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Being one of the more upbeat Kamen Rider series, this show has more than a few moments to make you go "aww".

As a moments page, all spoilers are unmarked from this point on.


  • It's implied in one episode that one of the reasons Kougami makes so many cakes is to make sure if an employee in his company has a birthday that day there'll be a cake ready.


  • #12: The Yummy's host is a friend of Eiji's that he met while abroad. His desire is to be famous, and the Yummy is stealing 'talent' from others and sending it to him, warping his personality. He eventually hows up at the cafe demanding that Eiji let him use his experiences as his own; Hina is horrified, but Eiji says he doesn't care about that and just wants his friend to go back to being himself. Then Ankh pulls Eiji aside and says he should go take out the Yummy, because its "probably built up a lot [of medals] by now," but the entire exchange comes off as him trying to reassure Eiji that he has the means to save his friend...
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  • #16: There's a small moment when Eiji is having a realisation about how much it must suck to be a Greeed, and looks at the destruction wrought by Mezool's loss of control. Not only does he express sympathy for her and Gamel, but he also makes a promise to Ankh (that the Bird Greeed doesn't seem to hear); one that makes it clear that, for all their arguing, Eiji has started to care for the jerk.
    Eiji: No. I won't let this happen to you.
  • The 1000th episode Homage arc in #27-28. A plotline of any sort would normally seem like an afterthought for a storyline condemned to Bottle Episode status, but not only is continuity left intact, but the story even ends with the image of a Shocker Mook and a Kamen Rider shaking hands and making peace. For a 1000th episode, this was very long in coming indeed.
    • Plus, Date desperately wanting to continue making the Kamen Rider film even after getting injured.
      Ankh: You want your paycheck that badly?
      Date: No! A movie is the realization of a dream! And it can inspire a whole generation of children to dream too! What more could I ask for my work?
      Kougami: That's the indomitable spirit of filmmaking!
  • #32: After Eiji ends up badly beaten by the first two Dinosaur Yummy, Ankh asks him if he's alright. This counts because this is the first time Ankh seemed to actually show true concern for someone other than himself.
    • Even before this, when examining Ankh's behaviour even in a few of the early episodes, it's possible to see his attitude towards Eiji as morphing into something along this lines of "This Is My Human". Sure, there's probably a degree of self-interest in there (it is Ankh we're talking about, after all), but he comes across as legitimately concerned at times; like he's trying to stop Eiji from doing combos too much because of the strain it puts on him. Ankh really wants to stay a Jerkass, but thanks to some good storytelling, you can tell that Eiji's general likability has been resonating with the Greeed for a while.
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  • #38: Before Gotou goes all Tranquil Fury on the Greeeds' collective asses to avenge Date's "death", Date's "dying moments", along with Gotou crying out his name were pretty heartwarming in a sad kind of way.
  • #40: Ankh discovering he can't bring himself to hurt Hina and Eiji anymore, followed by them throwing him a birthday party (well, technically it was originally for his host, but Hina changes her mind), which by the end he actually seems to enjoy. Considering it's probably the first time in his life anyone has ever done something like that for him, it's really touching. However, it only makes what happens afterwards all that more tragic...
  • #46: Gamel's last moments where he has a vision of Mezool happily accepting a piece of candy from him. Seeing her happy is all he could ever want.
    • YMMV of course, but the whole fight between Ankh and Eiji was one. Both still are bonded to the other, and this is shown at the end, where Ankh asks Eiji if he's ever really really wanted anything...which ilicts this exchange.
    Eiji: I wanted... there was something I wanted once, but... I gave up on it... I tried to focus on what was in front of me... The power to help people, no matter how far off they are! More and more! And then... I got it. You gave it to me. I never mentioned that did I? Ankh. Thank you.
    • The look Ankh gives while Eiji's speaking as well as when he's finished, tells the entire story.
  • #47: Where to begin? Ankh's Heel–Face Turn resulting from the discovering that he's too attached to Eiji to kill him. Chiyoko finally being let in on the whole thing and telling Hina she shouldn't choose between any of those she cares about and should try to save them all. This leads to her going to Ankh and asking if he's all right, something Ankh at first thinks is about his body and is surprised that Hina genuinely cares for him. This leads to Ankh going back to help Eiji in the final battle despite the fact that he's sure his Core is about to shatter and end his life.
    • The twin Births trying to talk Eiji down after he goes Greeed again during the fight with Maki. It doesn't work, but this doesn't deter the pair.
      Eiji: But I have to stop the end of the world...with my power!
      Date: You dumbass! Take a look at your hands! What can you do with those? What are you going to protect? Who are you going to reach!?
      Goutou: Quit trying to do everything on your own, Hino!
  • #48: An odd kind of heartwarming moment is Dr. Maki giving Kiyo-chan to Chiyoko. Considering how Dr. Maki is the Big Bad, one wonders why this would count as a heartwarming moment. It's mostly because of the context that lies with what Kiyo-chan and Chiyoko both mean to Dr. Maki. Although soon after that scene, we get reminded of who Dr. Maki really is.
    • Ankh confessing that he was happy that he was able to 'die' even though he is just a pile of medals, and telling Eiji that it was all thanks to him.
    • Just the look Ankh gives Eiji after his spirit manifests to aid Eiji in the final fight., saying without words that he's with Eiji every step of the way. There's also the fact that Ankh actually gained an actual spirit which survived his demise, and for the first time in his life, did something completely selfless by sacrificing himself to give Eiji a fighting chance.
      • Ankh appears to both Eiji and Hina to bid them goodbye, and leading both of them to a half of his shattered Core Medal. His moment with Hina is especially fuzzy since he gives her an honest, genuine smile right before he disappears, as if to thank her for everything. Not to mention earlier in the episode, he was happy that he was able to die like a real living being because of Hina and Eiji. Oh, and he finally admits that picking Eiji to be OOO was a good choice after all.
    • All of Eiji's friends reaching out to catch him as he falls, shouting to him that he doesn't always just have to rely on himself.
      • The first one to do so is Gotou, which goes to show how far their relationship has come since the two first met.
  • The credits roll over a "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue, revealing for starters that Shingo has recovered and gone back to his normal life. It also shows that Gotou and Date have gone back to their old jobs as a cop and a doctor, respectively. But then the main cast all meet at Cous Coussier, and Chiyoko unveils a surprise... of Eiji on a tablet. He's gone back to travelling the world with naught but tomorrow's underwear as his only luggage, but has made it a point to never lose touch with the friends that he's made, keeping in touch via Ankh's old iPhone. As the feed ends and Eiji bids everyone goodbye for now, he looks at the two halves of Ankh's shattered Core Medal, swearing to see him again, too. He keeps walking with a spring in his step, but not before failing to notice a familiar, yet ethereal arm floating behind him...


  • In the Wonderful movie, after he and a chunk of the city are displaced into feudal Japan, Eiji is presented with a Sadistic Choice by one of Gara's proxies. Eiji will be allowed to return to the present day, but when he leaves, the village and everyone left in it will be destroyed. Uncharacteristically, he agrees to the deal on the grounds that if he doesn't, no one will be able to stop Gara. However, he will only take the deal if Hina and Ankh can go with him since they're like family to him, so Gara's proxy agrees to spare everyone he considers family. Turns out, Eiji considers everyone in the village, whether from the past or the present day, to be family, and his desire to save them all completely overloads the machine Gara had been using to gather cell medals and trigger The End of the World as We Know It. Heartwarming and awesome all in one package!
    • Heartwarming points also go to Kougami in this scene, because he was the one who suggested that Gara approach Eiji in the first place for exactly this reason.
    • While its place in canon is... dubious, the official video for the ending theme is a big song-and-dance number to "Ole" that includes everyone from both the modern day and feudal Japan. While Eiji initially has to drag Ankh into it, by the end, the Greeed is quite clearly enjoying himself!
  • Movie Wars Megamax has the reunion between the old gang, for one, and the story of Miharu Minato. Seeing Minato go from someone very weak and unsure of himself to a strong, confident Rider thanks to Eiji's kindness is wonderful to watch. This pays off in the third act, too, when Minato comes back and gives Eiji the Super Medals that turn the tide in the fight against the Big Bad.
    • Ankh taking the Medals from Poseidon, something Eiji can't currently do, and giving them back to Eiji, making this the second time that Ankh has given Eiji the power to help people.
    • The revelation that the Ankh in the film is also from the future might seem sad at first since he's still gone, but as Eiji points out, this means that he's guaranteed to fix Ankh's broken medal one day.
  • In Let's Go Kamen Riders, The moment that each Kamen Rider appears (from V3 to Double) doubles as both awesome and heartwarming. Awesome because each of the Riders appears to aid their brothers-in-arms, giving off their signature pose and name. Heartwarming because we hear the crowd cheering them one by one, showing that the spirit of the Kamen Riders lives on in everyone.

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