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"It's time for tasteball!"

Hello there! I'm Lucymae2, but just so you know I'm actually a guy. The username was based on the name of my Boston Terrier Lucy Mae, who I loved very dearly (2003-2013). I like creating things, so here's a page about me, not that anybody particularly cares.

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Folders that I made because I honestly had nothing better to do:

    Just a few of my personal preferences 

Live-Action Films

Animated Films


Live-Action TV


Newspaper Comics

Tabletop Games

Video Games

Web Comics

Web Originals

Western Animation

    Pages I've Created 

    Troping my Life 
Ever since I got on TV Tropes I've wanted to do this! But enough about me. Behold... ME!

    Reviews and Analysis... es... 


Look, I'm not The Nostalgia Critic or anything, but I like to pretend that my opinions are intelligent and make a difference. Don't we all? You can find reviews I've done of the following works in no particular order:

Analysis... es...

I'm also a proud analyzer of works of fiction. In order for it to satisfy the demands of a TV Tropes analysis page, I usually spend no short amount of time writing them. What can I say? It's not my fault TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life.

Analysis... es...


This is a comments section for all you people who want to say something about me. No, I'm not expecting a ton of people wanting my autograph or anything. In fact, I might even be expecting some insults. Just remember that I have the power to delete any comments I don't like. It makes me look better.

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