Reviews: Cat City

Not my Cult Classic...

...Because of this I might not even be the best person writing a review. I don't even hate the sequel... it literally made what it could to respectfully continue a story that was never meant to be continued (not like some other sequel I know).

I respect this work for historical importance:

It was a Fountain of Memes Post Modern Affectionate Parody almost adult animation before those things were much of a thing from a country that had no legitimate reason producing it. Look at it. This was how the west looked like through the lens of its entertainment for people who lacked most of its context... and it WORKS.

And I think this is exactly why the sequel doesn't for most. Now the makers had context and understanding what they did, nothing of this was new anymore, which resulted in the loss of innocence and wonder and a much darker tone because life is rarely as easy as escapist movies make them out to be.

Also Nostalgia Filter.

I'm the generation who grew up with this movie, but I never was a fan. I admit at first because of the Your Size May Vary... it made my head hurt and shattered my Willing Suspension of Disbelief even at the age of 7. Later because of the Unfortunate Implications and quite frankly naiveté (I'm cynical like that).

Do I remember it? Yes.
Can I quote it? Yes.
Is it worth watching? If you can appreciate it for what it is. A product of its time.