his odds of fighting PuToTyra Eiji.|

There will be a "I Know You Are in There Somewhere" Fight to save Ankh.
In #41 Ankh (Lost)'s right arm goes dead as he's trying to fight Eiji. Since it seems he is Fighting from the Inside, one part of the Finale might be Eiji trying to help Ankh win out over Ankh (Lost).
  • Maybe it will apply to Eiji as well, seeing as he's becoming a Greeed the more he fights using the PuToTyra Combo, with both Ankh and Hina trying to do this for him.
  • Jossed as of #42. Eiji destroying Ankh (Lost) is what saves Ankh, though there's still the possibility of Ankh and Hina doing this to save Eiji.

Ankh will take control over his body and use it to mimic his old appearance when possessing Shingo
This way we have the Ankh we know and love in his familiar body.
  • Confirmed in #42.

Ankh's Cores unknowingly have the ability to fix/create Core Medals
Think about it. He's the Bird Greeed and the picture presented by Kougami showed a dinosaur evolving into a Bird. His overall theme is the Phoenix, the symbol of rebirth. And where Ice is the power of the Purple Cores, Ankh's power is Fire. If Ice represents the lack of heat and the Cores equal the lack of Desire, then what would the Cores controling Fire be? It's often used to symbolize life in many cultures, as well as a burning desire. This is also why Ankh is so strong, his Cores are the direct opposite of the Purple Cores in every way. Even with only six cores, he's the strongest Greeed, just like with only half his cores, Maki was extremely strong. Also, one of Ankh's Cell Medals was used to create a Core Medal as well.
  • Ankh is also the Egyptian symbol of life.
  • when was his cell medal used to create a core?
    • The OOO/Den-O movie, where one of his Cells led to Shocker creating their own Greeed.

The missing part of Lost Ankh's head represents the true Ankh's mind
Now that Lost Ankh has fully absorbed the real Ankh, he regained his wing and arm, but still hasn't regenerated his head fully. This is because the real Ankh's mind is either too strong for the childish Lost Ankh to overpower or is still in his human host and Ankh can't become complete until one of the personalities is completely overpowered or one absorbs the other personality.
  • Pretty much Jossed. The missing portion of Lost Ankh's head is from Ankh passing one of his Cores to Hina at the last moment, keeping him from becoming complete.

Anhk will become a reluctant ally who will show up to help Eiji from time to time, while still working independent
This could also go to help set up Cores
  • I think the set up is to get the purple cores out of Eiji, to save him of course.
    • Agreed, keeping to himself, while leaving the medals with him so he can become OOO

Ankh's change of character was the result of Eiji destroying three of his Cores.
A Greeed's hunger is the result of having one Core destroyed. Because Ankh has now had four of his ten destroyed, it caused him to have an even worse hunger than a normal Greeed would, turning him bad again. The only way Eiji could resolve this is by making him four new Cores somehow.
  • The Let's Go Kamen Rider movie does show that it's possible to turn a Cell Medal into a Core Medal...

Ankh is not based on a phoenix
Rather he is based on a simurgh.

Alternatively, he is based on Melek Taus, a peacock-like angelic being who refused to bow before Adam (and was either rewarded for this, or cast into Hell and became Satan). Like Ankh, he was a member of a group of seven beingsnote  who was closest to his creator, and all of his number could take human form.

  • I think Giru and Eiji would fit better than the movie Greeed.

Ankh's fate
Hoo boy, this one is probably going to be a bit interesting to talk about:
  • If Ankh survives, then either he and Eiji will walk away from each other to avoid doing any damage, in a very Blade style ending, or he wanders the world with Eiji. the latter is only likely to happen if he finds a way to make himself able to live without having to rely on Shingo's body, and if he's still in Shingo's body, then the first becomes a downer ending for Hina, really.
  • If Anh dies, it will likely be at the hands of either Uva or Maki, with him shielding Eiji or Hina from a deathblow. This will likely trigger Eiji's Berserk Button, or give him flashbacks to the war again, either forcing him to go multi-king, or perhaps call out an otherwise movies exclusive medal (Imagin maybe?)
  • Ankh dies as a result of Maki cracking his Hawk Medal, but not before helping Eiji in the Final Battle.

Ankh is a Deconstruction, Evil Counterpart, or some variation of Phillip
Think about it, there are similarities to him and Phillip. For one, how much they're helpful.
  • Both set up limits to their partners to not overstress their bodies, but Ankh's is much more restrictive, as early on, he has a thing against Eiji using Combos, where as the limitation Phillip set up for Shotaro only came up one time in the show, and every other time, it was no problem thanks to their Super Mode.
  • Phillip allows his partner access to three Memories to switch around with while he has the other three. Meanwhile, Ankh keeps all the Core Medals to himself, and there are only a few times where Eiji gets to pick and choose the medals himself.
  • Whenever Phillip causes some problem that hinders Double's ability to defeat the Dopant it's usually because something's wrong with him, like his emotional breakdown over not finding anything about his family in the Gaia Library. Whenever Ankh causes some problem that hinders Eiji to defeat the Yummy, it's something more selfish, like the Yummy not having enough cell medals to gain.
  • When it comes to their ties with the villains, Phillip never went and sided with the Sonozakis, even when it's revealed that he's their long lost son. The only times he did was during their last family reunion, though that was against his will, and when he was making Gaia Memories for them before Shotaro and Narumi picked him up, which again was against his will. Ankh, on the other hand, knew all along that he had ties with the other Greeed and joined them when he's pushed into a corner reguarding the fact that a few of his Cores were destroyed. Completly on his own will.
  • Both of them are Dead All Along, though with Ankh, it was because he was possessing a dying Izumi Shingo.
  • And finally, both are on death's door by the penultimate episode for diffrent circumstances that involve being with the villains. And where as Phillip dies but comes back in a year, Ankh dies but doesn't come back to life in a year. Although he does get to be a spirit guide.led box for the Greeeds.
  • Pretty sure this one's already canon.

Ankh will be brought back to life in the 2012 Movie War.
They have to. The death of Dr. Maki in the finale destroyed all the Core Medals as well, save for the single broken Taka Medal, the same one that contained Ankh's spirit. In order for Eiji to actually become OOO for the 2012 Movie War, he's gonna need his medals back, and it's also give the writers a chance to bring Ankh back.
  • Highly possible considering that one way of translating a line of lyric in Time Judged All goes like 'Now that their back, the medals let us take flight'. maybe a reference to the plot that has already happened or that will happen.
  • Confirmed! The trailer for Movie Wars Megamax shows him alive (and still looking fabulous) again. Though how has yet to be seen...
    • You're thinking Movie War 2011. This WMG is refering to a 2012 Movie War, which hasn't even been announced yet.
      • Jossed - OOO appears in the movie, but Ankh doesn't.

The OOO part of Movie Wars Ultimatum...
Will be about Ankh's revival.
  • Let's face it. We know he is revived, because in Movie Wars Megamax, he came from the future via Time Travel to help Eiji. Therefore, since they're going to be bringing back Nadeshiko for the Kamen Rider Fourze part of Ultimatum, it's only logical that they also cover Ankh's return.
    • And jossed. While OOO appears, the movie mainly focuses of Wizard and Fourze.

    Other Greeed 

The Greeed will somehow spark crazy new theories about Giygas.
They're just that kind of Monster.

There are 6 Greeed monsters
OOO uses core medals to gain powers and transforms. It's been revealed that there are 6 types of OOO medals. Ankh is obviously the 5th Greeed.
  • For the moment, confirmed.

There are 7 Greeed monsters
Seven sets of OOO medals according to the toy.
  • Jossed, technically. There 'were' seven Greeeds, but Eiji and Maki were both Dinosaur Greeeds.

The Greeed will be beaten and replaced by another group.
Maybe OOO will become the Multi-King by defeating all the Greeed, making that his super form. Then the Greeed are replaced by another set of evils, perhaps the Kougami Foundation. If not, then perhaps the force that created the Greeed in the first place.
  • Unless the series is going to run longer than normal, it's doubtful, considering how close we are to the end of a normal series run.
  • Jossed.

There will be enough medal trading/stealing that we'll see all the Greeeds' completely armored forms at least once over the season.
It'd be kind of a shame if we never got to see the complete costumes, after all.
  • Confirmed - the Greeed's fully armored forms appear in the preview for episode 8. They also appear in the opening.
  • Confirmed in the show so far with Gamel and Mezool.
    • Kazari, Gamel, and Mezool had achieved completion, but OOO shattered their cores, permanently killing Kazari and Mezool.

At least one Greeed will commandeer a Ridevender.
Unless Kougami thought to build a Greeed recognition safeguard into them, there's nothing stopping anyone who has a Cell Medal from activating them.
  • And Ankh has, but does he count?
  • Well, Kougami has some method of monitoring and denying access to the Ridevenders, so this seems unlikely.

The Greeeds have something to do with Buddha
A major lesson from the Buddha religion is that desire leads to suffering. So, I think they were made to eliminate suffering, and to do that, they must eliminate desire, hence where the Yummys pop in.
  • Too bad their methods aren't to eliminate desire but fulfill them. Which, so far, is causing suffering along the way. I don't think Buddha would want to cause suffering.
    • Perhaps, they are going to make the humans see that too much will result in their destruction, and thus stop desiring things. That or they went to Pain's School of Well Intentioned Hypocrisy. Or they could have taken that aspect way too far.
      • This would hold better if any of the Greeed actually showed any sort of concern for humans. So far they've shown only to dislike humans.
  • The Greed are demons of Mara, locked within core vessels made from human desire. If all the Cores are destroyed, they are loosed again, but cannot act in the world, being only able tempt and whisper. That's why Ankh's trying to survive: he likes having a body.

It is shown that Gamel likes Mezool and that the All-Gray form shows up before the All-Blue form. It's predictable.
  • Jossed! Sort of. In #12 he loses them in a fight with OOO. He still manages to get the two Tako Medals he took, though (but OOO still has her two Unagi Medals.)

Mezool will be the first Greeed to die.
Confirmed. Mezool and Gamel are the first two Greeed to die in the series, after being forcibly merged together into a single form and taken out by both Birth and OOO. Both Mezool and Gamel are revived in #36. She is the third Greeed to die permanently.

Gamel will be the first Greeed to die.
Confirmed. Mezool and Gamel are the first two Greeed to die in the series, after being forcibly merged together into a single form and taken out by both Birth and OOO. Both Mezool and Gamel are revived in #36. He is also the fourth Greeed to meet a permanent end.

Kazari will be the fourth Greeed to die.
Confirmed. Kazari is the fourth Greeed to die in the series. He is the second Greeed to die permanently.

Uva will be the second Greeed to die.
Confirmed. Uva is the second Greeed to die in the series. He is revived in #43.

Ankh will be the third Greeed to die.
Confirmed, kinda. Ankh (Lost) is the third Greeed to die in the series and technically the first Greeed to die permanently. However, the true Ankh is still active, so YMMV on whether it counts as a true kill or not.

Giru will be the fifth Greeed to die.
Pretty much confirmed, since he's the only one of the Greeeds that hasn't died in some way so far.
  • Jossed, actually - you can't exactly die if you don't appear at all.

Greeed can become OOO under two two conditions.
  • They must be possessing a human.
  • They can only use their respective Medal Combo
The end result is a much more powerful OOO due to the Greeed's influence, which brings us to...

At one point in the series, the Greeed will reclaim all of their core medals at once.
This will necessitate that Ankh lends Eiji two more of his core medals, resulting in TaJaDoru.
  • Confirmed, sort of. Kazari manages to steal all of Eiji's medals at once, with the same result.

Giru / The Dinosaur Greeed will have Chronic Backstabbing Disorder
Part of the word his name comes from means "To betray".
  • This wouldn't be a shocker, the Greeed as a species tend to have this.
    • Giru was never shown in series, unfortunately.

Mezool will join Ankh and Eiji against the other Greeed.
After Kazali's actions, Mezul will be compelled to side with OOO, if only because there's no one else to side with. The next few episodes will deal with trying to break Gamel out of Kazali's control. This could also lead to a Face–Heel Turn for Ankh once Kazali is taken care of.
  • Seems to be jossed in episode #16. If the WMG down there "Greeed can be revived from their core medals" is true, then the events of episode #16 don't joss this WMG.

The Greeed will be defeated, not by destroying them, but by redeeming them.
Freeing a Greeed of their desires will transform them into another kind of creature, good instead of evil. This fits with Eiji's personality and desire to help people, even those who commit injustices.
  • Too bad Eiji destroyed a full set of Ankh's Medals, one of Kazari's Lion Medals, and a full set of Mezool's Medals, resulting in the Deader Than Dead death of Lost Ankh, Kazari, and Mezool.

After the remaining Greeed are destroyed (minus Ankh), four more will take their place
Ok, we know that there at least two more Greeed Giru, the dinosaur Greeed and as of yet unknown the Reptile Greeed. The OOO Driver has revealed several more Medals besides these, through hacking. There are combos jingles, just do to how you have to hack the thing (scanning multiple Medals at once to try and mess it up), no ones been able to get them together or possibly, another chip that hasn't been released is needed (like the roleplay weapons unlocking the Triple Scanning Charge and Giga Scan sounds respsective) which will be an upgrade device or something. My guess on the other two? Gazelle, Bull, and Deer (hooved animals) and possibly the already known Arthopod set. If not, then my guess Walrus, Panda, and Polar Bear all of which are heavy Mammels.

The Greeed's missing 10th Medals are actually Medal-sized versions of OOO's full colored Combo form's chest emblems.
It would make sense. The 10th Medal could be the Greeed's most powerful and most important Core Medal because it holds the powers of the animals of the other 3 Medals in one single Medal. So, basically, the Greeed's Core Medal collection would be this:
  • Ankh: 3 Taka Medals, 3 Kujaku Medals, 3 Condor Medals and 1 TaJaDor Medal.
  • Uva: 3 Kuwagata Medals, 3 Kamakiri Medals, 3 Batta Medals and 1 GataKiriBa Medal.
  • Kazari: 3 Lion Medals, 3 Tora Medals, 3 Cheetah Medals and 1 RaToraTah Medal.
  • Gamel: 3 Sai Medals, 3 Gorilla Medals, 3 Zou Medals and 1 SaGoZo Medal.
  • Mezool: 3 Shachi Medals, 3 Unagi Medals, 3 Tako Medals and 1 ShaUTa Medal.
  • Giru: 3 Ptera Medals, 3 Tricera Medals, 3 Tyranno Medals and 1 PuToTyra Medal.
  • Reptile Greeed: 3 Cobra Medals, 3 Kame Medals, 3 Wani Medals and 1 CoraKaWani Medal.
Plus, if there was an OOO Driver with only one slot, like the Lost Driver from Kamen Rider Double, the 10th Medal could be used with it to allow a person to become Kamen Rider (insert Combo name here).
  • Jossed. When Giru's set was shown, the 10th Medal was simply a 4th Ptera Medal.
  • Has long been Jossed. Uva's 10th Core Medal was a Kuwagata Medal. From this and above this comment, it's highly likely the 10th Medal was a fourth Head Medal.
    • Mezool had four Unagi Medals. However, her tenth medal was her third Tako Medal.
    • Where the hell have you got that from?
    • From here, at the third post from the top.
    • Okay that doesn't make sense right there, every medal is supposed to have 3 of each with a 4th one for another to create the ten medal set. Who ever wrote that is wrong on his counting, besides it would be out the whole Ruleof Three theme.
    • You might be right. However, if by the end of the series we find out there were three sets where the tenth medal wasn't the fourth medal of an animal it would still follow the Rule of Three. Alternatively, it could be Foreshadowing indicating that the tenth medals weren't destroyed at all.
    • Correct! But only Ankh, Kazari, and Uva's 10 Medals. Which just happen to be the Medals for the TaToBa Combo.

Uva and Kazari will get into an 'evolution war' and...
Keep absorbing more Medals and then during the resulting epic battle will accidentally merge together into a Mega Greeed.
  • And this time, none of the Cell Medals will be lost, leaving the four Greeeds revived as in The Movie.

The Parrot Yummy in episode 25 is created by Giru
If the preview is to be believed, Ankh's ruled out. Neither Uva or Kazari have any of Ankh's cores to be able to create a bird-based Yummy. That only leaves the one Greeed who we know exists.
  • Are we certain its a Parrot Yummy. since Giru is the Dinosaur Greeed, it could be one of the dinosaur birds, which have bird-like traits including feathers.
  • Its been shown for certain to be the Parrot Yummy. Still, it could mean that Giru has some of Ankh's cores.
  • Jossed. Turns out its actually Ankh's Left Arm that is somehow a sentient being as well.

Kazari will suffer a massive Villainous Breakdown at his defeat
Manipulative Bastard + Manchild + plus making himself unstable by assimulating Core Medals makes this a highly likely event. And considering how evil he is, it'll be quite satifying.

Gamel will be revived soon
Keeping in mind another WMG further up the page that Movie Wars Core hasn't happened yet, Gamel and Mezool will need to be brought back to life for the movie to happen. I think Uva will somehow aquire one of Gamel's missing medals, as well as possibly Mezools missing ones, and use both the Gamel medals he already has as well as the missing one to revive Gamel. Gamel will then fight OOO to get back Mezool's medals, and use them with the medals Uva has to revive Mezool, though in the process Eiji and Ankh will get a full combo of Gamel, Uva and Kazari's medals. Eiji will fall unconscious for a time, forcing Date to fight the 4 alone (not sure what on earth will happen to Giru at this point, maybe he'll be known but out the way) leading to his death or retirement, and allowing Movie Wars Core to happen right afterwards. There could probably be a few other hints that the movie will occur soon though, posssibly involving a mention of the body being found.
  • Jossed as of ep 31, though Uva was clearly planning to, I don't think he can revive Gamel with one medal. I now assume he'll aquire both combos from Ankh to ressurect them, though we still need a way for Eiji to have the appropiate medals for MWC.
    • Unjossed and confirmed for #36, as Uva has collected enough medals to bring back both Gamiel and Mezool.

Uva will have a Heel–Face Turn
Kazari's faction is getting stronger, and Uva seems to be laying low for now. He knows Kazari is after him and now has the Lost Ankh on his side. He will join forces with Eiji and Ankh for no other reason but self preservation.

Uva will be the real Big Bad
He's being somewhat quiet right now, being the least active of the surviving Greeed. Thus, its possible he's got a plan going and is waiting for OOO and Ankh to deal with Kazari or weaken Kazari enough for him to finish him and take all his Medals, and his role as Big Bad.
  • Jossed.

On the purple Greeed
Five of the purple Medals entered Eiji, while the rest are still with Maki. My theory is that there may be two incomplete purple Greed; one will be based on Eiji's personality while the other will be based on Maki's. The purple Greed just came into existence afterall, and needs to grow and learn from someone.
  • Worth noticing is that four of Giru's Medals were missing when the remaining five flew off. Ether Kazari and Maki took them or they formed a new Greed but they prevented the other five from forming into him.
  • Actually an earlier shot showed Kazari holding two of the medals rather than 1 of them, but I assume Maki's doing something with three of them at least
  • It's shown in 32 that Maki now has 5 of the purple medals inside him, like Eiji.

Giru will be created by the destruction of Eiji's Triceratops medal.
At some point PuToTyra will go berserk and someone will resort to destroying it in order to stop him.
  • Jossed. Both Eiji and Maki become Greeed, though taking on different forms.

The Greeed can be resurrected using their Core Medals.
Given Mezool and Gamel have been destroyed, but their Core Medals still exist, it's possible that they could be restored with their Core Medals, since all they are are Core Medals and Cell Medals.
  • Confirmed! In preview of episode 36 both Mezool and Gamel come back to life

The Reptile and Anthropod Greed don't exist yet.
Originally there were ten core medals per set, and the destruction of the tenth medals in each set is what created the Greed. The tenth Reptile and Anthropod core medals haven't been destroyed and thus no Greed exists for them.
  • Or more likely, their Cores don't exist period and will be created in an experment with by the Kougami Foundation. Possibly Giru's origin as well.
  • Jossed.

Kazari will be the Disk-One Final Boss
Uva will be destroyed, leaving Kazari the last remaining Greeed. He'll get his hands on a set of each Greeed inside him and becoming the Multi-King. OOO manages to destroy him but the new Dinosaur and Reptile Greeed take the place of the original four Greeed as the Big Bad.
  • One of them, technically, with Kazari the 1st original Greed (not counting Lost Ankh) permanently biting it after being slashed by PuToTyra and double-crossed by Dr. Maki.

Giru's Yummy will be Jerk Ass Genie
His name comes from 'to betray', they take the user's desire and twist in some horrible fashion. One of his two Pteranadon Yummy was formed from the desire to collect memories of all previous Riders, and contorted it into the creation of Kamen Rider Core, and all the other Greeed's name has something to do with their Yummy creating.
  • Jossed as of 32. Hard.
    • To clarify, Giru's Yummies seek to 'eliminate' desire, which is where they "betray": by going against what the previous batch of Greeed and Yummy are - desire given life.

The people who created the Greeed were Time Lords.

The Greeed were specifically created from the desire they're named after
  • Uva: Desire to steal

  • Kazari: Desire to decorate

  • Gamel: Desire to pilfer

  • Mezool: Desire to love

  • Ankh: Desire to dominate (due to his working title being Ashu)

  • Giru: Desire to betray.
    • To add to it, the original Five Greeed were created from the desire of the Original OOO. Desire to Steal and Pilfer, he wants to take over the world and have everything. To love, he's described as "Desire incarnate", meaning he likely had a lot of obcessions. Desire to Dominate, once again, world domination. This is why Ankh appears to be the strongest of the original Greeed, this was OOO's greatest desire, so naturally Ankh will be the strongest. Perhaps Giru was created from the original OOO and simply not awakened until modern day, or perhaps he was created by Maki from Kazari's desire, which will make him super powerful.

In episode 25 we see that Tajadoru matches up bad with the bird Yummy this can mean that depending on the greed or yummy's, different combos are more effective.
  • This was hinted in episode 19, when Ankh gave Eiji one of Kazari's medals to handle the Jellyfish half of the Lion-Jellyfish Yummy.
  • As well as the RaToraTah Combo being able to hurt Mezool enough to obtain 4 Core Medals in episode 9.

The Reptile Greeed is the second female after Mezool.

The Reptile Greeed will be a good guy
Well it's possible.
  • Not likely, as [[spoilers: the 3 Reptile Cores were a gift from Europe. So far, there is no Reptile Greeed announced.]]

Uva will possess someone like Ankh did
After Kazari and the other Greeed destroy Uva, his final Core Medal whirls to life and states he's not finished yet. Since his body was destroyed, he'll possess someone elses and slowly work behind the scenes to reform his body.
  • Confirmed.

Uva will be the one to kill Kazari
Kazari and the other Greeed think they killed Uva, unknowning that he's Not Quite Dead. He'll slowly work to restore his body and then, after Kazari is weakened by OOO or someone else, return and finish him off.
  • Jossed. [[spoiler: Eiji broke a Lion Medal, the Maki transformed into a Greeed and stole nearly all of Kazari's Medals except the fractured one, leaving him to die.

Uva will evolve into a stronger form
Uva has two main desires right now, to survive and to become more powerful. One of those desires, to survive, has been fufilled because despite getting blown to bits by the other Greeed, he's Not Quite Dead. His other desire, to become stronger, will eventually allow him to evolve into a stronger form. It also makes sense due to another power of insects, namely their ability to adapt to what didn't kill them off completely the first time.
  • If my knowledge of insect evolution is correct he won't change form, but more as become more resilient to attacks and maybe less bulky. I may be wrong, but I'm just going of science notes.
    • He'll Hyper Cast-Off?
      • Well he already became more resilient to attacks and being only one core is certainly less bulky
      • I was talking about his Greeed form being less bulky, not just being one medal. Maybe he'll find the King of Hearts and evolve.
  • Not only does Uva become complete, he also unwillingly becomes the Medal Vessel, if it counts.

Uva will make a badass comeback, but NOT as a Greeed.
If there's one thing we know about Uva, it's that he's got a talent for adapting to changing circumstances, even when he's outmatched by others. So in order to get back at Kazari and the others, he'll let himself as a Core Medal be used by Eiji for a GataKiriBa combo, which will boost OOO's power enough to utterly annihilate Kazari.
  • I like this idea seeing as Eiji only needs the arm and head medals for the combo.
  • Jossed. Uva's back by episode 43.

Uva will make his comeback as the third Rider.
Using his human form, he could either use his last Kuwagata Medal or by some other means to turn into a Rider.
  • Jossed.

Giru doesn't exist
People are just being silly and using a name that originated from a 10-year old's fanfic from the days of OOO Xcess Form, Date as a 2-episode character and Den-O Ankh Form. Not that the concept of a purple Greeed is inexcusably verboten. It just doesn't make sense to cling to that particular name even in fanfic.
  • ...Except for the fact that the name is explicitly used to refer to the "Dinosaur Greeed" in Movie Wars CORE. Hardly a "silly rumor."
  • I think this WMG may be poking fun at CORE's canon vs the canon of a fanfic. Personally, since it seems like the actual production's evolved through the series and scripts may have been rewritten, I wouldn't be surprised if Gill is an idea that actually was discarded. We are talking about an Inoue-written segment, after all.
    • Confirmed. Maki is never referred to as Giru and Eiji is only known as Eiji Greeed.

Giru doesn't exist... because his real name is Gill

Because if he's born of Eiji and Maki's lack of desires, then what name do you expect a greeed that lacks desire other than a generic English one? He just thought Giru was smarter sounding.

Gara is the Reptile Greeed
Images of Gara show that she is wearing orange and in addition to that recent rumours say that she will be turning into a monster form of sorts. What else appears in the OOO summer movie? BuraKaWani Combo.
  • Uh, Gara's a guy.

Giru will create Psycho Ranger Yummy counterparts to the other Greed.
For example he'll create a Meganeura Yummy to fight Uva.
  • So how about Archeopteryx for Ankh, Smilodon for Kazari, Dunkleostus for Mezool and Brontotherium for Gamel?

Gamel really does have a sense of taste.
He's always been shown as being different from the other Greeed so it wouldn't really be surprising if he had fully functional senses.

Gamel's true desire
Was to find a desire of his own. Greeed are 'programmed' to want what they can never have. And what's the one thing that a complete idiot like Gamel can never have? An idea. The reason he always imitated the desires other people is because he is actually physically incapable of thinking of a desire himself. Using his own body to make Yummies is actually a kind of test; if the idea he used to make the Yummy is something he actually desires, then the Yummy should be able to produce Cell Medals.
  • The reason he ultimately Went Out With A Smile despite failing in his mission to revive Mezool? He finally found something he truly desired from the bottom of his heart: to be together with Mezool.
    • This makes perfect sense. Ankh said he felt satisfied finally, but only after getting a true desire of his own, to live for real, which it would seem Eiji's influence on him may have caused. Gamel was able to die happy because he'd succeeded in having a desire he was capable of fufilling, where Mezool and Kazari never did. Look at the difference in the permenante Greeed deaths: Ankh (Lost) yelled about his Core Medals, his desire was just to have all of himself again. Kazari's mourned the fact he couldn't have everything in the world. Mezool screamed about how she'd been unable to amass enough maternal love to satisfy her. Gamel...imagined Mezool being happy at his offering and died peacefully. Of the four Greed to be Killed Off for Real thus far, Gamel is the only one who died in peace, because in his mind, he'd succeeded in getting what he'd desired and was satisfied.

Greeed only lose their armor if they were sealed away.
Mezool, Gamel, Uva, and Kazari were all missing armor, but Ankh (Lost), Maki, and Eiji's Greeed forms are Complete(except for the parts of Ankh (Lost) that were a part of Ankh), despite not having their nine Core Medals. The reason being something happened when they were sealed that messed them up so they needed to retrieve their Cores. When they reformed with some Cores missing after being awakened, their bodies were unstable.

The Greeed represent the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Uva would represent Greed, since his Yummies seem to snatch away people's desires.
  • Kazari's Yummies tend to envelop their hosts, possibly representing Gluttony.
  • Mezool's Yummies turn a host's desires into obsessions, or Lust.
  • Gamel seems to rely on others for inspiring his Yummies and for providing him with Cell Medals. He would make an interesting representative of Sloth.
  • Ankh eventually seeks to become human once he gets a taste for human senses, thus representing Envy.
  • Giru seeks the destruction of all that exists, thus representing Wrath.
  • Whatever the orange Greeed was, Gara, who donned its color, saw himself as the true OOO, representing Pride.
  • Alternatively, Uva is Pride, as he is too prideful to use the other Greeed's cores. Kazari is Greed, as he is the first one to desire using the other cores. Gamel is Gluttony, as he is always eating food, candy and other things. And Eiji lacks desire, so he represents Sloth. Otherwise, Mezool, Ankh and Giru/Maki are the same as you said.

Uva is the only greeed able to revive the other greeed
He is the only one who ever creates waste yummies, the movie showed that gatakiriba clones can be used to make OOO combo clones and he was always involved in the revival of every revived greeed.

Gamel gained a spirit as well.
Ankh ultimately did, but we're not told exactly why. Reguardless, Gamel found a desire, truly had a connection to someone (Mezool), and ultimately died trying to do something selfless. Which were the only things that seperated Ankh from the other Greeed. We're not shown, but Gamel gainned a spirit much like Ankh did and wasn't killed Deader Than Dead.

Greeed exist for every core medal that's programmed into the OOO driver toy.
Kougami placed the one's who didn't appear in the show in other areas that had superheroes, and charged said heroes higher prices to use his equipment then he charged Eiji.

Uva was not Killed Off for Real
In fact, the Kuwagata Medal Eiji used is the one that contained Uva's conciousness! Given only the purple medals shattered in the final battle in according to the OOO and Fourze crossover, medals appeared flew through time, Uva is most likely just unconcious.


Eiji will eventually upgrade to a five medal combo.
There are five types of medals corresponding to the five main Greeed (the four villains plus Ankh) so it only makes sense that 000 would eventually get an All Your Powers Combined type form with one of each medal type. Most likely it would be one medal for each limb plus one for the head. My initial guess is Head: Hawk, Right Arm: Gorilla, Left Arm: Octopus, Left Leg: Cheetah, Right Leg: Grasshopper. Possible name: TaKoGoAhBa combo.
  • Octopus is a leg medal, not arm.
  • So would the Torso be the Dinosaur medal?
  • What about a Reptile medal?

The second rider will use one medal to transform instead of three.
Because Accel didn't need two Memories to transform.
  • We have seen some info on KR Birth (the new rider) and seems like he uses Cell medals to henshin and Cores for an arm or leg armory swap out, Mega-Man like so...Jossed?
    • Birth uses Cells for everything.
    • Strike that thought. Birth has debuted, and he uses Cell Medals for everything. However, he does use only one medal to transform

The second rider will use dinosaur themed medals
Possibly Triceratops head, Pterodactyl or Tyrannosaurus torso, and Velociraptor legs. Of course more could be added later.
  • Why would you want a Tyrannosaurus torso? Their arms are tiny.
  • Jossed. OOO will be using the Dinosaur Medals himself to form PuToTyra Combo.

OOO's final form will use mythological creature medals.
Possibly Unicorn head, Dragon torso, and...not sure about the legs. Centaur?
  • Possibly Jossed. A recent scan shows that the purple greeed can create mythological creature Yummies.
    • Definitely Jossed. As Kougami explained, the purple Greeed doesn't just embody dinosaurs, but all those creatures that can only be dreamed about, and mythological creatures are part of his/her(?) domain.

The super mode/final form will be all red and will possibly be a direct possession by Ankh.
The situation will get so bad (a sixth, upgraded Greeed, perhaps?) that Ankh will step in and power Eiji up himself. It's not like Ankh is incapable of either act.
  • Revealed Mid-Season Upgrade TaJaDor has been revealed to be all-red: it's unlikely the final form will be so as well.
  • Surprisingly Unjossed! In his final battle against Maki, Ankh gives Eiji his last remaining three cores to create a super-powered version of TaJaDoru! Apparently, using a medal that contains a Greeed's consciousness will allow the two to fight in tandem.

There will be no second Rider
I mean really, does this seem like the kind of series to have a Spotlight-Stealing Squad?
  • Jossed, images of Kamen Rider Birth, the second rider, have surfaced.
  • Alternately, there is a second guy who leads the Kougami Foundation's motorcycle brigade, a guy that had the qualification to be the second rider.
Midseason Upgrade is gonna be Dino-themed, while Super Mode will be Bird-themed
Because Double will never die.
  • Since we know Eiji gets his Core Medals from the Greeed bosses, let's look at the sets:
    • Uva: insects
    • Kazari: felines
    • Gamel: heavy animals
    • Mezool: aquatic animals
      • Her head is shaped like an orca, and if the Candroids are any indication, there may be an octupus in there, too.
      • The Core Medals Eiji acquires from her so far are an octopus and an eel.
    • And of course, Ankh is red, and the red Medals are bird-themed, so that could still be good-to-go.
  • Soundbites from the O-Scanner confirm both Birds and Dinosaurs, though when they'll appear in the series is unknown.
  • By the look of things, the reverse is true. TaJaDoru, the completed bird form, is Eiji's Mid-Season Upgrade.

Foundation X will be a backer of the Kougami Foundation.
This is, granted, based on the appearance of the O Medals on Neon Ulsland's PDA, as well as OOO's appearance in A to Z. However, a Chekhov's Gun that big can't go unfired. Besides, how better to research the Medals than be involved with the group trying to watch the Greeed?

Kamen Rider OOO takes place in the Scott Pilgrim universe
Yeah, this one isn't hard to note. Doods explode into currency of some description when defeated.
  • Or, you know, the universe where Scott Pilgrim took the idea of monsters exploding into currency from. It's not like it started with that series.

The second Rider will use a set of medals based on classic Kaijin.
Perhaps a rhinoceros beetle head, a bat torso, and spider legs.
  • Jossed, since uses Cell Medals for everything, and he only needs one to transform.

The OOO Driver causes its user to transform into a Greeed.
The Mantis Yummy mentioned that Eiji will 'pay the price' if he uses the OOO Driver. While it's possible he was just lying to save his own skin, it's more likely that using the belt really does have serious consequences. In fact, look at the Greeed themselves: they each have three different Animal Motifs and wear a familiar-looking belt around their waist. It's possible that all Greeed are in fact former OOO's who tried to gain power by using the belt but succumbed to the influence of the Medals because of their own desires.
  • In any case, we've heard of it before with the Undead.
  • Of course, since Eiji himself has no worldly desires outside a good pair of boxers he won't be corrupted by the Medals, and instead of becoming a Greeed he will eventually evolve into the true OOO, which will probably end up being the 'Multi King' everyone's been trying to become in the first place.
    • But what if the rampant desire attaches to his want/need for boxers, and he begins to want/need more boxers or ridiculously fancy boxers? (I'm thinking gold thread, 9000 thread count cashmere main, and silver dust for looks).
    • You can't get any fancier than his own floral boxers
  • This actually makes sense, why else would Ankh choose an Unlucky Everydude like Eiji to become OOO?
    • Same reason as why Elfangor chose the five kids to become Animorphs: Because he was the only one he could find on such short time.
  • But if he's already a Greeed, why wouldn't Ankh use it himself once he's attached to Shingo's body?
    • Because it's possible the belt may be able to detect when a Greeed is attempting to use it and just stops working.
    • Ankh said that Eiji is the only one to become OOO because he broke the seal.
  • Jossed. As #32, all it takes is to put Core Medals into your body with assistance from a Greeed.
    • Don't forget about the Purple Cores, who somehow floated into Eiji without forming into a Greeed first.

The war zone Eiji was in involved a past rider.
Look at the scene and tell me it does not look like something Decade would cause. However, let's get logical here.

  • Kuuga may be a good idea, perhaps the kick caused said war zone.
  • Agito might not be in question, unless there is an unknown that could do something like that, but then we'd be asking for the Kamen Rider version of an Angel.
  • Ryuki is a safe bet. It was done by the same writer as OOO and it's no lie that the Rider War had repeated at least three times.
  • Faiz... maybe.
  • Blade might also count.
  • Hibiki... perhaps.
  • Kabuto is recent, but has Hyper Clock Ip handy, meaning he can pop up.
    • But doesn't the scene and area look an AWFUL lot like the Shibuya crash site? I know it's ridiculous, the area is most likely in India, but still that's what it looks like to me.
  • Den-O also has Time Travel handy and is written by the same person who wrote OOO.
    • Could be the battlefield between Gaoh and Den-O
  • Kiva is recent and recalling correctly, he had time travel, but it was limited to 1986... Wait... that might work.
  • Decade is the number one blame on the list so far. I don't think it was established how long he was the Great Leader of Dai-Shocker for, but I won't be surprised.
    • It could be Natsumi's World during the destruction.
  • No way Double would be involved, it's been established that it's been a year before the show started that they first became Double.
  • Jossed. No Kamen Riders were involved at all in the civil war Eiji was in.

The second Rider will have an X gimmick.
Granted, it wouldn't be the first time we have a Kamen Rider X, but it would make sense as a counterpart to OOO.
  • I'm not sure I want to see a Kamen Rider XXX.
    • Looking at the opening scene of the first episode with binary sequences, I guess they could make a rider based on number 1 to continue the motif.
    • Jossed, pretty much. The second Rider is called "Birth".

Hina will be the second Rider.
  • She already has Super Strength, so maybe there's more to her than we're seeing.
  • Jossed. The second Rider works for Kougami. I suspect that Hina somehow has one of Gamel's Gorilla medals inside her body.
    • She doesn't have a Gorilla Medal in her. If she had, Gamel would not be completely revived like he is now.

The Belt belongs to an original OOO from 800 years ago.
  • The belt was used to seal the Greeed.
  • The Kougami Foundation already knew of OOO in the first place, before he appeared.
  • Ankh knew exactly how it worked and told him he was OOO.
  • The Yummy was aware of what the Belt would do.
  • The Kougami Foundation's devices are compatible with OOO's belt, at least the sword, implying they had knowledge of the belt before hand.

Overall, I think it's likely the original OOO sealed the Greeed away centuries ago with his own belt. The other possibility in my mind is that Ankh was the original OOO, thus how he knew how to work it. Only thing is, he couldn't use it being only a forearm. And this also explains why the other Greeed hate him so much.

  • The series has confirmed in-show due to a rant by the Kogami CEO/President/whatever the hell he is that there was a previous OOO eight centuries ago. They just haven't given us any informaion about who he was.
  • Confirmed. Although he was later confirmed to be the polar opposite of Eiji.

Eiji will die before the finale
However this doesn't mean he won't show up afterwards. Presumably he'd die in a manner similar to Shinji in Ryuki, only Ankh would take his place as OOO. The battle after this will mean that Ankh gets the ultimate power, but instead of abusing it, uses it to restore Eiji and Hina's brother back to life, which reduces his power due to the strain of doing so.

Alternatively, Eiji is near death, a Greeed possesses him similar to how Ankh is currently possessing Hina's bro, but Ankh is either the second rider or has his body back, which he uses to fight off Eiji until Eiji actually notices somewhere whats going on, defying the odds and either sacrificing himself or forcing the greed off of him, using the sealing stone to remain alive.

  • Jossed HARD.

Ankh will grow more empathic with exposure to his hosts memories.
Suggested by a few of the guesses above, but Ankh will grow more human the more he taps his hosts experiences.
  • Possibly confirmed in #35.
  • Not anymore.
  • Somewhat. He soften up thanks to Eiji.

There are more than one of each Core Medal.
The frame that shows which medals Ankh and Eiji have collected shows two identical Taka medals. Which explains how Ankh can still exist even when his head medal is being used in OOO — he has a backup. Also means that they could in theory steal three different Core Medals from a Greeed while leaving it a functional villain.
  • Considering Ankh is currently limited to a hand, I'd be more inclined to think he's holding on to his torso medal, which may just be something similar to a hawk; and eagle, perhaps?
    • And yet the two medals are exactly the same shade and design, unlike the Grasshopper and Mantis medals. And I'm guessing Ankh chose to manifest as a hand instead of a head, so he could at least manipulate stuff.
  • Confirmed!
    • Further elaborated on in the recap before episode 9; apprently, each Greeed is supposed to have a total of 9 Core Medals, meaning (obviously) that there are 3 of each.

OOO will become the Multi-King as the Super Mode.
I think its possible that OOO ultimately defeats all four Greeed and obtains all their Core Medals. Being Ankh is seemingly using a copy of the Taka Medal, not the true one, OOO could also have his set. So OOO could become the Multi-King as his power up form. However, this would also mean that the Greeed are only the Disk One Final Bosses for this to go anywhere.
  • A battle with characters whose powers are ALL More Than Infinite? Is that even possible?
    • The original OOO couldn't become the Multi-King, but Ankh mentioned that the original OOO was pretty much Greed Incarnate. Eiji is the complete opposite of that, so maybe that's the key to unlocking the Multi-King and not getting corrupted by it?
      • All but confirmed: According to recent translations of upcoming episode spoilers, Eiji's personality is exactly why OOO is so powerful.
      • I wouldn't say personality as lack of actual desire.

The Kougami Foundation owns Aperture Science.
Only Cake Guy would build a computer with GLaDOS' love for cake!

The Ghosts from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt are a divergent species of Greeed
If it isn't Scott Pilgrim, it's this. Though I don't think Eiji can make use of the Heaven Coins.

Kougami will turn out to be the real Big Bad.
The Other Wiki says he intends to use OOO and the Greeed to make his life-long dream a reality. Sounds suspicious, if you ask me...
  • Extremly Jossed

Steve Jobs will turn out to be the real Big Bad.
Clearly, he possesses a tremendous amount of power in this series - enough to turn a living embodiment of human greed into his personal shill just by making contact with one of his devices. It's also suspicious that an app for keeping track of the Core Medals just happened to be available to Ankh...
  • This is now my personal canon for this show.

Kougami is either the Reptile or Dinosaur Greeed
These are the only two medal types that the O-Scanner toy has confirmed and haven't appear on he show. Kougami was the first Greeed to fight the original OOO. At that point they underestimated him, so Kougami was reckless and completely stripped of all medals. Though he could live for an extended period, he was trapped in human form. He's gathering cell medals to rebuild his body, but he really desires a core medal to recreate his Greeed body. If he's actually good, he'lll probably give his medals to the second rider. If he's the Big Bad, OOO will have to steal his medals and probably use them to create his Super Mode.
  • Jossed. He's just.... a very eccentric person.

Ankh can play with fire.
The other Greeed have the other stock elemental powers. And fire is always red, too.
  • Very likely, as seen in this scan.
    • Very very likely now that we know Bird-based Greed have similar abilities.
      • AAAANNNNNDD Confirmed in #29.

Goto will acquire a gun that shoots Medals.
There has never been a Heisei rider series without at least one Gunslinger and I don't see why it should start now. Given the animalistic nature of the Medals themselves it seems unlikely that OOO's will get a naturally occurring Gun Form, so that leaves the Kougami Foundation to whip something up a'la the Medajalibur (and of course anything they make has to run on Medals). Either they give the gun to Goto directly in order to create a second Rider who follows orders, or he 'inherits' it after OOO's refuses to take it (Eiji strikes me as a Does Not Like Guns type, and Ankh would never touch a weapon that eats up Medals so fast).
  • Kamen Rider Birth is confirmed to use a gun weapon, presumably powered by medals, however we do not know exactly how it works yet, nor who his identity is.
    • We do now. the Cell Medal-powered Birth Buster uses the energy from Cell Medals to fire. They work similar to bullets in that, once they're all used up, they're tossed out of the catch that contains used medals, and new ones are loaded in.
    • As of episode 20 the current Birth, Akira Date, has lent Goto the Birth Buster for training purposes so... confirmed?
    • Confirmed by #29, Date and Gotou both have Birth Busters now.
    • It was confirmed long before that, in fact around 21 ish Maki makes the second one, and after that Goto and Date Both run into battle with Goto often playing wingman.
We will see all of OOO's forms side by side in the movie
Starting with GataKiriBa's Kage Bunshin ability, all the clone OOO's whip out all the remaining medals and slot them in, allowing all 100++ forms to exist simultaneously (the effort would probably kill him though). Take that, Den-O. In the Timey Wimey Balls.
  • Confirmed!
    • Sort of. We'll see all his Full Combo forms side-by-side, but not all of his possible forms.
    • Further confirmed in that it actually will be Gatakiriba's replication move that lets all of his main combo forms fight together.

The Reptile Medals will be for the movie rider
If they are gonna do a Mythology Gag, they might as well. Gaoh was both orange and was based off a reptile.
  • Confirmed!
    • Though Eiji will have the Medals.

Ride-Vendors have special compartments for use with regular money, filled with regular sodas and energy drinks.
This one's inspired by a question on the JBM page, regarding how the machines would react to normal money.
  • Alternatively, they may just reject normal money (probably for being too small), like real vending machines reject foreign coins.

Tendo is the head chef or one of the chefs at Cous Coussier
Who else in the Kamen Rider universe is as much of a talented chef as Tendou? He's the most likely to be able to keep pace with the constant theme - and thus menu/cuisine - changes. His walk across the path of heaven led him to conquer all at Cous Coussier.
  • It would make more sense if Shouichi was the head chef/one of the chefs, considering that not only was he talented enough to open his own restaurant, Yasuko Kobayashi wrote an episode of Agito and had no involvement in Kabuto's writing. If Tendo was the head chef, that would likely mean that the Kougami Foundation had some ties to ZECT, which does not seem to be the case, considering that the Birth Driver has almost nothing in common with the Zecters aside from the fact that they require a belt (and even then, only 4 of the Zecters required belts).

The Dinosaur Greeed will debut/be around by Movie War Core.
Thanks to cheating the system, we know that the purple medals are dinosaurs. The Yummies in the Movie War are the Pteranodon Yummies. The Greeed so far have only made Yummies related to their own animal theme. (Mantis, Weevil, and Butterfly for Uva, Cat and Siamese Cat for Kazari, Piranha and Shark for Mezool, and Bison and Tortoise for Gamel.)
  • Jossed. He STILL hasn't debut, and the movie has long since passed. (This edit made in 5/4/11.)
    • That's Jossed. The Dinosaur Greeed WAS in Movie Wars CORE, only offscreen and uncredited, and now that Dr.Maki's absorbed the purple Medals, he's becoming the Dinosaur Greeed.

Hina has one of Gamel's core medals inside her
Possibly the gorilla medal. It's responsible for her super strength. It would explain why in episode 8 that her dialogue implies that her super strength is focused in her upper body.
  • Possibly, since even "complete" Gamel in #16 did not have all of his Core Medals (according to Ankh).
    • Don't you think having to retrieve a Core Medal from inside a human being would be incredibly squickworthy, moreso than from a Greeed?
      • With episode 32 out, it's possible that Core Medals can be transferred into a human.
      • At the cost of becoming a Greed yourself if enough Cores are inside of you.
      • Jossed. If Hina had one of his Core Medals inside her, she would be able to sense Yummies like as of #32,Eiji, since she can't, she does not possess one, also since Core Medals can be only implanted into a human by a Greeed, she couldn't have one inside her before the start of the series. Furthermore in Episode 35, its shown that with Eiji possessing a Set Combo, Kazari possessing two of Gamel's medals, and Uva possessing four, all of his medals are accounted for.
      • Except this is incorrect, Uva only has three of Gamel's medals: one Sai and two Zou. With Eiji holding a Sa Go Zo combo and Kazari in possession of the third Sai and Gorilla medals... one Gorilla is still unaccounted for. Furthermore, Eiji's power to sense Yummies could be tied to the fact that he has more than one medal. Hina may be too weak in the 'Greeed sense' with just one medal.
      • (Jossed poster) Although I admit that I may have counted wrong when counting Gamel's medals, there's still the fact that she couldn't have the last Gorilla Core Medal put inside her at any point of the series without a Greeed's assistance.

  • And now completely jossed: Gamel is fully restored as of #45. That means Hina does not have a Core Medal within her.

Kougami can't exist/live for long or at all outside his office.
Could also work with the Kougami is a Greeed theory.
  • Jossed. His vacation between #17-18 took him to Europe.

Eiji will be the first major character to die.
Then Hina will be the new OOO
  • Unlikely, but would be awesome
  • Anyway, this is Jossed.

Kamen Rider Birth will be a woman.
Koboyashi's previous works have had important-to-the-plot women with Femme and Hana. Also, Kamen Rider Decade showed Natsumi becoming Kivaara. Plus, the name of this rider is Birth.
  • Jossed, the user of Birth is male.
  • The only reason why Birth is named "Birth" is because Maki wanted to appeal to Kougami, due to Kougami's fascination with beginnings.
  • You want the Net Movies for Shogun and the 21 Core Medals then.

Kamen Rider Birth is an Apple product based Rider.
Just look at that belt. It's totally an iPod.
  • Jossed, he's Gashapon-based. And where exactly do you see an iPod here?

The Ushi Medal will let Birth use his Breast Cannon.
  • Jossed. any Cell Medal works. And just to prove how which one doesn't matter, they're inserted with the back side facing forwards.
  • Not to mention there are no Ushi Cell Medals in the show.

Besides OOO and Birth, there will be a third Kamen Rider in the main series.
Considering the frequent use of Rule of Three, it wouldn't be that surprising.
  • Confirmed by Akira Date becoming Protobirth.

Birth's Super Mode will be called Day Form or something similar.
  • Come on. You can't tell me they'll pass that one up.
    • Confirmed. There will be a form called Birth Day which will be Date using all his weapons at once.

Dr. Maki is the Dinosaur Greeed.
Self explanatory really, it's a wild guess but from the observation, the fact he created the medal system and the more obvious weirdness about him it would be suitable for him to not be human.
  • There's also reason for him to be the Dinosaur Greeed, if I'm remembering right, he was in front of a picture of dinosaurs and humans. He also is obsessed with endings, the Dinosaurs are the only confirmed Medal set to be of an extinct species. He also suggested a Greeed for the duty of helping to harness the power of the Cell Medals.
  • That giant painting in his study? It clearly chows a purple dinosaur amongst the chaos! Coincidence of Foreshadowing?
  • Rather than being one from the beginning, as the ten purple Core Medals were sealed until #30, it's possible Dr. Maki could become Giru, as he now has 5 of the purple core medals in his body, while Eiji has the other five that let him use the PuToTyra combo.
  • Officially Confirmed as of #42. Dr. Maki's body has fully transformed into a Greeed. And his first action while fully transformed in #44 is stealing all of Kazari's Core Medals and leaving him to die.

Dr. Maki is the Reptile Greeed.
Anything goes.
  • Long Jossed. Dr. Maki is officially the purple Greeed as of #42.

Maki's Puppet is the Greeed, and its controlling Maki
It explains why he disregards human life, is obsessed with the end of things and freaked out without the Puppet, he's a greeed and his control was slipping when he fell off.
  • Jossed. I would count it towards as an extension of Maki himself. How else was Kiyo-chan (the doll's name) stop Eiji when he was running?

Maki is an Otaku towards shows like Barney
His favorite is Barney and the painting he has is Barney fan art.

Combos are just previews to what a fully-powered Greeed can really do.
To initiate a Combo, OOO only needs a full set. Yet core medals are not unique; there are several copies of each one. If three medals can produce that much power, imagine a complete Greeed.
  • Then why did the original OOO 800 years ago have very little trouble handing the complete Greeds' asses to them on a silver platter with, what is assumably, 1/3rd of their powers?
    • This is why we have the Weak, but Skilled trope.
    • Conservation of Ninjutsu: they only had one target while trying to avoid hitting each other, while the first OOO could swing at any of them and still benefit.
      • You can't rely on Conservation of Ninjutsu - we've seen Eiji-OOO getting himself pummeled by as little as a weakened Greeed and a Yummy, and purely power-wise, Eiji-OOO is also using 1/3rd of the Greeeds' powers to fight them currently. Zigzagged Conservation?
    • ...which still would have left his back open to an attack. And I'm surprised by this supposed "Greeed team spirit" 800 years ago.
  • Possibly confirmed in #29. TaJaDor combo and Ankh's body have pretty much identical abilities.
  • Confirmed. [[spoiler: Mezool when fully restored was pulling off the Shauta Combo's liquid shapeshifting, though Kazari's hair firing bullets could actually be when Latorartar is riding the Toride Vendor.

TaJaDor is the result of Ankh possessing Eiji during a Combo.
TaJaDor looks radically different and more sinister than other OOO forms, supporting the above hypothesis. After coming in possession of the Kujaku and Condor medals, he will take a page from Den-O and/or Double and possess Eiji in whenever he is in a pinch.
  • Another hint may be the new eye color. TaToBa's eyes are green, yet TaJaDor's are orange. We know nothing of Ankh's face, but I can't help but think he has something to do with the change.
    • I just realized, each Greeed has Curtains Match the Window, or at least their overall color scheme, yet each head medal has different eye colors. TaJaDoru however, has eyes not only change, but they change to match the overall color scheme.
    • Jossed.

TaJaDor is a Superpowered Evil Side to OOO
Following the lines of TaJaDor being a result of Ankh possessing Eiji as OOO, and the fact that TaJaDor does look quite different from any of the full combos. For the other combos there's no real change in the original medal-part's appearance, but TaJaDor seems to radically change the Taka medal. Much like how FangJoker changed Double's appearance radically when it started off as a Superpowered Evil Side. The rest of TaJaDor may be normal (i.e. the Kujaku and Condor medal's bodyparts for OOO are supposed to look like that anyways) though, and it's just the change in Taka head design showing off the evil-side.
  • It seems that Kujaku and Condor are altered as well, what with the whole combo having the exact same color scheme and the brand new chest symbol and what not.
  • Jossed. He's still the same Eiji when in Tajadol Combo. Also, the Taka head is the only aspect that truly changes in the Combo.

  • Does Apple really need the extra advertising? Not that having your company president appear as a morally-questionable scientist is good PR...
Birth will be passed around like hot potato between several people
There'll be one person who the powers are specifically, but that won't stop them from being borrowed and passed around. This tropes believes the one person will be either Hina or some new guy.
  • So it's going to be OOO's version of the Ixa Knuckle
  • Or the Faiz series belts. Or TheBee Zecter
  • Movie Wars Core has two separate people using the belt (the Nobunaga clone and Gotou) and in the TV series, it's used by a completely new character, so... possibly confirmed?

Even after he gets his true body back, Hina will keep Ankh from abandoning Eiji and her brother...with her fists
Hina is already close to Hana from Den-O, who did the exact same thing. And you must admit, this would REALLY make sense. Also, I have a feeling we're about to see next episode just what Hana can do to a Greeed.

Shingo is/was hiding something big from everyone.
Because if Den-O and Airi have taught us anything, it's that the most unassuming of characters are the basis of the biggest plot twists.
  • Then wouldn't it be Chiyoko?
    • I don't know if this was said as a joke or not, but considering Dr. Maki's Freak Out after seeing her picture in #24, this could actually hold water.
  • Seemingly possible that he was a newly recruited member of Foundation X. I mean he had a hidden i-phone in his apartment.And all Foundation X members used i-phones.
Shintaro Goto will become Kamen Rider Birth.
The series is teasing towards this end, and as Akira Date is dying anyway...
  • And confirmed in #38.

Maki's puppet is a Greeed
More specifically a crustacean Greeed. How else would he have a set of Core Medals for Nobunaga in The Movie?
  • perhaps it's a... "shrimp" Greeed?
  • Jossed.

Somewhere out there there are Gaia Memories representing OOO and the Greeed
Its not like they can't get ridiculously specific (Super Doctor Shinigami memory?) and they are in the same continuity.

Eiji has something against Tigers
It would explain why he rarely uses the Tora medal's Wolverine Claws, despite them having undoubtedly more reach and power than regular punches. Also, they have more reach than the Kamakiri blades, but he insists on using those.
  • Maybe he just likes Reverse Grip better
    • He does have something against one of the animals represented by one of the medals, but he has a problem with snakes, not tigers (hence the reason why, even if he obtained the orange core medals outside of the movie, he never uses them in the TV series).

Kamen Rider Birth will have a time limit for every henshin.
Maybe for the DX Birth Driver, but not in the show.
  • Seeing as it seems to only use Cell Medals, this makes sense as Cell Medals are limited in power compared to the OOO's Core Medals.
    • That would be kind of cool, I'd like it more if instead of limited time he had limited armor instead though.
      • Jossed, but he does use up Cell Medals in order to activate his weapons instead of re-using them like OOO does with Cores.

Foundation X is the Kougami Foundation under another name.

Why not? Much like how most Showa Organizations were the same (Shocker under a new label such as, say, Destron, Delza Army, etc.) since they were led by the very same Great Leader... Until Dai-Shocker. Onore DIKEIDO! (Worth mentioning that while Double stopped Museum and EXE, the Foundation X simply left, claiming to stop researching the Gaia Memories... Maybe to research CERTAIN medals...)

  • And if the Kamen Rider W's wild mass guessing's theory about Foundation X being Shocker is true... If Kougami Foundation is Foundation X, which is Shocker... Kougami himself is the original Great Leader! (Which makes sense, only he himself is hammy enough to be the original Great Leader back to action.)

Eiji will Take a Third Option when he has to deal with Ankh.
Instead of destroying him or sealing him away again, Eiji will somehow create a tenth Medal for his set, making him complete and making him complete and free of his destructive desire. Eiji could do this with any of the Greeed really.

Movie War Core is a Non-Serial Movie on OOO's side.
Despite Toei's current stance of better integrating all aspects of new rider series, there just won't be a point, currently or in the future, where the Medals are distributed as they are in the movie.

Movie War Core does take place in the OOOverse, just not right now.
Remember, a year passed in the finale of Double, leaving ample time for the things to happen.

Kougami is buying off the police for Medal-related incidents
Think about it. Episode one has a platoon of people carrying sawn-off semiautomatic shotguns on public streets firing military (as if there were any other type) anti-armor weaponry (read: the AT-4 rockets the Ride Vendor platoon used) on a building in broad daylight. In Japan, with its strict weapons and firearms laws. Then there's the matter of Gotou going around publicly with his shotgun (ok, wave this off with a license), and at times a rocket launcher (anti-armor weapon licenses probably don't exist over there).He could be acquiring the stuff off the black market. He's also most likely influential enough (or just plain rich enough) to keep the police hush-hush about Medal-related incidents. Even though the only two times the police clashed with a Yummy resulted in three dead bodies and a near-death-arm-monster-possessed guy, you know the station got those reports.
  • Episode 17 implies that he's also buying off the mainstream media, as the only people reporting on the Greeed problem are the tabloids (and considering that the tabloid in question correctly identified the monsters as 'Greeed', we can assume the other news outlets aren't keeping quiet because of lack of information).

Yummy abilities are dependent on the Core Medals of the Greeed who spawned them
In other words, as the Greed collect each others Cores, their Yummies will begin taking on new properties. The Kabuto Yummy's duplication abilities are a combination of Gamel's ability to produce a Yummy from his own body and Mezool's ability to produce multiple Yummy from a single host.
  • Spot on! #19 has the Lion-Jellyfish Yummy which is as strong as Kazari's other Yummies and can spawn multiple units like Mezool's. But I don't think there's a connection between Gamel's ability (Yummy from Greeed) and what happened to the Kabuto Yummy (Yummy from Yummy), and the arc states outright that the reason is because the host's desire is two-layered.

Ankh's new Medal Case will be a a Chekhov's Gun
One of the other Greeed attack Ankh himself to get their Medals, but because Ankh put them in the carrying case, they can't get them from him, letting Eiji grab them from it and transform into OOO and destroy said Greeed. Other way might happen though, they steal the Medal case and get all the Medals.
  • Confirmed in episode 19

Akira Date will die...or at least get fired.
Ankh's new Medal Case was just given to him in #17; clearly the movie hasn't happened yet, but when it does, Date is nowhere to be found, seeing as the BirthDriver is passed around a bit.
  • The upcoming episodes seem to confirm this, as Date has a bullet lodged in his head which is killing him.
  • After learning a few important truths, Date resigns and passes on the mantle of Kamen Rider Birth to Gotou.

Eiji will find a way to travel time.
Since OOO takes place a year after Kamen Rider Double, Double Forever was canon, and Eiji arrived in time to curb-stomp Luna, he has set up a Stable Time Loop somehow.

At some point Eiji will use all three of the same kind of core medal.
He'll use them to achieve a form stronger then the full-set combos, for example TakaTakaTakaTakaTakaTakaTaka...
  • Near impossible, unless as an omake or a non-canon joke. The OOO Driver's capabilities are based on its toy version, and the Driver neither has Combo sounds for 3 of the same, nor capable of reading 3 Medals of the same part.
    • Ether that or it'll be a separate Rider using them, but still be Eiji. Like with Kamen Rider Joker.

TaJaDor will be the next FangJoker
The Kujaku and Condor Medals will only be used in a pure combo with Taka, just like how the Fang Memory was only paired with the Joker Memory.
  • Jossed. A scan shows TakaJaBa.
  • Interestingly though, PuToTyra served as the FangJoker exclusive combination equivalent. Their similar dinosaur theme highlights it further.

We'll get to see how OOO ended up in Futo in Double Forever
Forever was quite obviously canon to Double, so it likely is for OOO as well, just hasn't happened yet. So we might see an episode showing it.
  • Most likely, the movie takes place between episodes 6 and 9, due to Eiji having the Taka, Tora and Batta Medals with him and Ankh not being around, though why he also has the Kamakiri Medal is a mystery.

Kougami is part of an Ancient Conspiracy
The Kougami Foundation is a part of the same group who 800 years ago created the Greeed and OOO and is now seeking to complete their mission. If the 'Kougami is a Greeed' WMG is right, he may have even bee there 800 years ago.

Kougami is far more badass that he's lead us to believe
Yes, he's already a Chess Master, but his two most trusted workers are both badass, Goto is a Bad Ass Biker with a bazooka and Erika just revealed herself to be a Dual Wielding Action Girl in #20. Since Authority Equals Asskicking, Kougami must secretly be a huge badass, or at the least Crazy Awesome.

Eiji will ultimately kill Kazari with a combination of Gamel and Mezool's Medals.
Karma, much?

Hina is a Greeed but doesn't know it
Would explain her Super Strength, perhaps the real Hina died and was replaced by a Greeed or was just always one and nether her nor her brother know it. There's defiently something up with her, as unlike most rescent series were the girl has super strength, they actually make a big deal of the fact her Super Strength isn't normal.
  • Jossed. She's just a normal if super-strong human.

Eiji will have problems putting in the Cobra Medal.
He does have a fear of snakes.
  • While Eiji didn't had problems putting in the Cobra Medal, there still remains to be seen when Eiji uses the Braghni.

Akira Date is a professional mercenary.
He acts like someone who's well-trained and used to dangerous situations, but is only fighting to get a paycheck. On top of that, when he saw the picture of Eiji's travels, it brought back memories. Perhaps he was involved with the attack that killed the girl Eiji befriended.
  • Long jossed. He's a combat medic.

Hina's super strength is due to having Gamel's 10th/9th medal, a Gorilla medal, in her
Gamel is the only greeed who's specific arm power is super strength arms... and rocket arms, but thats with Eiji only.
  • Jossed. Gamel's totally revived, meaning Hina now no longer has a alibi on how she has the freakish strength.

The Great Leader of Shocker will fight OOO and No. 1 in an Epic Fight in the upcoming Let's Go Kamen Riders movie
OOO will be forced to do an Ultimate Sacrifice, along with every Rider in existence. EVERY. SINGLE. RIDER.
  • But just like Gokaiger, OOO is left alone with the blue Rider Medals of the past Riders at his disposal.

The name of the Combo form using the black Core Medals from Movie War Core will/would be called SoriKaniBi Combo
The Sasori Medal would be the head, where a scorpion's stinger tail will be attached to the top of OOO's head. The Kani Medal would be the arms, which would give OOO two crab claws on each arms that will allow him to crush anything and/or have saws in the pincers. The Ebi Medal would be the legs.
  • A possible suggestion: After the O-Scanner says the names of the black Core Medals and before it does it's Combo name jingle, the sound of claws snapping would be played.
    • Castanets could be involved in the image song too?
  • Probably unlikely to happen now, considering that the black Core Medals and the Memory Memory were destroyed when Kamen Rider Core was.
    • That is if Movie War Core is canon of course.
      • Only three black Core Medals were destroyed. There should still be six left.
      • Only one problem remains with that, though: Where are they? They had ample time to appear in the show. And I think we can call this WMG Jossed thanks to the airing of the Series Finale.

RaToraTah can blow away enemies
Even though RaToraTah has already shown to have light-based powers, it might have wind powers as a secondary element, as the other single colored Combo forms seem able to use elements that correspond with the Medal's Greeed user. Uva and GataKiriBa, or at least the Kuwagata Medal, can shoot green lightning from their antennae and horns, respectively. SaGoZo has earth-related powers, such as being able to create earthquakes with the Elephant Medal, and it is assumed that Gamel can too. TaJaDor has flames surrounding it whenever it is formed and can shoot fireballs with its Taja Spinner, so Ankh might have fire powers too. ShaUTa can change into a liquid state and Mezool can shoot water from her hands (in both Greeed and human form). Kazari can create a vortex, so RaToraTah might have something similar.
  • Episode 29 featuring Ankh's full body shooting fire like TaJaDor and episode 30 showing that the Denki Unagi Medal can shoot water from its hands like Mezool pretty much adds more reasons for RaToraTah to have wind powers.
  • Episodes 31 and 42 show the Tora Claws executing Razor Wind slashes, so I think this confirms that RaToraTah has Kazari's wind ability.

CoraKaWani will be the Wing Form of the series
Just as it was said, and confirmed, that TaJaDor would be the Mid-Season Upgrade like Kamen Rider Double's FangJoker, it is possible that CoraKaWani will be like Kamen Rider Den-O's Wing Form, where it will be a movie exclusive Combo form and be classified as the Game-Breaker, alongside OOO's Super Mode.
  • Half confirmed, half jossed. While its true that BuraKaWani will be only be for OOO's Summer movie, from the looks of its Core Medal's individual powers, it doesn't look to be on Den-O Wing Form's level of power. At most, BuraKaWani will either be a Gradual Grinder or a Stone Wall.

Kougami bases the candroids on medals they posses
Kougami give Eiji a lion medal, a lion candroid is later revealed; Maki had a kujaku medal, Satonaka uses a kujaku candroid. Going on that logic, they have a medal for every candroid type.
  • There is no Lion Candroid. Thats Tora.
  • Half Jossed, half Confirmed: there is a Ptera, Torikera, and Kujaku Candroids, which were based on Cores Kougami had. The remaining Candroids did not belong to them.

Kougami either has another Condol medal, or they can't make a Condol candroid
  • Not all Core Medals will have a Candroid based on them.

The Panda Medal is the 10th medal in Gamel's set.
Pandas are heavy, and color scheme matches the Gamel set, especially in the SaPanZo combo.
  • In the Ganbaride game, SaPanZo Combo's finisher is an aerial belly flop Panda Drop.

The Falcon Medal is the 10th medal in Ankh's set.
TaJaDor's Finishing Moves include Prominence Drop, a flaming kick and Magna Blaze, a punch that covers the user in a fiery bird that explodes the enemy on contact. See where I'm getting at?

TaJaDor has Auto Life abilities
Because a phoenix revives itself.

Each Candroid set contains one upgrade for the Ride Vendor.
Based on the same principal as the HardTurbular and HardSplasher; so far unrevealed Candroids amongst the sets will, like the Tora Can, be able to attach to the Ride Vendor for different modes of transportation or strategies. As for why one of each set? Why not?
  • Some plausible ideas could be the Condor Candroid could give the Ride Vendor wings, which could be used to fire energy wing blade slashes, and talons, which would be used to capture and slam enemies in walls and the ground. There is also the Orca Candroid, which would turn the Ride Vendor into a jet ski and have it either fire missiles or shoot high-pressured water, like a whale with its blowhole.
    • Perhaps a Kuwagata Candroid with a forklift function?

The Walrus, Polar Bear and Penguin animals from the O-Scanner toy's sound effects are part of an arctic-themed Combo set.
Their Core Medal's color would be cyan. The Walrus Medal would be the head, where two tusks would be placed around OOO's mouth guard. The Polar Bear Medal would be the arms, which could either be used to fire powerful snowballs or throw slashes of cold wind at enemies. The Penguin Medal would be the legs, which would allow OOO to glide across the ground. When all three arctic Core Medals are used, the Combo form's power will be ice-related, perhaps the power to create icicles from the ground or an icicle rain shower, and its Scanning Charge finisher will involve freezing the opponent in place to deliver the finishing blow.
  • It would also have a large hat-like helmet, because its name is WaPoPe. And it will be awesome. Now I'm going to be depressed if it's not in the series.
    • Or if the Walrus and Polar Bear Medals are referred to by their Japanese names, Seiuchi and Shirokuma, the Combo name might be something like SeiKuGuin or SeiKuPen.
  • After the O-Scanner says the names of the three arctic Core Medals and before it does its Combo name jingle, the sound of a blizzard would be played.
    • Pretty much jossed, since it was shown that PuToTyra can create cold winds with its Ptera Head.
    • Even more jossed now that its revealed that the Wani Medal will have ground sliding powers.

The origin of the Core Medals is somehow connected to the origin of the Power Coins or the Japanese equivalent of them
Not only are they both animal themed coins that power a Transformation Trinket. The Mobirate has a "Kamen Rider OOO" sound.

The Panda Medal will be used in the Hyper Battle DVD
It's the only 'extra Medal' that has been shown in promotional images as a form but not in the show itself, and it's somewhat unlikely at this point that it will, but the Hyper Battle DVD's entire point is things that aren't in the show.

The Taja Spinner is needed to unlock OOO's final Form
Yes, this shoots down my above theory if true, but listen. Ok, there are seven slots in it, there are at least going to be seven Greeed, and the Multiking is a huge plot device. WMG is that putting one Medal from each set into it and scanning will unlock his ultimate form.
  • Alternately, it will unlock the ultimate attack, or there will be another Spinner for OOO's final form that will use that for its ultimate attack.
  • There are 6 slots, but i have had the same thought right now it does something like Taka, Kajaku, Condor GIN GIN GIN GIGA SCAN! and I have also wonder what if those last 3 GINS (cells) were replaced by cores.
    • There are 7 slots, but for some reason only six of them are read.
      • To keep the Scanner from crashing?

Chairman Kougami and Dr. Maki are working toward a common goal.
Kougami wants a new beginning for the world, and Maki wants an ending for the world. But the beginning of one thing is always the end of something else (bonus points if someone expresses that near the end of the series).

Date fired the rocket...
...That killed the girl Eiji befriended. This goes with the 'he's a mercenary' WMG up above. He was hired to fight on one side of the war and did so, during the battle, he saw movement and fired in the heat of the moment, accidentally killing her without realizing she wasn't an enemy. When Eiji finds out, he'll lose it and this'll lead to the first actual fight between OOO and Birth as well as character growth for both of them.
  • This and the 'mercenary' WMG are possibly Jossed by the revelation that he is a doctor, however due to his nickname of "The Fighting Doctor", it still can't be discounted completely.
  • Jossed. He was nowhere near the battlefield; instead, he was at, more logically, the hospital, treating the handful of people inside.

Date is planning to use the 100 Million Yen for medical treatments.
There's a rumor going around that Date will get hit with an incurable disease and die sometime in the series, leaving Gotou to become Kamen Rider Birth. If this rumor is true, this seems like a reasonable explanation as to why Date wants so much money, and doesn't want to talk about why. Unfortunately, this also means that he either won't get the money in time, or the treatment doesn't work.
  • The exchange between Date and Dr. Maki in Episode 23 seems to support this.
  • Based on the events of episode 35, this is Confirmed: Date has a bullet lodged in his head.
  • Officially Jossed by #37-38. In spite of the bullet in his head, Date was planning on using the money for setting up a medical school. Date also doesn't die.

RideVender add-on Candroids exist for the other color groups.
Since each Candroid color group is still missing one or two cans, there's a good chance of them being released down the line to give all full-color Combo forms a way to vent off excess power, and of course keep the toyline going (there has to be a reason none of the Candroids have all 3 for each color available):
  • Condor Candroid (Taka and Kujaku exist for Red) would give the RideVender flight capability
  • Kuwagata Candroid (only Batta exists for Green) would add massive blades to the front for ramming attacks
  • (Gorilla exists for Metallic) Either Sai Candroid for a different ramming attack designed to go through obstacles, or Zou (elephant) for a water-blasting attack (which Eiji only busts out for firefighting purposes).
  • Shachi Candroid (Unagi and tako exist for Blue) to help RideVender traverse water like a powerboat
  • And finally Tyranno Candroid (both Ptera and Tricera exist for Purple) to turn RideVender into a walking, chomping beast
    • Sadly jossed.

The Hinata photo studio replaces Couscoussier for a brief phase
Chiyoko doesn't notice of course, but turns it into a Rider villain-themed restaurant - Eijirou winds up in the Shinigami Hakasei suit again, Narutaki is Zol Taisa, Natsumi wears Maya's dress, Yusuke and Kivaara become Douji and Hime, and Tsukasa gets Kirihiko's outfit. Also Chiyoko dresses as Naomi, Eiji is Minami Kotaro, Hina is Hana and Goto is Hell!Yaguruma aka Kick Hopper.
  • Of course Kaito one-ups them by filching the OOO driver and Dino medals.
  • Tsukasa's messed-up photos specifically triple the images of anyone he shoots - Eiji has extra images of himself from that warzone and himself as the Multi-King, while Ankh has images of Shingo and Ankh in full Greeed form...
  • And there's some confusion when Tsukasa's new hair is identical to Ankh's.

GataKiriBa has wind-related powers
This video seems to prove it. Watch at 0:32. Besides, it would also fit with the Wind Is Green trope.
  • Technically jossed, since LaToraTah is supposedly the one with wind powers, via the Tora Claws.

There will be an OOO Driver that only utilizes one Core Medal
Kamen Rider Double had the Lost Driver that only required one Gaia Memory and whenever a person used it, they would become Kamen Rider (insert Gaia Memory name here). So, if there was an OOO Driver that had only one slot (and it would be the middle one) and a Core Medal was placed in it and scanned, the person would become Kamen Rider (insert Core Medal name here).

The destruction of the tenth Core Medals did more then simply create the Greed.
When a Core Medal is destroyed it's power doesn't simply dissipate instead it enters the cycle of reincarnation. Hina is the reincarnation of Gamel's fourth Gorilla medal.

Maki's Doll is a replacement for his dead sister.
The camera angle when Maki finds a Cous Coussier voucher seems to hint at something to do with the doll.

Eiji in Love Combo mode warps reality and everyone around him.
Just look at episode 24. Everything that happens around Eiji seems to change the laws of reality. Gotou breaking out a giant fan to smack him, Kazari waiting for Ankh and Hina to transform Eiji instead of just killing them and Eiji seemingly warping through his apartment early in the episode. Yeah, i think its safe to say that The Power of Love seems to hold ridiculous sway over this world.

When Date dies, instead of becoming a homunculus like the rumors say, he will be possessed by Ankh's Left Arm
It would add more suspense to the series. This way, we could see some more Bird-type Yummy from Ankh's Left Arm. Plus, seeing a battle between right handed Ankh with Shingo's body and left handed Ankh with Date's body might be exciting to see.
  • Jossed.

Since it has been revealed Date was a doctor that traveled the world
, the reason he remembers Eiji is because of treating people in the civil war he was involved in.
  • Spot on!

OOO is actually created by the Greeed themselves, which would explain why he can use their powers. OOO was made probably to serve Greeed, but rebelled instead.
  • Already Jossed (around the time the Condor medal surfaced, will point a specific episode later). Kougami explained that both the Greeed and OOO were created by "scientists" 800 years ago. The former were an attempt at artificial life, but went awry after the destruction of the 10th Core Medal of their set, and OOO was created to combat the Greeed.

Kougami intends to become the Multi King himself
He wants to either become a Greeed or make one to become the Multi King and see his dream of saving the world, but it will go horribly wrong.

Double or Accel will show up for a crossover battle near the end
Maybe Foundation X shows up and W wants to pay Eiji back for the help in Gaia Memories of Fate, or Terui has been tracking them. They may also reference the anniversary movie.


Den-O will show up
Either Den-O, New Den-O, or Momotaros. Purely for three things. 1. Cameo. 2. Imagin Medal delivery. 3. Getting to fight bad guys.

And given they have the same writer...

  • I would think the 40th Anniversary movie would count as this, since OOO and Den-O are the only two mentioned by name in the title.

PuToTyra Combo will use the Powers of Darkness
Not only because of it's color being pruple, but also because the other 5 Combo forms each have an element of their own:
  • TaJaDor Combo: Fire (Shoots it from the Taja Spinner)
  • ShaUTa Combo: Water (Can liquify his body and the electric eel medal can shoot water out of it's hands)
  • RaToraTah Combo: Light (Emits intense light and heat)
  • SaGohZo Combo: Earth (Has the power to create earthquakes, which can trap enemies in them) and Gravity (It's set power also controls gravity)
  • GataKiriBa Combo: Electricity (Emits lightning from the Stag beetle head)
    • Jossed. PuToTyra Combo uses Ice as its element (uses Ptera Head to blow ice cold winds with its wings)

CoraKaWani Combo will be a Poisonous Person
With it's head being a cobra, how can it not be one? Maybe CoraKaWani's full Combo power allows OOO to release a powerful acid-like venom, which can burn through anything and severly damage the enemy.
  • Maybe giving him a rider kick similar to another snake based Rider.
  • Jossed, unless the cobra OOO summons has poisonous attacks.

In order to compensate for the Sendai earthquake postponing the series, after episode 26 airs on the 20th, episodes 27 and 28 will air together on the 27th.
Allow me to explain. Because of the earthquake that struck Japan on Friday March 11th, the Sunday March 13th schedule for Super Hero Time will most likely be postponed. But because the Let's Go Kamen Rider movie airs on Friday April 1st, there could be a possibility that the 27th and 28th episodes of OOO, which also celebrates the 1000th episode of the entire Kamen Rider series, will be shown together as a one-hour special on Sunday March 27th so that we won't have to deal with the issue of the anniversay movie being played between the two-part 1000th episode celebration of Kamen Rider.
  • Though if this is jossed, #28 will air on April 3rd instead — the date that the original Kamen Rider first premiered. In all honesty, this would make a lot more sense (and be a nifty coincidence at that.)
  • Confirmed to be jossed.

Because of the Sendai earthquake, SaGohZo Combo, and more specifically the Zou Medal, will rarely be used now.
  • Seemingly Jossed as of #31, since Ankh takes the Sai and Zou medals from Uva while losing the Condor medal in the process.
    • Now Jossed as of #33.

The strongest and/or final Yummy will be created from the desire of a hoarder.
What other type of person would have that much desire?

The show will have a Sequel Series or Season 2
Given the hacks on the O scanner on the main page which revealed several new animals (along with the Dinosaur and Reptile combos)either all the core medals will be destroyed and new ones will be made ergo the new medals from the hack or simply enough new medals are just made anyway possibly with some new Greeeds or maybe the old ones with new apearances and powers.

Eiji used to lead a life of crime
His Samaritan Syndrome comes from the fact that he is trying to atone for his crimes.
  • This was long-Jossed. He gets it from the guilt/PTSD of being unable to save a little girl who was killed in a civil war in a country he once stayed at. Assumably, the troper that added this was new to the series and didn't reach the episode where this is explained, yet.
    • Actually, This Troper had a dream where Eiji reveals that he was a criminal to (this troper assumes) Date and thought it was WMG material.

TaJaDoru isn't the real Midseason Upgrade
Think about it, while stronger than the other combos, it lost rather easily to Ankh's first Yummy. My bet is the real Midseason Upgrade will be an upgrade to the OOO Driver allowing him to make use of the Dinosaur and Reptile Cores (and possibly other ones if the theories above are correct), because when he transforms now, there aren't any purple or orange medals present in the transformation sequence, which raises some questions as to how he'll use those.
  • If you look closely you can see purple medals during the henshin
  • Dangerously looking to be Jossed. The OOO Driver didn't receive a upgrade when the Dino Cores were first used.
  • And now fully Jossed.

There will be three sets of villains
This series is thriving heavily on Rule of Three as its gimmick and seeing as Goseiger had this, it wouldn't be a stretch.
  • Seeing as how we're already at the halfway point and Uva and Kazari are still alive, probably not likely unless there are movie exclusive non-Greeds.
    • True, but possible. Giru and the Reptile Greeed haven't appeared and Ankh's Left Arm just showed up. If there's a true final villain after them (possibly Kougami), then it'd fit.

OOO's Combos are Cast From HP
It's been hinted at since episode 1 that there may be some hidden consequences to becoming OOO's. Episode 26 implies that Eiji's frequent RROD's may be more than simple exhaustion. What if, instead of the Combo's power putting stress on Eiji's body, the OOO's belt is actually draining Eiji's energy to fuel the Combo? It also explains how a 3-medal combo can overpower a Greeed with up to 9 Medals (or more, in Kazari's case); it uses the combined life energies of both the Greeed (via the Medals) and the human user.
  • Dr. Maki claims that the ToRideVendor works by absorbing some of the excess energy of the LaToraTah Combo, but if that's the case then why was it more energetic when Eiji tried riding it as TaToBa? A better explanation is that Maki's an Unreliable Expositor and the ToRideVendor actually does the exact opposite, acting as an alternate power source for LaToraTah.
    • I wouldn't so 'more energetic', I'd say more along the lines of 'more controllable'. It was just on a rampage before that.

The CLAWS Scorpion functions the same as the Toridevendor
Even directly after using TaJaDor, OOO was able to use ShaUTa without getting tired, they didn't even have him collapse afterwards. Why? He was controlling the CLAWS Scorpion at the time, it was absorbing the runoff energy like the Toridevendor (or if an above WMG above is correct, provided an alternate power source).

Eiji/OOO starts losing more medals towards the finale
  • The first to go will be PuToTyrano (lost for good) then ShaUTa followed by TaJaDoru... so that Mezool and Ankh can be restored to full form. GataKiriBa medals are permanently broken, killing off Uva. The one responsible is... Kogami himself, after manipulating Kazari into absorbing the right combination of medals to turn him into a One-Winged Angel.
    • Jossed. Looks like Eiji will keep the purple medals till near the end, as he does become a Greeed.
    • Confirmed. All of the Medals except for a broken-in-half Taka is destroyed, including the Purple Medals.

The Panda medal is Foreshadowing for...
  • ...OOO's real final form. Replacing the arms with Kujaku is what triggered the alternate Taka head - the real final form may involve new arms as well, something with the fury of the Dino medals but still controllable via the Taka and Batta medals. The medal in question is none other than Kazari's last medal, Smilodon, creating TaDoBa form.
  • The arms did not change the Taka head, he had to form the combo. In episodes after he used the Taka head and Kujaku arms together, without the head changing.

The Reptile Medal's powers will be...
  • Cobra Medal: Stealth powers.
  • Kame Medal: Either regular shield or reflecting shield gauntlets.
  • Wani Medal: Crocodile head-shaped feet that can chomp enemies.
    • Scans of the suit on a magazine show Eiji using a tail. Wani probably grows a tail for Whip It Good
    • Jossed on Cobra and Wani, confirmed on Kame. Cobra allows Eiji to summon a cobra by playing a flute and Wani allows him to slide on the ground.
    • Jossed again. Cobra is revealed to have Infrared vision and Wani will have crocodile head-shaped saws on OOO's legs. The cobra summoning ability will be BuraKaWani's full Combo power.
    • Actually the Combo's full power is a substance that heals OOO after taking an attack with the cobra summoning ability

Eiji's Early-Bird Cameo in Double Forever occurred directly after the events Let's Go! Kamen Rider.
Related to the 'Eiji learns to time travel' WMG above. Not only would a quick trip on the Den-Liner resolve any continuity issues between the Double and OOO timelines, it would also explain a couple other things about Eiji's appearance:
  • Him referring to himself as a Kamen Rider. Unlike Double, OOO is never referred to in-series as a Kamen Rider, and in fact learns the term from Kotaro in Let's Go!.
    • It would also lend a bit of significance to his statement that "Kamen Riders help each other out", given that he just got out of a massive Bat Family Crossover where all the riders were on the same side for once.
  • Ankh being nowhere in sight. Given the events of Lets Go! there's no way anyone in their right mind would let Ankh loose in the past again. Either he was left back in the present or he was still in the Den-Liner chained up tight, guarded by Den-O and all the Imagin, and instructed under threat of death to not move so much as a finger until Eiji gets back.

The final Yummy will be made from Kougami.
  • He says he prizes desire, specifically his own desire over all other things, so it would make perfect sense for him to produce an incredibly powerful yummy.

Kamen Rider OOO will run longer than normal.
Something that's been kinda floating around in my head for a bit that I finally decided to jot down. The Kamen Rider series and the Super Sentai series have always run parallel to each other during Super Hero Time, but when Kamen Rider Decade ended it's episodes early, it threw the schedule off, so Kamen Rider and Super Sentai would start and end at different points. OOO feels like a series that's only now hitting the half-way point, introducing the other Ankh, Dr. Maki officially joining Kazari, who also happened to pull the other Ankh over to his side, Giru should show up any day now with his Dino-Combo, I dunno about anyone else, but Kougami is feeling way less friendly that he originally felt, so I'm now wondering if he'll be a villain as well, and we still gotta get our lovable jerk-ass a body to be proud of. That feels like quite a lot to fit into 20 episodes, at most. Oh yeah, and we gotta do something with Uva as well.
  • Recently remembered that Foundation X from Kamen Rider Double was interested in Core and Cell Medals as well, so now there's that as well that needs to be cleaned up.
  • Jossed, however, with the confirmation of the upcoming Kamen Rider Fourze series.

Kougami is the original OOO
The flashback showed that he was seemingly killed when the Greeed were sealed. But that was being told from a pretty unreliable source, being Ankh was imprisoned and Kougami, if true, would have a very strong motivation for lying about it. The King's plot was successful and he became immortal, but for some reason couldn't unseal the Greeed himself. So he waited 800 years for them to reawaken and start all over, eventually becoming known as Kougami. As for Ankh not reconizing him, perhaps he simply had plastic surgery done to continue hiding his immortality. Alternate possiblity, Kougami is a descendent of the original OOO and is seeking to perfect his immortality experment to rule the world, this time using perfected technology.
  • The alternative possibility is [[spoiler:confirmed. Sorta. He wants to use Eiji to revitalize the world with desire.

Eiji is the original OOO
Quite possibly a reincarnation of him given a second chance. Eiji is supposedly the only person able to become OOO because he was the one that unsealed the stone ark that the 4 Greeed and Ankh's arm were sealed in. However, it's never properly explained how he unsealed the ark, considering he was drugged and asleep at the time the Greeed escaped. Also consider that the original OOO's body turned to stone and became the stone ark that the Greeed were sealed in and the lock itself was the OOO Driver that only turned back to normal when placed on Eiji. Eiji and the original OOO are also described as being polar opposites: Eiji being completely selfless (and still pretty selfless even before the Civil War he was caught in) and the original OOO was "desire incarnate".
  • Jossed.

The song for combos changes from user to user
  • Could be the case, as the original and current OOO are different.
    • Jossed yet confirmed. The songs are the same, yet for the original OOO's the voice of the scanner was a whole lot deeper giving it the whole evil sounds deep feel.

The combos song was recorded by...
...the mythical animals Greeed.

Eiji won't be able to bring himself to kill Ankh (Lost)
Eiji doesn't seem like the type who'd kill someone whose mentally a child. So he might end up trying to stop Ankh from doing so as well and try to figure out a compromise.
  • Jossed HARD. He basically KILLED Lost Ankh to the point we'll probaly never see him again

The final battle of the series will be Eiji vs. Gotou... with Eiji as the villain!
Forced to overuse the power of OOO defeating the Greeed, it will overwhelm Eiji's restraint or possess him with the spirit of the original OOO and cause him to go berserk. Gotou will get to fulfill his desire of saving the world, but not in the way he would have wanted.
  • Looking to be Jossed.

The final battle will be Eiji vs. Ankh (both of them)
After seeing Eiji go berserk and begin to absorb the power of all the Greeed, Ankh will join with his body in order to fight back out of a sense of self-preservation. This will end up making him play the hero despite himself.
  • Jossed.

The final battle will be Eiji vs. Hina!
Kougami's movie in the 40th Anniversary episodes will turn out to be Foreshadowing events to come. OOO will deliver a Curb-Stomp Battle to everyone else in the series, and only Hina will be able to get through to him with The Power of Love and a Cooldown Hug. And then she accidentally shatters his spine.
  • Actually, this almost exactly happens in #32, when Eiji goes berserk on Date as a result of the PuToTyra combo's debut. Minus the spine-crushing, of course.

The final villain is the resurrected Original OOO.
As per episode 30 it revealed the original OOO was an evil king that had commissioned the creation of the Greeed. As Ankh said he is desire incarnate, a polar opposite of Eiji. According to Kougami the original OOO sought world domination.
  • I agree with this idea. And it appears the evil King was stronger than the modern OOO (since he and Ankh single handedly defeated all four of the other Greeed by themselves when they appeared to be at near full power), so it'd be a pretty neat way to end it.
  • Perhaps he'll was revived when the seal was broken, just has been hiding out all this time, waiting for his chance to strike.
  • However, the Original OOO was turned to stone and used to create the stone ark that the Greeed (minus Ankh's body) and all their medals were sealed in, which also exploded when they were unsealed. Not sure if you can come back from that.
  • Unless that also unsealed the Original OOO in the process. The rest of the scene was concentrating on the Greeed reviving. Since the ark did shatter, it could've reformed after the Greeed left, wouldn't be a complete stretch.
  • Jossed.

The final villain is Walpurgisnacht

Eiji will be Mercy Killed
Right before Eiji goes berserk, someone (Date, Goto, Hina, Ankh, Uva, etc.) kills him. Downer Ending much?
  • Jossed.

Eiji will accidentally create Giru
Looking at the preview for episode 31, the Dino Core medals are still complete. At the end of the preview Eiji's eyes glowed purple. My guess is that he will some how, come to destroy the 10th Core Medal and make Giru
  • Something to be called hit and miss, as both Eiji and Maki have five of the Dino Cores: Eiji with 2 Ptera, a Tricera, and 2 Tyranno; Maki with 2 Ptera, 2 Tricera, and a Tyranno.
  • Jossed.

The OOO/Double World is the World of The Rider War
As seen in the 1000 episode special (which appears to be canon), a Mook from Shocker considered all the mooks and Big Bad from the past to have been real, including the Hesei era. Yes, they're refrenced as TV shows, but it's not at all unlikely that each occurence was adapted into a TV show. Also, Double didn't need to dimmension jump to reach the final battle of the first Movie War. Remember, the World of The Rider War was created when all the other Rider worlds merged together, Decade restored them but that didn't destroy that world. The World of The Rider War merely continued to exist, but now has its own history and timeline were all the Riders existed at one time or another, W and OOO being the new ones. This is also explains how Let's Go Kamen Riders happened, despite each series supposedly being stand alone.
  • This Troper agrees with this mostly, but remember as of right now neither Let's Go nor Movie Wars Core has happened

Date will die stopping a berserk Eiji.
He was originally going to be killed off by that fatal disease like in the rumors, but he's gotten so popular that they can't write him off like that anymore. (At least that's what I hope.)
  • As of 32, he actually was close to death, and could have been killed had not Hina not stop Beserk Eiji.
  • Recent magazine scans show Date joining up with Dr. Maki, Kazari, Gameel, and Mezool, and fighting against Eiji, so the odds of this one seem pretty strong now, if Eiji becomes forced into using PuToTyra to fight back.
  • Looking to be jossed. So far, Date has not been killed by Putotyra/Greeed Eiji.

Date will die, but be brought back as a cyborg or homunculus.
Because he's that popular. Coming Back Wrong / Crapshooting optional.
  • Jossed. He just came back.

CoraKaWani will be a Stone Wall.
It's the only combo (due to not having enough info about it yet) to not have a designated Multiform Balance with Stone Wall being the only one with an open slot not to mentioned the recedntly confirmed Kame (turtle) Medal had shield gauntlets.
  • With the Cobra Medal revealed to allow OOO to summon a cobra to fight for him and the Wani (crocodile) Medal revealed to give him ground sliding abilities, I think this adds more reasons for BuraKaWani to be the Stone Wall of OOO's Combos.
  • Now that the Cobra Medal is revealed to actually give OOO infrared vision, the Wani Medal saws on his legs and the ability to summon a cobra being BuraKaWani's full Combo power, this might hinder some chances for this Combo to be OOO's Stone Wall.
  • With the combo power having a Healing Factor with the cobra summoning ability, it actually increases the chances of being a Stone Wall.

Hitomi hated Dr Maki so much because...
...he's really HER SON. Note the gross age difference, it's not unheard of for a single mother to pass off an illegitimate child as her sibling, say if he was the product of rape, which would be the reason she'd want him, a living reminder, out of her life. A fairly recurring plot point in some Asian dramas.

Core Medals can be created.
It was a quick scene in the preview for Let's Go Kamen Rider, but one that might be way more important than some people realize. Ankh loses a single Cell Medal in the past, which gets picked up by a Shocker combatant, and delivered to the Great Leader. Using the Power of Evil or something, the Great Leader is capable of transforming the Cell Medal into a Core Medal to create the Shocker Greeed. Ankh wants a complete body, but even if he did take back his body from Ankh (Lost), he only has 9 core medals, and he needs 10. Maybe Eiji will use OOOs power to turn a cell medal into the 10th Core Medal Ankh needs to have a complete body.
  • Not really a wild guess... It's already been said in the series that the core medals were created by ancient scientists, so of of course they can be created. And 9 cores is a complete body, when Kazari had 8 medals he said one more and he would be complete. Also, it's already been explained that the Greed only came to life after their 10th cores were destroyed so if Ankh has 10 medals wouldn't he effectively die?
    • No, the 10th being destroyed gave them free will, but also left them with a void they can never fill in them. It probably wouldn't destroy their freewill but it'd get rid of the void.
    • If this WMG was about the present day, seemingly confirmed by the Fourze Crossover, since not only does Eiji gain access to Super TaToBa, which uses medals Eiji never gained access to in the TV series, but the main villain of the OOO segment uses a unique set of medals as well.

PuToTyra will be like Kuuga Ultimate Dark Eyes
It'll be a Super-Powered Evil Side that we get an early preview of that involves going on a brutal rampage but he can't use until later due to being unable to control it.
  • Confirmed. Left unchecked, Putotyra OOO would go beserk. And nearly killed Date/Birth in the Form's debut.

The Incubators created the Greeed.
Possible spoilers for the Puella Magi series. Yummies are able to create Cell Medals from people's desire. The cell medals themselves have been shown to be a source of energy. The Incubators' goal is to get energy from human emotion. Furthermore, compare how Yummies and the witches introduced in Puella Magi Kazumi Magica are created. In the former an incomplete Greed inserts a Cell Medal into someone's head. In the later, a Puella Magi (i.e. an incomplete Witch) inserts an Evil Nut into someones head.

Eiji will become Giru... but Giru will be a bit different.
Either Giru is going to be an Evil Eiji counterpart, or Eiji is going to have Giru as a temporary Greed form, only he can pull it out if Ankh isn't with him and he's fighting someone who requires something stronger than TaToBa. Although he'll find he can't call the medal's power on at will, hence the lack of anything but a combo, and given that combos are being restricted for now.
  • With Giru's 10 medals split half-half between Eiji and Maki however...
  • Sort-of confirmed - both Eiji and Maki become Greeed, but Maki's Greeed form seems to be closer to the image of Giru.

CoraKaWani will be a Gradual Grinder.
Combining the Stone Wall and Poisonous Person WMGs, CoraKaWani could combine Damage Over Time effects with a strong defense, weakening its opponents before going in for the kill.
  • The Poisonous Person theory might be jossed, but there's still a chance BuraKaWani could be a Gradual Grinder, because of his power to summon a cobra and how he might use it to weaken the enemy before using his Scanning Charge finisher to defeat them.

OOO will have access to all his Medals by the end.
Well, obviously by the end either OOO or the Greeed would win.

GataKiriBa can only use the Kuwagata Head's lightning powers when he's not using its duplication powers.
It would explain the reason why OOO or any of his GataKiriBa clones has never used its horns to shoot lightning after its Full Combo power was activated. It could be because having over 10-20 GataKiriBas with lightning powers would make it one of the most overpowered Combos in OOO's arsenal, regardless of its title as the "Strongest Combo".

The Dinosaur Yummy are acting like they are because all 10 Medals are still intact
The other Greeed only truly came to life because their 10th Medal was destroyed. Giru's Yummy are the opposite of desire because Giru lacks it. Once his 10th Medal is destroyed or Maki completes his transformation into the Dinosaur Greeed, they'll change to carrying out desires like normal Yummy.
  • Possibly Jossed, as this set of Greeed and Yummy neeed SOMETHING to make them unique.
    • I fail to see how that josses this.
      • Infact the Greeeds backstory actually supports this.
    • Way I see it, the Purple Cores have been told to be the antithesis of desire for all this time, then suddenly one Core bites it, and suddenly the Purple Cores go about fulfilling desires? That does not make sense.

The world of Kamen Rider OOO and Kamen Rider Double exists in the same world as Super Sentai.
Foundation X being interested in both Gaia Memories and Greeed Medals, and the events of the second Kamen Rider W movie (where Eiji showed up to help Shoutaro and Philip against the Luna Dopant) being within Double's canon already establish them being in the same universe. At the same time, there's a popular theory that Kamen Rider OOO and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger will have a crossover, supported by the Gokaiger's Transformation Trinket capable of accessing a Special Ranger Key mode that will cause it to call out "Kamen Rider! OOO!", as it does whenever the Gokaigers transform into any of the other Sentai teams (as well as a brief rumor that someone saw all of OOOs combos side by side for filming in a park somewhere, but there's no evidence to support it). Since Gokaiger brings every Super Sentai series into canon with each other, if a crossover between Gokaiger and OOO was canon, then OOO, Double, and Super Sentai would all exist in the same universe.

OOO's World is an AU World to Double's.
This explains why OOO's cameo in W: A to Z and his crossover in Movie War Core seems to be impossible to be canon in the OOO universe, (most specifically, all four Greeeds being together again with no sign of Ankh (Lost), and Kazari wondering about Giru, even though he was the one who inserted the final purple medal into Maki) yet still canon within the Double universe.

The TaToBa combo was made for specifically gathering medals
The combination of the Taka head's ability to find specific medals that a Greeed has, the Tora claws that can easily penetrate the Greeed's body and take a medal out, and the Batta legs for quick maneuverability, makes it perfect for gathering medals. Considering Ankh and the past OOO goal of collecting medals it makes sense they'd have this as the base form. Also, since it is made out of different Greeed's medals it'll be easy to substitute and make a random combo without to much difference. For example losing the Batta medal and having to replace it with something like the Cheetah medal in this form, would be less detrimental then losing the Batta medal in GataKiriBa, since it makes up that combo and losing it would cause OOO to lose his Set Bonus for the combo.

Not only is OOO in the world of W and Super Sentai, but also of Showa riders, Den-O and Kiva as well
Ok, we know W and OOO are connected through W Forever and Movie wars Core, we know that Den-O and Kiva are linked through Climax Deka and Den-O's crossover movie with Decade, we know that OOO is linked with the Showa Riders both through the milestone celibration and with Den-O through the anniversary movie, and not only is there the above sentai crossover possability to consider, but early riders showed a link to sentai... or the other way round, one or the other.

  • Which makes OOO's world the World of Showa, Sentai, Den-O, Kiva, W and OOO....
    • What's even worse is that if you take Kougami watching all those seasons in the milestone, then ALL rider series may be linked... but that could simply have been a gag.

The answer to why the Medagabryu has remix versions of the Combo form jingles.
Alright, you know how the Medagabryu toy has remixs of the jingles to OOO's Combo forms, expect TaJaDor and PuToTyra, right? And the preview for episode 35 shows SaGoZo using the the weapon. Well, what if its possible that when OOO, while in PuToTyra Combo, puts a Medal set in the Medagaburyu and "eats" them, the weapon says the Combo name, then the jingle and then turns OOO into that form? A difference is that the Combo will become stronger then it normally is, possibly due to the Dino Medals.
  • Jossed. In episode 35, He was in Sagohzo Combo when he summoned the Medagabryu in response to Uva summoning a bunch of Psuedo-Yummies, heck he evened pulled it out the same way (by punching the ground).

The summer movie is when the game changes.
In order for Movie War Core to be canon, a lot of things have to change between now and whenever Movie War Core takes place. All of the Greeed have to be revived and they all have to be on civil terms (since, right now, no one really likes Kazari), Giru comes to life, Dr. Maki has to come back to the Kougami Foundation, Date isn't around, which leaves the Birth Belt able to be used by Nobunaga and then Gotou, Ankh seems to be on his own for a bit, leaving Eiji with the Medal case and a single copy of all the medals, minus the PuToTyra medals (which are probably with Giru) and the Kujaku and Condor medals (which Ankh has). Most, if not all of these events will take place in the summer movie with the rumored introduction of an Evil OOO and a new Greeed (Kazari looked frightened when he saw the complete set of 10 purple medals, so it might be reasonable to assume that, if the new Greeed is Giru and not the Greeed who owns the orange medals, the four original Greeed might be back together as a group simply out of mutual protection).
  • A problem with Movie War Core being canon is that Kougami describes Birth as being a "new power", even though we've been seeing it for the past 20 episodes of the show.
    • With Date defecting to Kazari's side and taking the Birth belt with him, maybe the "new power" Kougami was talking about is Birth's upgrade: ReBirth.

Eiji will start fighting the Greeed more actively
With them constantly creating yummy and the high amounts of cell medals, Eiji will eventually have to take them out so they won't make any more.

Date will pull a Face–Heel Turn and join Kazari
  • Confirmed.
    • And then subverted, turns out it was all a ploy by Kougami to try and stop Maki from becoming a Greeed and letting Goto prove himself worth of the Birth system.

Eiji will have to fight multiple Greeed causing him to try and...
Scan multiple medals at once just like the past OOO.
  • Jossed.

TaToBa isn't the only random combo that the OOO driver sings for.
There is a singing combo involving one of Mezool's medals, one of Gamel's medals, and a medal from one of the other sets not involved in TaToBa. If the Dinosaur Medals start behaving like normal Core Medals once one of them is destroyed one of them will be part of said combo.
  • Or maybe if the Dino Medals continue to only be compatible with each other after one of its Medals is destroyed, one of the Reptile Medals could be used for the second triple colored Combo. Probably the best choice for Medals would be the Sai, Unagi and Wani Medals, creating SaUWan Combo.
    • Jossed in regards to the Dinosaur Medals, which, due to being made to get rid of desire, cannot be used in a random combo. It's still possible that a random combo involving the orange or black medals (since we never saw them used) could sing (and there's still the possibility of super medals for gray, blue, and purple sets of medals, with the purple super medal working normally with other medals).

Dinosaur Yummy are weak to Gamel's element.
This is the reason Gamel's medals were able to prevent Eiji from transforming into PuToTyra in episode 33.
  • This makes a good amount of sense, since Gamel was the most selfless of the Greeed, even to the point of offering to share his Cores with Mezool when she was weak, something any other Greeed would consider unthinkable. Perhaps it was having almost no ambition of his own that gave Eiji access to Medagabryu while using SaGoZou.

The second OOO will be female and have the original OOO's deep sounding driver.
Just combining a couple rumors, there is suppose to be an "evil OOO" that has a combo Eiji hasn't used, the driver has a song for another combo not TaToBa and at one point there was a rumor of a Female OOO so why not have the Second OOO be female, use the Evil Sounds Deep scanner and have the other non set combo as a default?
  • Jossed.

Original OOO was powered by the 10th medals
The Greeeds were all at full power and aparently so was OOO, how can he do this? Simple, the 10th medals weren't destroyed: Evil OOO used them and this also gives a convenient out for the upcoming Second OOO to have all the same combos as Eiji without having to attack the greeds, s/he has all the tenths.
  • Confirmed in episode 48 with the original TaToBa combo.

Shingo isn't around for long
Isn't it a LIITLE too convenient that when Hina's dream of becoming a super model is destroyed, he wakes up? Either his state is a temporary one, which means Ankh is going to have to take over and exit irregularly, or hes awake for the sole purpose of being the person who get's Hina to realise her dream can still be reached, because Shingo seems like the guy who's badass enough to pull it off. Also, one of the big worries she had was connected to Shingo's condition, so if it's destroyed, why is he awake?

  • However in this case, given his situation and the fact that Kamen Rider series lie to mess with brothers and sisters (ask Tendou and Yui), he's likely to go back to critical again before the episode ends or in the next few, likely due to trying to help Eiji when he's being attacked in a greed free for all... and his fall will likly trigger the purple medals out of pure rage.
  • Alternatively alternatively, Shingo will become Birth and Gotou has to wait a little longer... a single episode, but longer none the less.

Maki's Pteranadon Yummy were so powerful because they were spawned from his own desires
All three were pretty powerful, especially the first two. The Unicorn Yummy is strong, but both Birth and OOO were able to overpower it without resorting to PuToTyra Combo. This is because Maki, being the creature of the Yummy, used objects representing one of his desires to create them. Like the candle holder, which represented the demise of his sister.
  • Alternately, the root of the Unicorn Yummy (Shoko Sugiura's being forced to give up fashion as a result of losing the fashion show) was a more recent development than the death of Maki's sister, and therefore had less time to "age".

Eiji could create Yummy if he wanted to
Eiji has five Cores, the same number as Maki, thus both are equal. Maki can create Yummy and Eiji could too. But Eiji's would be different than Maki's because their core desire is different. Where Maki desires the end of the world, Eiji just wants to help people. It appears Greeed has some degree of control over how their Yummy opperate, so Eiji could make Yummy who get stronger by helping genuinely fufilling a desire.

Movie War Core takes place somewhere before Episode #15
  • Excpet, there are a few details that either make that impossible, or make it possible to happen much later:
    The Birth equipment, featured in MWC, wasn't finished until episode 16. Date is also absent from the movie, which is explained by events revealed in episode 35.
    The Dino Medals, whose Yummy and Greeed were also featured, weren't even known to exist before episode 31.
    As of 35, Uva is working on resurrecting Mezool and Gamel.
  • So if MWC were to take place before 15, it'd have to be a vastly different timeline, or more likely given the nature of the Kamen Rider Universe, an AR World where the story started or progressed much differently.
    • A much more likely scenario is that it takes place in the background of OOO's timeline; the only elements that can't be explained away by that scenario are Eiji's increased naivety, Giru (although that could just be Maki, who the Greeeds mistook for Giru), and the Toride Vendor suddenly having the ability to fly (which they could've explained away by having it use the Taka Candroid instead of the Tora Candroid).

There will be a third rider that is more biological in nature
Similar to Kamen Rider Agito there will be three riders, one using a mystic artifact (OOO) one using tech (Birth) and a third biological one.
  • Jossed, unless they pull out something for the OOO/Fourze Movie War.
  • Don't the greed count as the third? They do have the belts after all.
    • That's like saying all the Sonozaki Dopants are Riders because they just have belts.

Satonaka and Shingo both work for Foundation X.
  • Shingo having an i-phone hidden may give away his affiliation, considering the members in W had them. And if they are backing the Kougami Foundation, they would certainly want someone watching their investment, right? Who better than Satonaka, the secretary, who is around to eat Kougami's cakes and gather information as she pleases? He keeps sending her out, she keeps gaining data, and she gains information at the office about their investments. Her field work lets her gain information ahead of Kougami and relay it back, so that they have notes to match on what happened and what Kougami's done to see if their investments are still in good hands.

It's possible for Eiji to transform using a combination of normal Core Medals, and Dinosaur Medals.
Two of the medals will cancel each other out and the transformation will be based off of the third medal. For example, Sai Kujaku Tyranno, would result in him transforming into either Kamen Rider Sai or Kamen Rider Kujaku. Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors would likely play a role in determining which he transformed into.

LoveLoveLove Combo used to be real.
However the Original OOO was so disgusted by the sweetness of the combo he had all three Love Medals destroyed.
  • What were the other two types of medals in that set?
    • There were no other two. Obviously it was an experiment to test the effects of three of the same type of Medals.
    • They could have been three different types of love. Familial Love, Friendly Love, and Romantic Love

This page will be twice as long before the series is over.
It's already longer than the main page, why not go for Serial Escalation?

If there is a crossover between Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger and Kamen Rider OOO, it will take place in Gokaiger.
Basically the opposite of what happened with the Kamen Rider Decade and Samurai Sentai Shinkenger crossover. Kamen Rider OOO is getting close to the end of its run (currently at #36, at the time of this writing), unless Toei decides to make the season run longer than normal. It would be easier to stick the crossover in a couple episodes of Gokaiger, where episodes and story arcs can be moved around or shortened easier, than in the few episodes they have left of OOO.
  • Alternatively, they could just stick it in a movie.
    • Confirmed with Super Hero Taisen, down to the Gokaigers turning into OOO forms!

The big epic final battle of OOO will involve someone using the black core medals
This will most likely take place post Core, probably in another movie with all the greeed having merged into the multi king, missing only the orange and black medals. Eiji will use the Orange combo for a bit, but switch to the black one when he realises he can't play defence.

Alternatively, it'll be Eiji vs an Evil OOO, either one of them uses the black medals.

Double alternatively, like the first one, but even the black core medals aren't enough and they're all absorbed.... but in the process, three cores have been knocked out, Taka, Tora and Batta, with Eiji finishing how he started.

  • All Jossed. The Final Battle is Eiji and Ankh against Maki.

The Reptile Medals are the cause of the Damage Discrimination.
Someone was able to link their Healing Factor to the city itself. BuraKaWani will be a movie only rider because the damage discrimination will stop working while the medals are in use.

Kougami was the person Hitomi Maki was going to marry
This might explain why he both collected the cell medals and tested out the rebirth process through Oda. He simply wants to revive his love.

A Member Foundation X will appear during the last stretch of OOO
Just like in Double.
  • Maybe the same lady with the stopwatch?
  • Jossed.

Date is afraid of heights.
That's why he only used the Cutter Wing to form Birth-Day or the CLAWS Sasori, and never flew himself.
  • Oh yeah, then how do you explain him leaving town ON A PLANE?
  • Based on the Fridge Brilliance entry, it's possible he wasen't aware of the Cutter Wing function due to not reading the manual, so it only appeared when he activated Birth Day or CLAWS Sasori.

Doctor Maki as Giru will be the Final Boss
Fairly obvious, but they've built him up so much throughout the show, even moreso than Kazari, so it'll be kind of a let down otherwise.
  • Confirmed.

Birth will gain a seventh CLAWs Armament.
Considering it has a spare orb on it's left should. It will probably have an S in it's name to make the CLAWS an all capital letter name.
  • Maybe a... "Shield Shoulder"?
  • Wouldn't that make the Acronym Cannon/Legs/Arms/Wings/Shoulder System or CLAWSs?
    • Pretty much. Oh, and Jossed.

Gotou will be more adept at using Birth.
We already saw him fight off three Greeed and a Yummy by himself, and he read the manual so he'll know more about Birth then Date did.
  • Confirmed.
    • Because he read the manual.

Date will be fixed up by a blonde guy with a cane
Since Date is Ironman, one of the The Avengers can fix him up. That or Dr. Strange. Maybe Reed.

The medal cases (such as the one the Dinosaur Medals were found in) were created to be used in a giant OOO driver.
For example, using cases containing all ten of Ankh, Gamel, and Kazari's medals (in that order) would transform the user into TaJaDor SaGoZo RaToraTah which would have the powers of Taka, Gorilla, and Cheetah plus all three set bonuses. Of course, with the destruction of the tenth medals it is now impossible to use a combo like that. If the Giant OOO Driver does get used it will be used with atleast one of each core medal in order to give the user the benefits of all of the medals, but no set bonuses.

The original OOO experimented with drivers using various numbers of medals before deciding on three.
At least two survived to the modern day. The O Driver which will be used by the third rider of the series. And, the OO Driver which was reverse engineered to create the Double Driver.

The final battle will have Eiji rapidfire switching between full combo sets while "Anything Goes" plays in the background.
Because it would be awesome.
  • Why can't the background song be all the combo theme's, switching as he switches as well?
  • How about instead the episode before has him doing the combo version, then in the final episode he does the same on the final Boss Greeed, but as the greeed keeps stealing his medals, Eiji starts to fall back on mix and matches, which is when anything goes starts up, the last two combos being TaKaBa and TaToBa respectively, fiinishing with the TaToBa Kick, which somehow leads to the movie.... although Eiji only comes out of it with 1 of each medal, bar Ankh who he has more of, but refuses to give Eiji his spares unless Eiji needs it.
  • This doesn't happen in the series proper, but it does in Movie Wars Megamax.

The OOO Medals were the originators of both the sky and earth flames.
Just feeling bored and thought to put this out for thought, or random humor. But think about the combos abilities, most of them seem like the abilities of different flames. Like the SaGoZo being able to control Gravity, like Enma. The flames TaJaDol seems similar to the Storm flame. Etc Etc
  • take this further....
Gatakiriba:Head produces green electricity like lightning flames

Latorartar: Head produces yellow sun like energy in similarity to sun flames

Shauta: shoots blue water and can turn into it which is simillar to rain flames since it's water attacks have been seen as effictive against bird type creatures who use fire based powers.

Putotyra: A mix of Cloud and Glacier flames, ice powers like glacier flames and cloud flames in how the combo's wings and tail extend from existing armor parts also it's death blow attack looks like a mass of clud flames.

The other two medals in the Kangaroo medal's set will consist of a head/body medal, and and a head/leg medal.

The OOO TV series world is not the same as Kamen Rider W's world.
Rather, OOOs appearance in A-to-Z, and the events and characterizations of OOO: Nobunaga's Ambition are that of an OOO that exists only in the world of W. This explains why the events and personalities don't match up with the OOO TV series. Further supported if Foundation X never appears in OOO TV, because they are only going after Core Medals in W's world.

GataKiriBa has limited capabilities
When GataKiriBa multiplies, the whole group can only act in a group fashion. They always do either the same action (ie, the rider kick, generic jump attack, etc) or do some kind of team action (such as the tower of OOO in Movie War Core). It would be akin to a "Hive Mind" which would be appropriate for GataKiriBa, as well as explaining how it might not be as useful in many situations, balancing it with the other combos.
  • But the first time GataKiriBa's combo power was used, each "clone" was fighting in its own style, hardly acting in the same fashion.
  • Even though their movements were not precisely coordinated when they were fighting Mezul's Spawn Yummy, each of their actions could be boiled down to basic group commands. "Fend off the yummy." "Jump and Kick the Yummy", etc. The clones have never been shown to be able to perform any kind of complex maneuver separate from what the other clones were doing.
    • To the post right above me: how about OOO using all of his Combos thanks to Gatakiriba's duplication powers in the Summer Movie?
      • That wasn't complex at all. I'll break it down. The GataKiriBas were thrown the Medals that they would change with by the Greeed, they stood in a circle, transformed with the exact same movements (even GataKiriBa transformed again), lined up and then immediately did their Scanning Charges. According to data sheets, the movements during a Scanning Charge are more or less automatic and OOO doesn't have to think about it.

The OOO driver sings for the first combo a kind of Core Medal was used in and for full set combos.
The original OOO used the Taka Tora and Batta medals together before using them with any other medals. Thus, TaToBa gets a song. Likewise, Eiji first used the Imajin and Shocker Medals with the Taka Medal. So, TaMaShii gets a song. Every other Core Medal was first used in a full set combo and therefore doesn't get a song in any random combo.

OOO came from Hozon
OOO can be spelt as Oz and the word Hozon means preservation in english. Another word that has the same meaning as preservation is saving. This is reflective of what Eiji does with the power of the core medals and his base instinct since his incident is to save others.
  • Also works for the original OOO as he wanted immortality or in other words to preserve himself for all time.

One Greeed's Yummy will be mistaken for another Greeed's yummy.
For example, a Dodo Bird Yummy created by Maki will be mistaken for one Ankh's (or vice versa). Or, a Griffin Yummy will be mistaken for a Lion-Eagle hybrid (or vice versa).

There will be a hybrid Yummy that doesn't look like a hybrid.
It will be based on a single animal that happens to fit all of the core medals involved e.g. a sperm whale Yummy created using Gamel and Mezool's medals.

Den-O will play a hand in the summer movie
Given that it involves time travel and a rather familiar All Forms scene... that Den-O has done twice, and that the All Riders movie could be Canon... its hard to see why they would pass it up... although I can see Momotaros going up to Ankh and yelling "What the hell did you do this time!"
  • Unsurprisingly jossed.

Eiji's becoming a Greeed will turn out to be Cursed With Awesome
What? He has no desire, so the prime motivation for the Greeed won't really effect him, since he's already got such a void in him anyway. As a result, he'll gain a Greeed form and, due to not being human anymore, he'll be able to use Combos more effectively without being drained by them. That and he'll have a Greeed form, which will of course come in handy.

Furthermore, we won't see the return of any previously used (random or full set) combos (besides PuToTyra) until the final battle.

Eiji is Rei Hino's brother.
Both of them have a father who's a politician and neither them is on good terms with their father. This also explains why TaJaDor is a super combo; Eiji simply has a stronger compatibility with fire then any other element.
  • While the fire thing is possibly jossed by the fact that Eiji seems to be strongest in PuToTyra, it also makes a nice contrast, while Rei tends to be a bit more firey and emotional, Eiji usually stays reletively calm, and his anger is a slow burning one, only to burst out in massive amounts (the ice becoming water, then steam)
  • Isn't it also jossed because there was something said about Hino being Eiji's mother's maiden name?
    • Eiji's father changed his own name at some point prior to the series for Reason X. Eiji's mother's name however wasn't changed. Whoever, said that "Hino" was her maiden name was mistaken.

Eiji will create a Phoenix Yummy from Lost!Ankh.
Arm!Ankh will escape Lost!Ankh by transferring into said Yummy.
  • Pretty much Jossed, now that Lost!Ankh is dead.

The Birth gun has two firing settings; quantity and quality
We've all seen that when Date runs out of cell medals to fire, he just takes the end with the medals and pours them back in. When Goto runs out, he never does that same motion and instead has Satonaka throw him a fresh batch of medals.
  • Date has never done that, he always tipped the cell medals onto the floor and took a fresh load from his milk churn thing.
  • You have to do that with the toy, but that's only because it'd be really impractical to try and collect as many Cell Medals as Date has on the show (enough to fill a milk jug).

Chiyoko won't be out of the loop forever.
She's the only reoccurring character who doesn't know what's really going on with the Greeed, the Yummy, or that Eiji is OOO, and by the end of the series, she'll be told the truth.
  • Confirmed, apparently, for #47.

Ankh will betray Eiji again if the Ankh we know somehow escapes Lost Ankh
  • Possibly confirmed. Ankh was able to escape from Ankh (Lost), but there's nothing official on what his motives are now.
    • Completely confirmed now.

Original OOO is really Giru
He was turned into core medals(or at least his conscienceness) when he did that ultimate scan that sealed the greeed. Dr. Maki thinks he's becoming a greeed with the core medals inside him but it's more like the original ooo is pulling a kazari yummy on him and will slowly overtake him.

Things to support this are that fact Giru's name comes from the word to Betray, exactly what the original ooo did to ankh 800 years ago. On top of that the remaining core medals acted at eiji lack of desire which can show that the original ooo wanted someone who would resist him less thus someone without desire(similar to how Ankh wanted a mostly dead body to possess). Maki has the desire for endings thus he needed Kazari to put medals in him.

Another thing that supports this is what Kougami said in episode 42 "Perhaps the Original OOO faced the same delema and became a greeed." when it came to how fast Dr. Maki was turning in a greeed compared to Eiji

Core takes place... soon
As of the preview for 43, lets take a look at the situation, shall we?
  • Kazari, Uva, Mezool, Gamel and Ankh, but not Lost Ankh, are present.
  • Giru is going to show up soon, most likely at the expense of both Eiji and Maki's medals, explaining the absence of PuToTyra in the movie. when this happens, Maki will likly try to cut his losses by rejoining the Foundation, while the 4 Greed will end up not liking Giru, or don't know about Giru aside from Kazari.
  • Maki will have, as a result of his time with them, know how Greeeds work, explaining how Nobunga is made.
  • Gotou is Birth in the movie and currently in the series.
  • Just need the above Giru and Maki events to take place, then just line up the combos. The absence of the Dino Medals is something that Giru would likely result in, as well as a little bit of brain damage to Eiji, and Ankh likely is stingy about his own medals, so officially only the Taka medal is on the list, which leaves only the Kuwagata and Kamakiri medals.
All this could happen over as little as 4 episodes.
  • You forgot to mention how Eiji has the O Medal Holder with him instead of Ankh and how he doesn't seem to be hanging around Eiji as much anymore.
  • Right, I forgot to mention that, and the fact that Birth being a new power thing could be Kougami's way of saying theres new weapons in the 21st century.
  • A rumored plot summary for #45 has Eiji loosing "tons" of Core Medals after a fight with the Greed, so there's that.
    • Jossed.

By the end of the series Eiji will acquire a desire
Date has told him to remember his desire, and his old class mate also pointed out he used to have a desire. This may make it possible for him to halt the Purple cores turning him into a Greeed, although it may cause him to have to give up the OOO powers by the end of the series so he won't go berserk.
  • Increasingly looks to be confirmed, with said desire being power to help save people.

Alternatively Eiji will develop a dream
Having the same effect as the previous WMG, but with the added benefit of him being able to keep his OOO powers under control due to a dream being basically a restrained desire.
  • He already has a dream, we saw it in the episode with the Yummy who destroys dreams by giving them physical form, it destroyed Hina's dream but when it tried it on Eiji the EARTH starting to form. He has to cancel the effect because it was already several stories across and STILL GROWING.

Eiji will have the dino cores removed from him
Although this might mean the loss of a combo, he won't suffer the consequences of becoming a Greeed like losing his senses, going berserk, and wearing purple clothes

Eiji will also try scanning all the Medals during the final battle.
However, he will only use one of each, leading to a medal overload which will result in randomly switching between combos. This will give them the excuse to use the Combo Change Medley in the series.
  • Jossed sadly.

Where the Purple Cores represent the end of a desire, the Orange Medals represent the birth of desire
In the series, Maki's goal was the end of the world, Kougami's goal revolves around the birth of desire. This has been a main theme of the series so far. Maki unleashed the Purple Coes, representing the destruction of desire, it only makes since there's a counterpart on Kougami's side of things. And look at the two, PuToTyra is The Berserker who destroys everything in it's path while BuraKaWani is the Stone Wall with shields on it's arms and a Healing Factor. The Orange Cores will also be appearing in a movie focused on the creation of the Core Medals as well. The Orange Cores will appear in the series and be used to counteract the effects of the Purple Cores, not only saving Eiji from becoming a Greeed but giving him the power to fight Maki, who will be fully transformed into Giru by then.
  • Already Jossed, magazine scans show us Maki in full Greeed form AND Eiji in full Greeed Form
    • Not really, it could still turn Eiji back to human form or at least avert the negative consquences.
    • Still Jossed.

The final battle will consist of Eiji having to destroy more Core Medals.
This seems like the logical route the show is taking, at the moment. Ankh (Lost) and Kazari were only defeated after their Core Medals were shattered by the PuToTyra Combo, so it seems likely that the same will have to happen when it comes time to destroy Mezool and Gamel as well. If things stay on track, Eiji will probably be forced to destroy more and more Core Medals to fully defeat all the Greeed; there seem to be enough Core Medals still around that Eiji can walk out of the series with at least one set of every combo, if he's not forced to destroy all of them.
  • Ankh (Lost) fell when a full TaJaDor combo was destroyed.
  • Kazari fell when a Lion Core Medal was destroyed, with Dr. Maki stealing the rest of the Core Medals in his body.
  • Mezool fell when a full ShaUTa combo was destroyed.
  • Confirmed, though unintentionally: all the Core Medals save for Ankh's shattered Hawk Medal were destroyed by Maki's void.

The Movie War Cores version of Tajadoru Combo is a form in the vain of CycloneJoker Gold Extreme
Recall that in the show that with enough Cell Medals even Uva could stand up to Tajadoru, while in Cores, Tajadoru seemed to be as strong as Double's Super Mode.

Anhk will lend Eiji 3 of his cores for the final battle against Giru
This combined with 3 medals from all the other Greeed will allow OOO's power of Desire to beat Giru
  • Confirmed, but only for Ankh.

The Reverse/Rebirth PV is canon.
Date eventually returns and assembles team Birth to make it. Because he's that awesome.

Dr. Maki was Giru in Movie War Core
Think about it, Giru makes a Yummy for no apparent reason, but what is Dr. Maki doing while it has OOO distracted? Implanting the Black Cores in Nobunaga! He knew now was the time to do so to send Nobunaga into a berserk state (for his normal MO, make him an out of control Greeed to destroy the world), so he created a Yummy to keep OOO busy while he did it!

Eiji will be able to mix and match the dinosaur cores after he becomes a Greeed
This will cause the Dino cores to become more aligned with his normal cores.
  • Still no.

Each important event in Movie War Core takes place between episodes of the series.
This was inspired by a comment from Henshin Justice Unlimited. The reason why it is so hard to place Move War Core anywhere in the OOO series is because the scenes happen during different parts of the series. For example, the part with Kougami giving Nobunaga the Birth System and saying that it was a new power might've taken place before Date's debut. Then, the scenes with Giru creating a Yummy from the ballet shoe and Maki infusing the black Core Medals into Nobunaga take place after he absorbed the purple medals. Lastly, the final battle between OOO and Nobunaga and the team-up portion of MWC with Goto as Birth takes place after he replaced Date.
  • This does make a good bit of sense, as it does seem a large amount of time had transpired between Nobunaga's birth and the finale.
  • The problem with that though, is that from episodes 31-38 there was no time when all of the Greeds were alive and apparently not fighting each other.
  • Unless Kazari comes Back from the Dead like the rest of his former comrades.

The black Core Medals are the original OOO.
The original OOO overused his powers, went berserk, and became a Greeed. However, since his becoming a Greeed wasn't due to any one set of Core Medals, a new set of core medals formed. He used the Memory Memory because he sensed the connection the other Kamen Riders had with the powers he had as OOO. His reason for attacking the other Riders (besides being evil) was that they were using his technology.
  • Jossed. The original OOO used TaToBa.
    • You misunderstood. Because the original OOO used TaToBa instead of a full set combo. He couldn't become a Greeed connected to an existing set of medals so when he became a Greeed a new set of Core Medals formed.
      • Still jossed by merit of the original OOO becoming the seal on the Greeed and medals. Not core medals.

The final fight will end suit-less and the Medajalibur will get an upgrade
The final fight itself will be a Purple Medal-exorcised Eiji using random swap-and-switch medal cobos against Maki finally turned into Giru, progressively losing medals to him as Maki comes closer to becoming the Multi King, untill all he has left is one Taka, one Tora, and one Batta.

Said Medajalibur upgrade would give it PuToTyra's medal-breaking powers, and Eiji will use it with the last three cores as fuel to destroy every medal all at once. Of course, they'll find some way to write the medals back into existance so they can keep milking OOO.

  • Jossed, though Eiji did try and defeat Maki by letting the Medagaburyu absorb lots of Cell Medals and using a superpowered Ground of Rage at him.

Eiji will become the opposite of the other Greeed, but in a different way than Maki
Greeed are desire incarnate, so it's likely that a human becoming a Greeed would have something to do with their own desire. Maki desires the destruction of the world, thus he becomes a Greeed embodying the destruction of desire. Eiji desires nothing but the best for everyone. So he'll become the embodiment of selfless desire. Were selfish desire makes the Greeed embodying it devour the world because they want it all for themselves (something Kazari outright said), selfless desire would have the opposite effect, wanting everything for everyone else and not compel him to devour the world. Thus, Eiji will become a Greeed, but it won't cause him to try and devour the world and allow him to control himself.

Each of the Image Songs contain forshadowing
I've not seen all the translations of the songs, so I'm not sure, but the ones I have had forshadowing. For example:

Power To Tearer has the lyrics "The Destroyer Turns Guardian", which debuted with the occurence that Eiji finally got control over the former Berserker form PuToTyra

Reverse/Rebirth refrences that Birth would be "reborn" with Gotou as user, but may also refrence that Date would return to be Birth again.

Like I said, I couldn't find translations of the others, except for Time Judges All, which has lines that sound very forshadowing as well but it seems just hasn't happened yet. If anyone else has found any, please post them.

Date and Gotou will each use a Birth driver
So that Date will return as Kamen Rider Birth and Gotou can continue being Birth.
  • Already confirmed.

Eiji will become the container for the cores
Instead of causing him to go out of control however, it will balance it with his lack of desire

It will be revealed that the Greeed being released was no accident
Either Kougami had them freed on purpose or Dr. Maki did somehow, but it'll be revealed that someone purposefully set the events in motion for their release.

The Multiking will be OOO's 11th-Hour Superpower
Before the final fight, Eiji will perform the same scan that the original OOO did, but his "void of desire" will work as Kougami predicted and give him the power the original OOO couldn't achieve, just in time for the Final Battle. Wouldn't be the first time a Kamen Rider gained their ultimate form just before the final battle.
  • Jossed. It was the King's Tatoba Combo. But it didn't last for long...

The Greeed will be Back from the Dead
Given how tragic some of these deaths are, and how you have to feel sorry for them what with their flaws, and that this wouldn't be the first time Yasuko did a "Happy Ending out of a depressing event" thing.
  • Perhaps if the Cores are reforged. Otherwise, no.

The show will have a Happy Ending
Purely out of the logic that Anything Goes will be played at the ending credits and it's happy melody shouldn't overlap with depressing imagery.

The show will have a Downer Ending
Then again, with how things will look for our heroes, it might end up like this.

The show will have a Bittersweet Ending
There, best of two worlds.
  • Pretty much confirmed; All the Core Medals are destroyed but with Ankh dead (but surviving as a spirit).

The show will end with Eiji wandering a wasteland
And then the director will yell "cut" and reveal Eiji's filming for a movie.
  • Sort of: Eiji decides to continue traveling at the end, and the wasteland is just an ordinary desert.

By the Original OOO. There's been no announcement for a movie exclusive Dark Rider as of yet, which is a Kamen Rider tradition since Kamen Rider Agito (Kamen Rider Decade had Rising Ultimate Kuuga Black Eyes and Shadow Moon, so it still counts). They're keeping it secret for shock value. It said it'll explore the creation of the Core Medals after all.
  • I think Kamen Rider Core would fit the bill already.
    • Jossed unless you count Poseidon from the Fourze crossover.

The reason the Purple Medals were created 800 years ago...
Was to be used to destroy the 10th medal of each of the other sets. That's why they're the only thing that can destroy Core Medals. The First OOO used PuToTyra to smash the 10th (he didn't go berserk for the very reason Eiji goes berserk using them, he was Desire Incarnate unlike the void of desire that is Eiji) and then had them sealed away so they couldn't be used to stop him once his plan succeeded.

Greeed can be revived after having some of their Cores destroyed...
But they'll end up like Lost Ankh. You have to provide the Cores with enough Cell Medals, then remove one of the Cores, causing them to come to life but as a "newborn", Like Lost Ankh.
  • Jossed. Mezool didn't come back when Gamel tried to revive her.
    • Not really. The big issue is which Core Medals get destroyed. Greeed die permanent deaths when the Core Medal housing their personality gets destroyed, which was the case with Mezool (Uva even says that Gamel's attempts won't work, because the medal he was using doesn't have her consciousness in it), and why Ankh survived even after Eiji broke three red medals, so it's still possible they could live even if a couple Core Medals get destroyed.

The end of the series will heavily imply the Greeed are reincarnated as humans
An overall theme of the series is birth (Kougami) and death (Maki), what better way to end it than on the note of rebirth (heck, that's got a bit of symbolism in there as well!)? In the end, all the Greeed will be killed, but the final scene will be a Distant Finale with Eiji coming across humans looking much like the Greeed (including Lost Ankh) and even having some of their attributes (for example, Mezool and Gamel's reincarnations being mother and son) and personalities, but without the curses their Greeed selves endured, giving them a second chance and Ankh the life he'd been searching for. The explanation? Eiji's desire to help the Greeed causes them to be reborn.
  • People looking like the Greeed already exist, they based their own appearances on these humans, as seen with Lost Ankh.
  • They could pull a Go-onger and have Eiji run into people played by their actors at the end.
  • If Mezool and Gamel's reincarnations are mother and son, than Mezool's going to have to grow up, since her human form was DEFINITELY younger than Gamel's.
    • Implying that the head writer didn't have that problem already.

The Purple Core Medals weren't made by the same people who made the others.
The makers of the Purple Core Medals would need to know about Triceratops, Tyrannosauruses, and Pteranodons, but according to Wikipedia none of those had been discovered 800 years ago.

Uva won't fight OOO and Birth as a complete Greeed.
Since doing so obviously hasn't worked out well for the other Greeed. He will instead decide to gain an obscene amount of Cell Medals (perhaps by gaining access to Kougami's) to compensate for his missing Core Medal.
  • Jossed. He completely revives normally.

The Netmovies aren't lying about Hina's father
Her father actually is General Shadow. That's where she gets her super strength.

Den-O may steal the show!
This one is more silly than anything else, but I think that, in the final ep's, Den-O or Den-Liner will make a cameo, either to stop the out of control Greeed (because it woud create a time paradox by destroying Kotaro's timeline) or there will be a scene where one of them asks if they should interfere, and another, most likely Momotaros or Owner saying that OOO can handle it.

Maki's goal isn't to give a satifying conclusion to the world.
His goal is to give a satisfying conclusion to the show.

There will be more Candroid attatchments for the Ride-Vendor.
This is more What Could Have Been, since the show is about to end, but it was possible to make other upgrades to the Ride-Vendor than just the Tora Can. Examples:
  • Kamakiri Can / KiriRide-Vendor: Side-blades (for lack of a better term) that can gut giant Yummies.
  • Sai Can / SaRide-Vendor: Obviously, a battering ram.
  • Shachi Can / ShaRide-Vendor: Turns the Ride-Vendor into a submarine/jet-ski, which can locate Yummies underwater with sonar, then blast them with sonic attacks. Would probably be Awesome, but Impractical.
  • Condor Can / DoruRide-Vendor: Either wings to give the Ride-Vendor flight capabilities, or giant versions of the Doru Talons (used in TaJaDoru's Scanning Charge).
  • Tyranno Can / TyraRide-Vendor: Drill Tank, duh.
  • Wani Can / WaniRide-Vendor: Giant crocodile teeth. (If they could work the chainsaw mechanic into it, more power to them.)

The Usagi Medal will have super hearing.

Kamen Rider OOO will end in a Cliffhanger
  • Thankfully Jossed.

The King Core Medals are the exact ones the original OOO used to defeat the Greeeds
With hours to go just before the finale is screened, this is what came up. Firstly, they are called the King Core Medals. Only one King was ever mentioned in the entire series. Secondly, Kougami clearly has them in his possession for quite a while. It is revealed that he is the descendant of the original OOO. Thirdly, one of the Core Medals shown to be the Batta medal. Fourthly, rumors abound that that the form Eiji will take is called the TaToBa Requiem form, which coincides with the above. Additionally, it has been mentioned that the PuToTyra Combo is NOT the ultimate form of OOO. Assuming the above is correct, the Medals maybe the 10th missing medal of the respective Greeeds. Alternatively, the King became a Greeed, and his desires and essence became the Medals. He does not have a form as only 3 Medals were produced, and the rest of him turned to rock and became the sea

There will be a prequel movie focusing on the ancient king's backstory.
Bonus points if he is played by Kougami's actor.
  • Sadly this never happens, but imagine THAT henshin call.

Movie Wars will Retcon the lack of medals or pull a similar retcon
You know it will happen.

Kousei Kougami is a LaVeyan Satanist
He seems to follows most of the rules, prefers ambitious people to ones who follow orders, and definitely holds his own birthday sacred. He's also pretty good at "Lesser Magic", and his baking fits as a "Greater Magic" ceremony (complete with music and emotional outbursts).

Movie War Core is a case of For Want of a Nail.
Either the fourth Ptera Medal gets destroyed/removed and the events of the movie happen, or it doesn't get destroyed and the events of the TV series happen.

The Kougami Foundation is either their world's Toei or affiliated with them.
We saw that every Kamen Rider series is somehow a TV show In-Universe. The Kougami Foundation monitor each Kamen Rider's fights and makes a series out of it or gives the footage to Toei to do it.

Eiji will try to revive Ankh.
He's been working with the Kougami Foundation to do just this, according to Movie Wars Megamax, so confirmed.

The Core Medals that were sucked into the void at the end weren't destroyed.
Instead they ended up in the world of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger where they'll be turned into Kamen Rider Keys. This will lead to an OOO x Gokaiger crossover. During said crossover Eiji will acquire they keys and change them back into medals. Thereby explaining why he has medals in the OOO x Fourze crossover.
  • Except we saw then shatter.
    • We only saw the purple medals shatter.
      • Every medal that made of UVA was sucked into the void and shattered only 2 medal didn't break onscreen Kajaku and Condor which flew intothe camera, Taka broke in half. So those are the only ones we didn't see shatter
      • I rewatched the scene several times to check and the only medals that shattered were the purple medals.
      • So Uva is still aliv in your version. Remember all those cores rotating around the inside? Or the giant Green Abomination that was suched into the black hole? What do you think he was made out of sunshine and rainbows? The Only Medals or Greeds not show being suched into the void are Kajuku and Condor and the slip in half Taka.
      • I never said that the core medals weren't sucked into the void, merely that they never shattered.
  • Confirmed that they weren't destroyed in Movie War Megamax; Eiji's black hole blast sent the Core Medals 40 years into the future, where they merged with Michal Minato, corrupting his Kamen Rider Aqua form into Kamen Rider Poseidon.

TaJaDor is intact
Ankh's cores aren't destroyed ON SCREEN, the purple medals are but the red ones fly toward the screen and we only see the taka core break, the other 2 could have survived...Also there are still King Cores for Blue and Grey presumably.

During the finale Eiji could have used purple medals in a random combo.
His ability to use them in a Giga Scan showed that the previous incompatibility they had with other Core Medals no long applied.
  • Being able to use the purple Cores in the Taja Spinner could have just been a side-effect of having them. For one, Eiji hadn't actually used the full form since before he got the purple Medals. Second, it's been shown that their power can interact with other forms, a la the Medagabryu being accessible to any of them.

The Core Medal Vessel, the King Medal OOO, and the Multi-King spoken of earlier in the series, all depend on the variety of Medals fed into their creation.
Uva had an imbalance of various classifications of Cores, seeing as different amounts of each were destroyed by Eiji and Maki. Eiji, as the King Core OOO, was a simple (if supercharged) TaToBa basic random combination. I propose that the Multi-King of which the Greeed spoke (particularly in the earliest episodes of the show) is the result of a perfect balance of all classifications of Core Medals. The tablet in Kougami's King Chamber was the key; each of the three circles' seven slots was for one and only one each of the arm, leg, and head Cores. The result, if used by the "perfect" vessel, would be exactly as the original OOO planned: a Physical God.

The OOO Driver Toy will have an updated re-release
The new version will include:
  • A "damaged" Taka Core Medal. When it is scanned as part of TaJaDor the scanner will use Ankh's voice.
  • Songs for the black, white, and brown full set combos.
    • Brown Combo Set?
  • Songs for some random combos besides TaToBa and TaMaShi
  • Do you realize what you're asking? Not only would it cost Toei to re-hire Akira and make him voice the updated Driver with a lot more sounds that the previous one. That is going to cost the company serious money, especially since the Driver probably be twice of what a normal Driver is worth. So yeah: what you guys are asking is a Money. Pit.
    • Well, they ended up doing exactly this with the Mobirates, so it's not too out of the ordinary.
      • So, in other words, this is your WMG for the CSM OOO Driver? It would certainly be a good choice for the 10 year anniversary of OOO. Although it's very unlikely that they'd do a few random combo songs outside of the ones shown in SIC Hero Saga or the net movies.
      • CSM OOO Driver has been confirmed, and it's definitely going to cost at least as twice as much as the normal one. Now we wait to see what new songs it has.
      • Among the medal combos shown are new ones - combos confirmed for already existing sets of medals are the Movie War Core medals, BiKaSonote , and the Movie War Megamax medals, SaRaMiuonote , as well as some entirely new combos - ShikaZeShinote , SeiShiroGinnote  and MukaChiRinote , which will likely have songs for themnote ...and the "damaged" Taka medal does as well! Still no word on if there's a song for random combos though.

The King Medals for the sets outside of TaToBa are:
  • Gorilla, the theory that Hina possesses a Gorilla medal was never disproven.
  • Sasori, this is the reason Birth has a scorpion motif.
  • Ptera, there are four Ptera medals.
  • Cobra, the orange set bonus summons a cobra (as opposed to summoning a Kame, a Wani, or a chimera of all three).

There will be a combo exclusive for Movie Wars 2011
Maybe the Anthropod combo with the medals being stolen near the end to tie in with Movie Wars Core. Not likely another never previously seen medals but there is still that possibility.
  • There is the Super Tatoba...

The black Core Medals are actually meant for another OOO-themed Kamen Rider.
The Same, Kujira and Ankou Medals are, presumably, exclusive to Poseidon, so it would make sense that the black Medals are also meant for someone else, since their has been no confirmation of a black Combo form for OOO.

So far every time someone has transformed into Kamen Rider Birth, he has used a Sasori Cell Medal.
If someone ever uses a different Cell Medal to transform into Birth he will transform into a new form.

Eiji was the first OOO rider to use the Kujaku medal, let alone the TaJaDor combo
In its debut, the TaJa Spinner emerged from OOO's chest onto the left arm. Subsequently, it just appear whenever the Kujaku Medal was used.

Maki Jr disappearing when Maki goes into his Greeed form
...into a hollow area somewhere in Maki's gut, like the cockpit of a Mobile-Suit Human.

...of Harmony?

Kamen Rider Aqua's enemies were the Mutamids.
Kannagi needed the Core Medals from the future to complete his plan. Without Kamen Rider Poseidon coming back in time, he'd have had to wait 40 years for them to come into existence at all. If you look at the flashback closely, one of the monsters he fights in the future looks suspiciously like the Dragon Mutamid. In his timeline, Kannagi succeeded in getting the SOLU Switch, but didn't have cores to use with them, and searched forty years for a suitable replacement. He found one in Aqua's time and began attacking mankind with his Mutamids, leading to Aqua's creation. Poseidon coming back in time permitted him to begin his plan forty years early.

If they do a Kamen Rider OOO Returns, it will show how Ankh is revived
We know Ankh will be revived, we just don't know when.
  • No OOO Returns, but there is Heisei Generations FINAL that shows Ankh alive and well (and they got his actor back, so it can't just be flashbacks from the show).

Hina's Super Strength will be explained in future Kamen Rider series
And it wil be part of the phenomenon that Kamen Rider will be involved in.

Movie Wars Core is actually based on canonical events, but it's an adapted version filmed by Kougami.
He decided to film a movie based on those events, but because of the Rule of Cool he changed a lot of things for the movie. All the things that don't work out with canon can be explained by this being a film adaptation.

How he roped Philip and Shotaro into working with him is anyone's guess.

Alternatively, Movie War Core doesn't have a specific place in OOO's continuity
It might seem like the OOO half of the movie doesn't have a specific place in the show's continuity - however, considering that a), Toshiki Inoue (who wrote the segment) has had movies that take place over a long amount of time in the past (Kamen Rider The First), so it's not like it would be out of the question for him, and b), there is no sign that the movie takes place at a specific period of time, it makes more sense for it to occur in the background - granted, this doesn't explain away the Toride Vendor being able to fly or Eiji acting more naive, but it makes more sense this way.

OOO's Lajartar (Lion, Kujaku, Cheetah) combo is also compatible with the Toride Vendor.
Close to being Latorartar, this combo can use the Taja Spinner's Giga Scan while on the Toride Vendor.

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