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TV Series

    Episode 1: Youthful Transformation 
  • Gentaro's very first appearance was an MOA. Retrieving the letter—which was dropped into a river—and giving it to Kengo.
  • Gentaro's first transformation and fight. More specifically, his use of the Astro Switches.
  • Fourze has a chainsaw kick.
    • Gentaro beating the snot out of Daimonji's thugs, pwning them so hard that he Daimonji had to resort to taking a hostage like a Dirty Coward to get the advantage.
      • And even then, Gentaro is able to take a ridiculous beating from Daimonji and his gang and still get up for more.

    Episode 2: Space Superiority 
  • The Bike Fu of the episode must be given honorable mention, given how it evokes older series.

    Episode 3: Queen Election 
  • The debut of Scorpion.
  • Gentaro finally being able to use the Hopping Switch can count.
    • And turning Rocket Drill Space Kick into RIDER Rocket Drill Space Kick.
  • Gentaro shows that even if he's not the brightest bulb, he's not a total idiot when he thinks fast and exposes the Chameleon Zodiarts by clapping a pair of chalkboard erasers together and the resulting smoke making it visible.

    Episode 4: Changing Illusion, Secret Maneuver 
  • Miu's speech in front of the student body, enough to redeem her to make her win the Queen Festival again. She's been bandaged and is wielding a crutch but is all dressed up for the speech. She silences everyone by slamming the crutch and walks proudly all the way up despite being injured, stating that she'd rather have people do stuff to benefit themselves than to satisfy her. It all ends with her and Gentaro doing the secret handshake of friendship.
    • And it begins with her "Bitch-Queen arrival" music becoming her "Determinator" music.
    • Oh, and let's not forget taunting to Tamae/Chameleon that she'd never be that great since she blends in with the shadow...all so Fourze can save her once she's thrown off the bridge!

    Episode 5: Friendship, Inside & Outside 

    Episode 6: Electric Shock, Steadily 
  • Elek States' debut. Specifically after Gentaro decides to befriend JK for being a jerk to him.

    Episode 7: King Jerk 
  • Gentaro owning the Hound Zodiarts with the use of the Smoke, Spike, Winch, and Elek Switches. The Zodiarts was on the ropes, so to speak, right until Shun threw that football at Fourze... And even then, he makes up for it next episode with a moment of his own.
  • JK gets a minor one just by heading off to Delinquent territory (where he could easily be used as punching bag), and get information from the leader of the Delinquents himself with nothing more than a Burgermeal Foodroid in hand. Whatever JK did to get that information has to be seen to be believed.

    Episode 8: Iron Calvary's Cooperation 
  • Miu saves Gentaro in his fight against Hound Zodiarts and Scorpio Zodiarts by piloting the Power Dizer...unfortunately, it takes a lot out of her.
  • Shun's Heel–Face Turn comes with him piloting the Power Dizer and fighting alongside Fourze, using the machine incredibly well especially for a first time and actually keeping the Scorpion Zodiarts on the ropes long enough for Gentaro to finish the Hound Zodiarts.
    • And then after the battle, he uses the Dizer to smash the football championship trophy that represents everything his strict, controlling father wants him to be. With a really epic Hot-Blooded yell of rage, too.
    • Shun piloting the Dizer deserves mention too. Up until this point, anyone shown using the Dizer looks like death after coming out of it, either stumbling or completely unable to stand. The worst the Dizer does to Shun is make him sweat.

    Episode 9: Witch's Awakening 
  • Fire States' debut, with Gentaro rescuing Shun and a football teammate with an extinguisher Limit Break.

    Episode 10: Moonlight Clash 
  • Gentaro's Unflinching Walk towards the Altar Zodiarts as he discovers that the Fire States can absorb fire attacks and the subsequent Limit Break.
  • Tomoko standing up to Ritsuko by stating how she was going to be herself and destroying her amulet. Moreover, she did this while Ritsuko was chanting and grabbed her staff before heading off!
  • Shun in Power Dizer mode coming in to save Gentaro from Ritsuko's posse AND climbing up the side of the school to destroy Altar's staff. Don't forget, he had been caught in a fire the previous episode!

    Episode 11: Disappearing Moon Door 
  • Shun's Dynamic Entry while Gentaro fights the Pyxis Zodiarts. Seems like he's getting into this role a lot...
    • For that matter, Gentaro himself shows up to help Yuki after she's cornered by Pyxis - turns out he had set a Burgermeal Foodroid to keep an eye on her.

    Episode 12: Mission: Ken's Life 
  • Aside from Kengo finally doing the Secret Handshake and finally getting into the Kamen Rider Club (and accepting its existence), let's see what everyone did, shall we?
    • Gentaro uses Stealth and Elec States quite well, to the point that Elec's new Limit Break split through Pyxis before the Zodiarts exploded!
    • Additionally, Gentaro with Fire States manages to make Scorpio Zodiarts flee - previously, he was at its mercy.
    • Shun to the rescue once more, as he puts in all his strength into Power Dizer to stop a bus from falling off an unfinished highway. Take note that if he didn't do so, he would've fallen off the highway and the bus would not only kill the girls but also crush him to death.
    • Yuki giving Kengo a good wakeup call as to what Gentaro and the others have been trying to do to help him out counts.
    • Miu acting calm in the face of danger—whereas all the other girls are completely freaking out—and doing her hardest to control the bus until Shun comes also does.
    • Tomoko was able to get the locker back from Ohsugi, because of the bleeding rabbit picure she made from the previous episode!
    • Oh heck, JK can have a minor one, seeing as he was able to get to at least twenty female students' phone numbers and connect their disappearance to the Stalker Star Map that Makise had on him. Made even better when you realize that Makise could've easily come back and also made JK be part of the group of girls that could've died on that bus.
    • Props should be given to Makise's actor. In the span of one episode he transforms from creepy dork to a monster who's character bio is twice the amount of the regular Zodiarts (save Pegasus) and gave Fourze its Nightmare Fuel page and filled up 1/3 of the Fridge Horror section of the show. The creators should be commended for making such a memorable, yet scary, one-time character.

    Episode 13: School Refusal 

    Episode 14: Stinger Onsluaght 
  • YOWZA! We have lots of MOA's. Let's list them!
    • Gentaro defeats Scorpion Nova with two Rider Rocket Drill Kicks in Space! With the second one being a bigger version of the kick.
    • Kengo uses a special power glove and channels the power of the Medical Switch to heal Gentaro.
    • Miura stands up to Scorpion and vows not to ever use the Switches again!
    • Gentaro Rider Kicks Scorpion untransformed!
    • We have a third Epic Tracking Shot that shoots to the sun before flying back.
    • Shun is getting creative with Power Dizer, using it to somehow climb the side of a wall and somersaulting before catching JK and Gentaro!
    • How about Scorpion? She gets the power of a Supernova from Gamou and is able to transform into this scorpion/centaur beast, successfully injects Gentaro, JK, and Shun with her super-powered toxins, and even beats down the Power Dizer.
    • The debut of Libra.

    Episode 15: Christmas Eve Choir 

    Episode 16: Right & Wrong Conflict 
  • Kamen Rider Meteor's debut. Using Jeet Kune Do helps, too.
  • The Pen Switch lives up to the idiom 'The pen is mightier than the sword'. Whatever Gentaro paints with it becomes solidified to the point that it can deflect petrification lasers.
  • Fourze vs. Fourze.

    Episode 17: Meteor Appearance 
  • Kamen Rider Meteor's first Limit Break on the Lynx Zodiarts. He hits him with a multiple punch combo that juggles the Zodiart in the air.
  • Gentaro and the Kamen Rider Club go confront the Lynx Zodiarts Switcher. All seven members are there and they rush off to see him eye to eye.

    Episode 18: Gen/Ryu Showdown 
  • Just as Kamen Rider Meteor is about to beat the ever-loving crap out of Fourze, Tomoko gets inbetween them and screams that Kamen Riders are heroes, knowing she's gonna probably get more than the lights knocked out of her just by standing up to him. Then, the other members also get in the way, standing up for what the Kamen Rider Club stands for.
    • Miu delivers a Badass Boast to Meteor.
      Miu: We won't bow down to you. We're the Kamen Rider Club.
  • The debut of the Wheel Switch. Driving through the school and ON THE WALL.
  • Meteor Curb-Stomp Battle against Scorpio, finishing it off with a Limit Break.

    Episode 19: Steel Dragon, Unmatched 
  • The Evolving Credits deserve a mention here - after all the insertion of Ryusei/Meteor related bits, they go one step further and have both Fourze and Meteor executing a simultaneous bike jump out of an explosion in genuine Showa Rider style. That's worth a hell yeah on its own.
  • Shun comes in (in Power Dizer) and stops two trucks from crushing Fourze—who was using both the very uncontrollable Magnet Switches at that time—long enough for Kengo and Ryusei to shut them off.

    Episode 20: Transcendent Magnetism 
  • The debut of Magnet States and the kickass music that goes with it.
  • Meteor tries to fight Dragon Zodiarts with the use of the Elec Switch. Dragon shrugged it off but it was still awesome.
  • Fourze and Meteor doing a double Limit Break.
  • Epic Tracking Shots are getting common in Fourze, but it's a surprise when it goes past the Asteroid Belt, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn all in succession.

    Episode 21: Misled Course 
  • The debut of Board Switch. What better way to debut than hitching a ride on a motorcycle then fly around in the air kicking Dustards. All while Endless Play, a song meant only for the game Kamen Rider Climax Heroes, is in the background.
  • Gentaro uses Magnet Switch to hurl a tornado of metal debris at Pegasus!

    Episode 22: True Self Dismissal 
  • Meteor VS Virgo. Especially Meteor's new Limit Break of hurling blue energy orbs at Virgo!
  • JK gets two minor ones. 1) He elbows who is the Switcher of the Pegasus Zodiarts and 2) those break dancing skills in the opening are shown when he uses them to dodge an attack from Pegasus Zodiarts.
  • Fourze vs. Pegasus Zodiarts. Here's how epic it was:
    • First, we have Haruka-sensei giving Gentaro pointers on how to fight Pegasus Zodiarts, including Gentaro using Spike Switch to replicate Haruka's kick!
    • Next, he combines Stealth and Wheel and uses it to rush toward Pegasus without being noticed!
    • Third, he attaches the Claw Switch and uses Shield to attack again, and when Pegasus uses an explosion attack, Gentaro flies toward him using the explosion and smacks him down with Hammer!
    • Finally, he uses Magnet States to weaken him and fill him with electromagnetic energy before he collapses! Unfortunately, it didn't end the Pegasus Zodiarts...
    • And those top three points? They all had "Switch On" playing in the background.
  • For that matter, the very first minute of the episode had Meteor doing a One-Inch Punch on the Pegasus Zodiarts that sent it flying.
  • Pegasus should at least get a mention for copying Haruka's techniques perfectly just to incriminate her, and subtly tricking Gentaro into distrusting her more when he was in human form. Not to mention becoming the first Zodiarts to evolve on-screen.
    • To go with the above line, the debut of the Cancer Zodiarts. And it only took 22 episodes.
  • Haruka-sensei deserves a mention. After getting fed up with Gentaro following her around, she challenges him to a kick-boxing match and proceeds to level him with her trademark kick. Fitting, considering who her actor is!

    Episode 23: Swan Alliance 
  • A villain example: Cancer withstanding Magnet States' attacks. Since past uses ensured a Curb-Stomp Battle, that was both really impressive and scary.

    Episode 24: Hero's Desire 
  • Eguchi standing up against his darker personality aka Cygnus Zodiarts. Unfortunately, Toriizaki makes him go back to being a Zodiarts.
  • Meteor gives Cygnus Zodiarts a Rider Kick while "Swan Lake" plays in the background.
  • Fourze finally found a way to stop Cancer's claw from slicing stuff. By wrapping it with the steel wire from Winch and then incinerating him with Fire.

    Episode 25: Graduation Reluctance 
  • How does Fourze fight Chameleon Zodiarts' invisibility? Use the Pen and swipe it whenever Chameleon lashes his tongue, and wait to see where the tongue returns so he could see where the ink was at!
  • We have the return of the Power Dizer, but JK is the one piloting it!
  • Yuki's been promoted to Club President once Miu graduates. She does a good job since she figured out what caused Altar, Chamaeleon and Dragon Zodiarts to appear and made a great choice of making JK become the new pilot of Power Dizer!

    Episode 26: Perfect Round Dance 
  • JK finally becomes a Badass when he uses his dancing skills to kick ass while using Power Dizer.
  • Shun helps take down Coma Zodiarts by lifting it into the air via Power Dizer and rush toward Gentaro who obliterates it via the Magnet Switch.
    • Even better is the speech Shun gives when he wants to go help the others fight the Coma Zodiarts and Miu points out that they're graduating: "You're saying that there's not a place for me in the Kamen Rider Club anymore? To hell with that, I'll just make my own place!" Miu smiles, remarks that he's being really cool, then performs an Action Dress Rip and follows. Even Ryusei smiles at this!
  • Ohsugi-sensei gets one for announcing to Yayoi's face (who is also the Coma Zodiarts, mind you) that Prom and Graduation will carry on as planned. When asked as to why this is gonna happen after all the Zodiarts attacks have been shown, he just states that it's not that much of a deal since "it's just the way the school is". Also take note that he is still oblivious as to the true nature of the Zodiarts.

    Episode 27: Transformation Rejected 
  • Cancer VS Meteor. It mainly consists of Cancer smack-talking Meteor as the two fight.
  • Cancer being able to access the power of the Supernova and transform into Cancer Nova. ALL BY HIMSELF!

    Episode 28: Star Storm Comeback 
  • Let's give one to the Kamen Rider Club. Ryusei's stuck in a situation where he either goes off to see Jiro or face Kijima who would reveal his identity. Gentaro comes in, and asks Cancer to take his soul. Then, the other members come in and step up to also give their souls also. This shows that all of them are going to protect Ryusei, despite Ryusei's cold treatment of them sometimes, and treat him as a true friend.
  • Meteor Storm's Debut. That is all.
    • Meteor Storm's Limit Break. It uses the switch like a Beyblade and suddenly has enough power to slice off all of Cancer Nova's limbs and his tongue before exploding.
    • A villainous example: Libra tricking Virgo into putting Cancer in an And I Must Scream fate. Considering that Libra had been taking the backseat for much of Cancer's arc, it's a very awesome moment, and some may say that Cancer deserved every moment more than Scorpion.
    • His Oh, Crap! face makes it all the more delicious.

    Episode 29: Junior Silence 
  • Hopping Switch returns and Fourze has definitely improved in using it. He's jumping around and using Magic Hand Switch to try and capture Musca Zodiarts without once falling off or having trouble with the switch.
  • Musca himself takes a level in badass midway through the episode as he evolves, gaining new arm and leg weapons and the ability to turn into a swarm of flies.
  • Ohsugi-sensei gets one for actually being pretty cunning. Aside from his scene in #26, he followed Gentaro, Kengo, Yuki and Ryusei because he knew something was up with them. And he was right.

    Episode 30: Senior, Useless 
  • First off, Ohsugi should get a mention for transforming from a Jerkass into a Jerk with a Heart of Gold once he gives Gentaro the Net Switch to trap Musca and decides to keep the Kamen Rider Club a secret and help the members out. It should be noted that hurling the MacGuffin to the hero has already become a signature role of Heisei Kamen Rider support characters, and is clearly being invoked here.
    • Second, Fourze's fight with Musca has to be hands down one of the best fights, aside from Pegasus Zodiarts. Here's how it went:
      • First, he saves Ohsugi by riding his motorcycle and kicking Musca in the chest.
      • Second, he uses Shield and Aero Switch to block the sticky goo and then suck up all the air so he could hurl it at Musca.
      • Third, he uses Schop to dig out a humongous pile of dirt at Musca.
      • Fourth, he uses Gyro and flies into the air while shooting Musca down with Gatling.
      • And fifth, after Ohsugi gets his MOA, Fourze uses the new Net Switch to capture Musca. How? By moving his leg around as a giant net made out of Cosmic Energy traps Musca.
      • Last, after Ran is able to talk to Haru and make him open his eyes, Fourze finally gets the coup de gras with Magnet Switch.
  • Let's give credit to Meteor versus Libra. Not only was it an even fight, if it wasn't for Libra shapeshifting into Tomoko, he would've won.

    Episode 31: Subaruboshi Kingdom 
  • Aries has a villainous example by making his staff able to actually cancel out the effects of all of Fourze's switches and is able to control the school with just a flip of a switch.
  • As Gentaro fights off Aries, Shun comes in and starts hurling off Dustards.
  • Meteor Storm's Curb-Stomp Battle with Fourze in Magnet States was pretty badass.
    • As is the fact that Gentaro, despite knowing Ryusei has pretty much killed him, says that he's finally met the real him. No negative insinuations, he looked a little happy, even, that Ryusei is doing it for a good reason.
  • A minor one, but you have to hand it to Ohsugi-sensei for convincing Hayami to let Gentaro, Kengo and Yuki to visit Subaruboshi High. Especially after you remember that he just learned that some of the teachers are causing all of the students to become monsters just one episode ago.

    Episode 32: Super Space Sword 
  • Oh dear lord, where do we begin with the awesomeness?!
    • First off, let's go to the Kamen Rider Club. Aries Zodiarts is forcing them to go out and kill other students as written in the script. JK asks a question regarding the script, then rips the script in half, comments on how the script was complete garbage and then the other Kamen Rider Club members follow suit and tear their scripts in half also.
      • Let's repeat that: JK, the Lovable Coward, is the first to defy Aries during the Club's Darkest Hour.
        JK: "Look, I'm not exactly a saint or anything... (rips his script in half and frowns) but I've never seen such a disgusting story before. (throws away the script) It makes garbage look like a fine art."
    • Second, Ryusei, learning the error of his ways, jumps in and kicks Aries in the face to save the team and starts kicking all of the Dustards in a display of martial arts.
    • Third, Kengo reviving Gentaro and taking his hand, made even better that all of the other members of the KRC are also with him, and getting him to wake up. Even better is that Kengo is determined to get the Cosmic Switch into the driver and screaming "HENSHIN!" as the driver goes through the countdown.
    • Fourth, Gentaro comes in and picks Ryusei up, helps him fight some Dustards, and gives him the Secret Handshake. All while Switch On is playing.
      • And keep in mind, this is mere moments after coming back from the dead.
      • Even better, they whooped all kinds of Dustard ass without transforming yet.
    • Fifth, Cosmic States arrives as Gentaro belts out the UCHU KITAAA!!! so big that the Epic Tracking Shot goes past the Earth, past all the other planets and past the Milky Way galaxy.
      • What really made this fight awesome was Cosmic State's new theme song, and what a perfect timing to start.
    • Sixth, the entire battle with Aries as Fourze starts combining switches together (like Rocket with Elec and Freeze with Launcher) all ending with the Finishing Move that teleports the two outside of the Earth's atmosphere and ending with a HUMONGOUS Sword Beam. Wow.
      Fourze: Rider... SUPER GALACTIC FINISH!

    Episode 33: Ancient City Mayhem 
  • We finally see the Leo Zodiarts and his switcher Tatsugami in action. What happens?
    • To start, he beats down some members of Foundation X who have come to pester Gamou about submitting a report on his progress.
    • His only transformation of the episode, he let's out a roar that blows Meteor Storm and Cosmic States Fourze away!

    Episode 34: Heavenly Hole, Offensive & Defensive 
  • Yukina, after being a complete bitch throughout the episode to the point that she nabbed the Fourze Driver from Gentaro and refused to give it back despite Libra about to kill her, actually rushes up, pushes Libra out of the way and hands the driver back to Gentaro. This marks a big change in that she no longer wants to be his girlfriend and is fine with being just friends with him.
  • Libra VS Leo and Leo mops the floor with Libra.
  • Leo beating up Meteor. He even managed to repel his Limit Break, Meteor Storm Punisher, the very same one that was able to destroy Cancer in his SUPERNOVA form!
  • After being defeated by Fourze, Gamou is ready to send Hayami to the Dark Nebula. Just as Virgo opens the hole to the Dark Nebula, Hayami has a This Cannot Be! moment and transforms into Libra. This causes him to unlock his Supernova form, The Eye of Laplace which allows him to determine who has the potential to evolve into a certain horoscope. With this discovery, Gamou puts Hayami's banishment on hold to allow him to scope out potential candidates to become one of the remaining Horoscopes.

    Episode 35: Monster's Broadcast 
  • With only one night training under Leo, Capricorn went from a Horoscopes defeated in his first battle, to someone who can fight on even terms against Meteor.

    Episode 36: Serious Legend Song 
  • How does Fourze deflect Capricorn's soundwaves? With his own. He uses the Beat Switch combined with Net to make a net of sound that captures the attacks and entraps his opponent.
  • Meteor VS Leo Zodiarts. Leo has the ability to turn into three different Zodiarts—Scorpio, Cancer and Aries—and how does Meteor get him down? Use his staff to attack his right leg repeatedly and give him an opening to use Meteor Storm Punisher to deepen the wound!

    Episode 37: Star Follower Selection 
  • Fourze and Meteor are doing a Back-to-Back Badasses moment when Fourze hands Meteor the Fire Switch. Cue Meteor in the air and spinning around as a fire tornado obliterates the Dustards!

    Episode 38: Winner Determination 
  • Aquarius VS Fourze. There's a downpour and no background music—sans the leitmotif for when the Cosmic States arrive—and the two only trade blows twice: once when Fourze combines the Barizun Sword with the Claw Switch to slice off Aquarius's healing jars, and the second when they both attack before Aquarius Zodiarts explodes and leaves Erin behind.

    Episode 39: Campus Decree 
  • Sugiura's challenge to Gentaro and JK. Sugiura takes down both guys in their respective strong suits. (Break Dancing for JK, Double Dutch for Gentaro)

    Episode 40: Principle Or Pathos 

    Episode 41: Club Collapse 
  • Tachibana's training session with Fourze. In short Fourze has to break a jar Tachibana is carrying while also fighting off Meteor, the Meteor Star, satellite lasers from M-Bus, and Tachibana in the Power Dizer.
    • And for this, Fourze breaks out Rocket States!

    Episode 42: Archer's Reign 

    Episode 44: Star Luck Ritual 
  • Wanna know where the Epic Tracking Shot spans? The entire fucking universe. Hell yeah.
  • Want to know how Fourze to deal with Gemini in Supernova mode? By using Meteor Storm Switch! After absorbing Gemini's explosion attack, Fourze immediately threw it back to Gemini, then followed by his signature finisher attack: Rider Super Galaxy Finish]].
    • With support and cheers by Kamen Rider Club Members, of course!
  • Gentaro's Limit Break that involved Scissors, Spike, Claw and Chainsaw that made him cartwheel and attack his opponent. Unfortunately, he did it to the real Yuki...

    Episode 45: Scale's Estrangement 
  • Fourze and Meteor transforming into their super modes back-to-back.

    Episode 46: Aloof Archer 
  • Gentaro transforms into Magnet States and Meteor asks him to toss the N. Magnet Switch. What happens next? The two pull out an epic Limit Break that obliterates the Dustards!

    Episode 47: Parting Friends 
  • Tatsugami starts destroying the Rabbit Hutch. Ohsugi-sensei actually jumps into the fray and pulls Leo away from Miu. Sure he got beaten badly, but Ohsugi has proven that it is a teacher's duty to protect their students, going as far as to get beaten to a pulp and escape the Rabbit Hutch to give Gentaro and Kengo a message!
    • Ryusei VS Tatsugami, both untransformed.
    • Kengo, after gaining the full knowledge of the Core Switch, pulls out some powers of his own including a burst of cosmic energy that sends both Sagittarius and Leo flying!
    • Villainous example: Sagittarius pulls off a Rider Kick. Not just jumping in the air and doing a kick that's like a Rider Kick. No, we mean an actual Rider Kick, special effects and all.

    Finale: Youthful Galaxy 
  • Ryusei and Tatsugami fight again, ending it with Ryusei first delivering a Rider Kick as Meteor Storm to the Leo Zodiarts, to it turning Ryusei and Tatsugami back into their human selves mid kick, with Ryusei finishing Tatusgami once and for all with a kick in human form that causes Tatsugami to dissolve into Cosmic Energy! We even get a new variation on Ryusei's catchphrase, which Tatsugami himself said in the last episode was starting to get old:
    Your fate is mine to decide. - My fate is mine to decide.
  • Gentaro vs Sagittarius Nova! Here's the breakdown:
    First, Gentaro breaks out Rocket State to move Gamou out of the swirling Dark Nebula and uses the Tailspin Crusher.
    Next, Gentaro goes on the offensive with all his states: Elec State, Fire State, Magnet State and Cosmic State gets used in quick succession, immediately breaking out the finishing move with each of them to keep Gamou off guard and on the defensive.
    Third: Gentaro does a Rider Kick in Cosmic State form and it collides with Sagitarrius Nova's own.
    Fourth: Gentaro activates the warp drive for the Limit Break. But does he finish him off? No, he teleports them to the Amanogawa High Gym where the other members appear on stage. Gentaro deactivates the Driver and beats the living crap out of Sagittarius Nova.
    Fifth: The Kamen Rider Club talk to Gamou as Gentaro kicks and punches and then activates the Fourze Driver. The members follow suit with the countdown and "Uchuu Kita!!!" before Fourze ends this with the Rocket Drill Kick. And not just any regular kick. He activates the level multiple times, amplifying the Limit Break before Sagittarius Nova gets destroyed!
    Sixth, and last but not least: Gentaro forgives and gives the Secret Handshake to the Big Bad. And what happens: the Big Bad accepts it. Gentaro is an All-Loving Hero. That is all.
    • It needs to be reiterated. Gentaro kicks the shit out of the Big Bad, in their One-Winged Angel form, without his belt or anything.
  • Don't forget Gentaro and Meteor vs an army of Zodiarts performing Bike Fu.
    • The background music for the entire fight scene also adds to it.


    Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Mega Max 
  • Not even a minute passed, and what do we have? The legendary first seven Riders, kicking Foundation X's ass literally all over the world and taking names, not only showing that the original Showa Riders are still around, they are still around protecting the world. All of this accompanied by an awesome remix of the classic "Fight! Seven Riders!" In the first four minutes.
  • Kamen Rider Nadeshiko kicking Dustard ass, and later beating Foundation X's mutamid monster together with Fourze.
  • Kamen Rider Club showing that despite them not having the ability to fight, will still stand up against any monster.
  • Shotaro, Philip, Eiji and Gentaro all join up and have a badass transformation scene.
  • Kamen Rider OOO and Fourze pretty much mowing down an army Foundation X troops, also accompanied with their respective theme songs.
  • Rocket States VS the Dragon Mutamid.
  • The original seven Riders return to kick ass and deliver their signature finishers.
    • Against previous Big Bads no less! Kamen Rider Aqua also returns to help fight.
    • The finishers themselves, as the first seven finishers get to be shown with today's special effects. The less flashy ones look more punchy, and the more flashy ones, like Stronger? Damn.
  • Fourze Rocket States and Super TaToBa vs. Galaxy King.
    • On top of a freaking SPACE SHIP! Which ends with a Double Rider Kick and Galaxy King getting ran over by a space shuttle!
  • Double single-handledly defeating four Zodiarts at the same time. For the record, the other Riders in the movie either fight mooks or have one-on-one fights.

    Kamen Rider Fourze The Movie: Everyone Into Space 
  • Fourze and Meteor VS Twelve Zodiarts. And because it's The Movie, Fourze and Meteor use everything at their disposal.
  • The first appearance of Wizard as he finish off the four remaining Zodiarts with a quadruple Kick Stike.
  • The Entire KRC members get small moment of awesome by facing off some Dustards. Miu uses acrobatics as she fires her gun, Yuki and Tomoko dodge Dustard attacks just by linking hands and JK once again utilizes his break dancing moves to dodge and attack.
  • Miu and JK save Shun by getting their own Power Dizer units.
  • Gentaro in Cosmic States pushing the now giant robot form of XVII into the galaxy wormhole.
  • The montage of getting every single Amanogawa High character (up to Ep 36 and minus Sonada, Yamada and Kijima) to grab onto an Astro Switch to fuel it with Cosmic Energy. This not only extends to previous Zodiarts, but just characters who appeared in a single arc and Gamou himself! Then we have an epic countdown as every Astro Switch activates from 40 to 1, granting Fourze enough power to give him Meteor Fusion States.

    Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War Ultimatum 
  • JK gets one. While the others are all surprised to find Gentaro calling a reunion of the Kamen Rider Club. JK? He was wondering when Gentaro would show up, then shows him a picture of his fight from earlier in the movie and revealing he's already got all the photographic evidence of it secured.


  • The Shooting Star PV in which Meteor takes on 100 Dustards.