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  • Cabaret is a Terrible Movie.
  • regional theatre- Reprise! @ UCLA, dir. Marcia Milgrom Dodge (Fall 2011)
So perfect. So awesome. So funny.
Comment by msq
Terrible Tragedy of the Cagliostro Commentary
A Dark story that doesn't leave you feeling bad.
I contend it to be the Greatest Feminist Film Ever Made
Comment by Soojinyeh
Very fun and chilling... but confusing in more ways than 1
  • A Fun Yet Horrifying Experience, In Many Ways.
  • Disapointing
A deeply satisfying arcade shooter
Good piece of work
  • Calvin and Hobbes
  • Epitome of Childhood
  • Fantastic Toilet Reading
  • The Comic from beyond my time
  • The greatest Newspaper Comic I have ever read
  • An All-Around Good Show
  • very good
  • Camp Rock 1? A Good DCOM. 2? Sequelitis in full swing. (Review of Camp Rock 2 Only)
  • Camp Rock 2
  • Camp Rock- un-needed ignorance fueled hatedom. Why?
  • .
  • An amazing series
A creepy, cleverly written bit of fiction.
  • A Cute Little Anime
  • Candy Boy Review
  • Squaring the circle, or the most boring Anime ever done
Perhaps the only Facebook Game I play now
  • HappyMan's review
  • Quality and a change of pace
  • The Otaku Ninja's review
  • This Saved Courtney's Character for Me
Butchered at Birth: a death metal classic
  • Horror, but not in the way that you'd expect.
  • Lived up to it's Reputation
Canterlot Follies
Poor adaptation of a mediocre book
op's review
Simply Amazing
Delicious ham and cheese
  • A Strong Start To Phase 3
  • A Tablecloth
  • Better than ''Age of Ultron''; not as good as ''The Winter Soldier''
  • Civil War vs. Dawn of Justice: Whose side are you on?
  • It's a good movie... but not that great.
  • It's Alright.
  • Not Really a Captain America Movie
  • Once more a great movie... but doesn't really live up to its title
  • What is this mixed feeling I have about this movie?
  • ...Its really good.
  • Like being slapped in the face with a wet eagle
  • My favorite origin story.
  • One Of My Favorite Marvel films.
  • Struggling
  • Well…That Was Unexpected
  • A Much-Needed Shot In The Arm
  • A Very Pleasant Surprise
  • Both boring and dumb
  • Complete And Utter Dross
  • Excellent.
  • The best Marvel movie, by far.
  • The cast is great and the effects are good, but the story leaves a lot to be desired.
  • The Marvel Universe just got real
  • There's Nothing Like Metal Hair and Hoodies
  • Very Good, but a bit of an Identity Problem
One of my favorite Cap movieverse fics
  • It's all about expectations
  • Why did I watch this show as a kid, despite finding it frustrating and dumb?
  • A bit cheesy, yet charming in its own way
  • Fighting on the Planet's Side-
  • I watched it for the adventure, not the preachiness
  • A chance for the animators to cut loose and show animation can really do
  • Loved it.
  • Loved this movie!
FatRat's review
The Captive Prince Trilogy - These books took over my life.
A Quality Game for All to Enjoy
  • Charming in its own way
  • CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming: The Series
  • Cute and classic
  • Mediocre
  • Uniquely charming
  • An Underrated Game Changer
  • Good and Bad
  • Season 2
  • Season 2 Finale: Episode 104
My Favourite Band Ever.
More Human than Scarface
Carmilla (series) review
If you dislike {{Gorn}}, don't read this.
Carnivàle: I curse the consumers!
Not as interesting as it should be
One of the all-time great horror films.
A weak one, but still as funny as most of them
Last good one
Carry On not existing, please!
How did I ever like this movie as a kid?
  • Cars 2 - Actually Super Awesome
  • Cars 2--Actually not bad.
  • Not perfect, but still pretty good
  • A Nostalgic Gift from Pixar
  • Much better than the other two Cars movies
  • A Big Part of my Childhood
  • A Great Channel, Now Digging Its Own Grave
  • A Twenty Year-Long Rollercoaster Ride
  • What I think of CN's current state....
  • What it is Now
  • A film tragically ruined by the lead character holding it together.
  • Something for everyone
A "sometimes" show at best
feral's review
Truly Amazing Mobster Movie
Jameygamer's oh so terrible Website/RottenTomatoes ''Casino Royale 1967'' review.
The Magic is Still There After All These Years
  • ''Sins'' redeems itself fairly well.
  • Interesting Though Flawed
Comment by Zephyr7
  • a crime show with something for everyone
  • Season 1 (and a bit): flawed but fun escapism
  • Wonderful fun.
Comment by Marlee Cross
  • A good adventure movie, though not one of Miyazaki's best
  • A well-paced, fun ClicheStorm fairy tale adventure
  • Clever imagery, but a rubbish story
  • Comparative Review - NA DVD's and Demo Tape
  • One of the most enjoyable films I've ever had the pleasure of viewing
  • Just Keep Talking, Talking, Talking
  • Runs on Rule of Cool and Not Much Else
  • A confused attempt to translate the 2D games into 3D, but I still liked it
  • A mix of success and failure.
Good Surreal Fun W/Some Design Flaws
THE Champion of the Gameboy Trilogy
An early, simple, open-world 2D platformer
Not as bad as people say
First impressions
Average game, feminine hype
  • Not bad as far as reboots go
  • Unfortunately Generic.
Flawed, but the reviews are misleading.
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate
  • A case in which trying to appeal to two sides works...somewhat
  • Good in most respects, but with a crippling flaw
Comment by Tropers/SofiaMerriweather
Comment by Turn Table
Not my CultClassic...
Not as bad a show as you may think
  • An Impressive Step for Atlus
  • This is the type of creativity I'd like to see more of
  • Wonderful Concept
  • Comment by Dazai
  • In-depth?
Improves with the chapters
A Mewling Quim
Cauterize: Painful Healing
Deep, dark, and overwhelming
Short Review
  • Cave Story
  • Freeware Masterpiece
  • The (Free) Diamond In The Rough
  • The Complete Package
Cool ideas, but too short to capitalize on them
  • A Diamond in the Rough
  • Review by dankukkuh
  • Review by fruitstripegum
  • Review by {{Tropers/Squander}}
  • Speewee's Review
  • The Don Juan
  • The Sniper/Scout story for the century!
  • Ceasefire Days
  • Fun
  • A well done retelling of the Dark Kingdom arc
  • Sailor Moon has never been this manly.
The Many Sides of Celestia
This is a must read
op's review
Simple and fun game with lots of flavour, but poor minigames and balance issues
Comment by orpheus-izanagi
Moving comments to reviews
  • Paladin of Souls - Better than it Sounds
  • Reread it. You won't be sorry.
Cute show
  • Chameleon Circuit Review
  • Excellent.
One day, a random animal gained human-like sentience and super skills, and was thrown into terror
  • Not recommended
  • Review on Champion's Lullaby
  • A peek into the prehistoric world of Zootopia
  • Change-a-peek-into-prehistory
Comment by Sackett
Aged Better Than its Bedfellows
  • Changeling: one of the best settings I've ever seen
  • The Fae remind us why we are scared of the dark
  • Half and Half
  • Not Recommended.
[=azul120=]'s review
Genius Bonus: The fic
  • dualshock71's review
  • Night's review
  • unsigned review (XShouldveDied ?)
  • Willbyr's review
Comment by @/SereneShadow
  • Chanson De Geste
  • OP's review
  • The best fanfic I've ever read
Games should be challenging because of actual difficulty, not poor design choices
A moutain of mediocrity
  • By @/UncloudedTJ
  • By @/{{Comartemis}}
  • By @/{{Kazeto}}
  • By @/{{silvercover}}
  • By StevetheCornMuffin
  • By Tropers/CaellachTigerEye
  • Voidwalker's review
  • [=DrakeTheDuelist=]'s comments
A classic RPG for the iPhone
My Absolute Favorite Series
A Unique and Overlooked Show
  • Definitely a Fantastic LP'er
  • I Personally Recommend
Phoned In
  • A New and Accurate Take Hampered by Nostalgia
  • Wilder Wonka is best Wonka
Radiant and Humble (1973 film)
  • Monsters: A Sign of Narrative Strength.
  • The power of, uh, three will-- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
@/{{Kishou}}'s review
  • Beautifully Done!
  • Comment by raiadisney
op's review
A good read, not so good show.
  • Chilling and Well Written
  • One think makes it stand out.
Comment by Marlee Crosso
Original Comments
Too Much Drama
A refreshing reconstruction of the spy kids genre
More to my Tastes
Love it
Oh Yeah (single)
  • I Like it
  • Makes ''HomeOnTheRange'' look like a masterpiece.
  • Nowhere Near as Bad as Everyone Says It Is
  • Shockingly Bad Even By Disney's Standards
Quite typical [[AllegedlyFreeGame Free2Play]] grindfest
  • Ending Fatigue
  • K9Thefirst1's review
  • The Tambourine Man's review
  • unsigned review
beeftony's review
Maria Holic's review
Child Cycle Goes Round...
Child of Light Review
A refreshing approach to your common fanfic cliches
The Beginning of a Great Story
  • Tacitus' review
  • Unhappy's review
  • Willbyr's review
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
Truly amazing!
  • Jacob Greyson's review of Book 1
  • Jacob Greyson's review of Book 2
  • Jacob Greyson's review of Book 3
Tacitus's review
  • Comartemis' review
  • Kitsu's review
Not my cup of tea
  • A Guilty Pleasure I don't feel guilty about
  • I liked it better when it was funny and kinda cute (Anime review)
Severly underrated
I Cried at the End
Comment by {{@/Timmah}}
Comment by Sparrow
Watch this movie, it's worth it
  • For Mat? We don't need him!
  • Watashiwa's review
  • Willbyr's review
  • The Best Fanfiction ever written
  • true
  • @/LadyBealzabub's review
  • feral's review
  • A great idea, made crappy by the
  • A great idea, murdered by the direction
  • Best superhero film ever
  • Bloody awesome
  • Loved It!
An Alright Book Series
Spread the Joy.
  • ''Blood and Ivory: A Tapestry'': for completists and fans
  • ''Dark of the Moon'': a darker sequel to ''God Stalk'', and a tougher read.
  • ''God Stalk'': One of fantasy's unappreciated classics.
  • ''Seeker's Mask'': Jame's nadir
  • ''To Ride a Rathorn'': Jame goes to military school
  • A great game that craps in the hearts of Chrono Trigger fans.
  • Ambitious But Hollow
  • Complicated
  • Pass the bong
  • What do you mean Fin?!
  • A Surprisingly Atypical Shonen Manga
  • Chrono Crusade: Manga review (aka Why I Keep Pimping This Series)
Comment by @/BrightBlueInk
  • A Classic, And It's Easy To See Why
  • Greatest. Game. Ever.
  • One of the best games for the SNES, ever
  • The Greatest JRPG ever
  • Above All Else, Fun (Wait, Didn't Someone Use This Title Already?)
  • King of the Nerds
  • Will They or Won't They...goes too far.
  • Informative, but annoying
  • The greatest let's player of all time.
  • This Guy Is Awesome
@/CrypticMirror's review
  • Decent Start, Awful Treatment
  • Oh. This thing. Oh God Why.
  • Curing a mental disorder... or not?
  • Great Series, Hits Hard and Soft
  • WhatAnIdiot The Anime, That's What This Is.
it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts
  • Ciaphas Cain, or: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Laugh At 40k
  • Dead In The Water - Good, But Seems Half-Sized
  • The Lighter Side of 40k
  • Warhammer 40000 taken the way it was meant to be: humorously!
  • .
  • Words form a fan
  • You must read it if you know spanish
Cinderella III - A Twist In Time - Best Sequel
  • Beautiful, but bad.
  • Courageously Simple, Kind and Nice
  • Very feel-good
Does everything it possibly can to take a dumb premise and make it a fun movie, and succeeds!
Long and somewhat slow, but ultimately worth it.
About as accurate as a drunken discussion, and as entertaining as one
Tantopat's review
Everyone is the ringleader!
Troublethecat's review
Absolutely amazing ...
All This Play Makes You a Dull Boy
  • "Greatest Movie Ever"
  • The Greatest? No. But it's still pretty damn Great.
  • Cape Good...
  • City of Heroes: a long-term perspective.
  • The best drug ever. (MK II Only)
  • The best drug ever. (MK II Only)
  • (Un)Civil Mess.
  • A Good Read... For A Massive IdiotPlot
  • Best crisis crossover ever
  • Civil War: A.K.A. When Iron Man became a fascist.
  • Great comic if you are illiterate.
  • Minority Report 2: Danvers VS Stark
  • Clannad: Another example of why KEY does so well
  • Easily the best among the three Key Ani works.
  • The Crying Game
  • The Story of Life
  • Watch The First, Consider The Second
  • Clarence Review: Annoying, rather lazy, and mildly creepy
  • Clarence Review: Better than expected
Very Intriguing
  • 2010 Film Missed a good Aesop
  • A Failure of Mythological Proportions
  • Facepalm of the Titans
  • The Wrath of the Titans (Because I forgot about the Clash....)
This is awesome
A quick overview of the Classic Disney output.
  • A Great Action Manga
  • I like this, and I generally hate shonen action series.
This movie changed me.
  • (SNES game review) What Uncharted does for pulp adventure, this game did for slasher horror
  • Clock Tower 3
  • Clock Tower: A bit of what horror games need right now.
  • "Raisin The Stakes: A Rock Opera In Three Acts"
  • Clone High-Larious (Spoilers)
  • Clone High: Perspective from Someone who wasn't Crazy for It
Holy Shitake Mushrooms
  • An odyssey of the human condition told across lives and time.
  • Film vs the Book
  • What is the fuss about?
Well done.
Very enjoyable
A View Into American Politics, with extra money on the side.
Club 9 Manga Review
  • Bleah
  • I enjoyed it.
  • ''Coco'' succeeded where ''Up'' fell flat.
  • A Very Shaky Start, But Builds Up a Whole Lot of Steam
  • Disgrace to my childhood
  • First Episode, First Impressions: No News is Good News
R. G.'s review
code geass colorless memories
Lee's review
  • @/UncloudedTJ's review
  • Kchasm's review
  • Kodai Okuda's review
  • Owlbot's review
  • Raxis's review
  • Rogue 7's review
  • Xencipher's review
From comments
  • Arc Varanus's review
  • ninjadude853's review
  • swtrooper42's review
  • Warwolf's review
R. G.'s review
Deserves it's own TVTropes Page
Marlee Cross's review
  • Cyberxigbar's review
  • Rabukurafuto's review
  • Riverscryr's review
[=RipAndTear666=]'s review
Little Serge's review
Banchoking's review
[=OracleSeven=]'s review
  • @/UncloudedTJ's review
  • Comartemis' review
  • Drakyndra's review
  • Marlee Cross's review
  • Okage the Shadow King
  • thatguyfromthere's review
  • The Elder God's review
  • Zaiaku666's review
  • @/UncloudedTJ's review
  • [=GrieverVII=]'s review
  • @/RainehDaze's review
  • Murex's review
  • The Letter D's review
  • Candelabra's review
  • moberemk's review
From comments
From comments
  • Higurashiblood98's review
  • The problem with trying too hard
I like it, but nothing special.
  • A Trainwreck...but aren't those fun to watch?
  • Amazing series.
  • An utter failure of a show, not that anyone should care.
  • Better than most people will tell you, but still flawed
  • Code Geass
  • Code Geass
  • Code Geass - A Fabulous Trainwreck, Definitely Worth the Ride
  • Code Geass R1 review
  • Code Geass Review
  • Code Geass Season 1
  • Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Season 1 Review
  • Code Geass: Narm Overdose
  • Complex and Gripping. The modern Gundam
  • Did Somebody Order a VERY LARGE HAM? (R1 review)
  • Farthest possible thing from a train wreck.
  • Fun to watch, hard to take seriously.
  • Involving and touching.
  • My Thoughts:Code Geass (R1 and R2)
  • R2 in Review
  • Would you like some pizza with that ham?
  • Intriguing
  • Overrated
  • A Good, but Frequently Disappointing Series
  • Code Lyoko is fantastic!
  • Code Lyoko,
  • The best series I have ever seen. EVER.
  • The first 7/8,Very Star Trek Movie Like
Season 1 verdict
Code Monkeys Season 1: Worse than Allen Gregory?
A Joyride, No Matter Your Age
Why wasn't this made into an anime instead of Sailor Moon?
Decent game, but could use some polish
Review by Gylden Glør from
  • Ajustice's review
  • FK's review. "Big"
  • OP's review
  • Furies of Calderon
  • If you can read the first one, it's totally worth it.
Review originally posted by Dreamy_Hunter
  • Extraintrovert's review
  • Parody?
  • Great fun to read, and fills in a lot of lore
  • Incredibly Lackluster
Comment by Mel
  • EDIT: There was an attempt
  • Good start and getting better.
Comment by Soojinyeh
op's review
Comment by otaku876
Candelabra's review
Adorable Lifestyle Switch AU
Elemcee's review for Come Along
  • Comment by Mariko-chan
  • It Was Awesome!!!
Happy results for this troper~
Come Morning Together Again
Original, Well Written Fic
Comment by ultimomant
Comment by Anonymous
Comment by @/BrightBlueInk
A Masterpiece Mired in Misconception
  • Command and Conquer: Generals
  • Generals: An OP Unit Actually Increases The Fun
One of my all time favorites.
  • MANLY!!!
  • This film defines Arnold Schwarzenegger and the entire Action Movie genre
  • Comedy has never been this funny.
  • Community!
  • Season 4 (one opinion)
Koop's review
Sullen Frog's review, transferred from the comments field
Comment by alexdelarge
Story - top, writing - not so much
Flawed, but enjoyable
Brilliant cheesy fun; but with a surprising amount of heart and brains.
OP's review
  • Bit of a guilty pleasure
  • Darkness Induced Audience Apathy: The comic.
  • Harmlessly bad.
  • The good parts were good. The bad parts weren't.
  • The Perks Of Being Shameless (A Counter-Argument)
Hilarious Disney live action
Sharp, Witty, and appropriately Gritty
A wonderful oneshot
  • Fabulously funny.
  • Overall, a quite enjoyable series.
  • A Man with a Different Point of View on Films
  • A mixed bag
  • Armond White on meth
  • Avoid like the Plague
  • Confused Matthew vs. Irate Gamer
  • Confused Matthew: The Only Sane Man of Caustic Criticism.
  • Good...if you agree with him.
  • Has a Limited and Narrow Understanding of Film
  • Hmmm.
  • Honest
  • Interesting ideas, poor technique
  • Like It or Don't, But Don't Go Overboard.
  • Maybe Should be Renamed "Angry Matthew"
  • Minority Report: Or, when criticism ends and when pummeling begins.
  • One of the Worst of the Caustic Critics
  • Put some more effort into production?
  • Re-Written Review -- This Time, It's Serious.
  • TheScrappy of [[CausticCritic Caustic Critics]]
  • This Guy Is The Definition of Unwarranted Self-Importance
  • Whats to like? Whats not to like?
Character Development Porn
A layered thriller that keeps you guessing
  • Cool !
  • Season 1: Not the best beginning, but steadily improves
  • Underrated Movie
This light-hearted action cartoon aimed at both sexes had a lot of potential
feral's review
  • A great concept spoiled by a shoehorned moral
  • This Film Makes No Sense!
Definitely Worth Reading
Comment by ouran_fan
Comment by Andyjay
....I think he figured it out
  • TheDesertHarvester's review
  • Unsigned review
Simple to follow
Flawed Films: Cool Cat Saves the Kids
Though old, the fanfic has not dated itself.
  • By @/{{Guessmyname}}
  • By Zephaoreos
One wild ride, not always for the better
More to this Fic than meets the eye.
Copacetic: the guide to Taylor's character.
Comment by [[Tropers/SpiritOfSahara Spirit Of Sahara]]
  • A review of the film
  • Amazing, Forever and Always
  • Atmospheric, Artistic, Astounding
  • Pros/Cons of Coraline
  • The man who created Sandman decided to explore the Uncanny Valley. Great.
  • Feranard's review
  • Very good to read.
A must-read
A Gem Among Them
Beautiful, Spooky, and Clever
  • A chilling game that Needs More Love
  • Awesome!
  • Corpse Party: Musume
Season 1: Good Concept, Poor Execution
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by [=RsS=]
  • All-but abandoned by the dev and horribly incomplete
  • Buggy and bare-bones, but fun. Also, cool mods.
The Cool New Fic
A great adaption of very difficult material
We are but star stuff...
op's review
Comment by birdie
A Gem In A Sea of Cheap Imitations
op's review
An Underrated, Surrealistic Masterwork
  • A Good Watch But Overated.
  • A masterful illusion
  • See you , Space Cowboy.
  • Spagetti anime
  • The bounty hunters, who are gathering on the spaceship "Bebop..."
  • The Work Which Has Become A Genre Unto Itself.
  • You're Gonna Carry That Weight.
Fairly solid
  • Good fun, not a masterpiece
  • If you like good anime, make sure you watch the first episode.
The Agents of Penzance; or, the Pirates of Pacific City
So... Many... Plot-twists...
If you like logic, you won't like this movie.
  • An Absolutely Wonderful Series that needs more Recognition
  • By the numbers, derivative garbage.
  • Donkey Kong Country with polygons
Amazing remake of three amazing games
Flawed but Entertaining Rehash
A somewhat light-hearted take on many subjects, but beware inaccuracies
Absolutely Fantastic
  • Fall And Fade To Black
  • Short but Sweet
Comment by Dune
  • alternative location
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by MSPachina
  • A show about mental illness
  • Not Quite Living Up to Its Name
A great piece
A good fanfic that helped me deal with the ending. WARNING: UNMARKED SPOILERS
Complete madness and hilarity in half the length of a normal movie
Creatures forever!
Comment by {{Tropers/RainKrystal}}
Excellent Sci-Fi with good plot and character development
A Clever, Well-Written Game With a Terrible Premise
  • One Step Forward, One Leap Back
  • One Step Forward, One Leap Back
  • Criminal Minds - scary, disturbing and it keeps getting better...
  • Thought-provoking at best, unintentionally funny at worst
  • Underwhelming
  • Flawed but good prequel.
  • There's a crisis at the core of this game, all right...
Important, interesting, but dated.
Critical Role
I remember seeing it on PBS, Not ABC.
Comment by {{Tropers/Solandra}}
Croc: The Series
  • A Very Entertaining Turd
  • Cross Ange or Valvrave 2.0
  • Cross Ange: The Edgy Sunrise Show show (look at eps 1-3)
  • Cross Ange: This Anime has No Idea What it Wants to Be
  • kurosu sleeps: a review of cross channel
  • The proper way to be painful
  • Not Bad, for What it Is
  • Not Cross, Just Disappointed
  • So edgy I just cut myself on it
  • antvasima's review
  • CrypticMirror's review
  • PataHikari's review
Moved comments
A heartwarming slice-of-life friendship fic.
  • Ailey's review for Crossing and Float
  • JBlaze's review
Absolutely awesome
Binge read material
CrypticMirror's review
From comments
Difficult, but Awesome
  • Drashian's review
  • Sneebs' review
Tissue Warning
Comartemis' review
Better than expected.
  • Alternate Ending: Detective Ganondorf and the Case of The Great Flood
  • OK... For What It Is
Couldn't even get past the front page.
Anonymous review from the Comments section
Original Comments
  • I mainly watch it for catharsis.
  • Interesting, but kind of ridiculous
  • Mostly just boring
  • Needs a sequel
  • Putrid and offensive
  • A compost heap of gaming culture
  • Does not deserve an ounce of hate
  • Doesn't have much going for it.
  • Good but not great
  • Look past it's (numerous) flaws, and it's pretty good.
  • No redeeming features.
  • Not horrible, but not good.
  • Not perfect, but not deserving of so much hate
  • Not terrible. Just bad.
  • Okay read
  • Quite funny
  • The End
  • Unfunny
  • Yes, it is as bad as everyone says.
feral's review
  • "Better on DVD" in Comic Form
  • A Melodrama On A Black Comedy's Stage - An ill-fitting combination.
  • Anonymous reviews from the Comments section
  • Follow Up - Whole Series Review
  • Mediocre...
  • Review by Tropers/BoboTheTalkingClown
  • Review by Tropers/NekomataTheFailcat
  • Review by {{Tropers/Fivepence}}
  • Review by {{Tropers/Gancena}}
  • Review by {{Tropers/Mandemo}}
  • Review by {{Tropers/Quanyails}}
  • Your Mileage May Vary
  • Kafkaesque and Terrifying
  • We turn the Cube and it twists us.
A few hours of fun to mutate!
Anoymous review from the comments section
  • Cultstuck
  • One of my faves
  • A good story best read w/o FridgeLogic
  • Culture Clash
  • Gore, and Nothing Else
  • Graphic violence and not much else
  • It's stupid. Fun, but stupid.
  • Not for anyone who plans on sleeping.
  • Poorly written shock garbage that cannot be taken seriously
A Quick Word
Stylishly Classy and Classically Hard
op's review
I tried to read this... I failed.
Better than its reputation
  • Problems could have been easily fixed
  • Really bad... But in all the fun ways
  • You have to be kidding me.
A nice 80s cyberpunk action romp (Episode 1 review)
Unusually emotional for what is a largely typical action series
Not bad for an original take......however......