Reviews: Casper

The Magic is Still There After All These Years

I put this one in for my three year old nephew, and even after all this time, since 1995, I still teared up at the end. And still gushed over the preteen romance. And giggled at the horrible corny 90s jokes. Cried when the sad piano theme played, and scowled at the Disneyesque villainy.

There were so many iconic images from when I was a kid, like the bottle of resurrection fluid and the automated waker-upper, and they all came rushing right back.

The film's got such a simple but interesting plot: a young girl has to keep moving because of her father's job, and so making friends for her is hard. She finds a friend in Casper, and a love blossoms between them throughout all kinds of antics and exploring. The setting of the mansion is stunning, by the way.

In a lot of ways, Spirited Away reminds me of this film. Casper may not have the breadth and depth of Spirited Away, but the relationship feels the same. The examination of a child's love for their parents is there. Ideas about spirits are looked at too.

Gosh, it was sure nice to go back. Casper deserves to be a permanent part of anyone's collection. It's got just the right amount of feel-good, silliness and melancholy. The score is fantastic. It's just a great movie. I'm so glad I re-watched it. It's a nice innocent film, and hopefully, with the coming of film Echo, more just innocent and fun movies will be made.