Reviews: Camp Lazlo

An All-Around Good Show

To make up for the show's other "review", I decided to make a Camp Lazlo review too as I had just finished watching the series. It's actually just as good as its contemporaries to me. The characters are fun to watch and the jokes are 90% of the time on the mark. The theme song is obnoxious yet catchy (Like Wander over Yonder). I also found that the later seasons are far funnier (Thanks to some positive Flanderization of its antagonists/best characters Edward and Lumpus, as well as growing Denser and Wackier), but don't quite have the simple charm of the earlier ones (For the same reasons). Another observation I made was that Lazlo's role actually diminished with secondary characters getting their own episodes frequently in later episodes. Overall, I think you should try it if you haven't even if most people say its So Okay, It's Average. Definetely worthy of CN's classics

I made this in less than 10 minutes so this review might seem somewhat shoddy. But hey, at least I put some effort.
  • hly
  • 12th Sep 14
  • 6

very good

really good cartoon a+ would watch again