Reviews: Clone High

Clone High: Perspective from Someone who wasn't Crazy for It

Clone High is my least favorite series I watched all the way through.

Normally, if I don't like a show, I drop it after about four episodes. But there was something about this one that kept me going, however. As it showed promise for a good series.

Unfortunately, it wasn't. They had the horrible habit of the Fairly Oddparents Method of humor. Take a joke, and beat it into the ground with such force that by the end, it isn't funny. The Bloody Hilarious bits were also severely overused and got tired after awhile. This sort of thing would be tolerable, if the majority of the show's humor wasn't like this!

A lot of people also like the musical episode...I don't. The visuals and story were fine, but the songs were terrible and Scudworth and Cleo were Out of Character.

Don't get me wrong though. The series isn't my favorite, but it would be unfair to call it "bad". This is a good premise, and there was certainly more potential for many seasons with it. Also, these are great characters. Completely the opposite of their historical coutnerparts, the fun comes from them trying to be their predecessors and failing. It's Boys from Brazil all over again.

So I do get the hype. I just didn't fall into it.

The funniest episode is where Gandhi gets ADD. The comedic timing and historical references were spot-on, and the way it is handled was just as funny. The repeated jokes were also varied with each repetition.

I don't necessarily "hate it", so I simply say I don't recommend it. Or if I have to, I guess I recommend it to the Seth Mc Farlane crowd or fans of Lord and Miller's other work.

Clone High-Larious (Spoilers)

After watching every episode of this series in one day, I can justly confirm that this series was one of the most hilariously original ones I've ever seen. The premise, putting teenage clones of historical figures in a high school drama parody, is bizarre and fun, and adds character development for the clones never feeling like they can amount to their original counterparts.

The series was a well done parody as well, mercilessly mocking the ridiculously angst filled high school dramas you can find basically everywhere, adding a creative twist, and still making us care about what's going on while proving that the show itself cares. The problem with most parodies is that they're mean spirited, but this one uses it setting as an advantage to draw us in to the absurd drama that we shouldn't care about due to seeing it a million times before, but we do. I do at least. The main controversy is that the clones (or more specifically Ghandi) are nothing like the original figures they're based off of, and borderline insulting, but you've got to remember that they cracked under the pressure of living up to the expectations that have been set for them.

Unfortunately, this series is one of the saddest examples of being Cut Short that I've seen to this day. The purpose for building a clone army and Scudworth's plan to create "Cloney Island" were just starting to be explored, and the Love Quadrulogy or whatever it escalated to was never resolved, as the principle characters were frozen in the middle of their love confessions. My heart sank at the end of the finale, with the questionable promise of "To Be Continued... ?!" Never being fulfilled. Still though, you'll love the show as it lasts, and it's one of the best I've seen.

Also the music was fantastic, and the theme pretty much summed up the atmosphere that the show created for itself.

"Raisin The Stakes: A Rock Opera In Three Acts"

This episode is a perfect example of what made this show so awesome to begin with: pure creativity. It only stays as a regular "teen sitcom"-style show until the first commercial break, and then the truly inspired insanity begins. Great music, "far out" scenery, and well-hidden subliminal messages: this episode has it all. For the greatest drug-fuelled trip since Cheech and Chong, look no further than this musical masterpiece.

Clone High rules.