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  • The cameo for OOO in W movie A to Z. How are we introduced to him? As a man chasing a coin that rolls over to W. Even though W is transformed, you can tell their expression is priceless over the fact that some random man had this kind of problem when they are in a big issue.
  • Any time Hina uses her Super Strength to punish Ankh for being a dick.
  • #1: After waking up from being drugged, Eiji hangs up his clothes (minus his boxers) on a wall only to have said wall collapse right in front of him, revealing tons of cops and rescue workers who stare at him in complete astonishment. As it turns out, the building he's in has been completely destroyed save for that room. Cue a beat as an utterly confused Eiji slowly puts his hands up, and then the opening plays and officially kicks off the series.
    • When Eiji is trying to get the Hawk Medal out from under a vending machine and ends up dropping it on poor Ankh. He suffers again in a few seconds after Hina dropped the machine on him again, but apparently doesn't have the energy to scream a second time.
  • #2: Ankh's sudden plot dumpnote ; Eiji has to stop him. The comedy is that it seems like a light poke to the early-series exposition tropes as a whole.
    • Kougami goes on a rant about the beauty of human desire... while holding an electric cake mixer in his hands. Goto gets splattered during a particularly hammy moment.
    • Eiji's reaction to seeing a flock of Octopus Candroids in action.
    "Octopuses! Hey, those are Octopuses! Cool!!"
    • One of the Octocan horde also crashes into Ankh on their way up.
  • #3: Hina and Ankh's first encounter. Ankh tries to choke her, but then he got thrown instead. His reply of "Is she really a human?!" says it all.
  • #6: When a Ride Vendor doesn't work, Eiji at first reacts like you would normally expect when a vending machine doesn't work: he bangs on it, and puts his fingers in the coin return slot. As his frustration grows, he finally pushes it over, climbs up on it, and pantomimes handlebars.
  • #12: Eiji's reaction to the Eel Candroids, which he mistakes for snakes. Apparently, he has a fear of snakes. And add the fact that he Screams Like a Little Girl. While in Rider form.
  • #13: The fight between Gotou and Ankh while both have their limbs in plaster.
    • It gets even better when Ankh uses what is essentially a Rocket Punch on Gotou and knocks him out. Coincidentally a new combo premiered in the previous episode, which also has rocket fist gauntlets.
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    • Chyoko (cheerfully) pesters Ankh about not wearing a costume. She approaches him from the right side, he pushes him meal to the lef side of table. When she moves to the left, he shifts the plate back on the right side of table. And when she does not stop pestering him, his face visibly twitches. Hina and Eiji (who are watching the scene) are amazed that Ankh managed to keep his mounth shut.
    • It gets even better when Chyoko sneaks up on Ankh and places a cowboy hat on his head. He jumps up and resurfaces his Greed arm, but she only claims that it suits him (without noticing the monster arm). He gives her very unsettling smile and she runs off to take care of the customers.
  • #15: Kazari is dumbfounded as to why Ankh and Eiji would continue working together after arguing over the importance of Cell Medals or Hina resulted in the loss of nearly all of their medals.
    Kazari: "Didn't the two of you break up?!?"
    Ankh: "There's nothing TO break up!"
    • During the first fight for the Cell Medals on the bridge, Hina manages to break free from the back of the transport only for Gamel to find her. She knocks him on the head out of fear, only for him to do the same to her, knocking her out again. Before he can do anything else though, Eiji grapples him and promises all the medals if Gamel leaves Hina alone, to his excitement and Ankh's annoyance.
  • #16: When Dr. Maki suggests that Kazari adds his Core Medals to the experiment, the latter replies by knocking the Creepy Doll right off his arm.
    • Hina helping Eiji recover from the fights of #15, only to keep accidentally putting him in worse shape, culminating when she tries to keep him from running off injured by putting him in a chokehold.
  • #18: The talk with the girl in the dojo. Ankh and Date grasped the core desire of the victim girl pretty quickly, while Eiji...doesn't. Cue silent stares from both men.
    • Eiji gets disappointed in himself over not figuring it out sooner, and goes sulking.
    • Ankh trying to steal from Date's jug of Cell Medals, forcing Birth into prying him out.
    • After his first meeting with Date, Gotou goes running in the rain, soul-searching. He ends up stumbling in Cous Coussier's door and falls to the ground, though he's a bit confused by the Egyptian-themed costumes Hina and Chiyoko are wearing...
      "Heaven? That's OK too..."
  • #19: Every scene with Dr. Maki in it. The way he drives his beat-up Volkswagen Beetle, his reaction to the bird poop and his little "cooking session" with Date.
    • The flashback of the Victim of the Week, being told in comic book form. Overdramatic, much?
  • #21: During a fight with the Batta Yummy, Eiji is being hit hard because the Yummy is faster than him, so he asks Ankh for a medal to even the odds, leading to this exchange:
    Eiji: "It moves too quickly. Ankh, do we have a Cheetah?"
    Ankh: "Sorry, we're out."
    Eiji: "Then, what about Zou?"
    Ankh: "Don't have that either."
    Eiji: "WHA?!"
  • #22: While having a heart-to-heart talk with the Victim of the Week about the importance of just doing what you can to make the world around you a happier place instead of getting carried away with abstract concepts like justice:
    Eiji: You can't do anything more than what you can do, right?
    Kanbayashi: It's so complicated...
    Eiji: Well you still have to try! So that people around you can be happy! *glances to Ankh* I'm sure even bad guys would understand your reasoning.
    Ankh: Hey, why did you look at me when you said that?
    Eiji: Mr. Kanbayashi, I know you can do it!
    Ankh: Come on!
    Eiji: I'm heading out! *runs off*
    *Ankh gives Kanbayashi a quick Death Glare and runs off after him*
    • Ankh versus Date again over gathering the Cell Medals.
  • #23: Maki being protective of his Creepy Doll and screaming in terror at Date pretending to touch it.
    • Chiyoko after talking about Gotou's popularity with the restaurant's female customers:
    Chiyoko: But you're pretty popular too, Eiji! You remember those old ladies who visited the other day? They all had their eye on you. You sly dog, you! *nudge nudge*
    Eiji: W-Well, that's nice and all but I'm not sure that really counts.
    Hina: I'm sure it does......kind of.
  • #24: LoveLoveLove Combo. Full stop.
    • Everything about Eiji in love might as well be a CMOF. Including the reactions of the people around him. Standing out was him spinning around the support pillar, repeatedly hitting Ankh in the head with each pass.
    Ankh: Do you know how many times he hit me?!
    • Gotou is pestered by a Love Fever Eiji who is wanting to know what to buy as a present for Yuumi. Gotou is so not amused that he pulls a huge Harisen out of nowhere and hits Eiji repeatedly with it. What the?! Then Ankh angrily comes out with a bucket of water and splashes Eiji, then sticks the bucket on his head.
    • Ankh and Hina dragging Love Fever Eiji around, then later send him flying back with a combined punch after getting fed up with his idiocy.
    • Ankh telling Kazari to wait while he and Hina help a lovestruck Eiji transform. And Kazari even listens...while looking rather bored.
    • OOO is surprised at his sudden transformation (since it cured his lovestruck mode) and was wondering what was going on. Ankh just angrily kicks him forward, telling him to get going already. He gets kicked forward at Kazari, who simply punches his face.
  • #26: Maki, after looking at a picture of his deceased sister, suddenly yells out "NEE-SAN!!" and slams his head into the steering wheel, honking the car horn.
  • #27: Where to begin? Well, Chiyoko's pep talk to Gotou might work for starters...
    Chiyoko: How is being pessimistic going to help? Listen to me...acting is win-or-lose! You're an actress! You'll be a great actress! The greatest!
    Gotou: ...but I'm a man...
    Chiyoko: AN ACTRESS!!
    • Later they get Chiyoko to do the Mad Scientist role instead of Gotou, and she does a good, Scenery Eating job at it. Even after the scene ended.
    Chiyoko: *Twirling about* OOOHOHOHOHO..!
    Date: Uh, Chiyoko-san, the scene's over... H-Hey, Chiyoko-san!
  • #28: Date imitating the belt voice for OOO.
    • Dr. Maki using his doll to scare off a woman who stumbles onto the film.
    • Two female Mook Yummiesnote  that can't seem to keep up with the rest of their group have this brief exchange:
    Mook #1: I'm fed up with this! Let's just go home.
    Mook #2: Hey, aren't you that amazing singer?
    Mook #1: I'm not Susan Boyle!!
    • After messing up another scene, Ankh suggests that Gotou would do better playing a rock. Gotou seems to be hit hard by that, and later, when deciding to fight Kazari by headbutting him, a rock image replacing his head:
      "I'm a rock. I'm stubborn, silent and useless..."
      • Added comedy because it actually works!
    • The CLAWS Scorpion summon procedure requires 1000 Cell Medals slotted into that little ole Birth Driver all at once... so our heroes resort to dumping whole handfuls of Medals and even upturning Date's milktank directly into it. And somehow IT WORKS.
      • It is even funnier because of the way the camera is positioned. It just looks like they're dumping the medals down Birth's pants.
  • #29: Seeing Dr. Maki unhappily with a silly birthday hat. It gets a Cerebus Retcon if you realize that Dr. Maki may hate Birthday parties because of the association of candles with the death of his sister.
    • Dr. Maki's doll seemingly blows out its own little birthday cake's candle. Maybe it would have been creepy if Satonaka didn't frantically try to light the candle every time it goes out, eventually getting so frustrated that she tries to strangle the doll.
    • The Panda Whale Yummy's main purpose? Giving out free bear-hugs.
  • #32: Date imitating Kougami. Then the actual man himself barges into the restaurant with his usual hamminess, making Date jump in surprise at his sudden appearance.
  • #33: Eiji, Date, and Gotou get into an argument with Ankh, and Hina forces them apart, sending them flying. Chiyoko hears the commotion and comes up to see what was going on. When she comes through the door, we see Eiji, Date, and Gotou tucked in the same bed with Hina sitting in a rocking chair, looking like a mother who had tucked her three children to bed.
    • The amusement park antics. Everyone except Ankh throw themselves wholeheartedly into the obstacle course (even Gotou!), and Hina uses her super-strength to get a leg up on the guys.
  • #35: Eiji the runway model. He even does the scanning pose he does when he henshins.
  • #36: Mezool and Gamel get revived and Uva starts talking with Mezool about taking revenge on Kazari. What is Gamel doing this whole time? Wondering why there's no candy anywhere, completely unaware that he just came Back from the Dead, thinking he was just sleeping.
  • At the end of #37, when Date appears as the Greeed are all lining up in a roll call, Gamel courteously tugs Mezool aside to give him somewhere to stand.
  • At the end of #38, after Gotou completely kicked the Greeed's asses as Birth, him, Eiji and Ankh returned to the side of the supposedly dead Date. Prompting this exchange.
    Date: "I...forgot to say something..." [Sits up, still looking critical.] "...Make sure to transfer the Retirement Funds into my account, 'K?" [Grins comically.]
    [Gotou nearly fainted, either from dumbfoundedness or joy.]
    Ankh: "Haha." [Deadpan:] "Idiots."
  • In #39, Hina trying to prevent Chiyoko from discovering that Eiji is a Henshin Hero is pretty hilarious.
    • The Game-Fowl Yummy's non-combat scenes: it just loiters around in the background, shadowboxing Muay Thai moves to a weird little flute tune, making it look like it's doing a little dance. It's a dancing chicken that shoots pretty red ribbons.
      • All of Satonaka's scenes.
  • #41: Shingo trying to take on Ankh's role, but utterly failing at tossing Cores to Eiji.
  • #42 sees the first Creepy Doll gag in a while. Eiji tries to get away from Dr Maki to prevent the effect of all Dino Core Medals coming together, but somehow Maki Jr can intercept Eiji before Maki himself does.
    • In the same episode, Dr. Maki makes a strange yelp at the falling doll. Extra point of fun as he does a hand gesture with his partial Greeed arms.
  • #43: The Oh, Crap! expression on Kazari's face when he sees Ankh and Uva come back is absolutely delicious.
  • #44: Mezool cooling the fight between Kazari, Ankh and Uva by suddenly splashing the three of them.
  • #45: The traps Gotou and Satonaka set for Uva, Mezool, and especially Gamel, all have a decidedly Wile E. Coyote feel to them.
    • Also from this ep, Maki's doll once again. Rewatch Mezool's death scene again and note how many positions the thing has. And when Maki first transforms into Giru, both his hand, as well as the matching hand on Maki Jr, are burning with purple energy. I SWEAR, I think it's actually alive...
    • Earlier than that, when the smoke bomb is thrown, when Maki goes for Jr., THE THING IS ALREADY HOLDING A HANDKERCHIEF TO ITS FACE. Epileptic Trees Nothin'. That thing's alive.
  • #46: The angry eyebrows on Dr. Maki's doll after it gets knocked off his arm.
  • #47: Ankh lighting Maki's doll on fire. While the flashback to the fire was creepy, Maki's freak out was priceless!
    • After rescuing the doll from the ocean, Maki sees dreadlocks-like seaweed on its head. His reaction? "Bob...Bob Marley!"
  • #48: Kougami continuing to sing (very badly, mind you) and bake cakes even as his building is being shattered around him.

Out of Canon Moments

  • In Movie War CORE, Shotaro flipping out upon being introduced to Ankh, who's in "floating disembodied arm" mode at the time.
    • And immediately after Shotaro and Philip do their "count up your sins" line, Eiji gushes about how cool that was, and how he and Ankh need to come up with a line like that.
    • Eiji's dumbfounded expression after trying to have a heartfelt talk to Akiko after learning about her father being Kamen Rider Skull
    Eiji: Despite that, your father still would have fought.
    Akiko: Why?
    Eiji: Dunno...
    Akiko: *shakes Eiji* Who are you anyways?
    • Shoutarou and Philip fought a Ptera Yummy and later Ryuu arrives and started fighting it without transforming. Reason? Akiko took his Accel Memory and Driver away. Ryuu reveal she got a Kamen Rider Allergy.
    Akiko:No more Kamen Rider!
    • Even funnier is the fact that the story comes at the moment she was getting married to Ryuu and she came at her husband to be with Shoutarou and Philip in a wedding gown. She beats up Shoutarou and presumably Philip as well as Ryuu for not taking the wedding day seriously. Even The Stoic Ryuu is Not So Stoick anymore as he become a broken toy. Don't forget that the sound effects for Trial Memory was played when Akiko showed the stolen driver and run away for Marriage Blues. Philip is Comically Missing the Point with he finds this.
  • Pretty much every scene where Ankh and Momotaros are together in Let's Go Kamen Riders.
    • Especially when he gets reduced to a right arm, and so latches onto Shingo's free arm. The effect on his hair is almost as devastating as the smackdown that commences.
  • In Wonderful! Shogun and the 21 Core Medals, the Greeed elect to aid OOO against Gara in the final battle by donating Core Medals to Eiji, which leads up to Uva making up for Maki's absence by throwing Maki Jr at OOO. He's a little freaked out at it. And decides to hand it to a GataKiriBa clone, who's similarly freaked as well, but his shuddering is cut off as the other two Purple Medals emerge from his chest.
    • The Kamen Rider Fourze Early-Bird Cameo. How does he Worf the Big Bad, as per early Rider tradition? Use the Magic Hand Switch and grab OOO to execute a Fastball Special without actually warning Eiji first.
      • Even better? OOO was looking amazed at the Switch at first until he realizes that Fourze is about to use it on him.
    • Gara's minions offer the people a ton of money if they agree to wear their hair in a chonmage (samurai top-knot) for the rest of their lives. Date actually considers it for a moment, getting an Imagine Spot that's underscored by a version of Birth's battle theme played on traditional Japanese instruments.
  • Many for Kamen Rider OOO All Stars: The 21 Leading Actors and Core Medals net movies are nothing short of hilarity. Here are the most notable ones:
    • Ankh gets amnesia and actively cosplays for Chiyoko, ending with Hina having to throw Kamen Rider OOO at his head to bring him back to normal.
      • Except instead of OOO, it's a tiny OOO action figure that hits Ankh in the head!
    • Many of the Kougami Advice sketches including: Chiyoko explaining weird happenings in her restaurant, Satonaka explaining why Gatakiriba was only used twice and Gamel getting a make-over.
    • Mezool acting like a house wife to Dr. Maki. She's wearing a pink apron and Dr. Maki's lab is filled with red and pink hearts. This is all in her Greeed form, by the way.
    • Satonaka beats the crap out of Date and Gotou transformed Kamen Rider Birth and commands Gotou to give her the belt. Poor Gotou, sobbing his eyes out as Satonaka transforms in front of him.
    • Date, after bullet removal surgery, he can't answer each picture given by Goto and Eiji correctly. Especially he answered on Tajador, Shauta, and Putotyra picture as Red Gatchamannote , Ultramannote , and Evangelionnote  respectively. Eiji frustrated and transform as OOO Burakawani Combo, and the answer?
      Date: "A prince of Indian curry".
      • Also, special mention when Date answers Gatakiriba combo as spinach.
      • Another one is after Date is dragged off by Gotou, leading to OOO saying this:
      OOO: OH COME ON! This form is only in the movie!
    • Eiji as OOO Shauta Combo, using Voltarm Whip to waking up the sleepy Date.
    • The entirety of the quiz show sketches, including OOO waving the cloth while waiting for the quiz to be over, Ankh and Date's answers for the final questions, and how almost every prize is something they don't expect.
      • Latorartar segment: Ankh received 100 million yen worth of shoulder massages from Gotou.
      • Sagohzo segment: Date was penalized 100 million yen worth of Cell Medals for cheating. All from the Kougami Foundation's bank.
      • Shauta segment: Date received 100 million copies of President Kougami's CDs and promptly faints.
      • Putotyra segment: Since no one answered correctly, OOO answered. After that he goes on a rampage, beating and tearing apart the dummies of Ankh and Date, and eats the 100 million yen prize with Medagaburyu.
    • Eiji and Ankh dumped by Kazari from Cous Coussier while counting the profits. Poor Eiji, he's sobbing while wearing with his signature boxer.
    • Eiji as OOO Tajador Combo gets beaten the crap out of him by the Greeeds, who were ironically badmouthing Ankh.
  • In Movie Wars MEGAMAX, both Births were incapacitated by Poseidon, and have to recuperate in the hospital. Gotou wants to go back to the action, but Date tells him to get some rest because he needed it...only for Date to fall asleep instead. Loud snoring included.
    • Remember when OOO and Fourze met the first time and Eiji was subjected to the Fastball Special by Gentaro? Well, Fourze inflicts breakneck speeds on OOO again, this time by pulling him along behind him whilst using the Rocket switch. Eiji's screaming is hilarious.
    • When Miharu Minato reveals his backstory, Ankh laughs at him. The first time, Eiji and Hina throw some tin cans at his head to shut him up, Ankh even glances upwards as if thinking they fell from the ceiling. The second time, Eiji throws his shirt over Ankh's head, but Hina tries to pick up a massive barrel with her super strength and Eiji has to stop her before she can throw it!
  • The Hyper Battle DVD has some absolutely golden moments. During the animal quiz moments, Eiji and Hina encourage the viewer, while Ankh bluntly tells them they should know the answer. After getting through that segment, Hina decides the boys need to work on their synchronization, and has them do an exercise/dance routine based around the kangaroo. Even better is the fact that Ankh willingly takes part in this, claiming to be a great dancer. Eiji concludes this is because some birds use mating dances!
  • In the stage show Kamen Rider OOO: Final Stage, it's revealed that the soul of the original King OOO has been traveling the multiverse, sealing away the powers of other incarnations of OOO to take them for himself before eventually settling in the World of Putotyra as a base of operations. However, along the way he also gathered up versions of the Greeed loyal to him... but they act like a Sentai team. Desire Sentai: Greeedman!
  • Toy example: The Medagaburyu itself. It is toy whose primary gimmick is to "eat" Cell Medals, complete with a maw that you can clamp down. Not clamping down on the dinosaur maw completely gives you a hard chewing sound. The best hidden feature, however, and the one the toy is infamous for? Every two times the axe is fed, it belches. LOUDLY. And there's even two random variations of that!

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