Reviews: Crank

If you like logic, you won't like this movie.

These movies are stupid. Really, really stupid. Their plots make no sense at best, their characters are one-dimensional, and the whole thing is an Excuse Plot.

And... its the best damn fun you'll have over a few hours.

These movies - especially the sequel - are a cheesy action movie ride of the highest caliber. If you need your movies to make sense, DO NOT WATCH. That's all there is to it. You will inevitably hate this movie. But if you're anything like me, and every once in a while you need to shut off your brain and watch something that just has people being beat up and the action movie equivalent of Crosses The Line Twice, then this is a great damn movie for you.

Jason Statham puts on his usual persona, and just plays it as straight as he can. This works in favor of the movie. While there are Lampshades, it doesn't shove them down your throat, instead letting you catch them on your own. The direction is very tongue-in-cheek, almost winking at you during the more ludicrous events.

The second one is especially over the top, even more so than Shoot 'Em Up, completely abandoning the pretense of being set in anything vaguely resembling reality.

Crank and its sequel are surprisingly fun rides, but only for its intended audience. So sit back, pop something tasty down your throat, and enjoy.