Reviews: Chuck

Above All Else, Fun (Wait, Didn't Someone Use This Title Already?)

Chuck is a show that's meant to be fun. However, it's one of the few shows that, despite this, does manage to contain great characters, who grow and develop over the course of the five years this show ran. Chuck in particular starts out as a directionless, awkward nerd, but he's charming and he has a good heart. However, as the show goes on, he grows into a strong, capable leader, who is willing to do whatever it takes to save his loved ones, and still have time to make references to 80s sci-fi. But while the character growth is a great asset, the main appeal of Chuck is just how much fun it is. While seeing the way Chuck's life in the spy world clashes with the real world is a frequent source of humor, oftentimes, the source of much of the fun is the Buy More B-plots. Jeffster is a great duo, and Big Mike is also a great source of comedy, though thankfully little of it has to do with the aforementioned 'Bigness'. Honestly, there's not much more I can really say in this review, so much of it has to really be seen to be understood. From being threatened with water guns to learning how to tango, this is one show that's almost always a blast, and absolutely never dull.

Will They or Won't They...goes too far.

Let me start out by saying this show had tremendous potential. Like many shows, it starts out extremely well, and looks like it's only going to get better from there...

But then, like many shows, it Jumps the Shark. It's hard to say exactly where this happens, but I think it's most likely at the end of Season Two.

For those concerned, spoilers;

For the first two seasons, Chuck and Sarah dance around their relationship, until finally, at the end of season 2, Sarah is willing to give up absolutely everything, just to be with Chuck.
End of Spoilers

Spoilers End

Then, following the explosive climax of season 2, we suddenly have a MASSIVE return to status quo. Basically all the progress that has been made over the last two seasons is reset, and we have to watch basically the same things happen AGAIN, except this time with the stakes higher than ever...and even worse, with the loss of one of the series' best qualities; its comedy.

Just let me make this clear; for the first season, chuck is a comedy with dramatic leanings. For the second season it's a straight dramedy, but still had moments even more hilarious than in season 1. But in season three? Dramatic events start happening just for the sake of being dramatic. The characters never LAUGH anymore. There are tears, but very rarely are they of happiness.

And the series just goes downhill from there. You can't just take away one of the primary elements of the series and hope to have it survive.

So yeah; watch it to the end of season 2, then imagine that they saved the day, beat FULCRUM, and lived happily ever after. You'll be infinitely more satisfied than if you watched it for real.

King of the Nerds

Are you a nerd who is sick of they way your kind are portrayed on TV. Unattractive, socially awkward, the but of every joke? Why are there never any cool geeks on TV?

Chuck is a breath of fresh air in this regard. While he is definately a nerd (his interests such as Dune, Zork and The Matrix have not only been reference but have played vital roles in the series) he is stuck in a dead end job and his love life is almost non existant, he is never portrayed as a loser. Chuck is a victim of circumstance, who has been forced into a lowly position by the world around him. He's funny, charming, smart and - dare this Troper say it- quiet good looking. Even though throughout the series you will see him freak out on many different occasion it's usually under understandble circumstances. Also he rarely does something [[fridgelogic mind-blowingly moronic]] and when he does it's most often out of compassion. It's good to see a show where it's not totally unbelievable that the nerd can get with the hot CIA spy

So there you have it. Chuck Bartowski -