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When he said he'll be the one who'll befriend everyone, he meant it.
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TV Series

    Episode 2: Space Superiority 
  • When Gentaro discovers that he's in space and he despite himself sheds some Manly Tears, you can't help but feel delighted how even such a badass is moved by the majesty of space.
    Episode 3: Queen Election 
  • Starting with this one, Gentaro changes the name of his Finishing Move from "Rocket Drill Kick" to "Rider Rocket Drill Kick", paying homage to the heroes that came before him.
    Episode 4: Changing Illusion, Secret Maneuver 
  • Miu forgives her friend Tamae for hurting her and sabotaging her attempts to be Queen of the School. Her speech — where she tells her admirers that instead of spending all their energy worshiping her, they should be bettering themselves — is also good.
    Episode 5: Friendship, Inside & Outside 
  • Miu has definitely warmed up to the Club. She was at first cold and uncaring, but you can't help but 'aww' as she's smiling and skipping all the way toward the Rabbit Hatch.
  • The callback to the first episode. Shun tells her he's been hearing about her spending time with the Kamen Rider Club and calls Gentaro "the trashiest of trash," and Miu replies by saying that she's starting to think it really means "the manliest of men."
    Episode 6: Electric Shock, Steadily 
  • JK's been a colossal jerk the whole episode. When Nitta, the guy he screwed over, is getting ready to finish him since none of his "friends" showed up to help him, suddenly Gentaro appears. When reminded about JK's Jerkass behaviour, Gen simply says:
    Gentaro: I'll become friends with him. That way he sees that someone can accept even a spikey headed jerk like him.
    Episode 8: Iron Calvary's Cooperation 
  • Shun finally reveals his backstory, which is given a response of Gentaro crying and telling him that he understands his pain. This leads to Shun telling his father that he'll make his own friends now, no longer burdened by what his father wants him to be.
  • Satake hugs his son in relief once Gentaro frees Teruhiko from the Zodiarts' influence.
  • On the moon, Shun asks Miu if she wants to date him again. She gently rebukes him by saying that it'll take more than a romantic view, and he laughs and concedes her point. Considering what a self-entitled jerk Shun had acted like earlier, that's a huge growth in character.
    Episode 9: Witch's Awakening 
  • Shun comes to tell a member of the football team to back off and not embarass his now ex-girlfriend in public. This shows that he really has changed for the better.
    Episode 10: Moonlight Clash 
  • All of the Kamen Rider Club members talking to Tomoko confessing about themselves (From being a self-centered control freak, a space otaku, etc.) and Tomoko's single tear at how she has become friends with them.
    Episode 11: Disappearing Moon Door 
  • After Kengo is trapped on the moon, every member of the club is off trying to find the missing locker. Shun's talking to coaches, Miu's talking to many of her friends, and even Tomoko's tracking down stuff on her iPad! This goes to show that the group has really bonded and come together.
    Episode 12: Mission: Ken's Life 
  • Miu gives Yuki a well deserved hug after all the shit the poor Otaku's gone through from the previous episode.
    • Don't forget Yuki's speech to Kengo, reaching out to him that the whole Kamen Rider Club really cares about him and are trying their hardest to help. There's a reason she's The Heart of the club!
  • A minor one but Gentaro and the others put faith in Tomoko's abilities and let her go on her way to figure out what went wrong with the destroyed locker.
  • After Kengo is saved, he finally accepts the other members of the Kamen Rider Club as his friends.
    • Even better? He plants the Kamen Rider Club Banner as a flag on the moon and does the Secret Handshake with the gang watching in delight. The episode ends with them jumping for joy at how the club is complete.
    Episode 14: Stinger Onslaught 
  • Kengo uses a special power glove to channel the Medical Switch to heal Gentaro, despite knowing that he's gonna be in immense pain from doing it. He does the fist bump with Gentaro and Gentaro puts his faith into him. This shows that the two have bonded after a very short time.
    Episode 15: Christmas Eve Choir 
  • Gentaro and Yuki teaching the Glee Club their Secret Handshake. This is the first time that's ever been done outside members of the club (and Miura), meaning that they're all friends now.
  • Miu and Shun were shown buying decorations and preparing for the Kamen Rider Club's Christmas Party. If you saw them in the first episode, you'd never expect them to do it now!
  • Also, when told that the other members are preparing for said Christmas Party, Kengo doesn't even bat an eye, perfectly ok with them doing so. There's something you'd never expect!
    Episode 16: Right & Wrong Conflict 
  • Gentaro lets Yuki help the Glee Club sing for the Kindergarten class despite her worried about Gentaro's condition.
  • Gentaro helps Matoyama see the light about his art, especially when Matoyama sees all the artwork made by the kindergartners surrounding a previous work he made. Made even sweeter when Matoyama—in Zodiarts form—does Gentaro's Secret Handshake.
  • Once Matoyama is free from being a Zodiarts, we last see him back on the rooftop sketching Mount Fuji. However, Abe comes and they both do Gentaro's Secret Handshake.
  • Yuki's Hayabusa Song is a hit with the kiddies, especially when the kids start imitating Yuki's dance.
  • Miu wasn't shown during the fight with the Zodiarts. Why? Because she was busy getting a cake for the Christmas Party topped with 7 candles that represents all 7 members of the club (from a black candle representing Tomoko, a pink 'M' candle to represent her, a bent one for JK, a star topped one for Yuki, etc.).
    Episode 17: Meteor Appearance 
  • In the lunch room scene in which Gentaro mingles with all the different cliques of the school. Even giving one of them the Secret Handshake. When he said he was going to be friends with everyone, he meant it.
    • A nerd student and the Lynx Switcher calls Gentaro an idiot and tells Kengo he shouldn't be hanging out with him. Kengo tells him that it's none of his business who he hangs out with and corrects him that Gentaro is no ordinary idiot. He is unfathomable force, whose idiocy overcomes Earth's gravity. Hypocritical Heartwarming at it's best.
    Episode 18: Gen/Ryu Showdown 
  • One for the Club: Tomoko tells Meteor off about how Kamen Riders are heroes. That's enough for the other members to also get in the way of Meteor about to beat the ever-loving crap out of Fourze. All 6 members are there, shielding Fourze, and they don't give a damn who Meteor is. They are gonna protect their friend from him!
    Episode 19: Steel Dragon, Unmatched 
  • A small one, but when Gentaro was crying on the roof, Kengo's new foodroid came to comfort him.
    Episode 20: Transcendent Magnetism 
  • Miu, JK and Tomoko encourage Gentaro to go to Kengo and talk to him.
  • Gentaro and Kengo do the Secret Handshake once more. Especially sweet when Kengo answers that the two are friends as long as Gentaro thinks they are. Gentaro goes "Screw that! We'll always be friends!"
    Episode 21: Miseld Course 
  • Gentaro convinces Haruka-sensei to be a teacher again and they do the Secret Handshake.
    Episode 23: True Self Dismissal 
  • When Meteor tries to kick Cygnus Zodiarts while the latter is using Tomoko as a shield he says that he's not soft like Fourze, but in the end he can't do it.
  • Even if Cygnus wasn't as heroic as he seemed, the Ugly Duckling Society encouraging its members to do acts of kindness is quite touching.
    Episode 24: Hero's Desire 
  • Tomoko says that she want to avenge Meteor as a thank you for saving her life.
  • After all the shit Eguchi goes through in this episode, he decides to become a hero by doing small stuff like helping old ladies across the street, even wearing something similar to Fourze's design.
    Episode 25: Graduation Reluctance 
  • Miu promotes Yuki to Club President once she graduates. It's a very sweet move because it notes that the two have become really close friends during their time in the club.
  • Shun thanks Gentaro for allowing him to be in the KRC, noting that after all his time doing what his father wanted him to do, he felt like he accomplished something in High School. It's also because of that that he got his love for football back, and that he truly has fallen in love with Miu.
    Episode 26: Perfect Round Dance 
  • Miu's dance with Gentaro, particularly because Shun suggested it and how he knew that it would make Miu happy. Made better with the Kamen Rider Girls' song "Bloom" playing in the background.
  • Ryusei tells Shun and Miu about how the KRC won't be able to function without them. When he sees the two run off to help the team, he smiles.
  • The Montage of Shun and Miu's evolution from selfish jerks to lovable heroes that plays during the dance. The fact that Shun is walking away from the girl he loves while she dances with his best friend almost brings this into Tear Jerker territory but that's counterbalanced by the fact that they aren't actually leaving the KRC.
    Episode 27: Transformation Rejected 
  • Gentaro reveals a bit of his family life and about why he makes friends—to see them smile. He fondly remembers how his parents encouraged to make new friends because they would help him out in the long run. He still keeps this philosophy even though his parents died when he was young.
    Episode 28: Star Storm Comeback 
    Episode 30: Senior, Useless 
  • Ohsugi decides to help out the Kamen Rider Club and thus becomes The Mentor for the group. His reason? Because as a teacher, it's his duty to help the students out. Gentaro graciously thanks him and both he and Yuki hug their new club mentor, all screaming out "It's Osugi Time!!!"
  • Gentaro searched high and low for Haru's name tag, but he didn't do it alone. Tomoko, JK, Kengo and Yuki helped also, as shown by the mud on the leggings and pants, thus making Ran realize that there were upperclassmen that cared for her after all.
  • Ran apologizes to Haru and promises that she would never state that she'd protect Haru, because the reason Haru wanted that switch was to be able to protect her.
  • Meteor fights Libra, and has the upper hand. Libra transforms into Tomoko. Ryusei can't bring himself to strike her, even if it's a fake.
    Episode 32: Super Space Sword 
  • Kengo reaching out to Gentaro in what appears to be Heaven and telling him that his friends still need him. The two grab hands and the scene zooms out to show that Kengo is being supported by the other members of the Kamen Rider Club—they're all waiting for him to return, and that proves it.
  • Ryusei reuniting with Jiro, even if he had to make a Deal with the Devil and be the temporary Hero Killer to achieve that goal.
  • Kengo finds his father's words carved onto the Rabbit Hutch, dealing with how friendship would help people take on the universe.
  • Even after all the shit Gentaro went through the previous episode, he forgives Ryusei because he believes that a person who was giving it his all to save his friend wasn't a bad guy at all.
    • Capped off, of course, by Gentaro and Ruysei doing the handshake.
  • Ohsugi cries at the sight of Gentaro dead, making it very clear that despite his earlier antagonistic role he genuinely cares about the lives of his students.
    Episode 33: Ancient City Mayhem 
  • Although very minor, notice where Gentaro, Kengo, Yuki and Ryusei are sitting compared to them in #29. Now that Ohsugi has befriended the group, he doesn't have any need to place them in the front to antagonize them.
  • He's way more relaxed around them as well. Check out the classroom scene at the beginning, just the way he talks to them is a leap from where he started. He's clearly already attached to these kids.
  • And he also is glad he's now the Club Adviser for the Kamen Rider Club, and considers them his friends, even if Gentaro getting dragged off by Yukina means that once again no one was around to hear him.
    Episode 34: Heavenly Hole, Offensive & Defensive 
  • After Yuki explains to Yukina that Gentaro would still fight off the Zodiarts even if she took the Fourze Driver away, Yukina rushes toward Gentaro and asks him to make a promise: to take a picture with her and smile. At the end of the episode, Gentaro is holding onto the photo that the two took.
    Episode 36: Serious Legend Song 
  • JK calls his father—the fisherman Gentaro was hanging out with earlier on—and has a nice heart to heart chat.
    • Moreover, JK mentioned that he had to apologize so much to his friends about the whole incident. Gentaro gets him to stand up and forgives him. Cue Cry into Chest.
    • Gentaro is off fishing with someone even though three of their members are hospitalized, three of them are rave zombies and one of them is working with the enemy. Why is he doing this? He's doing it because the person he's with is JK's former rockstar father and he needed to learn the song his father played for his son. This shows how big of a messiah Gentaro is—he'd do anything to make his friends happy.
    • In two parts of the episode, you can see Miu's Super-Deformed pictures hanging on the wall. She's added Mr. Ohsugi's picture, proving without a shadow of a doubt that he is now a part of the Kamen Rider Club.
    • JK's farewell letter as he closes his Milky Night Carnival radio show as a whole as he says goodbye to his dream persona by opening up to himself.
      JK: "Goodbye DJ Gene, JK (Jingu Kaizo)"
    Episode 38: Winner Determination 
  • Gentaro explains to Erin why Yuki had to tamper with the robot. It was a test to see how the team would act under stuff like that.]] When Erin realizes what she did, she rushes back to where she pushed Yuki off a hill and heals her. When they all reach the finish line, she and Yuki do the Secret Handshake.
  • At the end of the episode, Erin's memories are erased and she's seen back where we saw her in #37. This time, she interacts with the two without malice.
    Episode 40: Principle Or Pathos 
  • It isn't the first time Gentaro's Talked The Zodiarts Down, but it is the first time the Zodiarts in question not only avoided having a final battle with Fourze, but transformed one more time in order to fight Virgo when they ordered him to attack the heroes. Unfortunately, Taurus got sent to the Dark Nebula for his efforts.
    Episode 41: Club Collapse 
  • During his training with Tachibana, Gentaro pulls out the S1 Rocket Switch. He looks at it and says "Nadeshiko", which means he treasured it and still thinks about her.
  • When the members were at the KRC, Ryusei punched the wall while saying "Virgo" looking at Tomoko's place.
  • What Ohsugi says after Virgo has succeeded in Breaking the Fellowship. His heart of gold shines brightly for a moment.
    Osugi: You can do what you want! Just... don't die. It's against regulations.
    Ryusei: I'm pretty sure that isn't a regulation.
    Osugi: I'm making it one! Got it? Follow regulations!
    • After Ohsugi finds JK, Osugi tells JK that what the teenager is afraid of is being unable to help and it was okay to do so. This shows that Osugi truly cares for the Kamen Rider Club and isn't the adviser just for the sake of it.
    Episode 42: Archer's Reign 
  • All of Kamen Rider Club members (especially Ryusei and Tomoko) pay their last respects to Emoto aka Tachibana.
    • Kengo's moment is arguably even more heartwarming as he forgives Emoto for his father's death, and hopes that they can rekindle their friendship in the afterlife.
    • Learning that Emoto truly sided with the Anti-Zodiarts Alliance and, thus, the Kamen Rider Club. He felt guilty about killing Otahoshi Rokuro and wants to atone for it, and does so by undermining the Zodiarts. The reason he wanted Fourze to attain Cosmic States through ruthlessness is that he thought that the Kamen Rider Club's bonds would fail, just as his bond with Rokuro did in the face of power, and he is pleased to turn out to be wrong. And the kicker? Everyone "sent to the Dark Nebula" was actually transported to the M-Bus Satellite and put in stasis.
    • Gentaro mentions how he'll continue Tachibana's training and befriend him. Kengo notes how he'll follow Gentaro to hell if he needs to, and Gentaro says "I'll try not to go that far." This goes to show how deep their friendship goes; if you saw them back in the first episode, this probably wouldn't have happened!
    Episode 43: Light & Dark Twins 
  • One with Heartwarming in Hindsight: Osugi checked the school cameras in order to see if Yuki really was responsible for the chaos in the school. Who suggested it to him? Kengo, one of two people in the Club (the other being Ryusei) who didn't see Yuki's transformation into Gemini, and was actually giving her the benefit of the doubt.
  • In case you still had any doubt about Ryusei's commitment to helping Gentaro, the end of this episode has him jumping on an exploding Gemini twin like it was a grenade for Fourze.
    Episode 44: Star Luck Ritual 
  • Last time, Yuki got mad at Gentaro for forgetting the "ticket". In this episode, he finally remembers what it is: when they were kids, Gentaro was the only person who ever believed in Yuki and thought she could really become an astronaut and make it into space. When he moved away, Yuki gave him a memento box containing a hand-made ticket to come into space with her. Gentaro held onto it for all these years, and showing it to a rapidly fading Yuki gives her the strength to turn the tables on Dark Yuki, throwing a wrench in Gamou's plans.
  • At the end of the episode, Yuki gives each of the other KRC members their own tickets. Except for Ryusei.note 
  • In a smaller example, the KRC once again shows the strength of their bonds and charges into the Zodiarts' ceremony in an attempt to save Yuki. She's crossed the Despair Event Horizon and has given up, but they apologize for suspecting her to begin with and beg her not to give up so easily.
    Episode 45: Scale's Estrangement 
  • The opening scene has all members of the KRC celebrating Kengo's birthday. Then Yuki shows up with his present; key-chains that have chibi versions of the KRC members.
    Episode 47: Parting Friends 
  • Gentaro tells Kengo to go to space and to befriend the Presenters and asks for him to wait for all of the KRC to go into space to see him once more. Then, Yuki comes in with a tearful rendition of her Hayabusa song, with lyrics for Kengo to go into space and to wait for everyone to come up before breaking down in to tears.
  • Ohsugi gets a Papa Wolf moment, trying to restrain Tatsugami, the strongest and most brutal of the Horoscopes, and screaming "Don't harm my students!!!"
  • When Gentaro gives Kengo the Fourze Driver, Kengo thanks him and calls him by his first name.
    Finale: Youthful Galaxy 
  • Kengo's letter that he wrote to the Kamen Rider Club in case he either went off with the Presenters or died by Gamou's hand, while the latter actually happened. In short, he thanks Yuki for supporting him and helping him finish the Fourze Driver (While also noting how she finally learned to cook normal food); wishes Miu luck in achieving goals befitting someone of her pride; tells Shun that he is probably the only guy worthy of being with Miu; says that JK is a strong person whom hides his true self, just like Kengo did; tells Tomoko that her instincts had been a great help; laments that he and Ryusei never really talked, and told him to make sure Gentaro stayed safe; and then thanked Gentaro for everything he did; and he tops it off by telling them to not hate Gamou for killing him, but to make him their friend. This scene also doubles as a Tearjerker because of the situation, and also because this scene drives every member of the Kamen Rider Club to tears.
  • Gentaro offering his hand in friendship to Gamou after defeating him. Gentaro Kisaragi: Incorruptible Pure Pureness incarnate.
  • Shun proposes to Miu with an engagement ring. And then we get Mood Whiplash when Miu sees Haruto walk by with his ring and she looks at it longingly.
  • Ryusei and Tomoko talking, with Ryusei awkwardly confirming that the girl from back at his school isn't his girlfriend at all. It's so sweet that Tomoko's Battle Aura became pink as she realizes that means she's completely unopposed for Ryusei's feelings.
    • It should be noted that before he confirmed that he didn't feel that way about the girl that Tomoko was seemingly willing to accept defeat with dignity, only flaring up when she realizes she still has a shot.
  • Kengo's promise about Ran and Haru joining the club way back in #30 becomes real when they fix up the burnt Kamen Rider Club flag.
    • Not only that, Ohsugi joins them, which proves that even though there are no more Zodiarts, he's still going to be their faculty adviser no matter what.
  • Kengo's rebirth. Gamou, in his attempt to atone for his actions, uses Aquarius's Switch and uses Aquarius's healing waters to fix the Core Switch. What makes it even sweeter is that Kengo has Yuki's keychain dangling on his backpack.
    • Then following that, Kengo copying Gentaro's space time pose.

Movies & Specials

    Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Mega Max 
  • Kengo gets a major What the Hell, Hero? moment when he's willing to hand Nadeshiko over to Foundation X. However, he redeems himself later on in the movie when Gentaro is thrown from the villains' van while attempting to save her; at this point Kengo rides up on Fourze's motorcycle, apologizes to Gentaro and says that he can understand how he feels, then hands over the bike and tells Gentaro to go save the girl he loves.
    • This is followed up when Gentaro rescues Nadeshiko from Foundation X, only for her to to be taken away and effectively killed as she's turned into an Astro Switch. As a defeated Gentaro watches in anguish, the rest of the Club jumps to protect him from The Dragon; Shun uses the Dizer, Kengo tries ramming him with the Masshigler, and the girls send out the Foodroids, while JK admits that he can't do anything but give Gentaro a hanky to wipe his tears. Kengo says they'll keep the baddy busy for as long as Gentaro needs to cry, but when he sees all this he declares he's through crying and now he's going to stand up for his friends. Cue transformation where the Kamen Rider Club gives the countdown, and then all of them shout Gentaro's usual "It's Space Time!!!"
    • And then we get a Heartwarming Moment of Awesome when Eiji rides up and offers to help, telling Gentaro "Riders help one another out, don't they?" Which is echoed in the final segment when Shotaro says the same thing to Eiji (which is a Call-Back to Eiji's cameo in The Gaia Memories of Fate).
      • On top of that, Eiji shows that he remembers Gentaro from his Early-Bird Cameo in The Shogun and the 21 Core Medals by saying "I see you're still making friends", as well as Shotaro declaring that his and Philip's Go Through Me moment is their finally paying Eiji back for the two times he helped them before (fighting the Luna Dopant in Gaia Memories of Fate and saving Akiko from Kamen Rider Core in Movie Wars Core).
  • Gentaro's pure joy at actually getting to meet the Seven Legendary Riders. Unfortunately, there isn't really time for a real introduction.
  • At the end of the movie, after Gentaro sees (and gets passed up by) the real Nadeshiko, the members of the Kamen Rider Club all do his salute (tapping the chest with a fist, then pointing at him). He smiles and responds in kind. All in all an excellent example of how much the club has grown as True Companions over the course of even just a quarter of the series.
    Kamen Rider Fourze: Rocket Drill States Of Friendship 
  • If it wasn't enough that Kamen Rider Amazon and Fourze, both big on friendships, become friends using their respective handsignals, they also have a cheerful Incan greeting dance. Both hilarious and heartwarming.
    Kamen Rider Fourze The Movie: Everyone, Space Is Here! 
  • The Kamen Rider Club frantically tearing through the school in order to round up all the people who Gentaro has helped throughout the entire show thus far to activate each of the depleted switches at the same time to fill them with Cosmic Energy to save Gentaro. Every character, even and especially bit characters show up again to help the guy who has saved them so many times before. It's an absolute Tear Jerker.
  • When Yuki comes to Miss Haruka for help, the poor girl is in tears because she's afraid her best friend is going to die. Haruka simply smiles and hugs her, no words needed.
  • The whole time, Ryusei's fighting his absolute hardest to protect his friend. When he said "I have to protect Gentaro," he damn meant it.
  • The fact that Chairman Gamou comes to Yuki and offers to be the 40th person to help Gentaro, of his own free will and with absolutely no prompting. Especially considering he's the Sagittarius Zodiarts, the show's Big Bad, which means he did have some honest respect and admiration for Gentaro.
  • When Gentaro gets the edge on the Space Ironmen thanks to the Fusion Switch, they angrily declare that there's no way Fourze could have gotten that much more powerful. Gentaro responds that his power comes from all his friends at Amanogawa High School, and there's no way he'd let them down by losing.
  • Before Fourze and his friends say goodbye to XIII, he gives his sign of friendship to him. Partially funny since he's doing fist bumps with a Humongous Mecha the size of a house, but it's a Tear Jerker since it's the last time they'll see him for a while.
    Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War Ultimatum 
  • Nadeshiko returns, saving Yuki from the destroyed space pod. She explains that XVII contacted her and she rode on a comet to be with Gentaro. She and Gentaro reunite with a hug. Aww....
  • Speaking of reunions, Ryusei and Tomoko. Not much else needs to be said.