Reviews: Cabin Pressure

So perfect. So awesome. So funny.

I don't have words that can capture how funny this show is. Truly, I don't.

It's a sitcom radio show which sadly has kept it from reaching very high levels of popularity, but I recommend it to everyone who can get their hands on it. Why? I'll take you through it.

Just looking at the actors involved should clue you in. There's the ever wonderful Benedict Cumberbatch, smooth talking Roger Allam, and of course the show was written and Arthur is played by John Finnemore. Anyone who knows much about him knows that he's just hilarious. Stephanie Cole is lovely as Carolyn who I'd never heard about before this show but who I was impressed with as well. (Also Anthony Head!!!)

The jokes are just superb. All of them get a laugh and the show's humor grows across the seasons, which is impressive considering how funny the first series was. Every single episode is worth it's thirty minutes of your time.

I absolutely adore the characters and the scattered drama through the story. All of the characters are likable in their own way. My personal favorite is Arthur - he's just so sweet! Tell me you wouldn't want to meet him. Martin is so flustered and stuffy but a delight to listen to (my, Mr. Cumberbatch, but you are talented). I just wanna give him a hug half the time. Douglas can be a total asshole, but you can just never find it in you to hate him. He's just so fun! And Carolyn is pretty much like that as well, except minus the fun and add the motherly instincts. You expect that when a comedy adds drama that it'll be annoying and out of place, but Finnemore effortlessly inserts depth into his characters and meaningful relationships between them. It's always done so subtlety that it doesn't at all detract from the comedy and just serves to make you adore the characters without realizing you've become attached to them.

Another bonus is how the show rewards its long time fans. I've loved the show for about a year, and the more you listen, the more tie-ins and call backs you find.

Basically, the show is the holy grail of comedy. I defy anyone to say that it sucks.