Reviews: Community

Comedy has never been this funny.

This video suggests that fans of certain critically acclaimed comedies are always comedy bullies who hate on you for not liking their shows. I shall unfortunately be a target of most of them, because most of these so-called comedies are not even funny, at least not in my opinion.

Community is the rare exception. Being written by self-confessed tropers, it's the wet dream of the rest of us. The laughs come a mile a minute, something I can't really say about most other sitcoms (with the exception of Modern Family). The characters are so much fun to watch while they interact in their crazy ways.

In short, I am highly ashamed that this great show has unfortunately been associated with Fan Myopia bullies. I am living proof that this show can be liked by anyone who isn't into niche and/or snob comedy (and I'm surprised this show could be considered either) like Louie or Parks And Recreation. And that Community fans are not by definition comedy bullies. I am also of the more realistic school that isn't continuously clamoring #sixseasonsandamovie, because while that would be awesome, I would hope that the show doesn't suffer in quality as a result. That said, quality remains strong going into season four, even without Dan Harmon at the helm. Best of luck to this one!

Season 4 (one opinion)

I missed the boat on Community, and after catching a few episodes in syndication, I binged my way through all four seasons before the fifth season premier.

For the first three episodes of season 4, I was confused as to why people hated this season. It had a few awkward moments, but so had all the early episodes of other seasons. What was the problem?

As I went on in the season, though, I started to figure out what the issue is: this isn't a "season" in the Community sense. Seasons 1-3 had always had an arc, the story gradually building to a climax, with shifts in the status quo. Season 4 was not doing this. Season 4 was introducing ideas, forgetting about them or not developing them enough. Season 4 didn't build to anything. Season 4 was an assemblage of episodes. Some of them are good, some of them are not, but it didn't add up to a whole the way prior seasons had.

This also meant that characterization suffered. Most characters continued on at the same level they were at the end of season 3, without changing or growing. The exception to this rule was Pierce, who, episode 8 aside, backslid into where he was in season 2. If I were Chevy Chase, I'd have quit too.

So of this mess, what's worth watching? I really liked the first 3 episodes. Jeff's story in episode 5 is good material, though the B-plot is weak. Episode 8 has the best moments for Pierce in the season, and it's a shame that Rachel is forgotten as soon as she's introduced. Episodes 10 and 11 are also good, though the fact that Troy and Britta relationship wasn't mentioned for so long makes it an underwhelming end to that non-arc. Still, Jim Rash channeling Joel Mc Hale is one of the funniest things to have ever happened in the show, so don't miss that. And the season finale, while a little corny, is also a lot of fun.

Be sure to avoid "Intro to Felt Surrogacy," the only episode to be truly terrible (though YMMV). The rest are just mediocre, and the series' refusal to develop story arcs means that they can be skipped.

In short, I'm glad that Dan Harmon didn't completely wipe this season out of existence, because it had some good moments, but I'm definitely glad he's back. The fifth season already taking more risks and aiming higher than season 4 did, and hopefully will restore Community back to be great, rather than just "pretty good."


This show has quickly become a cult classic, even though it has only existed for a short amount of time. If one was to watch the show, however, they would understand the popularity of this underrated NBC sitcom. The comedy on this show can never be predicted. For example the first episode I saw was the first Halloween episode, which involved one of the characters dressed as Batman, complete with ridiculous voice, and that's not even close to being the most bizarre plot point of the episode. The show contains many parodies and Meta moments, that may fly over the head of new viewers. One example would be the first Bottle Episode, which has several characters referring to the situation at hand in those exact words! There are many guest stars that have appeared, such as John Goodman and Malcolm Mc Dowell, are in full force with their Comedic chops (mainly of the pork variety!). In conclusion, I would recommend this show to anyone who likes hilarious, sometimes surreal, comedy.