Film / Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy
"Want anything from the shop?"

The Blood & Ice Cream Trilogy (aka Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy, or just The Cornetto Trilogy) is a series of films directed by Edgar Wright and starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Pegg and Wright also serve as the writers for all three films; the movies are all distributed by Universal, and produced through their British subsidiary Working Title.

The films do not share a universe, instead functioning as a Thematic Series; this ranges from a recurring Production Posse, numerous Mythology Gags, and the smashing of two film genres together to the appearance of Cornetto frozen ice creams that give the series its name.

The individual films are:

See also: Spaced, an earlier collaboration by the three which shares common elements with the series. Should not be confused with Paul, another film written by and starring Pegg & Frost, who play a pair of Brits that pick up an alien during a Road Trip; the movie is in no way related to the series, and has no involvement with Edgar Wright.

The series as a whole contains examples of:

  • Affectionate Parody
  • Ascended Extra: Some of the Production Posse get more prominent roles in the following film.
    • Martin Freeman was a nearly voiceless cameo in Shaun of the Dead, a minor character in Hot Fuzz, and one of the leads in The World's End.
    • Rafe Spall was a minor character in Shaun of the Dead & one of the supporting cast in Hot Fuzz. He went back to a minor character in The World's End
    • Paddy Considine was a supporting character in Hot Fuzz & one of the leads in The World's End.
    • Demoted to Extra: Bill Nighy plays a major role in Shaun of the Dead, gets a brief appearance at the beginning of Hot Fuzz, and appears as a voice-only role at the climax of The World's End.
  • Author Appeal: Man Children. See below for examples.
  • Black Comedy
  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: In each film, the Protagonist played by Simon Pegg has a different colored hair:
  • Bloody Hilarious: The trilogy is called Blood and Ice Cream, and each movie serves it up deliciously.
  • Britain Is Only London: Averted in all three films.
    • Shaun of the Dead takes place in London, but it's stated that the Zombie Apocalypse is a nationwide crisis - the characters just happen to be in London.
    • Hot Fuzz & The World's End both start in London, but soon relocate to rural towns of Sandford & Newton Haven respectively. Furthermore, both involve underlying conspiracies, neither of which concern London; Hot Fuzz is focused entirely on Sandford, whereas The World's End is global.
  • Call Back/Foreshadowing: Everything from the start of each film will be referenced or inverted later in the film. The films are The Law of Conservation of Detail Up to Eleven.
  • The Cameo: Loads and loads of famous British actors across all three films. The cameos increase in number in each film, so chances are you'll recognize at least one person.
  • Chekhov's Gag: Throughout the trilogy, jokes said early in the movie often come back in either a more dramatic or an even funnier form.
  • Colour-Coded for Your Convenience: The colour of the Cornetto appearing in each film represents the genre of that film: respectively, strawberry red for blood, original blue for police, and mint green for aliens (though the aliens in the film aren't actually green).
  • Darker and Edgier: Despite being the "Blood and Ice Cream" name, the movies get less Bloodier and Gorier (and arguably less ice cream-ey) consecutively. However, despite the lesser bloodshed and body counts as the series goes on, do not assume this means the movies become Lighter and Softer.
  • Distant Finale: Each film has a final vignette showing how the (surviving) characters are doing some time on. The World's End includes a straight-out "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue.
  • Freudian Trio: In all three films, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's characters both alternate and play-off between these three states.
    • For Pegg:
      • Shaun: Ego
      • Nicholas Angel: Superego
      • Gary King: ID
    • For Frost:
      • Ed: ID
      • Danny Butterman: Ego
      • Andy Knightly: Superego

  • Heterosexual Life-Partners:
    • Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, really. All three of their characters in trilogy serves as this to one another in some capacity.
    • Shaun of the Dead: Shaun & Ed
    • Hot Fuzz: Detectives Andy Cartright & Andy Wainwright; Nicholas Angel & Danny Butterman become this as the film goes on.
    • The World's End: The dynamic between Gary and Andy as grown-ups is of two people who were once this for each other, only for things to turn very sour.
  • Man Child:
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Simon Pegg's character takes a shortcut over garden fences in each movie: Shaun of the Dead has it collapsing underneath Shaun, Hot Fuzz has Angel clear it easily (but Danny smashes through it), and in The World's End it topples under Gary's weight.
    • Each movie has a scene involving Nick Frost and a Cornetto ice-cream: Strawberry in the first movie, which symbolises the gore; Blue Classico in the second, which matches the police's blue uniforms; and a mint one in the third for Little Green Men.
    • Each movie involves at least one pub: in the first, all they do is go to the pub, and the characters end up setting up fort in one; in the second, Danny and Nick always hang out at the pub and even have a shoot-out there; and the third centres around performing a pub crawl.
      • Additionally, the same fruit machine, with an identical jingle, appears in one pub of every movie.
    • Identical duos appear in all three films: the zombie twins in Shaun of the Dead, the two Andys and the Sgt Turners in Hot Fuzz, and the twins in The World's End.
    • Each movie has a scene where either Simon Pegg or Nick Frost's character drives, with Nick Frost driving twice and Simon Pegg driving once.
    • Several examples hark back to Spaced. For example, in Shaun Of The Dead, the trolley from outside 23 Meteor Street appears outside Shaun and Ed's flat and Tyres later turns up as a zombie.
  • Sequel Escalation: Zig-zagged. Each film is more ambitious than the last, but the on-screen body count actually gets lower in each subsequent film.note 
  • Spiritual Successor: To Spaced. In fact, Shaun Of The Dead is based on the Spaced episode where Tim plays too much Resident Evil 2 and starts seeing zombies everywhere.
  • Suspiciously Apropos Music:
    • One of the most iconic scenes in Shaun of the Dead is the bar fight choreographed to the rhythm of Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now".
    • Several in Hot Fuzz, such as an early shot of Sandford to the tune of the Kinks' "Village Green Preservation Society" and Simon Skinner driving past crime scenes with inappropriate music playing on his car stereo - Dire Straits' "Romeo and Juliet" playing as he drives past the decapitated bodies of the leads in the town's production of Romeo and Juliet, and The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown's "Fire" at the scene of an explosion.
    • The entire soundtrack in The World's End, but especially the use of choral section of The Sisters of Mercy's This Corrosion. The use of The Doors cover of "Alabama Song" is used to perfection as well.
  • Thematic Series: As mentioned, this series isn't really set in the same universe but are connected thematically.