Reviews: Cyber Tech War Of The Worlds

Not bad for an original take......however......

to be fair let's go down to the good and bad shall we? The Good:

1. The Dursleys go to jail ( child services for the win!)

2. Harry gets new adopted family that treats him very lovingly, and he becomes very successful in life, as an equal to Stark Enterprises in terms of success

3. Sirius Black was still very much in character, as was Arthur Weasley

4. Voldemort's subsequent ass beating at the hands of Harry Potter.... read it to believe it!

The Bad

1. Harry is an unfettered clone of Tony Stark, and Bruce Wayne, figuratively speaking, he's a flat out arrogant prick, and is made out to be that any female save for his mother and his aunt wants to unabashedly screw him ( which makes it very hard to connect this version of Harry with the ones we saw and cheered for in the movies and read in the books)

3. Albus a****** Dumbledore and and his blindly idiotic followers, Harry's not so loving parents, ( still alive no less) retardedly clueless Ron, and Hermoine Granger the Brainiac nympho maniac ( I really don't need to say much more on this..... totally out of character, ..... yes even Ron)

4. the author's near complete disregard for checks and balances, and telling a story that is in a science Fantasy setting, in favor of showing Harry's new toys while taka feared dark wizard, such as Voldemort, into a near total b**** in front of his followers. orry but it would make things more interesting had Harry had more difficulty, against one so feared..... Overall, not a bad original take from the original, just smooth out some of the rough edges, tone down Harry's über-macho Gary Stu attitude, and up the threat level to make him work for the victory.........who knows, the story just may be better for it.