Reviews: Chop Kick Panda

Watch this movie, it\'s worth it

Ok so I just watched Chop Kick Panda on Kiss, and even though I knew that it was gonna be a rip off of The Kung Fu Panda Franchise; I ended up loving it. The beginning is a straight up parody of Po's opening Dream Sequence in the first movie, from there it becomes it's own movie and in my opinion succeeds fantastically.

There are many reasons why I genuinely love this movie, the first is The nerdy lion kid who is inconveniently Genre Savvy and is constantly asking Zibo questions and even outright bluntly stating that what he says has no factual basis, when Zibo is bragging and showing off to his son and his friends, in one of the opening scenes Zibo lampshades his intelligence by asking him why he's not in a gifted class.

Another reason I love this movie is because of the character Bali, a student at The Dojo where Zibo works as a janitor, he also happens to be a mole working for the big bad, who happens to be The Evil Twin of the dojo's grand master. Bali is constantly chewing the scenery, cracking jokes, and being an insufferable Jerk Ass idiot to the point where his master threatens him with a slow and painful death.

My favorite part was the end where The Grand Master of The Dojo fights his evil twin brother ando throws out STAR WARS QUOTES just to piss him off