Reviews: Code Breaker

I like it, but nothing special.

I admit I like it mostly for super-powers in a Index kind of display, but this manga isn't that great, it's fun though, but let's go in detail:

  • Characters: Except Toki and Kouji, nobody is really that good (sure, there are developped characters, but most of them are from okay to annoying, which is a shame because Heike is fun to watch and Yuki has potential)
  • Action: The actions scenes are good, but lack an epic feeling to this, but the uses of powers are pretty damn cool.

  • Story: At first, it sounds cool (people being burned out by a member of an association dedicated to wipe-out evil and stuff), but infortunately some plot twists are making things a little bit headscratching (it's not Naruto's level of stupidity, but Ogami's reveal about his power doesn't help)

  • Artwork: This manga is well drawn, and you can clearly see action scenes, which is a plus, considering mainstream mangas make war scenes where we can't see crap.

  • Dialogues: They have a Persona feeling to this, which I like, but if you have an anti-hero, be sure it's either 90's dialogue, or Wangst about how he ruined everything, and how you don't feel emotions anymore, or how you want people to live (A.k.A the monologue of hope and friendship). To resume, if you're not watching an action scenes, dialogues do help making characters alive, just not in action scenes.

To conclude, I can't recommend you for a good manga, but for some fun about people kicking ass with powers... And Toki and Kouji.