Reviews: Come What May

Comment by Anonymous

The best Liet/Pol fanfiction I have ever read, hands down. The best part of it, I must say, is the fact that it actually addresses real issues faces by gay people—something that many, many Hetalia fanfics tend to leave out. It centers entirely around Feliks and Toris, trying to admit their secrets to each other (Feliks's was particularly heartbreaking, though as it went on Liet's got just as tear-jerking) and get over the homophobia of their peers as well as teachers, such as their chem. teacher who's later revealed as Ludwig, who's gay himself and principal. The epilogue tied up all loose ends nicely, and the omake at the end made me laugh. All in all this was really wonderful, and I highly recommend it to any Liet/Pol fans—or even just people who like reading stories where homosexuality is actually treated how it is in real life.