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Film: The Fly
The Fly can refer to various works:

These films provide examples of the following:

  • Body Horror: Across all incarnations it's the story of a man who becomes a fly, or something like it.
  • Merging Machine: All involve a scientist getting merged with a fly - half and half in the original (though the 1958 has both the head and left arm of the scientist and fly get reversed - the sequel Curse of the Fly has the iconic "man with fly head and vice-versa"), wholesome in 1986.
  • Science Is Bad
  • Tragic Monster: Most of the humanflies.

Return of the Fly (1959)

Curse of the Fly (1965)

Final DestinationFilm SeriesFlodder
The Creature Walks Among UsFilms of the 1950sThe Fly (1958)
Fight ClubCreator/ 20 th Century FoxThe Fly (1958)
Fluppy DogsAnimal Title IndexThe Fly (1958)
Flowers in the AtticHorror FilmsThe Fly (1958)

alternative title(s): The Fly; Return Of The Fly
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