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  • We've gotta mention the opening credits, which are full of Freeze Frame Bonuses.
    • The post-Ryusei opening's scene of the KRC in the Rabbit Hutch: Yuki's flying around with her space shuttle hat and matching satellite puppets, Gentaro is next to Ryusei (who has a happy face and then has a face of total displeasure), Tomoko is in the background with a blue party hat on her head, JK's on his guitar with black paw gloves, Miu has a large leopard stuffed animal in her hands with a black feather crown on top, Shun's got a gold crown thing and is drumming on a large dice plushie, and Kengo is trying to study in peace.
    • The montage of Switches that plays at the refrain also contains some jokes for sharp-eyed viewers:
      • Hopping: Fourze gradually losing control of his bounce (he's last seen going off-screen upside-down).
      • Beat: Fourze dances to the theme song. Horribly.
      • Smoke: Fourze emitting a cloud of smoke and coughing.
      • Flash: Fourze blinds himself.
      • Shield: Fourze flashes a little peace sign from behind his shield.
      • Stealth: Fourze does a ninja hand sign then tip-toeing after he goes invisible.
      • Wheel: Fourze being stopped by the border of the screen.
      • Screw: Fourze "swimming".
      • Hand: Fourze playing Rock–Paper–Scissors with the Hand Switch and LOSING.
      • Freeze: Fourze shivering and trying to stay warm before being covered in ice.
      • Aero: Fourze has another Mundane Utility, except that he's using it as a LEAF BLOWER.
      • Gyro: Fourze waving at the audience as he flies by.
      • Net: Fourze catching a butterfly.
      • Stamper: Fourze marking the screen, only for it to blow up in his face.

TV Series

    Episode 1: Youthful Transformation 
  • Gentaro: "I'm not garbage, I'm trash!"
    • Some context to that: Gentaro was sitting at the cheerleader's table and Miu calls him the trashiest of trash. Gentaro takes it as being the manliest of men, presumably because Miu used the English word 'trash' and he didn't know its meaning. When Daimonji comes into the picture, he calls him garbage (in Japanese) and thus the quote.
  • There's also Gentaro's first time experiencing no gravity in the Rabbit Hutch.
    Episode 2: Space Superiority 
  • Yuki, Tomoko, and Shun looking from a wall. After Gentaro transforms into Fourze, Shun then states that he's gonna pretend he saw nothing and took his leave.
    Episode 3: Queen Election 
  • The first uses of the Hopping switch, where it seems rather...useless.
  • After Gentaro attempting to get information from the school's delinquents and having to beat them up, JK comes up, offering information, but asks what he can give in return. Gentaro folds his arms and says "Friendship". Note that the beaten delinquents can clearly be seen crawling in pain in the background as he does so.
  • Yuki entering the Queenfest and her bizarre performance in the first half of the competition, which was her wearing a satellite costume while singing "Hang in there, Hayabusa-kun". Shun and a good majority of the audience thought it was stupid, getting a laugh out of it. JK looked so shocked he dropped his drink. Kengo was wondering what the hell kind of performance Yuki was doing. Tomoko seemed to enjoy it somewhat. Gentaro was at the side cheering her on.
  • Compare Gentaro's transformation/signature pose with previous riders. While most other riders have done something to demonstrate how strong or cool they'll be, Gentaro is basically just expressing "W00T!".
    • He also insists on doing his "arms up" pose everytime he transforms, at one point he does it while running after a Zodiarts in a rushed manner, and later does it in a rather small area, causing him to hurt himself by hitting the pipes around him.
      • And, as of episode 9, JK and Yuki ALSO do the same pose together with Gentaro.
      • The aforementioned time when he did "the pose" while running looked like he was pretend-playing an airplane.
      • Not to mention in #11 that Miu and Tomoko add their own spin of the pose when Gentaro exclaims how the club's going off for ramen.
    Episode 4: Protean Secret Maneuver 
  • At the end of the episode, in the Rabbit Hatch, Yuki is upset that Miu has won for a third year in a row and that she never got to give her speech, when Gentaro comes in with Miu. In order to stay in school, Gentaro has told Miu about the Kamen Rider Club and made her a member. Miu explains that a Queen needs to know all of the school's secrets and she makes herself the club president. Yuki gets upset, because she has been in the club longer and has seniority. As the girls argue, Kengo leaves Gentaro to clean up the mess he has made, to the Rider's exasperation.
    Episode 5: Friendship, Inside & Outside 
  • Gentaro pauses his swinging of the Chain Array...and inertia causes the ball end to come right around and collide with his yarbles.
  • The Fanservice Extra who goes straight comatose upon seeing Unicorn. The thing is, the actress most likely wasn't cast for her acting skill, but it wasn't a factor for the scene to work.
  • Then there's Tomoko getting into Yuki's space and dumps natto all over her fried shrimp; instead of disgust (since natto is basically fermented soybeans which is either yum/yuck for the eater), Yuki actually enjoys it!
    Episode 6: Electric Shock, Steadily 
  • Tomoko Nozama's status as Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant is pretty much set in stone when she finds a comatose Gentaro, and performs last rites for him.
    • And expresses disappointment that he's still alive.
    • Gentaro introducing JK to the Rabbit Hatch. Immediately JK is deciding to make it like an amusement park before Kengo pushes him out. Then everyone is observing something on the monitor and JK sneaks back in with a 'Hi'. Cue everyone chasing after him to end the episode.
    Episode 7: King Jerk 
  • Miu's comment of having JK being the only other club member with her at the time.
  • How did Nozoma wind up in remedial lessons? She wiped the schools digital archives because one picture of her had her hair ribbon slightly off.
    • Takashi Satake, the teacher in charge of the remedial lessons class, really has it in for Gentaro. The first task was for the students to write “reflection” 1000 times. While everyone else was using pencil and paper, Gentaro was forced to do his in calligraphy.
    Episode 8: Iron Calvary's Cooperation 
  • Gentaro's relief that he barely passed the exam that would've kept him doing weekend studies. For the record, you needed a score of 50 to pass; he got 50, stating that it was the highest score he ever received.
    • It's funnier when you see the test. A closer look showed that had Satake not gone easy on him, he would've failed horribly (his original score was an 18.)
    • Hilarious in Hindsight alert: he gets a 4 for another test later on, so he may have been taking the 18 as said "highest score" unironically.
  • Gentaro trying to get into Shun's mindset by dressing up as a football player but he uses different terms like Batter up! and references rugby. Tomoko lampshades where he gets this knowledge from.
  • Then there's Yuki's backstory as to why she's in detention; she's tampering with the library shelf system—while wearing a shuttle hat—with a huge book of space that doesn't even fit the shelf!
  • After Gentaro and Shun patch things up, they do the friendship fist-bump while Shun is in the Power Dizer.
  • Gentaro trying to cheer up Shun by trying to be in his shoes. It turns out that Gentaro has NO KNOWLEDGE on football (he even quotes that he couldn't tell the difference between that and rugby) and instead says the phrases "Nothing but net!" and "Batter up!" before slamming the football onto a table. Yet despite all this, he somehow knows that Shun—the quarterback—really isn't calling out all the plays.
    Episode 9: Witch's Awakening 
  • Gentaro's freakout on the existence of witches. It has to be seen to be believed.
    • Not to mention each time Gentaro freaks out whenever Kengo is near, Gentaro usually gets shoved around for it.
  • Gentaro and Yuki's race to the school.
  • Tomoko freaking out Yuki when she asks her if she would like to be a witch, while emitting her dark aura.
  • Kengo's Hypocritical Humor about magic despite the craziness he's witnessed with the Zodiarts and Fourze's fights with them. While this was going on, Gentaro and Yuki were slipping and falling from the sudden rain.
    Kengo: I do not believe in magic. What I believe in are Cosmic Energy and Astro Switches. That's all.
  • Tomoko frisking Gentaro (she was sensing the Fire Switch believing that it would cause downfall).
  • There's something to be said for the Rabbit Hutch itself, which started as a clinically somber space laboratory, but is now turning into something else as new Kamen Rider Club members bring more and more of their junk into it with them - Miu's posters of herself and her makeup, JK's electric guitar, Shun's weightlifting gym bench, etc. Not to mention the assortment of pillows, stuffed animals, snacks, etc. that are brought in on a regular basis.
    • One must wonder what the Rabbit Hutch will look like when Tomoko brings her Goth apparel and love of insects to the club then.
  • Fourze slipping and sliding on the poolside.
    Episode 10: Moonlight Clash 
  • Remember the race held at the beginning of #9? Well, do that, but then add Tomoko to it.
  • Tomoko's mother is glad to see that her daughter has normal friends coming by to visit her...and then Gentaro walks in.
    He doesn't seem normal...
  • Tomoko's Zodiarts Switch gets thrown into a pond. You can just see the looks on everyone's face when that happens.
    • Not to mention Kengo accidentally pushing Gentaro and Tomoko into the water and everyone scrambling to get them out.
  • Yuki's Armstrong Kick, which turns Fourze into A Twinkle in the Sky (making it look like he was falling back to Earth from the moon).
  • Gentaro learns he can't go to the the Rabbit Hatch through the locker entrance while transformed.
    Episode 11: Disappearing Moon Door 
  • Gentaro's found a great use for the Flash Switch: making Tomoko look creepy and freaking JK out.
  • About JK's freak-out, after the prank he's carrying a barbell like it was made of nothing, and yet when he drops it on his foot after another scare from Gentaro, it was obviously the real thing...
  • When Ohsugi nearly stumbles on the Rabbit Hutch locker, Yuki immediately cooks up a story about the locker belonging to Sonoda-sensei - leading to a couple of imagine spots that get weird.
    • Not to mention Shun's excuse that leads to another spot about Sonoda asking Ohsugi for help.
    • Having to keep the Rabbit Hutch locker shut until Ohsugi can be drawn away from it results in Gentaro, Miu, JK and Tomoko getting packed like sardines in a way that human actors should not be put through. What about all that glowey space between the locker and the station entrance?
  • When Miu states what Ramen is, Gentaro then comes up with this quote:
    Gentaro: Let's go, Kamen Rider Club! We hunt...for ramen!!
    Episode 12: Mission: Ken's Life 
  • As soon as they left the bus, the rescued girls soon see an awakened Makise, then proceed to retaliate at him. Gentaro comments that he'll let the girls handle it.
    Episode 13: School Refusal 
  • So, how exactly does the Kamen Rider Club try to cheer Miura up? By putting up a mock play called "The Theatre of Youth" written by Yuki (And having Shun, Miu, Gentaro and Kengo going "Oops" at the site of it.) It somehow involves Gentaro (With a snazzy tie) beating up Shun and trying to cheer Miura (played by Kengo) up. What makes it so hilarious that the buildup is Miura taking detours to his house, by Gentaro and Kengo dressed up as construction workers and then later rushing backstage to get into costume. To sum it up: Kengo couldn't utter a thank you, and neither Miu or Shun liked how they were supposed to do their roles.
  • The debut of Water Switch. First thing you need to know? It's a faucet. Second thing you need to know? It sprays water EVERYWHERE.
    • Third thing you need to know. It's attached to his LEG!
    • The accompanying music really adds to the hilarity. And then there's the Dustard that gets sprayed on for 8 seconds nonstop...
  • Gentaro's Accidental Innuendo, proclaiming "Friendship is the best medicine, so [Miura] will get a big dose of me every morning, afternoon and night until he returns to school!" Made even better by the fact that everyone else, including Yuki and Miura's girlfriend, catches the innuendo.
    Episode 14: Stinger Onslaught 
  • Miu and Shun laugh at the possibility of Gentaro having a girlfriend. Considering what's going to be seen in the Movie Wars MEGAMAX (and the fact that Gentaro will fall in love with a cute girl), this is nothing short of hilarious!
    • Made better by the Fourze logo in the bottom corner falling down.
  • Fourze has landed safely back on earth after defeating Scorpion. He stands on a rock pile and is about to pose...when he falls and rolls down the rock pile. Fourze gets back up and continues as if nothing happened.
    Episode 15: Christmas Eve Choir 
  • Hayami making fun of Sonoda by calling her a "little pup". She tells him not to call her that. Then it was later revealed that Sonoda started out as the Canis Minor Zodiarts before evolving into Scorpion.
  • The poster for the Kamen Rider Club's Christmas party, where it shows a chibi-Fourze dressed up as Santa Claus!
  • The moment Yuki is Tempting Fate by saying her singing might summon an alien... and then the Perseus Zodiarts appears, causing her to adapt the Catchphrase and strike a pose while looking frightened.
    Episode 16: Right & Wrong Conflict 
  • The Pen Switch. It's more hilarious than the Water Switch for these reasons: 1) It takes place of his right leg. 2) Its only power is to write stuff that becomes solid!
    • Even better is The Reveal moment. When testing out the Switch, Gentaro writes "Baka" on the observation window. When Tomoko realizes it's become solid, she and JK try to show it to Gentaro by holding up the hiragana, causing him to shout "Who're you calling an idiot?!"
      • And then they have to prove it to him. Tomoko slams two parts of the hiragana together, and JK punches it, and hurts his hand doing so.
  • Gentaro doing his usual "Uchuu Kitaa!" with his left arm petrified, and using his right arm to put it in place.
  • Gentaro trying to sing Yuki's Hayabusa song in order to lure the Perseus Zodiarts.
  • Gentaro trying to draw Mount Fuji as part of a challenge to see whether or not he could convince Matoyama to return as a human. Matoyama thinks it was a rocket.
    • Keep in mind that Matoyama was in Zodiarts form the whole time.
  • Fourze vs Fourze. Gentaro Fourze does his Catchphrase with enthusiasm. The other one? Not so much.
    • Especially funnier since it wasn't just any evil doppelganger, it's Libra himself.
  • Everyone's celebrating Christmas in the Rabbit Hatch. But where's Gentaro? On the Moon, using the Pen Switch to draw a reindeer and the katakana for Merry Christmas. Kengo is not amused.
  • Meteor coming in and kicking ass...all the while making Kiai noises like he was Bruce Lee.
    Episode 17: Meteor Appearance 
  • After at least 12 episodes of not seeing it again, we see the Chain Array in action. What's the first thing Gentaro's going to do with it? Use it as a cat toy to attract Lynx Zodiarts. In short? It doesn't work.
  • Gentaro spinning plates. He's spinning a plate with a chopstick, a tray on his pompadour, and a teacup with his finger.
  • When Ryusei/Meteor arrives to the Lynx Zodiarts fight, complete with his Dynamic Entry field, Yuki goes STRAIGHT from cowering behind a bleacher seat to "INSEKI KITAAAAA!"
  • Tomoko gives JK the ear treatment while Ryusei just watches.
    Episode 19: Steel Dragon, Unmatched 
  • To emphasize how Book Dumb Gentaro is, let's take our debut of the Hand Switch. It was able to dismantle a whole bike while Gentaro is struggling to figure out the square root of 49.
  • The scene when Gentaro tries to talk to Kengo on the Rabbit Hatch. Made more hilarious as the other members of the club are just staring and it feels so awkward. Made even funnier when you see JK trying to get away from how awkward it is and bumps into Shun.
  • Gentaro punching the Zodiarts right after transforming and hurting himself: Uchuuu.... (CLANG!) ....Itaiii!!! note 
  • The first use of the Magnet Switches? Gentaro has bicycles and soda cans stuck to his body while a frying pan lands on his head. And the scene takes place in a parking lot, which really makes you wonder about the frying pan...
    Episode 20: Transcendent Magnetism 
  • Miu uses little Super-Deformed pictures of the club members to map out who'll try to find the NS Magphone and who'll try to apologize to Kengo. The best part is the text on each person's picture: Miu is "Queen Club President", Gentaro is "Hot-Blooded Friendly Guy", Tomoko is "Ghost-Sensing Goth Girl", JK is "Gossip Broker", Kengo is "King of the Infirmary", Yuki is "Space Otaku", Shun is "Twinkle Smile", and Ryusei is "Apprentice".
    • Correction, the best part is Super-Deformed Yuki cosplaying as the Rocket Module, with a tiny little Fourze hanging off her.
      • Also notable is Super-Deformed Shun wearing his football outfit with two pinpoints of light where his eyes are supposed to be.
    • While searching for the Magphone, poor Miu, JK and Tomoko are freezing themselves to death. And when they try to find out where that phone flew off to? Tomoko whips out a white snake skin and twirls it in the air, freaking Miu and JK. The surprising part? It actually works.
    • Later, they found the area where the Magphone is and dug a hole as deep as they are high, and it is muddy. What really makes the scene was Tomoko activating the Horuwankov. The result? An explosion of mud that would put most mud volcanoes to shame.
    Episode 21: Misled Course 
  • Haruka-sensei's kicks are so powerful that a gust of wind blows by and messes up Gentaro's pompadour as it nears his neck.
    • Oh and somehow the tip of said pompadour has a static charge when—as Gentaro states—he's thinking too hard.
  • Shun gets suckered into acting as bait for the Pegasus Zodiarts, being tricked by Miu. And as he states before, he gets suckered like this all the time.
  • The owner of the gym frequented by Haruka turns out to be a Large Ham worthy of Gentaro. He challenges Gentaro to join his gym. Gentaro says he's busy, so he turns to Yuki and repeats the spiel ("Let's aim for the world!"). She responds "I'm aiming for space!" and he turns to Tomoko...who puts up her dukes and creeps him out so much that he skips her entirely.
    • When Gentaro goes to talk to Haruka-sensei, the girls run over to the punching bags, with Yuki hugging hers and spinning around while Tomoko does her little boxing thing on hers.
  • During Fourze's second countdown, the "1" shows Shun drinking from a water fountain, looking up quickly and getting water on his face. It's implied that the countdown interrupted him somehow.
  • Ohsugi-Sensei pulling out a picture of him...with Sonoda-sensei pasted on to look like she's holding him. Also, him seeking comfort from Haruka-sensei only to receive a near-kick to the head.
  • After Fourze's first transformation, he goes to do Uchuu Kitaa!...Only to be interrupted by Kengo calling on the Radar Switch.
  • Gentaro, Kengo and Yuki's career counseling. To put it short: it was swift, blunt and the teacher didn't care. But for details:
    • 1) Yuki was wearing her shuttle hat and her little satellites while trying to explain going into colleges for space. Haruka-sensei just leaves while Yuki looks on in shock.
    • 2) Kengo gets asked about his frequent absences and states that he's okay with being held back a year. Haruka-sensei goes "As long as you recognize the problem. Next!" Kengo goes..."What?"
    • 3) Gentaro's application is in calligraphy brush that reads, and I quote, "Gentaro Kisaragi wants go through the straight and narrow." Haruka-sensei's response? "Just be aware of curves and forks along the way."
    Episode 22: True Self Dismissal 
  • Gentaro confromts Haruka-sensei as Fourze and demands the Switch. Haruka-sensei dumps out the contents of her bag and reveals a switch. But it's the fire alarm switch from the previous episode! She kicked it off out of frustration!
    • Also, when Haruka-sensei first enters the room, and sees Fourze squating on the ground waiting for her, and he greets her with a friendly "I've been waiting for you, teach!" She calmly slides the door closed without changing her dour expression at all.
  • JK pretends to threaten the little Foodroids with a magnet until Yuki pulls him out of the way. JK tries to go through it again, only for Shun to toss a pillow at him.
  • Ryusei tries to transform into Meteor again, but JK comes in just as he pulls out the belt.
    • Made even funnier when he tries to get Ryusei to protect him, then BREAKDANCES to avoid the Pegasus Zodiarts's attacks.
  • Fourze doing his Catchphrase; it goes like this:
    Fourze: Uchuu...(kicks Pegasus Zodiarts) Kita!
  • As he gets defeated, Kijima stated that he knew that he disliked Haruka-sensei for a reason.
    Episode 23: Swan Alliance 
  • The Giant Foot Switch has to be another of the crazy leg switches. First off, it's just a giant foot to cover Gentaro's right leg (Gentaro had to do a double-take when he saw the switch). Second, its ability is Gentaro stomping his foot so that a giant foot literally crashes down on his opponent. And at the same time Giant Step is playing in the background.
    • What's funny is the talk about the Giant Foot Switch between JK, Miu, Shun and Kengo. JK wonders if that switch is like a Big Foot (presumably he was talking about the mythological creature) and then it somehow goes to Shun confessing that he has big feet and how his mother got him shoes that were way too big for him. Miu then proceeds to tell him to shut up.
  • Kijima does his Rakugo routine as the Cancer Zodiarts. Why is this funny? Yuki goes along with it.
    • Gentaro and Yuki doing some crazy ritual during their time with the Cygnus Fan Club. It's so ridiculous that Ryusei decides to leave with Tomoko because it's crazy.
    • Some time later, they're still doing it and stop when Softnya blasts them with cold air. If you look close, there's still some frost on Gentaro's hair that makes him look like he's aged.
  • Toriizaki immediately puts down Gentaro, Yuki, Tomoko and Ryusei by these labels: "Trash", "Idiot", "Goth" and "Pretty Boy".
  • For some odd reason in the countdown, the "1" focuses on a test. Why is it so hilarious? 1) It's Gentaro's name on that test and 2) He got a 4.
  • Ryusei successfully blocks an attack from Cygnus, but then notices Tomoko is seeing this. What's his next move? Scream, try to land a kick, fall on his back and then run away.
    Episode 24: Hero's Desire 
  • Tomoko's attempt to thank Meteor. She's on the ground, waving a straw doll and snake skin in the air while Ryusei just watches.
  • Tomoko comments how Ryusei left her alone and uses Softonya on him. Ryusei's response: "Did she just hex me?"
  • Gentaro's plan to make Eguchi a hero? Get everyone else in costumes. To wit: Tomoko and JK are an elderly copule, Shun's a foreign tourist who's lost his way, Kengo and Ryusei are thugs trying to 'hit on' Miu and Yuki's a sobbing little elementary student who's balloon is up in a tree.
    Episode 25: Graduation Reluctance 
  • Shun's first attempt to get Miu to go to Prom with him. It starts with a truck with a blinking sign that says "LOVE" before going to an image of Shun with a heart over him (Shun in a fancy white tuxedo, btw) proclaiming that he wants to go to prom with her. Then the truck goes back in reverse, showing Shun with four football players and him with a bouquet of roses in hand. Miu downright walks away, leaving poor Shun in shock.
    • Right after, Tomoko starts talking about how prom is when love happens while surrounded by her usual dark aura. Yuki's response? "Tomoko-chan, no cursing!"
  • Then here comes Shun's plan that he wants Gentaro to do: Go into Fourze-mode, use Schop to spell out "LOVE" along with the characters for "Miu" and a heart. Then, use Rocket to raise Shun into the air when Miu sees the sign from a window and propose to go to the Prom with her. At first, Miu is delighted...and then the background is a wall of fire as she berates Gentaro for digging on school grounds. Cue Shun screaming as he wakes out of his Imagine Spot and the blossoming tree behind him loses all of its petals.
    • After that he starts doing a forward roll and falls down. Gentaro believes he's doing something crazy...but soon sees Shun in a pit alright.
  • When Gentaro approaches Ristuko (Altar Zodiarts), Tamae (Chameleon Zodiarts) and Jin (Dragon Zodiarts), the girls leave mad. Jin tells Gentaro that they wanted to ask him to prom. After what happened earlier between Shun and Miu, Shun is visibly shocked.
  • Tomoko holding onto Ryusei to make sure he doesn't go anywhere.
  • The Good news? Power Dizer appears after 11 episodes. The hilarious news? JK is piloting it!
    • Even more hilarious because Kengo is the one who has this big grin on his face as he drags the poor guy into the mecha!
    • Especially since he's crying about it, and Gentaro kicks the Power Dizer to get him to keep going!
  • Yuki and the KRC freaking out is normal. Yuki and the KRC freaking out because Miu is making Yuki the next Club President once she and Shun graduate? Hilarious!
    • Shun dressed as a clown at the end of the episode. That is all.
    Episode 26: Perfect Round Dance 
  • At the prom, Ritsuko's partner is none other than Ryusei himself. Why is that? Because he was threatened to be cursed by Tomoko if he didn't!
  • The Foodroids are hiding out near the refreshment table at the Prom. One of the girls took Softonya by mistake and thought it was an ice cream cone!
  • JK can break dance and pull off amazing stunts with those skills in Power Dizer, yet when Tomoko gave him a bottle of energy drink he was unable to do open it.
  • Yuki gets psyched that she becomes leader of the Kamen Rider Club at the end of the episode. Then she loses that position when Miu reveals that her and Shun's universities are actually closeby.
    Episode 27: Transformation Rejected 
  • Never make Yuki cook nabe. She'll make giant planets made out of food. Subverted since Gentaro's grandfather said it was delicious.
    • Then we have Shun eating food in the shape of Mars that is incredibly spicy. Naturally, Softonya is there to cool him freezing him in a sheet of ice!
  • Cancer's fight with Meteor is a goldmine. Things included are Cancer referring to Meteor as a "Planetarium Man", a long metaphor comparing Meteor to a tadpole, and Cancer doing a crabwalk mid-battle!
  • Kijima's Bad "Bad Acting" when he exclaims on being defeated before revealing that he survived the Limit Break.
    Episode 28: Star Storm Comeback 
  • When Kijima steals the Kamen Rider Club's souls, every one of them had their rings come out of their chest...except JK. His came out of his ass.
  • Cancer steals the souls of the KRC. Each time they try a joke, he cuts them off literally and figuratively, before they could finish their act. Only when they were returned to normal, did they deliver their respective punchlines.
    • One of the highlights is Kengo's turn on jokes. Yuki did a Space Joke, JK was in a gold jacket and playing a ukelele and Gentaro does a pun about friendship. What does he do? "FUNNY FACE COMPETITION!"
  • Kijima grunting during the countdown sequence of Gentaro's transformation.
  • After being defeated by Meteor Storm, Kijima states that his defeat is like a black dog before the spinning top slices his Supernova tongue, leading him to explode.
    Episode 29: Junior Silence 
  • How do Gentaro, Kengo and Yuki ward off Ohsugi-sensei? Pretend to see Sonoda-sensei, then send the Foodroids to take care of him. To wit: Flashake blinds him, Horuwankov stops him in his tracks by clamping down on his coat, Potechokin snips his shoelaces, Softonya hits him with a blast of freezing air and Nuggyorika hits him with the nugget modules.
  • Trying to run after the newly transformed Musca, Ryusei almost trips on his feet after running into Ohsugi. Then he was making faces at Ohsugi while the latter was looking away!
  • Shun and Miu chase down the new Musca Zodiarts in an awesome car! Then it stops because Shun ran out of gas. Miu is visibly mad.
  • Ohsugi overhears Gentaro talking to Yuki about the Rabbit Hutch. He then goes to the rabbit cages thinking that it's Gentaro's hideout. And gets attacked by a rabbit for all his troubles. And then he finds the real Rabbit Hatch...
  • How does Gentaro go about making friends with Haru? He chases after him, grabs his hand and runs off. Then he accidentally leaves him behind, picks up a female student, pauses and then goes back for Haru.
    Episode 30: Senior, Useless 
  • Ohsugi learns the truth about the Kamen Rider Club. Then he's sent to the moon by Fourze and starts going into Large Ham mode once more.
    Ohsugi: "I'm like a bunny!" *complete with hands imitating bunny ears*
  • Ohsugi then tries to leave the Rabbit Hatch, so he's restrained by everyone else. Later on, Shun tries to pin him to a wall by going for a tackle...not realizing that he hit the Gravity Switch by mistake, thus letting Ohsugi escape!
    • Finally, Ohsugi decides to not abolish the Kamen Rider Club and decides to help them out. He then screams out "Kisaragi! Jojima! Utahoshi!" each with various responses. Then he notices that Ryusei is also in the room and looks in shock.
    • And how does the episode end? Ohsugi, Gentaro and Yuki all screaming, "OHSUGI KITAAA!!!" so loud that Ryusei's watch cracks (though this was intended as Mood Whiplash, as things breaking for no reason is a bad omen in Japan).
    • During the countdown transformation, rather than showing other things happening within the same moment, it focuses on Ohsugi as he somehow goes through three exaggerated Wild Takes within that short amount of time.
  • Fourze defeats Musca with the new Net Switch. It's a leg switch and it follows the ridiculousness by a) being a butterfly net and b) being colored pink!
    Episode 31: Subaruboshi Kingdom 
  • To continue our trend on how Gentaro has a very poor grasp of English, he presses the Big Red Button that the Cosmic Switch has, and keeps doing so as it screams out "Danger! Danger!" until it explodes and short circuits!
    • What's even funnier is what it says before exploding. "Goodbye"
  • Our final Leg Switch is Stamper. Can anyone guess what Gentaro can stamp onto the enemy's body? The Logo of the Kamen Rider Club!
  • "YOU ARE STUDENT! I AM TEACHER!" Even considering the whole "Aries has everyone wrapped around his finger" bit, you gotta admit, the play was pretty funny.
  • The episode focus on Ryusei and the the Previously on… is : "Previously On Kamen Rider Meteor", with a different background music and Gentaro suspiciously absent from the recap.
    Episode 32: Super Space Sword 
  • When Gentaro comes Back from the Dead, he gets up, only to headbutt Ohsugi on the head. Ohsugi replies with, "Kiseki...kita..." (translation: Miracle time) and faints.
    • At the end of the episode, everybody agrees to keep Ryusei's identity as Meteor a secret. In comes Ohsugi, and everyone panics note , resulting in him chasing them around to tell him what they were just talking about.
      • Made even funnier by his last line: "DRILL KICK!!!!"
    Episode 33: Ancient City Mayhem 
  • Yuki gleefully stating that "that annoying chairman isn't around with them". Cue Miu getting a Sneeze Cut: the Rabbit Hatch blew its roof open!
  • Continuing from #25 on Gentaro being a Chick Magnet, here comes Yukina Takamura who is desperately trying to make Gentaro her boyfriend.
    • When asked on if Gentaro likes someone, what does Gentaro say in response? "Everyone whom I've befriended, everyone I'm friends with, and everyone I will befriend!" Oblivious to Love indeed.
  • Ohsugi gets left alone...again. And gets blasted by Softonya...again. Only this time, he decides to make a haiku about it!
    Ohsugi: "Forever alone/Suspenders Echo Through All/Kyoto City" (snaps suspenders)
  • Can anyone guess who's trying to prevent Yukina from getting lovey-dovey with Gentaro? Ryusei. To wit he: got two skewers of quail yakitori for them to share, threw caltrops at the Senbon Torii, lifted Yukina onto his shoulders, and even passed a fan inbetween her and Gentaro as she tried to get a picture of them both! And his response to this? "I have to protect Gentaro." Ho Yay is about to commence in *belt FX* 3...2...1...
    Youtube Comment: Ryusei: Expert Cockblocker XD
    • TVNihon takes it a step further. Their translations of Ryusei's line? "Gentaro is mine to protect." The Dub Text just serves to make the scene even funnier.
    • By far, the best bit is Ryusei's smile after the caltrops bit. He's quite clearly enjoying himself.
  • Gentaro and Yukina are ambushed by Dustards while in a sort of ninja-themed secret passage maze. Since he can't transform with Yukina there, he draws the sword that's part of his samurai costume and swings it...only to get it stuck in the ceiling beams right above him. What makes it even better is that not five seconds later, one of the Dustards does the exact same thing.
  • Gentaro's second fight scene in the episode has him encountered by Kengo and Yuki. Typical stuff, right? Enter Kengo as "Commissioner Kengo Utahoshi" and Yuki as "Fishmonger Yuki" and then somehow it's like the two have become characters in a samurai movie!
  • Continuing with Yukina's attempts to get closer to Gentaro, she suggest the group splits up and goes through two separate paths. She lovingly suggests that she and Gentaro one way, and saying that Ryusei and Yuki go another in a very disinterested manner. Yukina's body language and change in tone totally sells the comedic moment.
    • What did she do to make Yuki cooperate? Blackmail, by threatening to wrecked Hayabusa-kun Puppet.
    Episode 34: Heavenly Hole, Offensive & Defensive 
  • After seeing Yukina act around Gentaro, Kengo sums it up by pressing the Cosmic Switch. Remember what the Switch cries out when that happens?
    • And Ryusei believes that she's an obstacle a lot more difficult to tackle than Leo.
  • Some time later, Yukina cries out "Daimonji!" and Gentaro assumes she's talking about Shun—she's talking about the character for Dai (translating 'Daimonji' as 'giant character') on a hillside. And better, Gentaro and Yuki imagine Shun bent around into that character, while smiling and performing his trademark salute!
    • And much later, Gentaro uses the Pen Switch to create that character and swings it around Libra.
    Episode 35: Monster's Broadcast 
    Episode 36: Serious Legend Song 
  • JK and Capricorn Zodiarts appear on the school news and start rocking out. Cue Tomoko, Kengo and Yuki coming in and rocking out.
  • Remember the little Super-Deformed pictures Miu made way back in #20? She added Ohsugi-sensei's and it looks absolutely ridiculous!
    Episode 37: Star Follower Selection 
  • Tomoko and Kengo's team build a little football playing robot and nickname it Daimonji. Shun ends up sneezing in the Rabbit Hutch. Multiple times.
  • The isolation test. The first to crack for Gentaro's group? Ryusei Sakuta. He gets near the blasts of steam and starts breaking out in the Kiai as everything else goes crazy! What makes it more hilarious is that Miu, Shun and JK thought he was faking that freak out as to keep an eye on Zodiarts attacks. Ryusei has to play along even though he notes that he can't admit that he actually did crack.
    • There's even a quick cut to the chaos that happened causing him to snap, and we briefly see Ryusei doing his kung-fu pose and noises while Meteor's disco henshin sound plays!
  • Yuki randomly fainting at the entrance of the Isolation Chamber.
  • Gentaro and Yuki barely pass the written exam. How? The bonus question which consist of people aligning the papers to the light to see the Japanese character for star. As Hayami pointed out, it was "the chairman's way of playing a joke."note 
  • Hiroki Makise out of all returning Zodiarts is in Gentaro's group. Ryusei asks who he was (justified as Ryusei came quite after Makise's arc) and Tomoko answers "Simply, he's a misogynist." note 
  • Aquarius Zodiarts arrives and Gentaro has to fight her, but they're inside the training simulation. What to do? Tomoko whips out the origami cranes and throws them at the cameras so they can't see what's going on!
  • Tatsugami poking fun at Hayami for how Erin dislikes him. Hayami tells him to shut tup.
  • There Was a Door moment: During the brief fight in the training room, Aquarius accidentally closes the door to the room with her body. Not two seconds later, Fourze bursts through a solid steel wall like it was drywall when he threw a punch too wide.
    • Also, this conversation when Fourze meets Aquarius Zodiarts for the first time when she claims that she is filthy (fuketsu), then Fourze corrects her as flawless (muketsu), due to her Healing Factor.
    Aquarius: "I am completely filthy."
    Fourze: "You mean 'completely flawless'!"
  • What did Gentaro's team do for a robot? They made a cute cat and it somehow involves singing a little song Yuki made.
  • At the Rabbit Hatch, JK, Miu and Shun all get dumbfounded looks when the Foodroids dismantle (so Fourze can activate Cosmic States), indicating that they had no idea that there was a battle going on.
    • And when JK tells Shun and Miu about Erin, they both go "Oops!" while the Foodroids hop simultaneously!
  • The second time Aquarius and Fourze fights starts out hilariously when he transforms. She does the Catchphrase and strikes the pose with Fourze having the same excitement.
    Episode 38: Winner Determination 
  • In an OOC moment, Tomoko can be seen praying desperately when Hayami is listing those who passed the exam.
  • At the start of the final challenge, Yuki is too scared to cross over the bridge.
  • Erin has to be corrected for her Japanese again. But this time, it's by Hayami and Tatsugami.
    Episode 39: Campus Decree 
  • JK and Gentaro engages Sugiura in a dance-off and jumprope competition, respectively. Both JK and Gentaro didn't take their losses well...
    • How could they when Sugiura broke the laws of physics just to win?!
      • That only made it funnier, since all three (Ryusei included) didn't seem to have a clue that Sugiura actually cheated!
  • How does Taurus demonstrate his power to control anyone who's signed his contract? Use Fourze Cosmic States as a puppet to do silly things!
    • Gentaro and JK finally following the school dress code. It's really hard to recognize them.
      • To explain, Ohsugi-sensei is picking around a student in uniform on the Rabbit Hutch when Miu and Shun walk in. At first, the college students are wondering why a stranger is in their hiding spot...until they realize it's Gentaro. They react appropriately.
      • And Tomoko has to do a double take when she realizes JK—now with slickened black hair—is next to her!
      • Also, JK covering his face and going all Don't Look At Me! when someone recognizes him
  • JK and Gentaro go deep undercover as part of the school council and the first group of people they meet is the party kids. One of them notices JK—who has had his hair dyed black—and JK doesn't want to go through with it. Then, he sees girls cheering him on, so he decides to go along with it and 'beat up' the rule breakers via break-dancing. While this happens, Kengo, Yuki, Tomoko and Ryusei are watching with WTF looks on their faces.
    • When one of the members of the student council tells Gentaro about the school's bylaws (hatto), he thinks that they're talking about hats. The guy just can't catch a break with the Gratuitous English, can he?
    Episode 40: Principle Or Pathos 
    Episode 41: Club Collapse 
  • Ohsugi-sensei tells JK that it's perfectly alright to be afraid. JK then complains that the one thing he fears more than being killed by Virgo is being comforted by Ohsugi!
    Episode 42: Archer's Reign 
  • Miu and Shun watch some cheerleaders practice. They think they saw a Zodiarts switch, but when they pick it up, it's just a pinecone.
    Episode 43: Light & Dark Twins 
  • The first appearance of Yuki's parents who are just as eccentric as their daughter as they are revealed to love to dress up in cosplay as they prepared for dinner. And for extra hilarity, Yuki's father is Maki.
  • If you thought the first one was hilarious, with the father making a flambé and the mother pretending to be eaten by a horse, they have a flashback on when they eat Indian food. And it's just as ridiculous.
  • The vandalism enacted by Gemini/Dark Yuki, especially when you see a couple of the victims, of Face Doodling.
  • When Dark Yuki transforms into Gemini, she jumps from her location and falls on her back. The sound effect is the same as the Hayabusa-Kun puppet and the Rider Club actually just stares at her before she speaks.
    GEMINI KITAA! (said after she managed to plant a delayed explosive on Meteor)
  • Gentaro decides to clarify that Gemini is actually Yuki. He takes note of the fact she called him “Gen-chan”, but takes a moment to realise she said “I hate you”.
  • After being told that Yuki is Gemini, Ryusei as Meteor jumps her.
  • Ohsugi arrives at the Rabbit Hatch to talk to Yuki about the vandalism she supposedly pulled on the school grounds. He was holding a water gun, yet everyone—minus Kengo—puts their hands up like it was a real firearm!
  • Yuki calls Gentaro a bad friend. His reaction? Whine like a puppy and point at himself.
    Episode 44: Star Luck Ritual 
  • Ryusei doesn't get a special space ticket—presumably because he tried to jump Yuki in the previous episode—until Tomoko pulls him to her side? Why? Because Yuki made a couples' ticket for them—with hearts!
    Episode 45: Scale's Estranglement 
  • Tomoko tries to mix Natto into the soup that Gamou made her only to be stopped by Ryusei.
  • The irritated look on Leo's face as Gentaro and Ryusei transforms to fight him.
  • The Running Gag of Ran Hates Being Touched, being done to Hayami.
  • When the gang discovers the still-twitching Aquarius whip-tail-thingy, we see Tomoko using bugspray and Shun smacking it with his shoe like it was a roach or something.
    Episode 46: Aloof Archer 
  • Ohsugi-sensei freaking out when he sees Hayami in the Rabbit Hutch and learns the truth about him and Sonoda-sensei.
    • And while everyone else is talking, he's leaning against the door, hands over his ears in disbelief while JK tries to tell him more stuff.
    Episode 47: Parting Friends 
  • Tatsugami growls to intimidate the KRC, but one can't help but laugh at how he does it.
  • Then there's Ryusei transforming in Meteor. He charges into the Leo Zodiarts and says his catchphrase. Cue Leo to bowl him over and reply, "I'm getting tired of hearing that".
  • Ohsugi-sensei's reaction to Kengo giving him an Info Dump basically screams, "TOO MUCH PLOT."
    Final Episode: Youthful Galaxy 
  • Upon his victory, Gamou tells the Club to be there tomorrow for his speech and to try the soup on the menu.
  • Ohsugi-sensei is all bandaged up in a neckbrace and he's trying to tell Satake-sensei what was going on. Satake-sensei doesn't believe him, and then Haruka has to knock some sense into him by using her trademark kick.
    • It gets better. Satake-sensei basically trolls Ohsugi by going "Naah!" with a dismissive wave. Cue Chairman Gamou's speech. It ends with Satake having a literal jaw-dropper and Ohsugi looking back at him with an "I-told-you-so" laugh going on.
  • Ryusei and Tomoko (with JK behind her) talking about Ryusei's "girlfriend" back at Subaruboshi, only for him to admit she isn't. Awkward silence aside, Tomoko's Battle Aura became pink and sports a nervous face, with JK eating it up.
  • Shun proposes to Miu, but the girl sees a much lovelier rock on a passingby man's hand who was adjusting it, and wants that one instead. Who was the man? Haruto Souma himself adjusting his Flame Wizard Ring!

Movies & Specials

    Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Mega Max 
  • Remember how all the Kamen Rider Club members (Minus Gentaro of course) is named after different Kamen Riders? Well, a promotional photo for the Mega Max movie lampshades this when the gang is dressed as the Kamen Riders with costumes made out of cardboard boxes and slippers.
  • Gentaro doing his "UCHUU KITAAAA~!" bit...and Shotaro getting a little freaked out and asking "What was that?!" while Gentaro just continues on as normal.
    Double: What the hell, man?!
    Fourze: Space! (gives a thumbs-up)
    Double: (suddenly cool with it) Oh, okay.
    • How about that Cultural Festival presentation? Surprisingly, Kengo actually goes up and proudly states that he's Kamen Rider #1. It's JK who's not keen on the whole "dress up in Kamen Rider outfits made out of boxes and slippers".
    • There's a scene in Nadeshiko and Gentaro's date that they lean to kiss...but they're on the moon in space suits. Guess what happens.
      • As well as a moment later when Nadeshiko opens her visor so they can kiss and Gentaro is about to do the same when the realization hits.
    • What happens when a Kamen Rider is taken for a ride with Gentaro while he's using the Rocket Switch...Eiji learned the hard way as he's screaming and holding on to dear life.
    • And don't forget this: "KANOJO KITAAA!"
    • There's just something funny about Gentaro and Shun using their Character Tics (smoothing the hair back and the Wink "Ding!" respectively) as old-school Ass Kicking Poses.
    • Shun tries to do some Hint Dropping to Miu about his love for her but Miu doesn't even notice. Cue Shun sobbing and crying on the nearest person next him. Said person? It's JK!
    • The various reactions of the Club when Nadeshiko first transforms, especially the boys.
    • Nadeshiko's fighting scene against the Dustards. A cute, bubbly teenage girl goes in and beats the utter crap out of them while Fourze watches.
    • During Kengo's explination of SOLU, Nadeshiko creates the Mega Burgermeal after watching Burgermeal. JK cries out in amazement and lunges for the new Burgermeal...only to miss and hits the table with his head when the Burgermeals back up.
    • The meeting between the four Riders. Especially the part where Shotaro and Gentaro keep saying the same words ad infinitum, at least until Eiji interrupts them.
      • More specifically, Philip notes that Shotaro and Gentaro are alike. Shotaro dismisses it...until Gentaro states that he wants to beat the asses of the people who made his friends cry. Shotaro then warms up to him and then they start going into Ham-to-Ham Combat.
      • Throughout the whole exchange, you can see Masaki Suda trying his darnedest not to laugh.
    Kamen Rider Fourze The Movie: Everyone, Space Is Here!  
  • The whole training sequence have its moments.
    • During the shooting segment JK, Yuki and Tomoko playing hot potato with the gun
    • The team is flying in fighter jets with various reactions with JK panicking and Ryusei doing his Kiai sound
    • Yuki trying to practice fighting against Gentaro but utterly failing until she headbutts him and knocks him off his feet and cheering in happiness with Shizuka hitting herself with her clipboard soon after probably from the utter ridiculousness of the situation.
  • Wizard's cameo appearance. Fourze had trouble trying to pronounce his name right with Wizard trying to correct him.
  • The music video for "Switch On!" has Fourze dancing to the beat of his own theme song. And at the end of the video he skips away into the night.
  • The Kamen Rider Fourze DVDs have these short episodes that consist of the Kamen Rider Club getting together to discuss the legendary Kamen Riders and participate in a game show (with no real requirement to remain in character). Some highlights from the first one include:
    Kengo: So, freshman team [JK and Tomoko] why did you choose that answer [Answer #1]?
    Tomoko: It was over a game of rock-paper-scissors. Just kidding; the moon told me.
    • Discussion about Takeshi Hongo's eyebrows.
      Kengo: Takeshi Hongo's eyebrows are thick, aren't they? Justin (Shun's actor) has similar ones, right?
      JK: (while Shun runs a finger down his eyebrows) That's an insult to Takeshi Hongo!
      Shun: (feigning shock) And it's not rude to me?
  • The 2nd short episode of the Kamen Rider Club Quiz, this one hosted by Shun, also has some hilarious moments! These include:
    • Kengo and Miu's team being known as "Be Nice to Your Sempai" Team.
    • Before the quiz starts, the school bell rings. Gentaro, Yuki, Kengo and Miu tilt their heads to the chimes!
    • Shun spamming the Wink "Ding!" in the beginning and doing goofy faces while the teams answer the questions for the quiz. Not to mention the numerous times that the KRC call Shun 'Justin' (his actor's real name).
    • Shun dancing during the Thinking Time parts between questions (to mess with the contestants when they're trying to pick the right answer). Simply has to be seen to be believed - especially the faces!
    • The lampshade hanging on Shun's Shout-Out Theme Naming:
      Shun: Hayato Ichimonji...Shun Daimonji...Maybe we're relatives?
      Shun: (once again feigning shock) How can you treat me like this?!
    • Shun comments how Kengo and Miu are in sync.
      Shun: But Miu is mine.
      Miu: I don't belong to you Shun.
      Kengo: You heard her.
      Shun: (cue epic Jaw Drop)
  • The 3rd short Quiz segment, this time hosted by Miu, also brings the laughs. To wit:
  • The 4th short Quiz, hosted by Yuki, is also hilarious. Examples include:
    • The reason why Riderman is the only Rider to expose his mouth.
      Yuki: It's because he has an elegant mouth!
    • The Shout-Out Theme Naming lampshading Riderman's name—Joji Yuki—to Yuki Jojima.
    • The clip prior to the first question has Joji Yuki rescuing a baby. The club then jokes that the baby is Yuki Jojima herself.
    • How does Yuki entertain herself while the teams talk to themselves? Air guitar and singing.
    • Gentaro and Miu team up together? Their name? "Trash Queen Team".
    • The second question asks what kind of training Destron subjects captured boys to; Tomoko's answer is running through explosions, because "It would look cool."
  • The 5th quiz, hosted by JK:
  • The 6th quiz, hosted by Tomoko:
  • The 8th quiz, hosted by Ryusei:
    • When Ryusei reveals that Skyrider's real name is Hiroshi Tsukaba, everyone reacts with familiarity. Ryusei asks if they already know him, and Shun responds "Well, he's Shin-chan's dad, isn't he?"
  • Special Bonus DVD: Astro Switch Secret Report, the DVD that came with a Televi-Kun. Seeing Ryusei all excited and happy to have a Televi-Kun, and get all defensive when Gentaro tries to rip out one of the pages, really is a hilarious sight to behold.
    • Not to mention that the cover showed a switch with Yuki Jojima's chibi face on it!
    • No mention on Gentaro and Ryusei's comments on the switches? Those were hilarious!
  • Hyper Battle DVD: Kamen Rider Amazon somehow disappeared en route to Japan with the Clear Drill Switch, forcing Yuki and Kengo to go on a self-declared Amazon expedition to find him. Cue Gentaro as Fourze holding the fort against the Mutamid of the video by battling him for up to twelve days straight.
    • Wanna know bad it gets? By day nine, he's in Magnet States and has to use the Magcannon as weapon. As in Fourze has to whack the monster to death with it.
    • Kengo and Yuki meeting up with—fake—animals and running the hell away from them. Heck, they get into this in The Stinger!
    • The ending of Hyper Battle DVD, when you choose the Fourze's friendship method they will do the welcome dance Gentaro and Yuki did in the beginning.
      • Or if you pick the Amazon's friendship method, they do not defeat the Mutamid and instead he runs off like a scared little girl.
  • Fourze's Net movies: "Everyone go to Class time!" has some very funny moments. These include:
    • Fourze meets up with Kamen Rider Garren who shoots his hand every time Fourze tries to speak. Then, Tomoko and Gentaro find out that Garren is their principal. When Garren explains that his name is Tachibana, Gentaro starts getting a meltdown as he tries to connect how Principal Hayami is Tachibana who gave Meteor his powers and yet is also a Kamen Rider. Tomoko has to bring in the real Tachibana to explain that, no, Tachibana Sakuya, Tachibana, and Principal Hayami are not the same person.
    • Fourze's interactions with Ichigo goes rather well. Until the latter rider begins to ramble on, and on and on with stories for three whole hours. Fourze tries to leave at one point, but Ichigo pulls him back as he continues to speak.
    • Fourze meets with his corresponding Showa Rider number, specifically 13. Yes, Fourze (Possibly the most lighthearted Rider) meets Shin. Yeah, that Shin.
      • Further increasing the hilarity is the implication that Shin is actually receptive to the idea of being friends... it's just that he Does Not Know His Own Strength and that he's covered in so much harmful spikes and other sharp implements, that any kind of interaction with him hurts. Then Shin tries to hug Gentaro.
    • Fourze learning about Riderman's cassette arms and decides to shake hands with the Magic Hand switch... ten feet away from the Kamen Rider himself.
    • Fourze meeting up with Wizard has Tomoko completely gush over the rings and magic fashion stuff Wizard is wearing. Fourze has to use the Hand switch to pull her away and to block Tomoko from taking pictures... all the while Wizard has now been downright scared of the Perky Goth.
      • Even funnier? When Gentaro calls for Tomoko, she's reading the script for Wizard!
    • Hayami is interviewing the girl from the swim club (Ep 9) and what does he remember about her? Her being in a swimsuit. Through his perspective he constantly switches between her in school uniform and then in swimsuit until he finally tells her to put the device that will let him see what Zodiarts she is. Then, Hayami starts dancing around and singing "I tricked you! I tricked you!" and then he activates the Horoscope Switch. When he turns around, he sees Tatsugami right in front of him!
  • At the end of Fourze's part in Ultimatum, Gentaro, Ryusei and Nadeshiko travel back five years into the past. Future!Gentaro, having chucked his Fourze Driver into a pool of molten metal, tackles Past!Gentaro onto the grass. Past!Gentaro is freaking out at seeing someone who looks just like him, but when Future!Gentaro asks for the Fourze Driver, Past!Gentaro is calm and nods his head.