Reviews: Crash Team Racing

Absolutely Fantastic

To put it simply: this was the game that made me a gamer.

Back in 2001, one of my dad's coworkers let us borrow his PlayStation for a couple of months (don't ask me why; he just did). One of the first games we tried was CTR. From the moment I started playing, I was hooked.

The game is just plain fun. It's simple to learn, and downright rewarding to master. The races are quick and action-packed, the power-ups are awesome, and there are plenty of surprises to be had, ranging from your fellow racers to the obstacles on the tracks.

And if you have friends? Even better! You can jump into Vs. Mode with up to three other players, racing to the end to see who can take home that cup. Or, if you're feeling tired of racing, you can hop into battle mode, where you simply blast each other to pieces with weapons. Ah, catharsis....

If you can get this game off eBay or a second-hand retailer, and you enjoy (A) kart racing games or (B) the Crash Bandicoot franchise, BUY IT! You won't regret it.