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I Personally Recommend
I first found out about Chaotic Monki through Pew Die Pie and his' playthough of Bloody Trapland. He seemed interesting, so I decided to give him a shot. I was almost immediately hooked. The thing that I really like about this guy is his unique sense of humor, both in the video and the video description.I was admittedly getting tired of Pew Die's potty humor, so this was a breath of fresh air. Whether it was snarky, unintentional, or otherwise, he always manages to put a smile on this troper's face, with an extremely contagious laugh to top it off. Another thing that I like about Cry is the way he handles his fans. His fanbase is relatively calm, but when an issue comes along, he isn't afraid to reach out to his fans and be honest(such as accusations of him copying others, people demanding to show his face, fans getting angry that he didn't respond to their messages, etc.). Along with his playthroughs of many different games, he has a separate playlist for reading fanfics, especially creepypasta. His voice is extremely soothing to listen to(though most people only go to him for his voice, to his irritation, apparently) and he really gets absorbed into what he is doing. Overall, I highly recommend this Let's-Player to anyone who is interested.
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