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All spoilers are unmarked!

Foldered WMGs

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     Confirmed WMGs 
Kamen Rider Fourze will take place in the W/OOO world
  • Possibly confirmed, Kengo and Yuki make a cameo during the end credits of OOO.
  • More evidence for this has appeared, as one character as of episode two is shown to have been doing research on the various Kamen Riders going back to Ichigo.
  • You could say it's already confirmed, with both W and OOO in Movie War Megamax.

Yuuki was instructed to 'cheat' and hide the camera
It is part of the test to see how the others react accordingly. This applies to one of the team members in each group.
  • Confirmed.

The next horoscope to appear will be Taurus, and he'll be another male student from AGHS.
Jossed, magazine scans show that Capricorn and Aquarius are up next.
  • Half-confirmed, however; it was a male student from AGHS.

From this point on, the Monsters of the Week will be Horoscopes
We're almost to the end of the series, which normally run about 46 episodes or so. If the Horoscopes become the Monsters of the Week now, the six remaining ones will probably have shown up in 12 episodes, placing it right at the 46 episode mark.
  • Considering that Libra now has the ability to detect those with the capacity to become Horoscopes rather than just relying on guesswork, this seems likely.
  • And confirmed.

Emoto is Virgo
Considering the truth about Scorpio's identity, it wouldn't be too surprising if Emoto, whom seems to be close to Gamou as well, was the Virgo Zodiarts.
  • Confirmed! Good eye.

Or Emoto is really Tachibana
  • Confirmed surprisingly, where Tachibana transformed into Virgo in front of Fourze. This given we usually expect a person to have only one alter ego. (or at least this troper does)

Tachibana will have redemption
This is Kamen Rider Fourze after all, where people who have been antagonizing dicks find some form of redemption by the end of it. There would be no surprise if they did the same to Tachibana.
  • Confirmed!

Gamou himself will kill Virgo
It's fairly obvious given things that Virgo is either The Starscream or just impersonating Tachibana, and Gamou is one of the Horoscopes. When Virgo is beaten by the Riders, Gamou himself will finish the job for her betrayal, or simply for her failure.
  • Jossed; Leo and Libra kill Emoto/Tachibana/Virgo, while Gamou/Sagittarius was off fighting the Riders.
    • Not really. Sagittarius arrow may not have instantly killed Emoto but it clearly was a death blow. Emoto had touble standing and had blood running down his lip meaning he was bleeding internally. Fitting that the Lion finished off an alreday wounded animal and a Roach picked through the carcass.

The title of the Chairman's book is foreshadowing
It was entitled 'Voices from the Distant Cosmos' when translated into English afterall. Though much like Ohsugi's sign, this could be a red herring.
  • Confirmed as of Episode 43.

     Jossed WMGs 
There will be no secondary Rider.
The parts of the show the secondary Rider would be involved in will be filled with past Kamen Riders instead.
  • This is possibly Jossed with the reveal that Kamen Rider Nadeshiko will appear in Movie War MEGAMAX.
    • She seems rather... limited, what with having only two switches on her belt. She's probably gonna be a movie-only Rider.
      • Well, Accel only used one Gaia Memory at a time (two if you count Engine), and Birth only used Cell Medals, which are generally weaker than Core Medals unless enough of them are gathered. Besides, the Movie Wars are usually when the secondary Rider is revealed before its television appearance.
      • I see. But on top of that, look carefully at her belt. It looks like Fourze's, but two of the switch slots are... Filled in, somehow. Plus, second Riders have never been female and female Riders have a tendency to be Movie exclusive. If she does happen to be the actual second Rider, that's gonna be a first, but she still looks like a toned down Fourze. I think the second Rider is going to be different from Fourze in some way, Nadeshiko is too similar and, like I said, just a toned down Fourze.
    • Not to mention, female riders have a very poor track record when it comes to survival. As of October 2011, only Kamen Rider Kivala has not been killed off by the end of the movie.
    • Nadeshiko uses a prototype of the Fourze Driver, so that's why there are not Switch Ports for the legs.
      • Actually, Nadeshiko does not use a prototype. She's a liquid metal alien who copies what she sees. She became a Kamen Rider by watching Gentaro transform, but only as far as she understood it (hence, only two slots).
      • New scans show Kamen Rider Meteor. I'd say this one's Jossed.

Daimonji is going to be evil.
He's half-caucasian. He's a football player. He's got a cheerleader. The most common highschool stereotype dictates it.
  • Wouldn't that make the cheerleader evil, too? She's the Alpha Bitch and dates the Jerk Jock ...
    • Depending on your definition of 'evil' this may be either confirmed or Jossed. He's definitely a Jerk Jock and would easily qualify as a 'villain' in a normal high school series, but he doesn't appear to have any connection to the Zodiarts if that's what you mean.
      • Miu already joined Fourze's ranks and Daimonji is shown to be a member of the Kamen Rider Club in the opening, so he's just gonna be a regular Jerk Jock until Gentaro befriends him like everyone else.
    • And as of #8, he's in the club. So jossed.

The secondary rider will use switches with a different numbering system
Possibly either Roman numerals or Japanese Kanji. Labeling them alphabetically is possible but unlikely since they already did the alphabet thing with Kamen Rider Double
  • Jossed. Meteor's Switches are unnumbered.

There will be a Second Rider
And he/she will be based on constellations or a hornet.

The Jerk Jock will be a big fan of Fourze
But he will hate Gentaro, similar to Spider-man
  • please please please let this happen with a big reveal near the end where Jerk Jock learns a major life lesson
    • Jossed. Shun sees Gentaro becoming Fourze and fighting a monster in #2. He runs away, saying he'll act as if he never saw that, but he obviously knows that Gentaro=Weird space-themed super-hero, and that Yuki, Kengo and Nozama are working with him.

Fourze will have a police-themed form.
Recent scans have shown off some of Fourze's forms. Fire State is based off of a firefighter, Electric State seems to be based off of a construction worker, and the default Base State is obviously an astronaut. Since the theme appears to be "stereotypically cool dream jobs" a policeman would be a natural fit.
  • His Astro Switches could be cuffs, a Riot shield, a megaphone, and a police baton to fill the "rod weapon" niche that pretty much all multiform riders need (a gun would be the more obvious choice, but Fire State's already been established as The Gunslinger).
  • Jossed.

Some elemental State form ideas.
Since its revealed that Fourze's forms are based on children's dream jobs and how each one appears to use the element that corresponds to that job, here are some ideas for States with different elements:
  • Earth/Plants: Gardener
    • Or Lumberjack
  • Ice: Ice Cream Man
  • Sound: Musician
  • Water: Plumber
  • Wind: Weatherman/Forecaster
  • Who honestly wants to be a plumber when they grow up, when a more awesome water-related dream job would be some form of scuba-diver or a ship captain? In a similar vein, an airplane pilot would fit better for something wind-related.
    • Think plumber as in Mario, perhaps?
    • These are Jossed, because a full list of the 40 Fourze Switches has been available for some time. The only upcoming States are Magnet and Apollo.
    • Actually, switch Apollo for Cosmic.

The theme of this series will involve Gentaro trying to find out what his dream job is.
The State forms could symbolize this, as Base State is based on an astronaut, Fire State is based on a firefighter and Elek State is based on a construction worker.
  • Perhaps the monsters will come into existence when someone gives up on their dream or be born from nightmares to fit into this.
    • Jossed for now since the six seen so far are just people who have grudges over others.

The series will be a Slice of Life
  • Jossed, big time.
    • Of course! After all, this is Kamen Rider.

The Scorpio Zodiarts will destroy the Orion Zodiarts.
If you know your mythology then you know that one version of Orion's story involved him being killed by a scorpion that was created by Gaia... That would be a Moment of Awesome for the writers.
  • Considering the Greeeds' track record, it might not be unlikely.
  • Probably jossed unless there's another Orion Zodiarts running around, or Zodiarts Switches can be used more than once. Gentaro went up against the Orion Zodiarts in the first episode and destroyed it.
    • The episode 2 pictures on Toei's Fourze site show Fourze fighting the Orion Zodiarts.
    • Fully jossed Destroying a Zodiarts does not automatically destroy its switch, which has to be collected and shut down manually afterwards, so the Orion Zodiarts is still out there after episode 1. However, Gentaro tracks him down and beats him for good in episode 2.
    • Ironically, Sonoda/Scorpion does try to kill Miura/the former Orion Zodiarts after he rejects the switch in #14, so this isn't jossed completely.

Fourze's Super Mode will involve four Rider Switches...
Decade, Double, OOO's and Fourze himself (1, 2, 3, 4). It even kinda fits the "childrens dream job" motif mentioned above.
  • Jossed. The Cosmic Switch is made of only one Switch.
    • if anything it involved ten times that amount

Aquarius Zodiars will be defeated by Fourze in its Elek States
Or alternatively, in Cosmic States, #10 Electric Switch in Barizun Sword + Augmented with #40 Cosmic Power
  • Jossed.

When Gentaro changes his uniform to the normal Amanogawa one, so will Ryusei.
If the new rules apply to all the students...
  • Jossed, unfortunately. It would have been awesome to see Ryusei in an Amanogawa uniform.
The Tachibana who transformed into Virgo is an impostor
Sometime between Meteor's debut and #41, Tachibana was kidnapped and imposed by Virgo Zodiarts.
  • Jossed, he's the real deal.

Virgo will be killed, or otherwise trapped in the Dark Nebula with no way of getting out.
Well, for the first option, Virgo is probably asking for a Karmic Death, though it might be a better and ironic defeat if she managed to get trapped in the same place she's been sending others. Or, option B, she gets trapped there, and is killed by the other Horoscopes that she put in there.
  • Although Virgo does get killed, it's not quite like that.

Tomoko is Virgo
Remember that Switch she got early in the show? The one that she supposedly threw into the lake? Maybe...
  • Jossed.

When Sagittarius finally arrives...
Virgo will rescue the Kamen Rider Club by the teleporting them away, fighting him 1 on 1 to make up for all the crap they've had to put up with. However, one of the nugget cameras will end up staying behind, watching Virgo's last, glorious stand against the most powerful Zodiarts, allowing the KRC to witness and truly appreciate this gesture.
  • Jossed; Sagittarius used an arrow attack to fatally wound Emoto, and then fought the Riders while Leo and Libra finished off the already critically wounded Virgo. They did get to witness and appreciate Virgo's attempts at protecting them, though, and even set up a little memorial on the moon.

There will be an evil Rider
This one is a given but the concept for the evil rider would be a black hole.
  • I thought Poseidon was it.
    • Poseidon is more connected to Kamen Rider OOO than to Fourze.
      • Jossed - If you count the novelization, there's Kamen Rider Icarus, but in the TV series, no such rider showed up, thus making Fourze the first Heisei series other than Kuuga not to have any sort of "Dark" Rider, and the first series since Den-O that can't be represented in Diend Complete Form if they update him.

When Saban will adapt Fourze into Power Rider, Meteor will be renamed into Comet.
Why? Look at his helmet. Look at his name. Now look at what a meteor looks like. Now doesn't that look similar? But wait, the color of the tail isn't the same! But what looks like a meteor and has a blue tail? A comet!
  • Jossed, since not only did Saban not adapt Fourze, they didn't do ANYTHING with the Power Rider license. Not even reboot the original Masked Rider.

     Possible Switch combos & effects for Kamen Rider Fourze Cosmic States 
Here, you may add in your ideas in the appropriate slot below:

Barizun Sword Combos
  • Rocket + Fire: Giant firey rocket charge attack.
  • Rocket + N Magnet: The rocket thrust always hit metallic targets.
  • Magic Hand + Elek/Fire: An extending claw that shocks/burns the enemy upon contact.
  • Magic Hand + Claw: A telescoping claw weapon.
  • Elek + Fire: Instant Nuke.
  • Elek + N Magnet: When hit, the target gets magnetized.
  • Chain Array + Magic Hand: The Mace Ball can be controlled easier due to the chain acting like a robotic arm.
  • Chain Array + Elek: Gives the Mace Ball Electric Properties. Anyone can get a shock just by touching it.
  • Chain Array + Fire: Burning Epic Flail.
  • Chain Array + N Magnet: Gives the Mace Ball Magnetic Properties.
  • Flash + Fire: Foes exposed to the light will be set on fire in the process.
  • Schop + Elek: Electricity comes out from the ground.
  • Schop + Claw: Extreme Digging up to eleven.
  • Claw + Chain Array: Each of the 3 claw tips produces a chain array.
  • Super Rocket + Rocket: The rocket thrust becomes unstoppable!

Right Leg Combos
  • Launcher + Chainsaw: Slicing missile strike.
  • Launcher + Smoke: Thick smokekis produced upon the missle's impact.
  • Launcher + Stealth: Missiles disappear as they leave the launcher module.
  • Launcher + Net: The missiles open up into a net to catch the target(s).
    • Jossed; the missiles trap the target by forming a net upon impact.
  • Launcher + Pen: Ink is splattered all over upon explosion.
  • Smoke + Freeze: The smoke freezes its surroundings as it expands.
  • Smoke + Pen: The smoke causes the ink to spray at the target.
  • Chainsaw + Pen: Ink-chainsaw projectile slashes.
  • Chainsaw + Freeze: Freezing chainsaw attack.
  • Pen + Launcher: Ink splashed out flies and aim towards the target like a missile, splashing the target upon impact and covering it with black coating of ink.
  • Pen + Stealth: Invisible Ink. Which can only block solid objects, but not light energy.
  • Pen + Hand: A black hand comes out of the Pen Module and stretches to s/mething to dismantle.
    • Alternatively, as Fourze thinks too hard, the ink streams out and blots target.
  • Pen + Freeze: Ink is substituted with teal-colored fluid that can solidify into ice.
  • Pen + Net: Ink-net projectiles that solidify when they hit the enemy.
  • Giantfoot + Launcher: Same as Launcher but now damage is tenfold as each missile is a rocket boot.
  • Giantfoot + Stealth: Same as usual, except the spectral boots become invisible.
  • Giantfoot + Hand: A giant energy projection of a hand capable of grabbing Zodiarts.
  • Net + Freeze: The Cosmic Energy Net is replaced with ice.

Left Leg Combos
  • Drill + Hopping: Allows Fourze to bounce around with its drill.
  • Drill + Spike: A massive rotating spikey drill kick.
  • Drill + Screw: Fourze can maneuver and drill kick underwater.
  • Hopping + Aero: Air jumping.
  • Hopping + Stamper: Each time Fourze hops, that spot explodes seconds later.
  • Gatling + Drill: Drills into the hide of a particularly impervious monster, then fires bullets into it. This one was done once in Kamen Rider Spirits.
  • Gatling + Hopping: Bullets bouncing around.
  • Gatling + Spike: Rapid fire spike bullets.
  • Gatling + Water: Water drops are shot out instead of bullets.
  • Gatling + Aero: Gust of air is shot out.
  • Gatling + Stamper: Exploding bullets.
  • Water + Drill: The water gushing out from the tap is in drill formation.
  • Water + Aero: The water speads out and is shot even further by the wind produced.
  • Wheel + Spike: Traction + Rolling Spikes
    • In reversed order, the Spike Module rotates around the leg as you attack.
  • Wheel + Gatling: Drive-by shooting.
    • In reversed order, the Gatling fires twice as fast.
  • Wheel + Stamper: Leaving a trail of stamp marks that explode in rapid succession. Good for taking down One-Winged Angel types by rolling up and down all over them. Which would be funny since these rolling stampers are being used as movie giveaways.
  • Board + Water: Instant surfing!
  • Board + Wheel: Instant skateboard.
  • Board + Aero: Hoverboard
  • Aero + Drill: The air is blown out in a drill formation.
  • Stamper + Drill: After stamping the foe, instead of an exploding impact, the stamp mark turns into a drill inwards and drill into the foe.
  • Stamper + Hopping: Alternate set up of Hopping + Stamper. This set-up creates a larger stamp for a bigger explosion but takes up a lot more space then the stamp of Hopping + Stamper.

Left Arm Combos
  • Radar + Shield: The radar creates a barrier.
    • Alternatively, directs his own projectiles like Launcher or Gatling to deflect incoming attacks.
  • Radar + Hammer: The radar creates an energy forming a big hammer.
  • Radar + Medical: Heals people through radio waves.
    • Alternatively, detects victims trapped deep in wreckage.
  • Radar + S Magnet: Direct where the magnetized Chain Array strike.
  • Camera + Radar: Hacks into nearby camera feeds.
    • In reversed order, it allows Fourze to record images/video by pointing with the Radar Module instead.
  • Camera + Medical: Anyone can get healed by being recorded by the camera.
    • Alternatively, acts as a CAT scan to detect injury.
  • Camera + S Magnet: The camera can scan though magnetic pulses.
  • Parachute + Shield: The parachutes can deflect attacks.
  • Parachute + Gyro: Self-propelled parasailing, the closest Fourze will get to actual flight.
  • Scissors + Shield: An expy of Gobuster-Oh's shield arm.
  • Scissors + Medical: Healing Shiv.
  • Winch + Scissors: Long Range Slicing Strike.
  • Winch + Shield: Long Range Shield Bash.
  • Winch + Hammer: Long Range Hammer Strike.
  • Shield + Medical: Converts any attack that hits the shield into healing energy for Fourze.
  • Shield + S Magnet: Allows Fourze to retrieve the magnetized Chain Array safely by having it attracted to the shield.
  • Medical + S Magnet: Magnetic Therapy.
  • Gyro + Scissors: Its rotating blades can cut things.
  • Gyro + Shield: Allows Fourze to deflect attacks with its rotating blades.

Unfoldered WMGs

One of Fourze's movies will be a crossover with Decade and Black RX.
Oh come on! all 3 are anniversary shows, so it could happen!
  • I think you meant ZX, not RX. As far as I know, BLACK RX isn't an anniversary series, ZX is.

The Zodiarts Switches are constellation versions of the Dopant Gaia Memories
So information given to us involves someone running around with the Zodiarts Switches and one of the monster in the promo pics looks like a chameleon which is a constellation as well.It also fits with the space theme of the show and a funny coincidence for the anniversary year. Multiple the numbers in 2011 (2&11, zero doesn't help in the math) then multiple by Fourze's numerical theme (4) and you get 88 the number of constellations. There's the reasoning behind it. Would you like me to repeat the WMG?
  • This doesn't seem to be too off the mark. Two of the lead Zodiarts are apparently based off of Scorpio and Orion.
    • Chamaeleon is a constellation and it's not that hard to figure out which Zodiarts is based on it if you've seen the preview trailer.
  • As the Zodiarts Switches are reported to work exactly like Dopant Gaia Memories, this WGM has even more evidence going for it than before.
  • They don't work exactly like Gaia Memories, they don't turn the person's body into the monster but their mind manifests into a monster composed of cosmic energy.
    • Actually that still works with the Gaia Memory theory as all of Phillip's memories only required his mind. (well soul technically...)
      • Not to mention the Virus Dopant was a woman in a coma who's mind controlled the dopant form which was separate from her own form so technically confirmed.
      • As it turns out, the way Zodiart Switches work is even more complicated then that. Initially, the work the same way as Gaia Memories, turning the person directly into a monster. However, after a set number of uses, the switch will switch will turn itself directly into the Zodiart, a state which is permanent unless the Zodiart is defeated.
      • Also, once a Last One-stage Zodiarts reach a certain point, they can evolve into Horoscopes Zodiarts, the Western Astrology-based Zodiarts that are more powerful than a normal Zodiarts. However, the original body must be intact in order for evolution to be invoked.
Super-1 will make some sort of cameo in Fourze.
Both are space themed, so it's possible.
  • Technically confirmed, as of Episode 2. He's one of the urban legends that's been caught on camera.
  • And in Movie Wars MEGAMAX, Fourze uses the Super-1 Switch to achieve Double Rocket States.
    • While it is probably a Shout-Out, that switch doesn't actually have anything to do with Super-1 the Rider; it's just the Super version of switch number 1 (Rocket). There could be Super versions of all the other switches eventually.
    • That is confirmed! In Kamen Rider x Super Sentai, Fourze will (someho7) gain the Super-3 Drill Switch!

Kamen Rider Fourze will have Astro Switches for past Kamen Rider, but they won't be canon.
Double and OOO both had Gaia Memory and Core Medals for past riders for the Ganbaride arcade game, and with Fourze now getting included in it, there's a strong chance that Astro Switches for past Riders will be made for it. As well, since none of those Gaia Memory or Cell Medals for past riders are canon within their respective series, the Astro Switches for past Riders will not be canon within Fourze.
  • Confirmed that there are Astro Switches for past riders, as the toy belt has sounds for all of the main riders. Yes, All of them.
  • Not really all of them, it just covers from Ichigo-Stronger and Kuuga-OOO. They can be used in Ganbaride.
    • Reason why it goes from Ichigo to Stronger is because they play a part in the Megamax movie.
  • Canonically, Movie War MegaMax features Fourze releasing #1, #2, V3, and Riderman from their Legend Rider Astroswitches, which they were sealed in by Foundation X.

The kaijin will be aliens
It's a space based series, what else would they choose? Plus, we haven't had alien monsters in Kamen Rider since Kamen Rider Kabuto.
  • Jossed. The Zodiarts are similar to the Dopants, in that they are humans who transform into monsters using special devices.
    • Doesn't joss the idea that perhaps they're alien in origin though.
    • Given the opening of the series and references to 'The Hole' in the first episode, it seems like this is confirmed in some way.
  • Kind of confirmed in a round about way. The Zodiarts Switches channel Cosmic Energy from space which manifests physically into a monster. And the Man With The Red Eyes didn't seem human in the flashback...
  • Again, the Zodiarts are not aliens, but the Zodiarts switches were created by reverse-engineering an alien artifact.

There will be different types of Kaijin
With the revelation of different states, having aliens in space in a space themed Kamen Rider show will lose some momentum when the Rider suddenly becomes a fire fighter. So here's what might happen: There will be alien Kaijin, but there will also be fire Kaijin and rock Kaijin to reflect the other two states.

Kengo will have some connection to the kaijin or will introduce a morally gray aspect to the story
He's supposedly the one to give Kisaragi the Fourze switches and it appears he'll play a similar role to Philip or Ankh - the main character's partner who turns out to be something to do with the bad guys.
  • Semi-confirmed. He's the Presenter, and a mass of cosmic energy created from the Core Switch.

There will be a switch numbered 0 at some point in the series or movies.
It'll likely be some kind of Super Prototype much stronger than the other switches. Likely candidates are either Fourze's Super Mode or a movie-only Evil Rider.
  • Most likely, the Core Switch is the 0 Switch.

The series is going to be a Coming of Age Story
The story has our hero in high-school, something the Heisei era Kamen Rider series has never done before, (save for a High School AU in Kamen Rider Decade) and the motifs are jobs people wanted when they were kids. No doubt that Gentaro will eventually make a mental switch from childhood to adulthood in this stage of life.

The Zodiarts do not turn humans into the monster
Instead as a cross between the dopants and yummies where the humans use the switches like they would have the gaia memories but instead the switch summons the zodiarts to grant their wish.

Why a wish? Because constellations, from which the zodiarts are based, are made from stars.

  • Sort of, but not really. The Zodiarts Switches do not directly turn people into monsters, but rather create a temporary second body that the person's spirit controls remotely, while their body goes into a comatose state.

Kamen Rider Fourze will have a crossover with Faiz
They will crossover with the 45th anniversary rider and it will be Kamen Rider Fourze-Faiz.
  • Jossed. Faiz does appear in Super Hero Taisen, but only briefly, and he and Fourze don't interact at all.

Fourze's Super Mode will be a combination of all of his different States forms.
Because someone was gonna post this sooner or later, if just to use this pun: it will be called United States.
  • Sorta. From magazine scans, Cosmic States Fourze's weapon can use other Circle-based Astro Switches, which include Fire and Elek, through it's unsure if N Magnet would work.
  • Zig-zagged. Cosmic States' special ability is to use all of the Astro Switches' powers. Heck, he can combine Switches that share the same limb!

Fourze will have some connection to Kamen Rider Birth
The Astro Switches work simular to the CLAWS system. Perhaps Fourze's suit is based off Birth's...

OOO and W will show up occasionally to help
As a result, Fourze will lack a secondary rider unless its an evil one, as W, OOO, Birth or Accel, when they pop round, fill the role. If this does happen, it will be lampshaded by either Decade or Den-O if they end up showing up.
  • Sorta confirmed. Movie Wars Megamax anyone?

Decade WILL show up
Its an anniversary show, and it could be a great mythology gag, maybe have Fourze pursuing a mysterious foe... then have it revealed near the end that it is Tsukasa, who had been trying to stop a Zodiarts Switch that uses Shocker some how...either that, or he'll just have a few cameo roles, then show up in the ending battle, and give his speech, with neither us nor Fourze having ANY idea how he knows this stuff until after the battle, when it gets explained.
  • Sort of confirmed. Decade will be in the Super Hero Wars movie coming out in 2012.

There will be a Gurren-Lagann Reference at one point
This one pretty much goes without saying, the head writer was part of Gurren-Lagann, and Fourze has a drill leg weapon.
  • There were some parallels, sure, but I can't think of any outright references.

The Leader of the Zodiarts will use...
The Cepheus switch.
  • Jossed. He's uses Sagittarius

There will be Zodiarts Switches based on the Four Symbols
or the second rider will use switches based on those.

Kengo will die
He might be Only Mostly Dead, he might die and be brought back in the last episode, he might even be Killed Off for Real, all I know is that if he's this season's equivalent of Phillip/Ankh then he destined to have something bad happen to him by the time the series is over.
  • Confirmed as of Episode 47 when Sagittarius Nova destroys the Core Switch, which kills off Kengo for real... well, until he comes back in the next episode.

Kengo will have parallels to Phillip and Ankh.
Mostly a connection to the Zodiarts.
  • Probably confirmed, if episode 47 preview was true. Because throughout the series, he have a much knowledge about the Switches, similar with Philip who is knowledgeable about the Gaia Memories. Personality wise, he's similar with Ankh, because both in the beginning, he didn't care about anyone. But eventually mellowed out and do the best for their friend respectively (Ankh with Eiji, Kengo with Gentaro).
    • Confirmed as or Episode 47 - Kengo parallels towards Philip and Ankh due to deep connections with the McGuffin of the year - Kengo is a manifestation of Cosmic Energy made to protect the Core Switch, as he is one of the Presenters.

Kengo will be an alien
This is why he can go to the moon through his locker.
  • I'm pretty sure it has more to do with his fluxing health condition. Possible connection to the unknown astro switch his father kept from the Red-Eyed Man on the moon base.
    • Confirmed - Kengo is one of the Presenters, and is actually a mass of Cosmic Energy.

If the Red-Eyed Man turns out to be the Big Bad...
...he'll use an Ophiucus Zodiarts Switch.
  • It's looking jossed for now. Red-Eyed Man/Gamou seems to be Sagittarius.

Gentaro really will become friends with everyone.
It's his goal at the start of the series, after all, and it would make for a great ending. Possibly his secret identity as Fourze gets revealed and people start becoming his friends as thanks for protecting the school/students from the Zodiarts.
  • Pretty much confirmed as of the final episode.

The second Rider will be designed after a flying saucer.
And then people will stop complaining about Fourze's design.
  • Like Black Manta?
    • Libra Zodiarts looks like Black Manta already.
  • Jossed. He has a meteor and planetarium motif. Then again, people did complain about his design at first.

To follow on that idea, the second Rider will also have a Chinese zodiac and martial arts motif
The UFO would double as an Asian straw hat to drive the point home.

Kengo's health is worse than we realize.
The only thing that's keeping him relatively stable is a specialized Astro Switch inside his body. Bonus points if this Astro Switch gets stolen from him sometime near the finale.
  • Possibly confirmed? The Core Switch is shown materializing from of his body at the end of 46.

Kengo winds up with the belt because it's GENTARO who dies later
The writer hasn't ONLY written TTGL, you know. There was another series they wrote that I can't remember the name of that had a pretty front up protagonist. Also, for TTGL, in the opening and everything, Simon was obviously the main character. In Fourze... Gentaro is obviously the main character.

Everyone in the show's intro will join the Kamen Rider Club.
For one reason or another, all of the characters in the intro will join the Rider Club by the end of the series; this includes not just Gentaro, Kengo, and Yuki (who start the club), but Shun Daimonji, Miu Kazashiro, Tomoko Nozama, and JK.
  • Not sure how "wild" of a WMG this is, since the intro already shows all these characters as members of the Kamen Rider Club...

Daimonji will be the second Rider.
As a counterpart to Gentaro's forms seemingly being "dream jobs", Shun's rider armor will be based on sports stars. Being a sports star is a dream job for athletes, which Shun is, being a football player.
  • So instead of a Rocket Head, he'll have a Football Head?
    • Or shaped like a sports helmet.
  • Kind of confirmed. He doesn't become a Rider, YET, but joins the team as the pilot of the Power Dizer, being the only one who can use it to its full potential.
  • Jossed. The second Rider is a martian named Gray.
    • His name is Ryusei Sakuta, and he's not a martian.

Gentaro is actually smart
  • Despite him being a delinquent, he'll do pretty well in school.
  • Not really. In #8, he said the highest he ever gotten was 50%.
    • No, that 50 was given to him out of kindness from Satake since Gentaro saved his son. If it wasn't for him, the score would've been 18%
  • On the other hand, he have deducted who the Perseus and Lynx Zodiarts are. He may only be Book Dumb.
    • Recent episodes are starting to paint Gentaro as Book Dumb. He's paying much more attention to his surroundings and actually learns from fights.

Miura is the Orion Zodiart
Pretty obvious since it appeared when he disappeared.
  • You, sir, have a good eye.

Every switch thats a multiple of 10 will change states
The 10, and 20 change to Elec and Fire states. While 30 and 40th switches will change Fourze's state to Wood and something else.
  • It'll be Water - as mentioned on the main page, this sounds like a Shout-Out to Megaman.EXE's elemental Style Changes from Mega Man Battle Network 2 and 3. He had four of them - Elec, Fire, Wood and Water.
    • Aqua to be precise.
  • Wouldn't Switch #40 be the Super Mode?
    • In all likelihood yes. But it doesn't mean it would not have the power base like that.
  • Sort of confirmed with Fourze's next form, the Magnet States - while it does use Switch #30, it also uses Switch #31, both standing for the poles of a magnet.
  • Confirmed. #40 is Cosmic Switch, which transforms Fourze into the Super Mode Cosmic States.

There will be an episode centered around a scary story
Because they are highschool students.
  • Partially confirmed as Nozama's initial arc.

The principal is the man with red eyes
He said Fourze was at HIS school
  • Confirmed as of #11. He's also a very famous astronaut.
  • Not quite, however. Mitsuaki "the red-eyed man" Gamo is actually the school chairman, which makes him similar to Hiroshi Tennoji, in a sense.

The Fourze belt was made by Aperture Science
Particularly the "Space Core", it was charged to create a personal Rider suit but could not get over it's obsession with space so it designed a Space based Rider suit, due to limited supplies it had to reuse the voice module from turrets.

All of the major character students will become True Companions by the end of the series.
The opening dictates so.

Gentaro is one of Kamina's ancestors.
C'mon, someone had to say it.

The man with red eyes is Kengo's father.
In the first scene of the first episode, an astronaut with red eyes took a suitcase away, and the other astronaut said "Kengo".
  • I'm pretty sure the implication was that the other astronaut was Kengo's father.
  • Jossed.

The second Rider will use two switches.
While W used two, Accel used one. While OOO used Cores, Birth used Cells. Since Fourze uses four switches, perhaps the second Rider may use two switches. It could be done as a Master-Slave system, where while the first 'Master' switch determines the weapon, the second 'Slave' switch augments the Master by way of elements or added effects.
  • There is a female Rider called Kamen Rider Nadeshiko in Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie Wars MEGAMAX who uses only the arm switches.
  • However, the REAL Second Rider uses only one Switch to transform. One that is exclusive to him.
  • Technically Meteor uses two different switches. One to transform and one to access his super mode.

The red eyed man is the real Kengo.
The one we see in the show is a copy made from a Switch. The reason for his supposedly weak body is that the Kengo Switch is weakening overtime.
  • That's an interesting theory; maybe the Red-Eyed Man is a cynical older version of him.
  • Jossed

The Second Rider will use four switches.
And his forms will be based on jobs that Fourze doesn't use. Such as:Base State- Race car Driver- right leg switch makes a racecar form on Rider's legElec State- Police- Taser gunFire State- Blacksmith- welding rods
  • Jossed. Meteor only uses one Switch.
    • Not to mention, he has only one default mode.

The OOO x Fourze Movie Wars will involve Foundation X.
It's not too late for the writers to clean up that plot thread.
  • Confirmed

Fourze final form will have wind based powers
The original Kamen Rider was wind inclined and it is the fortieth anniversary after all.
  • Jossed, unless you count being able to use the Aero Switch.

Fourze's remaining states
Will be Water and Wind based. Base state represents Space or the void as it were.
  • Fire States could be partly water based, given the Hee-Hack Gun's Extinguisher mode. On the other hand, Fourze's next state is based on magnets.
  • Jossed. They're Magnet and Cosmic.

The Legend Switches will make an appearance
The toyline has Legend Switches based off of other Rders, like the Rider Memories and the special Cores. The difference is that, in Ganbaride, the Switches have Final Form Ride-esque designs instead of invisible power boosts. So at least in the HBV if not in-series, Fourze will get to use a few. Possibly OOO, Kiva, Decade and another.

Switch #30 is for Fourze's Mid-Season Upgrade and will first debut in Movie War Megamax.
Why not? Double and OOO's Mid Season Upgrades made their debuts in the Movie War films, so why shouldn't Fourze do the same? Also, it seems perfectly obvious that Switch #40 will be for his Super Mode.
  • Jossed. It's his movie-exclusive States.
  • Sort of confirmed, actually - Switches #30 and #31 are for his Mid-Season Upgrade Magnet States, but the form that is showcased in Megamax is the Double Rocket States, activated by a modified Rocket Switch.

Fourze's Final form will have a Motorcycle Racer theme.
Why? Beacuse it's a 40th Anniversary show to a franchise that started off as a man whose main profession was a motorcycle racer/biology expert. It just fits to well.
  • Jossed.

It's gonna be another one of those "break the cliques" plot
They established it early on in episode one and Gentaro thinks it's a stupid idea. Who won't see this coming?

The show will hit Cerebus Syndrome
  • Given how both OOO also got hitten by one with Dr. Maki, this is highly likely.
    • You'd be hard-pressed to find a Rider series that hasn't, so this is almost-guaranteed.
    • Done rather early Makise, anyone?

Tomoko has a crush on Gentaro.
  • Really? Then why is she around Yuki so much?
    • Well, after episode 10 it is possible.
      • Maybe, it is not Gentaro who Tomoko have a crush, but Ryusei (or Kamen Rider Meteor)
      • After episode 23 it is possible.
      • ..Well, after all this episodes and situations she knows about the identity of Meteor is obviuos that Tomoko and Ryusei have a deep bond or connection.

Daimonji will be the second rider
just look at the opening and see what number he's wearing when the op shows him in his football uniform
  • That's actually a reference to Ichimonji Hayato/Kamen Rider 2, whom he is named after.
  • Jossed and partially confirmed. He's not a rider, but he is now the controller of the Power Dizer so he can fight alongside Gentaro.

The "Kamen Rider Urban Legend" will be a wasted plot
They did it for Foundation X, so why not?
  • Because Foundation X was in W and has no reason to be outside of W.
    • Making it doubly ironic for both points here that Foundation X members with Zodiart Switches will appear in the upcoming OOO/Fourze MEGAMAX crossover movie.

What happens to the host is determined by the Leader-class Zodiart
In episode 2 the Tarantula Zordiart picks up the Orion switch. Later when the host uses its final form, the host is wrapped up in web.
  • Only that there's no Tarantula Zodiart, as the Zodiarts are based off the Western Zodiac.
    • Specifically, that was the Scorpio Zodiart.
    • Do scorpions produce web?
    • No, they do not.
  • Josse$, Libra's Switchers have the same effect as Scorpions.

Faiz will be evil.
At least at first. An evil Orphnoch having stolen the belt, and using it to manipulate the club into fulfilling his objectives. Bonus points if they end up fighting the real Faiz as a result.%pD
  • Jossed. Faiz only appears briefly in Super Hero Taisen, and fights the bad guys just like he always does.

At some point, Kengo will become Fourze, to protect Gentaro.
Which in turn means hurting himself and solidifying his friendship with Gentaro.
  • Partially jossed as Kengo needed Tomoko to work out an alternate configuration for the Fourze belt, which merely outfitted one arm with the Fourze glove and cuff, allowing him to use one Astro Switch without actually turning into Fourze proper.

A second Rider will be the Student Council President.
To clash against Gentaro's delinquent style.
  • Semi-jossed; Kamen Rider Meteor is going to be a new t2ansfer student who is actually an alien.
  • Jossed. He's a transfer student with a background in martial arts training.

The Riders shown on Nozoma's tablet will show up in the show.
  • Semi-confirmed. They''ll be in the OOO x Fourze Mega Max movie to be precise.
  • Actually the only Riders shown in the movie are Rider-1 and Double.

The second Rider will be Super-Two.
  • Maybe not by that name but perhaps based on Super-1.
    • Kamen Rider Nadeshiko has only her hands modular and has a shiny metal/silver colored body like Super-1.
  • Jossed. Goes by the name of Meteor.

There will be a Legend switch for Fourze.
And it will be marked with the number 50 giving him access to his true Final State that grants him the combined abilities of his five previous states. Billy the Rod, Hee-Hack Gun and the two other state upgrades. All Your Powers Combined.

Kamen Rider Eve will appear
Yes it was a manga but anything is possible during an anniversary series.

The second Rider will be a teacher.
  • Jossed, it's said to be a martian named Gray who transfers to Amanogawa.
    • Actually, he's a transfer student from a different high school. With Bruce Lee Clone skills.

There will be an Expy of a Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann character
  • I thought that was Gentaro's job.

Whoever leaves prior to a Zodiarts attack is that Zodiart
Miura left and soon the Orion Zodiarts came in. The same thing might happen with the Chameleon Zodiart.
  • Also a bit of brilliance on the writer's part that the first two story arcs deal with the consequence of Daimonji and Kazashiro's actions. But that would mean Kazashiro's sidekick was only pretending to be choked.
    • ... and confirmed for episode 4. Tamae was the Chamaeleon Zodiarts.

The two known teachers and J.K are the cloaked Zodiarts.
Let's see Ohsugi would be the Scorpio Zodiarts, Sonada is the Virgo Zodiarts and J.K is Libra Zodiarts. Though only the later two make complete sense due to their qualities, Sonada being a young woman(which virgo represents) and J.K giving info for info(balance)
  • Ohsugi's sign is Scorpio. Hint or a red herring??
  • It gets better: Sonoda's name, when rearranged, can be read as "I am the scorpion note ".
  • More and more indications seem to point to Sonoda being Scorpio - she's close enough to Mitsuaki Gamo/the Red-Eyed Man that she got Yuuki a meeting with him.
    • Sonoda confirmed for Scorpio as of #13!
    • Jossed for JK. The principal's Libra.

If there is a Gemini Zodiarts, there will be two people who turn into them
Or at least be one person turned into an half and half... wait a minute, zodiarts are created my the person's consciousness placed in a monstrous form, so if there was a Gemini Zodiarts it could be a shout out to Kamen Rider Double.
  • Confirmed. Yuuki is the Gemini Zodiarts, which was created by splitting her into a "light" and "dark" version of herself. Though only the dark half actually turns into the Zodiarts monster form, she can create a clone of herself with Cosmic Energy that explodes. She even has the same colour scheme as FangJoker.

The Delinquents from Gentaro's old school show up
And they'll be named for the remaining Showa riders from Shigeru Jou onwards. Mad props if their ringleader is named Nobuhiko.

Similarly, the season ends with a graduation ceremony and a new set of first-year students named for the Heisei riders.
Gentaro immediately starts introducing them to the Kamen Rider Club. The new kids hear 'Kamen Rider' and immediately do their respective poses for whoever they're named after as the Fourze Driver's "3 - 2 - 1" can be heard in the background, ending as Gentaro gets a big fat grin on his face. Cue end credits.
  • Punny Names would include Okita (Agito with reversed syllables]], Ryuji (combining Shinji and Ryuki) Go (meaning five) and Ken (meaning blade.)
  • Pretty much jossed. There was a graduation ceremony and subsequent arrival of new students, but it happened mid-season, not at the end.
    • The final episode did have a graduation ceremony... but for the Chairman, not for the students. The "3 - 2 - 1" happened as Gentaro transformed just like it always does, but with the KRC joining in.

The Meteor Switch is for this show's secondary Rider
It's the only Switch to sound like the Legend Switches without a corresponding past Rider. So it's probably for a future Rider!
  • Confirmed.

Kazashiro will become friends with Gentaro in episode 4
she still wins the queen festival but calls off the bet as a sign of their friendship. Unfortunately Daimonji wouldn't be too happy about it, but I could be wrong and that girl he had his arm around in the preview was Kazashiro.
  • hit and miss. she still wins the queen festival and becomes friends with Gentaro but the thing with Daimonji happens before she actually wins.

The second rider will have a group of his own
They will be named after the remaining showa riders with the second rider either named after Shigeru Jou or Kazuya Oki. Moneys on Kazuya.
  • Partially jossed. The second Rider's name is Gray.
    • Partially un-jossed. The second Rider's name is Ryusei, and he has one partner named after Tobei Tachibana.
    • The group's also called the Anti-Zodiarts Union.

Kazashiro will end up with Gentaro by the end of the season
Watch episode 4 cause they already have an implied more than friends thing going on and since we don't exactly know what'd gonna happen with the Queen and her Jerk Jock King it's highly possible that this will happen
  • Uh. When was that ever implied? Like, ever?
    • Sorry used implied for lack of a better word. But let's see, he tries to comfort her, he there while Daimonji isn't, and it's a show set in high school. And it always starts with friendship. Not counting that oops thing with the magic hand even though that sounds awefully familiar.

Kengo becomes the last one to pick up the secret handshake.
And THEN he dies.
  • Jossed. He does the secret handshake with Gentaro at the end of #12.

The second Rider will "have no use for friends".
Because Conflict Ball, ho!
  • Considering all the reference to Megaman, particularly Starforce, this wouldn't be too far off the mark. The Rider Club is a lot like Geo's group of friends to some degree so having a Solo Expy wouldn't be that surprising.
    • Confirmed in #17, Ryusei thinks Gentaro's constant friendship talk is obnoxious.

Kamen Rider Nadeshiko will die, somehow is evil, or both
Because 1, she's a female rider and 2, she's a movie rider. Female and Movie riders always die or the power is destroyed somehow (though they seem to be recently jossed thanks to Den-O, Kiva, and Decade).
  • Jossed on the evil bit. She's gunning for Foundation X.
  • Confirmed on her dying. Although to be technical, she was never alive in the first place, as she was SOLU taking on human form.

Kamen Rider Nadeshiko will be a parody of the Women Rider, No Survivors theory
As mentioned in the WMG before, most, if not all female riders tend to die. This will somehow be lampshaded or deconstructed in some way.
  • Femme & Larc sure. Tackle technically isn't a Kamen Rider. Kivala's alive, Ixa's female users didn't die in duty (Yuri is dead while Megumi is alive). And I don't remember how many Oni riders there were but I'm pretty sure the only female oni to die was Shuki. Missing any because three (four if you count tackle) riders compared to how many surviving one not really going with the whole female riders all die but then again she is a love interest to Gentaro so maybe considering both Tackle and Femme were love interest to the rider of their series, the latter more so than the former.

At some point, a Zodiart's body will be killed before they can be saved
Upon reaching the Last One state, the Zodiart Switch's user's mind leaves their body to control the Zodiart's. At some point, in the ensuing rampage, their body will be killed or destroyed. Either they realize what they've done and be left stuck a Zodiart and make a Heel–Face Turn after realizing their actions caused this or Gentaro will be forced to actually kill his enemy.
  • The heel face turn only works if it's done by the Zodiarts attacks. This show is slightly on the lighter side so it will probably be a close call with the Zodiart asking the rider to defeat it.

Each Zodiac Zodiart will give switches to a person with a specific kind of motivation based on their mythology
Scorpio's two Switches given out so far were both for jealousy, which in the story behind the constallation was the reason Apollo sent the scorpion to sting Orion in the myth. Possible guesses for the other Zodiarts include:
  • Scorpio could also represent pride because the other version of Orion's death story was that he boasted he could kill any creature and so Gaea created the scorpion to kill Orion
    • Which also works, as both sought to take out a prideful person as well.
  • Virgo's will revolve around a desire for either "justice" or revenge for grief, as in mythology, the Virgo sign was either representitive of Astraea, the Roman Goddess of Law and Justice, or Erigone, a woman who hanged herself in grief for a loved ones death. More likely the latter, as the Libra Zodiart exists.
    • Justice is more likely but ya never know.
  • Libra will likely deal with people wishing to see justice done in some fashion (revenge for wrongdoing), as it's the "scales of justice". Or perhaps as revenge for being lied to (balance of truth and lies).
    • You mean Karmic Balance right? on that note J.K seems the top suspect for being the Libra Zodiarts when you consider his whole thing about trading things for information or 'give and take' as he put it.
    • Seems confirmed. Libra's first Zodiarts is a boy who believed he was being wronged by people distracting him from his work. Kengo even points out the Perseus Zodiarts' MO isn't inline with Scorpion's It's Personal Switchers.
  • Leo...perhaps fufilling a difficult task of some sort? (it's associated with the Nemean Lion, one of the 12 labors of Hercules)
    • Considering Leo is the tallest of the Horoscopes, it would be a surprise if there wasn't some kind of Hercules shout out associated with this.

The series is a Shoutout to Megaman Starforce
While yes it's more focused on other sources of inspiration but it has plenty of references already.
  • Kengo, a boy who lost his father in space and keeps rather distant from others. Sounds a lot like Geo before Omega-xis showed up.
  • Gentaro, described as hot-blooded and is the new guy, without him there would be no one properly fighting the Zodiarts. Sounds a lot like Omega-xis. But he also a bit like Ace in the child at hard friend to everyone kind of way.
    • His states as Fourze has the elemental powers similar to the battle network series.
  • The enemies are constellation based.
  • Take one main character from Fourze and you'll find some similarity to another character in Starforce. Yuki is Sonia while Kazashiro is Luna(Prez), Junko is Bud while Tamae is Zack. and so on.

The final battle will take place on the moon.
Because why not.
  • Jossed, although the battle in the second to last episode was.

The final battle will take place in deep space.
Because Gurren Lagann.
  • Jossed. It takes place at Ama High.

Nadeshiko's human identity will be named after a rider ally
Stronger was in the trailer for Megamax, make of that as you will but money's on Yuriko since Misaki was taken by another ally. Though she'll have better luck than the one she's named after.
  • Sorta confirmed. Her name is Nadeshiko Misaki.
    • She's also the second rider to retain her name in rider form so she doubles as a shout-out to Kamen Rider Shin
      • Hibiki and Gaoh are saddened by this accusation.
      • Fine the third to keep their name in rider form. Hibiki is the rider who is most like Amazon, they both use their rider/oni name as their proper name but they had a different birth name.

The Zodiac Zodiarts motivation.
They're humans who are currently on their "Last One", and they can't return to their human forms, but if they can get another person on their "Last One", they can take control of the user's body, and become human again.
  • Episode 13 Josses this to space and back.

The Zodiac Zodiarts will be introduced in groups of four
Scorpio, Virgo, Libra and Leo will be defeated around the time the second rider appears in the show. The next four (Sagittarius, Aquarius, Capricorn and Pisces for those that noticed the pattern) will be defeated by the time the super mode is introduced. The last four(Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer) will be defeated by the second last episode. The Ophiucus Zodiarts will be the last one- no pun intended- and the Greater-Scope Villain(as in why the red eye man has red eyes)
  • Except that the order is going backwards... and it makes sense that way as it would go from Scorpio (the First Horoscope) to Ophiucus (the last Horoscope as well as rumored to be the Red-Eyed Man ). This would make the order simple - Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, and finally Ophiucus.
    • That order was going well until Aries showed up after Cancer.

The Second rider will be a reference to Black and RX
And have a twin who is the Gemini Zodiarts who looks like a Kaijin(constellation marked) version of his/her Rider form.
  • Jossed.

During Movie War Megamax, Shotaro and Philip will each appear in Fourze and OOO's respective stories.
You know, they could split up to find out clues that'll lead to the plot of the team-up portion of the movie. They could make brief cameos, like watching Fourze and OOO fight their respective monster enemies.

There will be a second organization.
The Red-Eyed Man is the current Big Bad, however, he will be taken out early in the series to give rise to a new organization, whether they use Zodiart switches too or not.
  • Does Foundation X count?

All of the insert songs for this series will be named after things involving space.
The title of the song "Giant Step" obviously refers to the saying "One small step for earth, one giant leap for mankind".
  • Now "Shooting Star", Meteor's theme.
  • "Bounce Back", Magnet States' theme, is a little harder to pinpoint.
  • "Cosmic Mind", Cosmic States' theme, natch.

There is a vehicle for each States.
Fourze already has vehicles that matches his Base and Elek States. The Massiguler and the Base States have the same color scheme, black and white. The Power Dizer and the Elek States have also the same color scheme, gold and black with blue "eyes".
  • There might be a red vehicle for his Fire States.
  • So far, not happening.

There will be a traitor in the KRC
Think about it. If the KRC effectively turned jerks into good guys through The Power of Friendship, what better way to destroy it than with a traitor?
  • With the results of #11 Kengo is seriously going to chew out Yuki for letting a Zodiarts destroy the locker to Rabbit Hatch and thus trapping him on the moon. How the other members will react to her is unconfirmed.
  • Confirmed in episode 31 but is forgiven in episode 32.

Episode 10 begins with Shun knocking the Zodiarts Switch out of Tomoko's hands with a football
We've had Miu bring her inflated attitude into the Kamen Rider Club proper. If Shun contributes something outside of driving the Power Dizer, it'd have to be this.
  • Jossed - she held onto it without using it, just to discard it at the end.
  • By throwing it into a pond no less.

There will be a Zodiarts that will break the circle of Friendship in the Kamen Rider Club
  • Confirmed, though I forget which one it was. It was only temporary, though.

Kamen Rider Poseidon and Aqua represent time
specifically the phrase "time is not a flowing river but many streams flowing along side each other". Think about it, they're both the same person split between good and evil due to a temporal anomoly, have an aquatic motif, one resembles the heisei riders while the other resembles the showa riders. It fits with Fourze's base space theme either way.

Nadeshiko won't die
She'll suffer a fate worse than death. Either it'll be revealed that she came from the future as well and has to go back or she's from the present and is being transfered to a school really far away. Either way, she can't be with Gentaro.
  • Better yet to fit with the space motif she'll be an alien
    • Or she'll be from the future like Miharu. For bonus points, she may be Gentaro's daughter and/or granddaughter.
    • Alien = Confirmed. Won't die = Jossed.

The Hole mentioned in episode 1...
Is the true big bad and when it manifests it will be known as the Black Hole Zodiarts, with the unique ability of all the previous Zodiarts. And when it's defeated it will spit out some brightly coloured coins as well as a purple dinosaur themed monster.
  • Jossed. It is a atmospheric phenomenon above Amanogawa that emits Cosmic Energy from space. Which is how the bad guys are making the Zodiarts Switches, but the process is not shown.

The type of Zodiart is determined by the Switcher, not the Zodiarts Switch
The Switches have no identifying traits to seperate them from one another, they're all identical. They are all completely identical, but something about the person using them is what decides what kind of Zodiart it creates. Perhaps it has something due to the "wish upon the stars" thing the Scorpion says when he hands them out or simply due to personality.
  • Let's see Miura was gunning(hunting) for Shun, Tamae wanted to beat Miu and played the role of friend(blending in), Nitta was unable to fence due to JK and was on a high horse(unicorn is a horse but he used the horn as a sword) about his revenge and the chain boy was feeling like a dog on a leash plus his father's catchphrase is two letters off from Bad Dog. There seems to be a lot of reasoning behind this. Maybe someone should put this on the Fridge page if the fake witch has a similar connection to Altar...oh wait!
    • An interesting theory. Scorpio mentions that the Altar Switch would have lesser powers in the hands of someone not devoted to occultism. So it would seem that the type of switch is set by default, though they can gain new powers depending on their users personality.
      • Not really, he says the Altar Zodiarts, not the switch itself. There are probably some other personality types that could make someone get Altar.
  • Jossed for the Horoscopes Switches, which have the constellation they represent engraved on their buttons. Leo Zodiarts can also use the Switches to change into the Horoscope engraved on them. He hasn't done this with a 'normal' Zodiarts Switch, however.

The fourth switch will control....
Gravity, tying into the space theme.

A possible future movie form (not MEGAMAX) will be with an F-1 Switch
F-1 standing for Formula 1 and Fourze would get a theme similar to an F-1 driver.

The kaijin are related to the Worms from Kamen Rider Kabuto
All signs point to it not happening in the Movie War, but Kabuto will appear once the scale of the enemy becomes clear.

Guesses as to what Fourze's two recently revealed forms will be in the Multiform Balance.
Double Rocket States will be a Fragile Speedster, due to the two rockets on his hands that will obviously give him increased speed, and Magnet States will be a Lightning Bruiser, because nearly every Kamen Rider's Mid-Season Upgrade form is one.
  • Rocket States: Confirmed. Magnet States: Jossed.

The entire purpose of the school is to serve as a Zodiart Switch testing ground.
In the first episode, it is mentioned that it is school policy to persuade students to fall into their own cliches and subcultures. And the Red-Eyed-Man states that the switches tend to develop in interesting ways in the hands of children.So essentially what he has done is set up an area where he can use impressionable young people to further the switches development.

Gentaro has something to do with the Astro Switches.
In the second episode, Getnaro sees the majestic beauty of Earth and a single tear falls from his eye. He questions as to why he's crying though, so that might be some subtle foreshadowing for a later date.
  • Also he mentions that his parents before their death anyway, had a job that went over his and his grandfather's head. However, he also notes that his dad encouraged him to make new friends because "those friends will save you one day."

(At least) One of the switches will be modeled after a Zodiarts Switch
In fact, it may also have 'last one' feature and has Zodiart's power!
  • Jossed.

Magnet States' debut is when the story takes a turn for the darker.
An interview with head producer Tsukada revealed that Fourze has no "tear marks" on his mask because of his cheerful personality. However, Magnet States has said "tears", so this may be an indication of more drama in the future.
  • Jossed. It's Cosmic.

The locker destroyed in #11 isn't the correct one.
  • We don't know for sure unless Kengo still has the switch that activated the locker. Perhaps any locker can work, but you need the switch to activate it.
  • My guess is, Sonoda really does have a locker she wanted condemned, then found the paper on the Rabbit Hutch locker and took it to stick on the "right" one. It's just silly enough to fit with the rest of the series.
    • Also the preview for #12 shows Tomoko examining the debris, maybe her ESP can pick up something amiss.
  • Alternatively, they are just able to recover the switch used to create the initial portal, and use it on a different locker.
  • Confirmed on the wrong locker but jossed on Tomoko's ESP. Apparently Ohsugi believed Yuki's lie about the locker being Sonada's a while back and swapped the paper that was on it with another before dragging it out. The reason Tomoko knew it was wrong was because of the bunny drawing she drew back in #11 was on the back of the door that lead to Rabbit Hatch.

One of the future Zodiart will be Hercules and will have a bug motif.
  • Not only will it be a Hercules Beetle, the the latest Zodiart,Pyxis, has a Stag Beetle design and past series have use the Japanese Beetle Brothers trope before.
    • The only question is, which zodiac sign fits the beetle thing?
      • Southern Cross?

Switch #40 will use ALL the four slots in the Fourze Driver
  • Jossed. It uses only the Circle Slot.

Each arc will be about the KRC gaining a new friend/ally/power
  • The initial story arc has been all about the club forming. In addition to the KRC members, the show goes out of its way to show that Fourze's powers and support must be mastered the way one would gain a friendship.
    • 1-2: Gentaro and Yuki (and Base States)
    • 3-4: Miu
    • 5-6: JK (and Elec States)
    • 7-8: Shun (and Power Dizer)
    • 9-10: Tomoko (and Fire States)
    • 11-12: Kengo
    • 13-14: Miura
      • By extension the true identity of the Scorpio Zodiarts, since it is heavily displayed in the trailer, whoever it may be... cough, female, cough.
    • 15-16: Motoyama, the entire Glee Club
    • 17-18: Ryusei (and Kamen Rider Meteor)
    • 19-20: Magnet States

Jun, Reiko and Chosuke will become Zodiarts
They are the only three other than the main cast that appear in more than one episode(arc) with speaking lines its very possible that they may become Zodiarts at some point. Or they will find out about the kamen rider club.

But here are the ideas for their Zodiarts form. Jun would be Cetus, Reiko and Chosuke would... someone else try.

  • Jun doesn't seem like she would be capable of becoming a Zodiarts, Chosuke would need a good reason why he had to (like his gang of delinquents was hurt or something) and Reiko might have the possibility of becoming one.

If Miu and Shun became Zodiarts
They would be the Cepheus and Cassiopia Zodiarts

The Big Bad will be an extra-terrestrial Eldritch Abomination
Because Gurren Lagann.

Makise will return
He has Knight of Cerebus written all over him.
  • Great, as if we didn't have a huge section on him in the Fridge Horror page.
  • Considering Miura has returned, and has an addiction to his Switch, it wouldn't be a stretch for Makise to return as a Psycho for Hire working for the Zodiac Zodiarts of his own accord.
    • Confirmed and Jossed. The preview for episode 37 shows that Makise will return, but not as a monster.

Makise IS Dr Maki
Maybe one time he was left in a ditch by the football team after stalking Miu, and Dr Maki exploded in the sky above and the Cell Medal fragments rained down and were embedded into him, healing his wounds overnight. Shun and Miu do have a history of taking too long to identify those they've offended in the past. And we know shattered Cell Medals can still be of use, since Ankh's returning yet again in this year's Movie Wars.
  • The movie confirmed that the Medals were transported, not destroyed. Maki Greeed could still exist.

Fourze's ultimate form will be Zodiac States.
He'll use the Zodiarts Switch that was thrown into a pond to transform, and will eventually become a Zodiarts.
  • Jossed. Cosmic States is Fourze's ultimate form.

The new principal being introduced in episode 13 is the Scorpio Zodiarts
Look at how he points in the trailer. It is exactly like how the Scorpio Zodiarts holds out the Zodiart Switches with the thumb and index finger extended and the other three fingers back.
  • Jossed.
    • Still think he may be the Scorpio Zodiarts. Yes we see Sonoda change into it but that conversation in the classroom is far too suspicious. Don't understand spoken Japanese so really can't tell but the conversation seemed like a do-me-a-favor kind of thing.
      • Still Jossed. He's Libra, and Sonoda is definitely Scorpio.

Mitsuaki Gamo/The Red-Eyed Man Zodiart Switch will be Ophiuchus.
Its been use as the unofficial thirteenth sign of the Western Zodiac signs and his Dragons are made up of the original twelve.
  • Jossed. He's Sagittarius.

The Ursa Major Zodiarts... being saved for the Fourze standalone movie (like the Shogun one for OOO and the A to Z one for Double).
  • And it's special attack is? One word: AAAATATATATATATA...
  • Will most likely the user will be female and have a child to go with the Mama Bear angle.

Alternatively, the one that appears in the movie is just the Ursa Minor Zodiarts.
What's the Ursa Major one like? You don't wanna know.

If and when the Leo Zodiarts hands out a switch...
The first one will be Hercules Zodiarts. The rest may also be associate with whatever cosntellation the twelve labors of hercules are connected to.

The new principal is one of the Zodiac Zodiarts
He may not be Scorpio, but there's a chance that he may be a different one.
  • Bonus points if he's the Gemini Zodiarts.
    • Which makes it funnier when you think about the Superhero Wars(Kamen Rider vs Super Sentai) movie due to some recent rumours.
  • Confirmed. He's Libra Zodiarts, however.

The Zodiac Switches can be used by multiple people
The Scorpio Switch was already designed with the Scorpio symbol on top of it. It seems to imply that those switches are preset and could possibly be used by anyone. If this turns out to be true then the Scorpio Zodiarts may not be who we think it is.
  • Confirmed that the Zodiac switches can be used by different people.
    • But jossed on Scorpio not being "who we think it is."

We'll find out what happens to a switch that isn't shut off after Last One
It something that came to mind when the identity of the Scorpio Zodiarts was revealed. It had a special switch and the voice sounded different. Maybe the result of Last One is that the consciousness of the person is sealed in the switch. If the red eye man got it he could maybe cause it to upgrade to it's true Last One.
  • Confirmed, Zodiarts that exceed Last One become Horoscopes like Scorpio... although theres no indication if this itself can recieve a Last One state

If the new principal is gonna play a major part, he won't be a Zodiart
But instead at some point he will get out a familiar device, and people will be able to hear this again: "TURN UP!"
  • This could work. They said they were going to try and fix the KR universe with this show. Gentaro doesn't need to get a legend switch but at least making him true to his line in 21 Medals about befriending all riders is a start. Maybe the principal is using a pseudonym.
  • Jossed. He's the Libra Zodiarts.

The real Scorpio Zodiarts is the principal, and he has demonic possesion powers
All along, he is able to control a person and made him/her into a Scorpio Zodiart. With the victim completely unaware of what they are doing at all.
  • Jossed. He's a different Zodiarts instead.

Episode 14 will change the status quo
In Kamen Rider OOO, the arc that kicked off the first major status quo shift ( Mezool and Gamel die for the first time and Birth is introduced) started on #15, which was released on December 19th, a day after Movie Wars Core came out. #15 for Kamen Rider Fourze will come out the same day Movie Wars Megamax comes out, so going by that logic, something will change or at least start to.
  • From the looks of things Scorpio Zodiarts will be defeated in this episode. #15-16 will see Libra taking Scorpio's place as Gamo's field lieutenant (though serving as a breather arc for what follows), with the first episode of 2012 (on January 8) being Meteor's debut.

The principal is the Libra Zodiarts.
He mentions things as being light and heavy, and his given name means justice, the personification of which carries a pair of scales.
  • I see this happening for a few reasons.
1) They just revealed the Scorpio Zodiarts' identity.2) They introduced a character that seems in on the conspiracy.3) One scan showing Kamen Rider Meteor shows him fighting the Libra Zodiarts.4) The Libra Zodiarts seems to be the new Dragon to the Red-Eye Man should the Scorpio Zodiarts be defeated by episode 14.5) They are most likely going to be introduced in the next episode arc.
  • Confirmed.

The Track Shot when Fourze yells 'Uchu Kita'
Will go all the way to the end of the solar system by the end of the series if not the whole galaxy.
  • One such shot will go in a circle instead of just zooming out, sweeping through the planets of the solar system - then the one the next week is virtually identical, except it includes Pluto.
  • Jossed for the time period. During Cosmic States' introduction in #32, the track shot went outside the Milky Way Galaxy and panned to several neighboring galaxies!!

The Zodiarts are actually parasitic aliens who infect people through the Switches
The Drunk on the Dark Side effect is a result of the alien slowly influencing the person's behavior and the drug withdrawl symptoms are caused by the alien making it's host desire to keep using the Switch so it can continue to grow and feed on the Cosmic Energy, much like nicotine in tabacco. Destroying the Switch kills the Zodiart alien, but the host still craves to have ANOTHER one inside them due to the addiction. The "Last One" stage is the point when the alien gains enough cosmic power to form it's own body, taking the host's spirit along with it. The host is used as a way for the alien to get more cosmic power to feed on. The Horoscope Zodiarts either aren't human at all or have merged with a high ranking alien. Either way, the aliens controling the Horoscope Zodiarts are sentient and either entirely in control or co-controling their host. While the normal Zodiarts are "infants" who relay on their hosts to control the Zodiarts body, the Horoscope Zodiarts are fully grown. This is why some Zodiarts voice tends to have a Voice of the Legion effect to it and the Scorpio has a male voice despite having a female host, the Scorpio alien is male and the voice distortion is caused by the Zodiart itself. Another possibility is that the Red Eyed Man's plan is to merge all of humanity with the Zodiarts, either as an Alien Invasion or simply because he believes it's the best thing for them.
  • ... Wow. Even though this is most likely jossed, I declare this entry Made of Win.

The principle is the Leo Zodiac.
Both of them have a power of authority, principle with his school, lion with his pride. All the females, bother mothers and the female student,swoon over the principle, just like how all female lions follow the male lion. And also, the principle dislike Gentaro, which almost mirrors how older male lion see younger ones as a threat to their pride.
  • Jossed. He's Libra.

Each of the Horoscope Zodiarts has a different type of Dustard
Scorpio and Kengo both confirmed the Dustards are formed from the Zodiart's own body ("Stardust"). The ninja-like ones are unique to Scorpio and each of the Horoscope Zodiarts have a unique type, either completely unique or with a different fighting style.
  • If so, the new Dustards merely retain the helmets and belts over new suits - Chinese martial artists? Death metal rockers? Bruce Lee Game Of Death suits? Or maybe more reused suits like Zectrooper kevlar.
  • Jossed. They're all the same.

Cold Turkeys Are Everywhere situations will be solved using Switch #24 Medical
In fact, Switch #24 can heal any wounds and illnesses as well as harm Zodiarts in general. With Limit Break, it fully heals a person. If used on a Zodiarts, it leads to an instant KO instead!

We won't see all of the zodiac symbols represented as a Zodiarts
At this rate, having all 12 zodiac symbols would make the series 120+ episodes, unless they show up and die really fast. It'll probably stay at the four shown in the opening.
  • What's likely is leaving the other eight zodiac symbols as Horoscopes, like the other four, but with them serving merely as Elite Mooks or for being the big bad come the Movie Wars for Fourze and the Rider succeeding him.
  • Hopefully they will pop up in more numbers like the Greeed.
    • The first four Zodiarts will be defeated around episode 25, give or take, the other eight will be introduced with the last nine episodes or so having a boss rush where they are each defeated one by one, not too differently from the Infershia Pantheon.
  • Maybe the introduction of Meteor will prompt the Zodiarts to double up their forces and start having 2 or more active ones as Co-Dragons.
    • Played with. Instead of the villains bringing out more Horoscopes for Meteor, Meteor himself wants to create new Horoscopes.
  • Libra reveals in #15 the procedure for creating a Horoscope Zodiarts (which involves a Switcher going past a Last One), and that only four of the Horoscopes have been born so far (himself, Sonoda/Scorpio, Leo, and Virgo).
  • Not of that would prevent multiple Horoscopes from being out and about at a time, which also increases drama and challenge.

Well, we already know that he was formerly a coworker of Kengo's father.

The other eight Horoscopes will be movie exclusive.
Four showing up in the Superhero Wars movie and the other four appearing in the Fourze summer movie with one defeated solely by the next rider as a call back to OOO.
  • Most definitely Jossed.

Fourze's appearance in the OOO summer movie was a reference to Double
Think about it. They both showed up to help the then current rider defeat an enemy and they were already transformed when they did so. This stands to reasoning. Also the next rider will show up in Fourze's summer movie but will henshin and defeat the movie exclusive enemy.

Ohsugi is the only faculty member of note to not be involved in the conspiracy, let alone a Horoscope.
It seems that he's locked out of the loop with regards to Zodiarts (as Principal Hayami/ Libra Zodiarts told him to leave when he talked to Sonoda/Scorpio Zodiarts. Ironically, this may mean that he's the only authority figure the KRC can trust. Plus, he seems like a comic relief character anyway, not unlike most of the Fuuto Irregulars.
  • However... As of #29, he knows about the Rabbit Hatch. It won't be too much of a stretch that he somehow learns about the true motive of the Kamen Rider Club. Note that he knows about the Zodiarts attacks in #26 and even let the prom continue despite of that.
  • And as of #30, he gives the Kamen Rider Club his blessing and wishes to help it out, becoming The Mentor to the students.

Kengo is one of the Zodiarts.
Maybe not a regular one, but it could explain his poor health. If there's another being fighting inside him that he doesn't know about.
  • Gemini Zodiarts, then?

Ohsugi will be Virgo
Because virgin.
  • Jossed; he's now The Mentor of the Kamen Rider Club.
  • And now, we know who is Virgo, so it's fully Jossed.

Makise will be the first Zodiarts to be Killed Off for Real
Miura was redeemed, and it's implied the Kamen Rider Club will try to do the same to the other Zodiarts and that it's likely the Zodiarts will try to rerecruit them. When the montage of previous Zodiarts was shown in #13, Makise was omitted and he was the only Zodiarts that Gentaro personally allowed to be punished. If any of the previous Zodiarts are going to kick the bucket, it'd be him.
  • Jossed: Makise survived his episode arc.

Sonoda will outlive her usefulness
Reasons:A. She was the first Horoscope to be defeated by Fourze.B. She already had her switch taken away from her.C. She is now on a quest to get her status back that will more than likely end in failureD. Someone's going to.
  • Confirmed.

Fourze's ultimate form will be unlocked by the Power of Friendship.
It's already been shown that the Switches grow stronger through Gentaro's friendships. What better way to awaken Fourze's ultimate form?

Yuki will get along or at least gush over Kamen Rider Meteor
He's an alien, she's a space fanatic.
  • Something tells me that they might end up as a canon couple by the end of the season, much like what happened with Nago and Megumi and Ryu and Akiko.
    • Well,they don't seem so close.Who know maybe Tomoko will get a crush over Kamen Rider Meteor.

Sonoda became a Zodiarts for It's Personal reasons
It's the Scorpion's MO for handing out Switches, so it'd make sense it's her reason. It'd also easily crossover into Libra's turf, if the grudge grew out of an injustice committed against her.
  • ... Sonada is Scorpio, and she's already been and exceeded being the Canis Minor Zodiarts, apparently.

Ohsugi is more than he seems
He's one of the following
  • A Zodiart with his memory of being one erased to keep him hidden until he is needed
  • A friend/associate of Kengo's father keeping an eye on him and the Zodiarts
    • Jossed, but as of #30 he decides to be The Mentor to the group.

There will be a Canis Majoris Zodiarts and it's gonna play a large role
The VY Canis Majoris is the largest star known to man. Seeing as how they Shown Their Work, it's obvious that they might do this.
  • They've already set the groundwork by having Canis Minor mature into Scorpio, who plays a large role in the series already.

All the Horoscopes already created were just students before the start of the series literally
After they became Horoscopes they aged fast to the way we see them now and joined REM in his quest. With that said, their defeat will turn them back into teens to deal with the problems they had the right way.
  • Mostly jossed. They don't return to teenagers when defeated.

Someone's gonna die by being overloaded with Cosmic Energy
OPTIONAL: They will say something along the lines of: "So this is the power of the cosmic... Not bad, not bad at all."

There will be a deeper connection between Astro Switches and Zodiarts Switches
Like astro switches are purified zodiarts switches or similar.

Switches 30 and 31 are the Magnet Switches
This may sound obvious to you, but hear me out: it's not that Astro Switches 30 and 31's power are Magnet N and S respectively, but rather, the magnetic astro power is seperated into two poles, one for each switch. With that, here is how the switches work:
  • 1. As a phone (Switches 30 and 31's combined form), a code is dialed to seperate magnet's power
  • 2. One of the switches is slotting into the Fourze Driver and the deep man voice says Magnet North or South, depending on the switch.
  • 3. The switch is activated. A strange bleeping noise is made.
  • 4. The other switch is slotted in, and the deep man voice calls out the name of that Astro Switch.
  • 5. That switch is turned on, and the robot voice says "Magnet On" with both the Astro Switches' logo appearing on each side, and the word "Magnet" appearing between them. Then, the logos move towards the centre, Magnet State' music jingle is played and Fourze's State is changed into Magnet.

    • Let's see... Jossed for 1. It's just pulling them apart.
    • Jossed for 2. It is "N Magnet" and "S Magnet".
    • Jossed for 3 in the show. Gentaro activated both Switches at the same time.
    • Jossed for 4. See 2
    • Jossed for 5.

Makise will return and become a Horoscope
Becoming a Horoscope requires one to give up your humanity. Makise is close enough already.
  • Jossed. Preview for 37 shows Makise reappears, and considering how Pegasus evolved into Cancer, it seems unlikely that Makise would become a Horoscope.

The KRC Christmas Cake wasn't #ommisioned from a bakery.
A standard bakery would ask too many questions. There's only one man who could be trusted with this kind of responsibility, and his name is...Kougami.
  • While I understand this is probably a joke, remember that the bakery would have been a Japanese bakery... They don't ask questions.

At one point, Time travel will be involved.
And at that point, Gentaro will be forced to travel back to the past, and solve the problems of the four Horoscopes, to stop them being Horiscopes in the first place, or to simply make it possible for him to stop a plan in the future. If the former, may possibly result in a bad future, where and inexperienced Gentaro got killed early on by high level Zodiarts... leaving the now time displaced Gentaro to fix things, and fight off a strange time travelling train who insists he doesn't exist anymore in the process.

... ok yeah, the latter isn't going to happen, but it'd be cool if it did.

  • However, it is confirmed that the [[Super Hero Taisen]] movie (which of course co-stars Fourze and crew) also involves Riders using time travel to discover the cause of the mess. Time travel, fixing the past and Kamen Rider needed to do it? Stop me if you've heard this one...

All the Hayabusa references are foreshadowing the Fourze standalone movie...
which will take Fourze and Meteor deep into space, to find the Spiritual Successor of Hayabusa before a Horoscope appearing only in the movie does. Maybe the new probe is actually carrying the Horoscope within range of a black hole that would grant it insane power.

The Switch Tomoko threw into the lake at the end of #10 will become important later.
The Kamen Rider Club is only assumed to have retrieved the Switch Tomoko threw into the lake at the end of the tenth episode. They're never shown to actually shown to have gotten it though. It may very easily still be there, waiting for someone to pick it up and use it.
  • How is it assumed they retrieved it? I thought it was assumed they left it there.

Some Zodiarts are brought back to battle for the KRC down the line.
Possibly to hold the line against the Horoscopes one last time. Orion and Perseus are meant to be mythical heroes, after all. Maybe they'll be controlled by using the Rabbit Hutch systems to motion-capture the former Switchers' movements to manipulate empty Zodiarts shells.

Tachibana will become a Well-Intentioned Extremist
His goal is to eliminate all Zodiarts. He might do it by any means necessary.

Tachibana is Kengo's father
He's under an assumed identity (taking on the name of the Legendary Seven Riders' ally Tobei Tachibana), and he seems to know something that would make him oppose the Zodiarts. Not to mention that Kengo's father isn't shown dying clearly.
  • Not to mention, he says he can't fight — maybe it's either poor health like Kengo, whatever process was used to save his life, or both.
    • Jossed. He's Virgo/Emoto.

We won't see all the zodiarts
We we will probably see Maybe about 20-30 something of them. The reason? The rest are spread out on other planets.
  • Very likely. There's 88 official Western constellations. It's going to be Blade all over again.

Ryusei's friend had a deeper connection with Aries
and that is why he's looking for that specific horoscope. Whether his friend would have become Aries eventually or the switch was given to him by the commander at that school is unknown.

Tachibana is using Ryusei
He's lying about the boy being able to save his friend so that he'll fight in Tachibana's place.
  • Jossed. He's noy.

The Virgo Zodiarts gave the switch to Ryusei's friend
The current episode arc shows Meteor off and shows his reasons for fighting, the preview of episode 18 shows Virgo in it so it is safe to assume that there is a deeper connection.

The only way to destroy the Horoscopes for good is to target their Zodiarts Switch
Thus far, the only time this has been used is on Orion in the second episode and never brought up again, because most of the time the Zodiarts are destroyed in their Last One states, so it's not needed. But the Horoscope Zodiarts Switches seem to have a limitless number of uses, so the only way to truly stop them is to target their Switches and destroy them manually.
  • Seems logical. After all, Scorpion got beat twice and still had her Switch.

Cancer will be the fifth Horoscope to appear.
So far every Horoscope introduced or mentioned has been that of the zodiac, all that get introduced have been appearing in reverse order of how the zodiac line up during the year since the first four known to already exist are Scorpio, Libra, Virgo shown in action as of episode 18 and Leo in makes perfect sense for the fifth Horoscope to appear to be Cancer.
  • Confirmed in recent magazine scans.
  • Confirmed in the show.

Ryusei will do the handshake when he truly opens up to Gentaro
As of episode 18, he has joined the club, but still hasn't revealed himself as Meteor OR done the handshake. Once he does both and he is accepted, he will do it.

Why Kengo has poor health is actually quite simple!
It's all because of Fast Foods. Even to the point where most of the Foodroids are modelled after them!
  • Actually, blame Yuki for why the Foodroids are themed after fast food.

Gentaro is Kengo's father.
He actually escaped from the rabbit Hutch through space teleportation, but it went wrong and regressed him into a baby.
  • Then he wants to be friends with everyone because subconsciously he feels as though he could of been a better friend to REM?

Ryusei will attempt to turn the Kamen Rider Club members against each other.
The smirk on Ryusei's face after he got accepted into the club seems to suggest that he plans to eliminate the club, so they can't interfere with his mission of finding the Aries Zodiarts. And what better way of doing it then destroying it from the inside out?
  • Jossed as this was unintentional in #19-20. Ryusei even makes an effort to patch things up between them. Apparently they're more useful to him as a cohesive group...
    • And his talking Shun and Miu out of leaving the Club entirely in #26 comes across as quite intentional indeed.

Kamen Rider Meteor will try to use all three planet powers at once
It wouldn't turn out well......may unless he has a new power switch or something.
  • Not so for the toy. It will just say "Error" if more than one is pushed at the same time, making all of the Switches go back down.

Kamen Rider Meteor will have a Super Mode
In the form of a new switch, it will be activated once Ryusei understands the true meaning of friendship.
  • Two-thirds confirmed. Meteor's Super Mode is called Meteor Storm, and is accessed by using the Meteor Storm Switch. No word yet on whether or not the switch is activated via The Power of Friendship, however.
    • The switch was given to him by Tachibana via Secret Test of Character—if Ryusei hadn't decided to go back and save the Kamen Rider Club from Cancer, then he wouldn't received the switch.

Fourze gets thrown into the Dark Nebula before the finale...
...but Determinators his way out of it for the finale, bringing with him any banished Zodiarts that have gone through an offscreen Heel–Face Turn for an epic Big Damn Heroes moment.

Zodiarts most likely to Heel–Face Turn?
Sagittarius. Leo. Aries, providing actual closure for Ryusei. Pisces. And Capricorn, the token Sour Supporter. Scorpio brings the WTF just for being the least likely one. This may lead to an epic Horoscopes 6vs6 fight to the bitter end.
  • I say Leo just for the gag
    • Jossed as Sagittarius turned out to be Gamou himself and Taurus is officially the first, even if he does get Nebula'd for it immediately.
    • Confirmed! Libra joins the KRC for the good of all.
    • Jossed, he was a double agent

Alternatively, Leo is the first to be killed outright, switch and all.
Sacrificial Lion, geddit?
  • If that ends up being the case it adds a bit of brilliance. Leo is the fourth of a group of villains and The Brute at that. If it dies first it wouldn't be the first time

Or even better, getting actual Horoscopes Switches allows Kengo to channel their power into the KRC members for the epic final battle.
Giving us Kengo-as-Sagittarius, Yuuki-as-Scorpio, Miu-as-Aries, Shun-as-Leo, JK-as-Capricorn, Tomoko-as-Pisces.

Cancer may not only Heel–Face Turn but revert to Pegasus form.
And who will be responsible for it? Why, Soushi, the Perseus Zodiarts of course!
  • Jossed.

Ohsugi goes into a Heroic BSoD after Sonoda becomes absent from school following getting sucked into the Dark Nebula in #18
Maybe his actor will get a break as well, who knows.

Leo Zodiarts' death will lead to a Break the Cutie or Heroic BSoD moment.
Because Digimon Tamers.

Meteor will get another Meteor Galaxy on his left arm.
Only it will have access to the four remaining planets in the Solar System (besides earth).
  • Potential powers:
    • Mercury- Super speed
    • Venus-
    • Uranus-
    • Neptune-
    • Pluto (it's dwarf planet status would be lampshaded)- Ice powers

  • Or it could have two switches instead that act as state changes
    • Solar based off the sun with powers to match possibly light based
    • Lunar based off the moon with powers to match possibly shadow based

The Meteor Galaxy's fingerprint system does not scan for any specific fingerprint.
It's actually a trick system where it activates properly ONLY when there isn't any fingerprint to scan. Specifically, it detects a touch first, then scans whether there are any fingerprints to begin with. If it catches any fingerprint, it will self-destruct, taking the user along with it!

All 12 Horoscopes will be in the summer movie.
Even dead ones, seeing as how Sonoda was banished to some sort of void, the movie will have a mess happen there and all 12 Horoscopes will be running loose as a consequence.

Ryusei wants his friend to get better so he can personally punish him.
If he beats up a comatoise person, he'll forever be branded a monster, so he has to find a way to cure him first. Ryusei once learned that the hard way, and teared over it.

Ryusei won't be able to keep his secret identity for long.
If he bails on the KRC every time Meteor appears, someone should catch on quickly.
  • The others are starting to catch on. Slowly, but surely.
  • And his identity was found by Cancer in #27, previews show he untransforms in front of Kengo and JK in #31 or #32.
    • Confirmed!!

The TRUE reason for Jiro's coma and Ryusei's assholeness.
The Zodiart Switch blow up in Jiro's face because... it wasn't his. It belong to Ryusei. Our second-rider-to-be was using it for whatever reason (probably to better himself at martial arts or something, and may or may not explain why his dojo from the flashbacks is completely empty now). When the Switch turned into the Last One phase, Jiro grabbed it before Ryusei could turn himself into a Zodiart again. Out of panic, Jiro pressed the Switch, but since it wasn't his to begin with, he got a blast of Cosmic Energy in the face, thus resulting in his coma and Ryusei feeling extremely guilty about the whole thing.

BTW, found this theory on JEFusion, and I thought it was too good to not be spread further.

  • Jossed, in a recent episode it was shown that Jiro was the one who was trying to use the switch.

Egawa will NOT be the Dragon Zodiarts.
It just seems way too obvious.
  • Confirmed. Her track captain is it.

Apollo States will have a Scarf of Asskicking
Magnet States has the tear lines, a normal part of a Kamen Rider design. Apollo States will give him the other one.
  • Actually, Magnet States does not have the tear lines YET as of it's debut. Just to let you know.
    • More specifically, what appears to be a tear line is actually a reflected highlight showing the helmet detail.
  • Jossed. Cosmic States is the final form. And it doesn't have a scarf.

Ryusei gets to drive the Power Dizer.
Basically, they're stuck in a situation where Ryusei can't just use the Meteor Driver in front of them, and Shun is indisposed, leaving just Ryusei available to drive it. Cue the Power Dizer doing mecha kungfu.
  • Jossed, Kengo states that Ryusei doesn't get to drive it due to him being needed for technical support.

Tomoko gets to drive the Power Dizer.
Rather than tax her out physically, she drives it at a Zombie Gait, and her creepy aura seeps out of it and does the actual work without needing her to bring it above trudging speed - after which the Power Dizer ejects her and rolls off.
  • May actually pan out eventually, as JK got to drive the Power Dizer out of necessity in #25.

Switch #40 is SPACE!!!!!! not Apollo
The Apollo form is just a rumor, and there's no way to actually prove that there's Apollo switch, even if you hack the Fourze Belt toy. This will turn Fourze into his Space states.
  • It's called Cosmic States, not Space States.

Fourze could have pull the lever and do a limit break with N Magnet and S Magnet switches before they're fixed into a cell phone
But if he did, however, it'll attract the whole Earth itself and cause it to implode!
  • Well, that's if he could use his arms. The Modules binded him a la prison cuffs.

Apollo States uses The Power of the Sun
Apollo is obviously a Shout-Out to Apollo 11, but it could just as easily be referring to the Greek/Roman god of the sun. Not only would having a sun-based Super Mode fit well with the 'space' motif, it would also be a tie in to the villains, who also use Greek mythology via the Western Zodiac.
  • Bonus points if the armor incorporates solar panels in some way.
  • Double bonus points if Red-Eyes Man lampshades the mythology reference and says something along the lines of "Now Fourze has obtained power equal to that of a god!"
  • Triple bonus points if Apollo's Weapon is a Bow and Arrow.
  • Quadruple bonus points if they manage to throw in a Shout-Out/Homage to the original "child of the sun", Black/Black RX
    • Jossed. There is no Apollo States. There is COSMIC States.

There will be a third Rider this season
The Rider's Driver will be passed around to Gentaro's friends. Kind of like Thebee or IXA was multiple people using the same costume.
  • That's basically the Power Dizer's role...
    • But currently only Shun pilots it.
    • Also it's not a Kamen Rider.

There will be an evil Rider this season
Who destroys Zoriarts for the sole purpose to make them into Horiscopes]]
  • Semi-confirmed with Meteor. However, he isn't really evil.
  • Maybe in the Summer movie...

Kamen Rider Meteor will get to use the N Magnet Switch
This will result with the N gun turret thingy floating above his shoulder. Bonus point if Fourze acivate S Magnet Switch seperately.
  • Also, by spinning his Meteor Driver Globe, the gun turrent would be able to rotate around his body.
  • And through pushing it hidden button like Magnet Fourze will do, it'll do a Limit Break!
    • The Meteor Driver can currently only use the Meteor, Elek and Fire Switches.
  • Jossed for the toy.
  • Confirmed in #46 (at least by title), where he used it in a combination attack with Fourze's S Magnet switch.

Ohsugi will become a NEW Scorpio Horoscope and will be the "last dragon" for the Big Bad
Given how Ohsugi is himself a Scorpio, his obsession with Sonoda and thus his reaction to her disappearance, how do you think he would take the news if he found out that Sonoda was not only a Zodiart Horoscope, but that 2 of his students (Gentaro as Fourze and Ryusei as Meteor) were directly responsible for her "death". A Scorpio is the sign of WRATH and revenge and that would bring us full circle back from Scorpio to Scorpio standing between the Riders and Red-Eyes.
  • Bonus points if the fight is between Ohsugi as "Neo Scorpio" and Meteor (the one who defeated Sonoda and thus is responsible for Sonoda's banishment) while Fourze obviously takes on Ophiucus alone.
  • Jossed for now— he's now part of the Kamen Rider Club.

If a Horoscopes Switch is destroyed,
The original switcher will be Killed Off for Real.

Ohsugi won't be the Butt-Monkey any longer
At some point, he will have Took a Level in Badass.
  • If him not being The Mentor of the Kamen Rider Club isn't one, at least it's a good starting point.
    • How about convincing Hayami/Libra to get the Kamen Rider Club into Subaruboshi?

If Kamen Rider Fourze begins killing off characters, Ohsugi will be the first to go
Because of Shoo Out the Clowns
  • Jossed, Ohsugi has now become The Mentor to the Kamen Rider Club.
    • Becoming The Mentor doesn't mean he can't be killed, though he wouldn't be the first to go seeing as Gentaro "died" in episode 30.
  • This may play out in a more comedic fashion - now that he's more likely to learn about Sonoda being the Scorpio Horoscopes, we may see him enter Heroic BSoD for the remainder of the series.

Tachibana is on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge ala Shroud
  • If the rumours about him being Kengo's father are to be believed.

Libra becomes The Starscream
He's obviously falling out of favor at the moment. And in the literal sense too, he might come Back from the Dead a few times, if being designed after a cockroach is any indication.

The sixth horoscope will be the Gemini Zodiarts
And it will be a hypocrite or someone with major duality(like pretending to be a hero but for praise instead of goodness)
  • The hero being praised thing was Cygnus, but he wasn't Gemini.
  • Jossed. It's Aries.

Alternatively, the Gemini Zodiarts will be played by real-life twins.
They could alternate using the Switch, and since they're identical twins they can use each other as an alibi. Bonus points if they're played by the guy who was GekiBlue and his twin.

Leo Zodiarts is now in charge of handing out switches
And the Cygnus Zodiarts is one of them!
  • Jossed for now. Libra gave Cygnus his switch, though as of episode 25, Cancer has started handing them out too. But not Leo.

The link between the order in the western zodiac (reversed) and the Horoscopes' appeareance at coincidental.
Just wait until the 11th Horoscopes appears for this to be jossed.
  • You are aware that you can technically be right if Leo shows up to fight as the fifth Horoscope the KRC, well, fights but if Leo is the twelfth to show up then this still works
  • It seems to have been a coincidence. The sixth Zodiarts to show up will be Aries.
  • Confirmed, Aries is the highlight of #31-32.

Torisaki is Cygnus
Let's see both have the take this much points in their speech pattern, Toriisaki dance in ballet style (pirouettes and all that), Cygnus is a Dance Battler of the Ballet variant, one way of saying swan in japanese is shiratori, and there is a famous ballet known as Swan Lake.
  • There's the fact that her name is Torisaki.
    • Never used her first name
  • Jossed-it was the guy in white swan suit all along! In actuality, it was the guy in the white swan suit's darker personality.

All the Ship Tease between Ryusei and Tomoko leads up to...
...a Loves My Alter Ego situation.
  • ... Well, not after the stunt Ryusei pulled in #31.
  • .....Well,the ship continues...even if she knows that Ryusei is Meteor..

The third-year members of the Kamen Rider Club will be Put on the Bus eventually.
Due to graduation. Unless they find a way to stay, like volunteering.
  • Confirmed; Miu and Shun get an awakening from Ryusei that the Club needs them and they're going to go help them out when they can. Plus, Shun notes that their universities are close-by so it wouldn't be difficult to get to Amanogawa High.

Sakuma, Ritsuka and Jin will ask Gentaro to let them join the Kamen Rider Club in place of Miu and Shun.
Thus, they will become Ascended Extras.
  • I think this is unlikely since they're seniors like Miu and Shun are. They'll be graduating too.
  • Jossed; the three are graduating but Miu and Shun are still members of the KRC.

The finale will be similar to that of Ojamajo Doremi...
...with Gentaro locking himself up in the Rabbit Hutch, refusing to graduate and be separated from his friends.
  • #25 has Gentaro saying "I thought we'd be the Kamen Rider Club for ever"... That's just creepy now.
    • Or it could just be Played for Laughs, with Gentaro being held back for crap grades.
  • Despite Shun and Miu graduating, they're going to come back and help the group out since it's their duty and also cause their universities are close by.

Something will happen that will cause Miu and Shun to repeat the grade or be held back
Seniors having to repeat a year has happened before.
  • Jossed. They're going to universities, but since they're close to where Amanogawa High is, they can go to the Rabbit Hatch and help out with the other members of the KRC.

Fourze takes place in the future, and Amanogawa is located in/near Fuuto.
The reason the meeting place of the Ugly Ducklings resembles the Narumi Detective Agency building so much it's because it is the Narumi Detective Agency building. Fourze takes place several years after the end of Double; after the Dopants were long gone, Shotaro and Philip decided to retire, while Akiko went off to buy a new building for the agency because the old one was falling apart. Thus, Movie Wars Megamax would have to be considered non-canon.

There will be a Yandere Zodiarts
The boy/girlfriend friend will either help the zodiarts out in return, exploit the situation or get kicked off in the end.
  • Wouldn't Makise/Pyxis already count as a yandere, at least technically?

Fourze will use the Meteor Switch at some point.
There's a sound effect for it in the Driver. The Meteor Driver can use right-arm Switches, so it makes sense for the reverse to be true. When used, it will give Fourze either a direct copy of Meteor's right bracer with fingerprint identification weapon, or a chunkier version that resembles a typical Module more.
  • This WMG does not endorse the possibility of a Meteor States, since Elek did not trigger a state change in Meteor.
  • Perhaps Fourze will get the Meteor Galaxy, but it's useless because he doesn't have the fingerprint on his other hand. It might even be an intentional feature.

In the final fight scene of Fourze's standalone movie, he will use every Switch.
At the end of Double's movie, he juggled quickly between all six basic Memories before going Xtreme, and it was awesome. Near the end of OOO's movie, all the Combos were used individually.Therefore, at some point after next series' Rider makes a cameo, Fourze will unleash an epic beatdown on the Final Boss utilising every switch in some fashion [likely juggling between them all like Double].

Fourze's identity will be discovered near the final battle and as a result, Gentaro and the KRC will be expelled.
Ohsugi-sensei notes that he wished that Gentaro would get expelled from school, and most like Gamou would expel Gentaro and the KRC so they wouldn't interfere with his master plan.
  • Given that he's transformed in public on many occasions, I'm suprised more people don't know it already.

Episode 26 will go down in one of two ways
A) Miu meant what she said at the end of episode 25 in it's literal way. Shun get's mad at Gentaro who convinces Miu to go with Shun(or he goes with Miu and Yuki{or another girl} with Shun but they ditch leaving the King and Queen to talk things out while they deal with the Zodiarts.(this seems more likely because Miu doesn't look that happy in the preview).

B) Miu meant it in the 'Gentaro is better than you I'd rather go with him' kind of way. Shun gets mad but Gentaro fixes things by convincing Miu to go with Shun while he and the others minus Ryusei take care of the Zodiarts.

End results) Miu and Shun may get back together or decide to just be friends depends on what exactly happens between them. Ryusei's secret may be found out by Ritsuko when/if he decides to go help Gentaro with the Zodiarts.

  • The scenario for A is the right one. Gentaro tries to talk to Miu about going to dance with Shun and she does. However, Shun doesn't feel happy about it and so he runs off to fight Coma Zodiarts and Miu follows him. Once Coma is destroyed, Shun gives Gentaro his coat and lets him dance with Miu.

Ryusei's secret will be revealed in episode 27/28
The title of episode 27 is Transformation Rejection. While it can just as easily refer to Gentaro/Fourze, Ryusei is the one that needs something outside the henshin device to transform, namely the M-Bus. Sounds like Tachibana is going to get made at Ryusei for something that has happened and refuses to let him transform or something happens to incapacitate him and the M-Bus. This could also be connected to Meteor Storm form but still unlikely.
  • It might be possible; the preview for #27 hints that Kijima finds out about Ryusei's identity.
  • Jossed. Kijima is sent to the Dark Nebula before he can divulge anything and Ryusei isn't talking.
  • it is set to happen in episode 31/32.
  • Confirmed!!!

The Horoscopes are an alternate version of the Lucavi.
Western Zodiac-based villains? Check. Use a special stone to switch between human and monster form? Check. Seek to gather the stones as part of the plot? Check. Disguise themselves as people in positions of authority? Check. The one based on Scorpio being the first to fall? Check. Additionally, the Aries Zodiarts has a major role, and it looks somewhat like Belias.

Kijima's going down against Meteor Storm
Remember the last time a Big Bad took on someone who just got a Super Mode?
  • C to the onfirmed.

Gentaro making friends is a defense mechanism
Summaries for #27 state that Gentaro lost his parents in a car accident in his 3rd year of primary school. Also, Yuki notes that she hasn't seen him since that time so that meant that Gentaro had been in such a traumatic state that he went to different schools and made friends with a thousand people to fill the hole in his heart that was c!used by losing his parents.
  • Except that it was also stated in the same episode that Gentaro was already in the habit of making lots of friends back when his parents were still alive and they fully encouraged him in this.

The ED for Cosmic States will be in Dubstep style.

Once Cosmic States is unlocked, shit be real
Remember Putotyra?
  • The plot picking up with the final form is nothing new in Rider, really.

There will eventually be a Sailor Moon reference in this series
2012 as the year of the rabbit, space-themed Kamen Rider series and moon as a secret hideout.

Gamou has Fourze 1n0.
Gentaro is using Fourze 2.0. Gamou's goal seems to be at the least collecting the Horoscope Switches, given that Sonoda was banished to the Dark Nebula without her Switch. So what if Gamou's goal were to use Fourze 1.0 with the Horoscope Switches?

Cancer Zodiarts will get smashed by Fourze's Giant Foot (Switch #35) Limit Break
Just like how Hercules stomped on Cencer the crab in the mythology.
  • Jossed. Libra tricks Virgo into sending Cancer to the Dark nebula after his defeat from Meteor Storm.

Cancer stealing the Kamen Rider Club's souls will send both Riders on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against him
We know hurting his friends will press Gentaro's Berserk Button, and the previews show Ryusei doesn't take it well either. The Hot-Blooded Unstoppable Rage will reach GaoGaiGar or Kamen Rider Kuuga levels.
  • Bonus points if they wind up kicking his ass after defeating him in Zodiarts form.
  • Jossed. Ryusei saves the day by subverting Cancer's Open Mic from Hell and curbstomping him with Meteor Storm.

Ryusei will eventually have Kengo modify the Meteor Switch to work without the need of the Anti-Zodiarts Union's space station.
Eventually he'll be betrayed by them and have to have another way of transforming.

The Anti-Zodiarts Union has more Kamen Riders
They have no problem shutting off Ryusei, and it's clearly an organization. More will show up later, either as allies or, possibly, villains.
  • Most likely in a villainous light if Ryusei finally ditches Tachibana for the KRC. There'll be several named for other galactic phenomena, with one called Nebula early on, and the last and most powerful one based on a black hole.

Tachibana is Gentaro's father
His parents didn't die in a "car crash." They were scientists who were working alongside Kengo's father in the field of astro switches, and were "killed" by Gamou in order to remove them from the field, and their deaths were disguised as a car accident. Gentaro's father survived, but is grievously injured, and becomes Tachibana and lives in space in order to prevent the after-effects of the Zodiarts attack from taking a further toll on him.
  • Jossed. He's Emoto and Virgo

He already had the Meteor Storm add-on ready at the beginning of episode 27, yet Ryusei got ahold of it somehow before the end of episode 28, according to the preview. Because of the trouble that KRC is in due to Cancer, and because Ryusei is Gentaro's "friend," Tachibana decides to take mercy on Ryusei and give him Meteor Storm, so that Gentaro's friend will save him in the end.

Ryusei's friend could have easily gotten better.
All it need is Fourze's Medical Switch.
  • Sounds too easy.
  • Jossed. The problem with Jiro isn't that he is physically injured, but rather that he is caught in a halfway point between Zodiarts and human. He needs to be artificially awoken so that he can turn off the Zodiarts Switch, hence the need for the Aries Zodiarts' power.

Switch #37 Gyro can make other things fly, including himself
Just as how as the Nugget box box droid activates, mini nuggets start flying around.
  • Confirmed. Gentaro can fly with the Gyro switch. However, the ability to make others fly is Jossed. The Tsunuggets of Nuggegyroika fly because of little propellers built into them.

Cosmic States will be a Space Master.
This picture seems to imply it.

Kijima returns with a vengeance.
Thanks to the fact that the Zodiart Switch he would have handed to the winner of Open Mic from Hell was still with him when he was sent into the Dark Nebula.

Musca Zodiarts is destroyed from the inside by Power Incontinence.
While developing more colored body parts, ending up looking like Agito Trinity Form or Kiva Dogabaki Form. ** Jossed, he gets captured in the Net Switch and gets a talk with Ran, then gets blasted with Magnet States.

Fourze will have an Apollo States
But it will be reserved for its next movie.

Meanwhile, in the Dark Nebula...
Former Cancer and Scopio Zodiarts got along well and agreed that the Libra Zodiarts is too demanding.

The Dark Nebula will allow for Back for the Finale
Remember when they had a void that acted as a prison for defeated people?

At some point, Virgo will send one of the KRC members into the Dark Nebula.
Bonus points if it's Gentaro, Ryusei, or both.
  • Well Tomoko is the first KRC member to be send into the Dark Nebula .
    • And Ryusei after her.Wow their love is like a chain.If one goes the other goes too.Well bonus points then!!

Meanwhile, in another school,
Leo Zodiarts has been handing Zodiart switches to students offscreen. One of them eventually became Aries.
  • Confirmed. It's not Leo doing it, but it's a Zodiarts though.

Ran and Haru wanting to join the rider club was a reference to Black/RX
Ran's name contains the characters for gemini and has kuro which means black (referencing Black who becomes RX and gains 2 forms on opposite ends of the power distribution) and Haru becomes a villain (referencing Shadow Moon, Black's "brother") thus Ran and Haru asking to join the rider club would cover Black/RX's embodiement.

There will be more students who want to join the rider club by the time the series ends
And those students will be named for the remaining showa riders (Skyrider, Super-1, ZX, Shin, J, and ZO). We already have a character named for someone from Stronger (Nadeshiko is named for Tackle) and as the above theory states, Ran and Haru can cover Black/RX. Possible names: Sora for the Skyrider counterpart, Shinichi for Shin, and Zoe for ZO. Don't have any more examples.
  • That makes sense, but I have to say if Let's Go Kamen Riders is any indication the production crew seems to group Shin, ZO, and J with the heisei riders.
  • I've thought of the following:
    • Sho Hakutsu (伯津洋) for the Skyrider counterpart
    • Osamu Mataoki (也沖一) for the Super-1 counterpart
    • Amaya Nagamura (良村雨夜) for the ZX counterpart

Following the events of Episode #30, Oosugi is about to become very paranoid.
He knows a teacher is handing out Zodiarts Switches to unsuspecting students and he has no idea who, nor does he know whether or not the principal or chairman are involved. He's going to be scrutinizing every remotely shady action his fellow teachers make on the off chance that it's related to the Switch-distribution syndicate.

The writer is being savvy
Okay, most people associate him with Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and have been making the joke that Gentaro will die at some point, well, that actually happened, but he may play with this, and he'll get better by the end of #32.
  • Confirmed

The Cosmic Switch will be involved in reviving Gentaro
  • Confirmed!

The Aries Zodiarts will be just another Monster of the Week
After getting KOed in the next episode, Libra will ditch it into the Dark Nebula. By tricking Virgo, of course.
  • Confirmed, but instead of being sent into the Dark Nebula, Aries was put into a coma.

Gentaro won't get better in #32, and Kengo will (try to) become Fourze in his stead.
Notice the preview at the end of #31. At one point he's wearing the Fourze Driver.
  • But he's also wearing the adapter glove he first used back when they were fighting Perseus. Probably going to use Medical again, or maybe Elec to jumpstart Gentaro's heart.
    • I didn't watch that episode, what adapter glove?
  • Actually, it was used in #14 to cure Scorpion's poisonous sting.
    • Problem is, the adapter glove in that clip is the same one from #14, on the left hand, and won't be able to channel Elec or Cosmic states, which require the right-hand Astro Switch socket.
  • It's all jossed anyway. Kengo uses the adapter glove to try to revive Gentaro, but it doesn't work.

Jiro will be one of the Horoscopes when he wakes up
  • And will have awesome fights against Meteor.
  • Jossed.

Using #32 Freeze Switch in fire state will give Fourze water powers similar to #23 Water switch
Because ice melts into water under fire.

Switches #32 Freeze + #10 Electric / #20 Fire + Limit Break

I know this may be a given already, but Cosmic States will only work the moment Gentaro and Ryusei do the handshake.
I mean really? It's the only time I can see the two doing it.

Norio Eguchi's evil side recovers and awakens with a vengeance.
All it takes is a new switch from Libra and BAM, instant evolving past Cygnus into Gemini Horoscopes. The suit will be designed with the Mook mishmash monster from the Gokaiger movie in mind, but with just two beings in one. The suit actor looks out from a shield held in Righty's left hand, with two heads over the actor's shoulders, and he Dual Weilds dfferent-sized swords. Any resemblance to Twin Cities from Real Steel unintended.

Ryusei will become The Atoner
Well given that even if Gentaro can come back to life from the dead, realistically (or at least, it would be expected), someone who's body was dead for a little wouldn't be able to fight, much less in Cosmic States... and Ryusei may become friends, meaning he will take the Fourze driver and fight Aires in Gentaro's place.
  • Ryusei does indeed become The Atoner, but Gentaro is pretty much ready to fight as soon as he is revived.

Drill States will appear in Fourze's Summer movie.
He does need a movie-exclusive form, like OOO and his BuraKaWani, and that Drill Super-3 Switch is gonna need to be used for something, other then as a Deus ex Machina alongside the Rocket Super-1 Switch in Super Hero Taisen.

If Drill States does appear, its Finishing Move will be the Rider Rocket Double Drill Kick.
You know, as a reversal of Rocket States' Rider Double Rocket Drill Kick finisher.

Everyone can get better from Aries's sleep power
Cosmic States Fourze + #4 Radar Module + Augmented with #24 Medical Switch

We won't get to see all of the Horoscopes during the series's run.
However, the missing ones will appear in either The Movie, or the crossover movie with the next rider.

There will be a special machine that can slot in all 40 switches
It can also use a limit break with all of them.

The netmovie from the upcoming Fourze movie will have 20 episodes
Each of them represents 2 switches at a time. And it'll have a few more without any switch representations for extra stuff.

Gentaro's father is space.
He will show up at the end to say how proud he is of his son and that they are now a family again.

Cosmic States will be weakened.
Possibly by having the Big Bad overpower it during the final battle or something. C'mon, there's no way a Rider can be that powerful.
  • Virgo noted that Fourze was equally as strong as her with access to Cosmic States.
    • This is a common misconception due to a translation error. Virgo literally said that Cosmic States had the same power as Virgo after witnessing Fourze creating a portal before finishing off a Zodiart. Virgo's power is also to create portals.

Tomoko and Ryusei will get together in the end.
I agree. I mean when she said that she thought that Meteor was a Kamen Rider but she was wrong Ryusei could have said "I'm not a Rider and I never was", but he didn't. And Ryusei was a bit shocked when Tomoko said that.
  • I agree too.Tomo-chan and Ryu-chan are an adorable couple and if the writers are not going to put them together i will write 1000 of fanfics!!!
    • Confirmed...

Likewise, Gentaro and Haruka Utsugi will get together.
Okay, so she IS a teacher, but the two did seem to show genuine attraction to each other after they became friends. Plus, she did seem very eager to have him to help with the Kickboxing Club. And Gentaro calls Haruka by her first name, unlike how he addresses the other teachers.

Kengo's dad was a part of the Anti-Zodiarts Union and was killed by one of the staff members at the school
Well, we already know that it was Emoto who killed him, so at least half of that is already confirmed.

The Dark Nebula was supposed to keep one Horoscope at a time.
In actually, it can keep as much people as Virgo wants, but the red-eyed man wants only one horoscope to be in it at a time along with other people, not knowing Cancer was in it too. Afterwards Libra gets busted and was sent into the Dark Nebula while Scorpio and Cancer are set free.
  • Upon which Cancer will go after Fourze with Scorpio to attempt a 2 vs 1 gambit and both get their Supernova Asses kicked in a double rider battle. Honestly, its probably better to keep Libra at the moment, unlike the other he still has useful abilities and he hasn't accessed Supernova yet.
  • Virgo is just about ready to send Libra there at the end of Episode 34, so this seems to be Jossed.

The Final Battle will be between Fourze Cosmic States and a Big Bad with the combined powers of all 12 Horoscopes
And will come down to a power based Shape Shift Showdown style battle, constantly changing abilities to try and gain the upper hand.

The summer movie will feature a movie-exclusive Rider who uses three Switches.
His name will probably be something along the lines of Kamen Rider Apollo or Kamen Rider Stellar.

Great Leader is the true Big Bad of the series

Leo was formerly the Heracles Zodiarts.
It would fit well as his status as The Brute of the group, and would be a nice reference to Heracles having worn the pelt of the Nemean Lion as a cape.

Yukina is Virgo
Cause every girl that has shown any romantic interest in Gentaro has either been an alien substance that copied a human form or a Zodiarts. Miu had a non-romantic reason for showing interest in him whether or not there is anything there.
  • Not possible. Kijima was the first Horoscope since Sonoda.
    • What about Yamada?
      • Jossed. It's Emoto.

Yukina will become a Yandere Zodiarts ala Makise

Epic Fail awaits for the Red-Eyes Man
Even when he wins, he will be impersonated and killed by a Worm. Who now has Zodiarts power.

Virgo and Leo both already have their Supernovas
Leo and Virgo are both insanely powerful, and Leo called Libra a Horoscope without his Supernova in a very condescending manner, something that would only make sense if he's already got his.
  • May be confirmed as Leo and Virgo can go into an additional flash-of-stars for their secondary battle mode (claws for Leo, wings for Virgo).

Jean is JK.
Admittedly, it's rather obvious, but JK is shown prominately in the preview for 35, rumors say JK's name will be revealed soon, and Jean, obviously, begins with J.
  • Confirmed, though they spell Jean as Gene (a la Gene Simmons?)
    • Confirmed on the real name thing, but it's not Gene (that's just a stage name). It's Jingū Kaizō.

Kamen Rider Fourze will have an Everybody Lives ending
The Monsters of the Week haven't really killed anyone. The big bad tends to send his minions to the Dark Nebula (aka the Shadow Realm) rather than kill them off. The final battle might end up with the Red Eyed Man alive, Sonoda and Kijima returned from the Dark Nebula, and Tachibana revealed as Kengo's father.
  • Jossed now that as of 42, Emoto died.

The Leo Zodiarts will be defeated by Meteor
The two of them have recently formed a rivalry of sorts, battling each other whenever the chance arises. Meteor was also able to form a strategy capable of injuring Leo, something that nobody else could do. It would stand to reason that Meteor will be the one to finish off the Leo Zodiarts.

Fourze will not get to use the Left Leg Combos
Just as how Decade Complete Form never used Kuuga Ultimate, Cyclone Joker Xtreme never involved Trigger Memory in its maximum drive etc.

At some point, Fourze will use the exploding feature of the Cosmic Switch to his advantage
A Zodiarts keeps interrupting his Cosmic States transformation, so he presses the Switch repeatedly and throws it to the Zodiarts and lets the explosion take them out. Bonus points if the Zodiarts gets an Oh, Crap! before the explosion.

The Mutamids are going to be the next kaijin
The only one we see is the Dragon Mutamid, and otherwise they don't have a major role in the plot. The next series will have them as the main villains.
  • Jossed. The Phantoms will be.

Cosmic States can travel to the Dark Nebula and back.
Virgo's user noted that the Barizun Sword's power to create portals with a Limit Break is the same as/equal to Virgo's natural power. In a tense moment, Virgo will banish Gentaro to the Dark Nebula. He'll meet the banished Horoscopes, possibly befriend them and then get back to Earth with Cosmic States.
  • Alternatively, he could mount a rescue mission if he learns where the Nebula is.

The last Finishing Move for the finale involves growing the Rocket and Drill modules to humongous size.
The chibi art with Yuuki as an oversized Rocket on the arm of a tiny Fourze was Foreshadowing.
  • And with the Cosmic States switch-combining gimmick, he can pile on extra stuff like Elec, Fire & Claw with Rocket (the Rocket Module grows as it develops a lightning shield, a much bigger flame exhaust and spinning claws of light from the nosecone) and Screw, Gatling & Spike on Drill (Drill grows as it sprouts propellers to gain speed, three rows of spikes on the drill cone, and three gatling guns on the cone between the spikes), cranking up the elemental and physical damage much like the way Kamen Rider Double works. After which, he combines Parachute, Shield and Gyro to survive re-entry.

Fourze Cosmic States will slot the Super Rocket Switch into his Barizun Sword
Bonus Points if he augment it with switch #1 Rocket, as mentioned above.

Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini's roles in the Horoscopes' Competitive Balance will be as followed.

Etomo is literally a virgin!
Kengo's father may have something to do with it. note 

Kengo's father is the real villain of the series.
And just when Gamou is about to be victorious, he will reveal himself as the Serpentarius/Ophiucus Zodiarts, kill Gamou, and take over for the last few episodes.
  • Not only that, but Etomo killed him to try and stop his evil plan!

Kengo's mother is the real villain of the series.
She wants revenge for her husband's death. Thus, she manipulated EVERYONE to achieve this goal.

The fight against Virgo will be a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown from both riders
Because Virgo affected Gentaro's friends and Ryusei's love interest, and also posed as Ryusei's mentor. Of course Virgo will get her ass handed to her. And it will be epic.

Virgo is actually planning to secretly overthrow the rest of the Zodiarts.
  • It would make sense for Emoto to be planning to kill Gamou. From where the series is going, he could have a motive similar to when he killed Kengo's father for overshadowing him, much like how how Gamou is doing to him, being the leader to the Zodiarts and him being second in command. Also, it would give reason for him giving the Meteor Driver to Ryusei as well as helping Gentaro and his friends at various times. (ex. helping Kengo when Gentaro dies and training Gentaro to find power without friends, to which no doubt they would be targeted sooner or later by other Zodiarts/Horoscopes with his all but hidden identity as Fourze) And of course the fact that it took so long for any of the Kamen Rider Club to be targeted when Gamou himself made it clear he knew Gentaro was Fourze, it would probably be bad writing otherwise.

The events of #41-42 are a Secret Test of Character
The test is if you can still trust someone even if they're revealed to be the enemy and responsible for the worst mishaps in your life.

The events of #41-42 are a rehash/deconstruction of "The O Chain"
Let's look at the basics...

  • Both Shroud and Tachibana possess Transformation Trinkets to defend themselves.
  • Both Shroud and Tachibana have some tie to the enemy faction.
  • Both are responsible for the events of the show as they are.
  • Both have employed the second rider and use them as their puppet.

It's clear Tachibana's an expy of Shroud and that this could be a dark take on a similar arc in Double.

  • Alternatively, Virgo has always been a hero, and is manipulating both sides of the conflict to achieve a similar goal to Gamou; while Gamou let Fourze and Meteor hang around to "stimulate" the students, Tachibana has been helping him so that Gentaro and Ryusei will eventually become strong enough to vanquish him. Tachibana does have a fondness for tough love and secrets when he wants to teach someone something.

The Core Switch is that clear switch that Utaho3hi-san had in the beginning.
And maybe it was a prototype zodiarts switch. The one for Ophiuchus maybe.

Emoto was wrong and Utahoshi-san is still alive.
Going with the above WMG it's possible he pressed the switch and became a Zodiarts(the negative emotion from being betrayed by his friends helped). But in order to survive the time it would take to return to earth he would have to stay in zodiarts form which may have had the negative side effect of turning him into cosmic energy. The Universal Truth that Gamou seeks will inadvertently give Utahoshi a solid body again.

Everything is already set up and no new twists will develop.
It's a little late in the game to set evenkmore twists after that whole Virgo is Emoto and Tachibana.
  • Well, we still don't fully understand Gamou's motivation for everything, so there is still room for a few twists.

In the end, Gamou/Sagittarius will disappear
And the entire scheme will get busted, leaving Libra Zodiarts arrested in the process. Not sure for the rest of the zodiarts though.

Fourze will slot the Meteor Switch into his Barizun Sword
But only in his Meteor Fusion States.
  • He uses the Meteor Storm Switch with it in Episode 44.

The Great Awakening will put the Universe in stasis
Gamou seeks to strengthen the Dark Nebula so that it will consume the entire Universe, freezing it. As the new master of all existence, he will be able to persue the mysteries of the universe at his leisure. And it's for this reason that Emoto betrayed him; he thought he was going too far. Kou/Leo either doesn't know or doesn't care.

The Core Switch is what allows cosmic energy to be harnessed into switches.
And it will eventually have to be switched off, causing Gentaro, Ryusei and all the Zodiarts to lose their powers.

Had the Cygnus Zodiarts exceed the last one stage and become a Horoscope
The darker personality would become Gemimi, while the lighter one would return into a human form, at least for awhile.

The Gemini Zodiarts and Yuuki who splitted out from it are both the same person in 2 different bodies.
The each just show half the aspect of the original Yuuki before she became the Zodiarts. They will fuse back to normal once they accept each other and do the secret friendship handshake.
  • Or, to be clear, there were no imposter/real deal or light/darker side to begin with. Both are half aspects of Yuuki.

The light side of Yuuki will do a Heel–Face Turn side with The Red Eye Man
That would be after dominating the darker side herself.

The ticket Yuuki referred to
There was no ticket to begin with; the split wrecked up her memory. Or the ticket was from a memory years ago that already happened.

In a future battle with Sagittarius...
Cosmic Fourze will fuse Missile powers with Gatling ones so he can match the villain's volley of arrows, maybe even block them.
  • The switch combos do not work that way, though it is still possible through Radar + Shield, as mentioned above.

The Pisces Zodiart will be...
...Light Yuuki, who takes a Zodiarts switch to fight her other, inadvertently becoming the last horoscope. At the end of their battle, they will once again become one, but Gamou will recover the switches.
  • Well, this got jossed, though Light Yuuki did use the Gemini switch, for all the good it did her.

The Pisces Zodiarts will become a part of the evil Five-Man Band instead of a Monster of the Week
Because after Gemini's saga, there will be 4 episodes remaining. It's kinda squeezy for the Final Battle to just last 2 episodes.

We will only see the Pisces switch itself as it's already obtained off screen
But the fate of that switch will be a Noodle Incident.

Leo will be the next Monster of the Week and not Pisces
Instead, part of the arc will involve looking for someone to become Pisces while Meteor fights Leo. At the end of the arc, Pisces replaces Leo for the finale.

Virgo knew about Libra's illusionary trick all along
But the former played along to shut Cancer up about Meteor's identity.
  • Well, that may be the case, though the next episode after, Virgo asked Libra why he has Cancer's switch.
  • All to act as if he (Virgo) had no idea what happened.

Virgo was also directly responsible for Aries' coma
For the same reason as the above WMG.

In the upcoming movie, all the Horoscope are, in fact, space bots!
They are modeled to be human-liked so that they are compatible with those switches.

When Clear Drill is slotted into the Fourze driver, it will be mistakenly read as a Rocket Module
Hence, the Rocket in the Rocket Drill States.

Yuki's dad IS Doctor Maki
It's just that he's transported into the past, got amnesia and fell in love and married Yuki's mother. The dinner cosplay is a bit of his subconsious remembering his older sister and the Cosplay Cafe.

At the end of Ep 46, Gamou will be the last villain left.
My predictions for the events of the next two episodes:

  • Ep 45 Libra betrays the Zodiarts, but not before finding Pisces, who is Ran. Understandably, Ran is rather reluctant to become a monster. Thus, Libra has found his way of leaving the Zodiarts, so he can join the KRC, protect Ran, and not get Nebula'd. Of course, this pisses Leo off, who then catches Libra, and ransoms him so Ran will press a switch. She does it, but Liba gets killed, Nebula'd anyway, with Leo, using the Virgo switch, taking off with Ran. However, with his last words, Libra tells the group who Master Saggitarius is...

  • Ep 46 The KRC split up and try to find Ran but have no luck. Fortunately, Ran is able to escape Leo with her new powers when he attempts to take her switch from her. The Club find her, but she runs away, mortified at what she has become, but not daring to discard the switch, since it's, you know, kind of important. While contemplating what she should do, Leo corners her, but Fourze and Meteor arrive and engage Leo. Ran runs away, but Haru, who had been searching with the rest of the club, follows her and convinces her to help fight. Fourze and Meteor have a hard time with Leo, since he has access to ten switches, but Ran returns, and they manage to turn the tables. Frustrated, Leo will try to use multiple switches at once. At first it'll work, but he will ultimately overload and die. Or maybe just get really wounded, but what matters is, he's gone. They'll have a little celebration, but then Saggitarius will appear (Maybe Ran will tell them who he is instead of Libra) and he'll take all the switches, setting the stage for the finale. He may also reveal what the deal is with the Core Switch, and then kidnap Kengo as leverage.

    • Yeah, this theory of mine got so Jossed.

And is currently chilling with the Presenters. Gamou will be pleased.

That Switch Tomoko discarded way back in the series?
Yeah, that's the switch that will turn into the Pisces switch. It would make sense from a thematic perspective, since it was thrown into water.
  • Jossed. It was just a switch Leo happened to have.

Ophiucus will appear in the Wizard/Fourze crossover.
It's probably too late for another horoscope to appear, however, a crossover could be the opportunity the horoscope needs. Perhaps it's an "unofficial" creation of Foundation X?
  • And since most crossover exclusive enemies carry around traits of both series(Core was created from a memory and three medals, Super Galaxy King was made from three medals and a switch) The design of Ophiucus will be based on the Ouroboros. Why? Because the Ouroboros is often depicted as a serpent(Ophiucus) or a dragon while the symbol itself is used in magical/achemic rituals(Wizard).

Ran being the Pisces Zodiart is a Red Herring
Libra's just trying to buy himself more time by lying.
  • Jossed. She transforms and gives Leo the fight of his life.

Ran's blue Horoscope Switch
All previous Horoscopes utilise red switches, as opposed to Ran's blue one. Ran chose to use the switch's power to save her friends. This reflects that using switches in itself is not a bad thing, but using it out of a negative emotion will corrupt the user. The phrase "guns don't kill people. People kill people" will come into play.
  • Or a comparison to Gaia Memories, since that phrase was used similarly in Begins Night.
    • Seemingly Jossed: the blue Switch apparently indicates it's not fully developed yet. And it ended up fully awakening (Turns Red) when she tried to save Haru, a noble intention.

Ran will die
Especially if she's going to use the blue Horoscope Switch to save her friends. Why? Well, this and Kamen Rider Double has shown us that any actual monster that tries to save the day as opposed to a Kamen Rider will just die or otherwise get taken out as seen with Kirihiko, Saeko, Sugiura, and Emoto.

The Pices Zodiarts switch being blue is a coloring error
Just imagine millions of guesses of what the color blue could signify when there isn't really one to begin with.
  • Jossed. See above theory for details.

Kengo is a zombie.
He didn't make it through birth, but the core switch activated, entered into his body and brought him back to life. The core switch must be remained on for his survival though.

The final finishing move will have "Tengen Toppa" in it.
Think of it. Fourze's finishing moves are respectively "Rider Rocket Drill Space Kick", "Rider Rocket Drill DAI/Great Space Kick", "Rider CHO-GINGA/Super Galaxy Finish". See the resemblances here? Hint: Gurren -> Dai-Gurren -> Cho-Ginga/Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren

Kou/Leo will be betrayed by Gamou
After being defeated by the Riders or Pisces, Kou will go back to Gamou for help. Gamou will proceed to betray him, take his Switch and the Pisces Switch, and either kills him, banishes him into the REAL Dark Nebula, or just erases all of his memories. Alternatively, after the villains defeat Pisces, Gamou could see that Kou is now worthless to him and take his Switch, enacting his plan. Either one seems credible.

Kou/Leo suffers Phlebotinum Breakdown from Horoscopes Switch overuse...
...which was also part of Gamou's master plan. Basically Leo winds up like Uva at the end.

Episodes 45, 46 and 47 will be a three-part story.
And only Ep. 48 will be the conclusion of this series.

Ryusei and Tatsugami will have a final battle untransformed.
At some point, neither of them have access to their switches, and so they decide to finish their rivalry the old fashioned way. This should lead to a pretty good fight, since both charcaters have a great deal of martial arts expertise outside of their Switch powers.
  • Not the final battle yet, but they finally fight untransformed in #47 and it was awesome.

Fourze will Shoryuken Saggitarius.

When Gamou finally contacts the Presenters, they'll not be what he expects
Gamou's become a monster by this point, the Presenters will turn out to be Benevolent Precursors and refuse to give someone like him what he desires. They'll give him a "The Reason You Suck" Speech and leave, causing Gamou to breakdown completely at the fact his entire plan amounted to nothing.

...or they'll be Dead All Along.
Let's be honest, their voices are going to take a few billion years to reach Earth. Similarly, Gamou has a Villainous Breakdown when he learns that there's nothing for him there - except the knowledge. The whole thing was a case of Fling a Light into the Future.

The 1st Kamen Rider will appear at the end of the series.
Jossed. Wizard appeared but not him.

Leo and Saggitarius will be fought on 47 and 48, respectively.
We still haven't get to see this scene yet:
  • The link contains an epic battle involving Cosmic Fourze with more switch combinations. Ep 47 is our only hope.

Gamou (Saggitarius) was the one who transformed into Gemini and made a clone bomb and not Kou (Leo).
Midway in the events of Ep 46, Trapping the heroes with a clone bomb allows Libra to meet Gamou and personally tell him the secrets of the Kamen Rider Club!

The Presenters are Anti-Spirals
And they will destroy the entire earth, resulting in it being both a Downer Ending and a prequel to TTGL.

Fourze will finally defeat Saggitarius in it's Rocket States
Cosmic will be reserved for Leo.
  • Jossed. Leo actually met his end at the hands of Ryusei.

Ohsugi-sensei will become the next principal
Seeing as Hayami has been killed off, someone has to take charge. Plus, in #47, he goes Papa Wolf on Leo Zodiarts—he fails, but it takes balls to do that—and screams "Don't harm my students!" for emphasis. And if Sonada-sensei gets revived, this will be a nice Throw the Dog a Bone moment for him.

After his defeat, Gentaro will want to befriend Gamou
Come on people! This is Gentaro we're talking about here! He made friends with the guy who sent Tomoko to the freaking Dark Nebula for Christ's sake!

Gamou will be one of the few people Gentaro won't forgive
Early on, he's shown that he does have his limits to what kind of friends he will make. Case in point: Makise.
  • Jossed.

The Rocket and Drill switches can no longer be used.
Ever since Fourze pushes the level too many times to defeat the final boss, the two switches have been drained of all their cosmic energy beyond recovery. As a result, Fourze would need to use Super Rocket and Super/Clear Drill switches.

There will be a Wizard switch
That goes with a Fourze Ring.
  • Movie War Ultimatum shows a "Fourze Engage Ring" that functions like Wizard's Engage Ring, but is activated by putting it on someone else's finger and having them press the Cosmic Switch. No sign of a Wizard Switch however.

Fourze can still use the Square (left Arm) Modules in its Rocket States
Doing so will combine that appropriate module to the Left Rocket.

Pisces is BOTH a lesser Zodiarts and a Horoscope Zodiarts
It comes in 2 stages, one where it is in the ranks of the weaker Zodiarts of the weak like Orion, only without a Last One stage. This is indicated by the switch being blue. The 2 stage is where it is truely in the ranks of the horoscope.
In an alternate universe, Gentaro never re-met Yuuki and met the KRC, or he did, but they were just normal people
He would later create a motorcycle gang called Explosivo, and end up being a teacher, still keeping his "Everyone is my friend" Mentality. Additionally in this universe his name isn't Kisaragi Gentaro, but rather Onizuka Eikichi.

The Kamen Rider Double Legend Switch is also a Gemini Zodiarts Switch
Why not?

Nadeshiko is at least as powerful as Meteor Storm
Might seem an odd assumption, but given she not only created her own rider system out of thin air but also created a new form for Fourze that is presumably at least as powerful as Fire/Elek States, and she took part in an attack with the other Rider's super modes, I'd say she's plenty powerful.
  • Since her powers were created from SOLU reverse-engineering Fourze's, and SOLU is said to be able to copy and improve upon anything, she's likely to be considerably powerful, or at least stronger than Fourze's Base States.

The Presenters are the reason Kamen Rider has fewer alien invasion plots than it's fellow Big Toku shows.
Kamen Rider has only had three alien invasions, one of which was in a movie. The Presenters, being highly developed, benevolent aliens, keep the presence of hostile invaders to a minimum in this universe. For Sentai, however, they couldn't care less.