Reviews: Captive Prince

The Captive Prince Trilogy - These books took over my life.

These books took over my life.

C.S. Pacat nailed most of my favorite tropes, and some that I never dared look nor other writers even dare touch. The books include sensitive topics like slavery, non-consensual sex/rape, Pedophilia, Abuser/victim romance. But believe me, everything will be justified, justice will be served and the wrongs will be righted.

Book 1 took most of the toll in terms of hate, but I see it as a necessary cringe-read foundation, to the captivating character developments of book 2 and the revelation of an intricately woven conspiracy in book 3. The books are addicting and I can't seem to put it down, except times when I needed to catch my breath and to absorbing everything because of the fast paced narration, high octane action, the unresolved sexual tension, dramatic exchange of dialogues, scheming political maneuvers, timely sense of humor, the crafty world building and the slow-burn romance of enemies to lovers in realistic pacing.

Did I mention brilliant writing, carefully planted intelligent plot twists and lovable characters. Every character is deep and alive, every action has a reason, every conflict has a solid foundation and of course, a truly satisfying conclusion to a roller coaster ride of a trilogy. I've lost count on how many times I've reread the books, HEA is not stopping me to crave for the upcoming short stories. I think I will not be able to move on from this series at this point.

Major tip. Buy/get them a complete set. Read them back to back. I had to wait a long time for the book 3, I didn't know what to do when book 2 ended like that, after a much awaited indulgence, then leave me hanging like that is.. unjust, and not to mention I have to live my normal life. Just when I thought I've moved on, book 3 comes out and now the short stories are keeping me on the edge.

I just wished I was one of the original readers of Freece(C.S. Pacat), how I wish I was even old enough to read stuff like this back in 2008.

In the end, I think C.S. Pacat secretely hates me and wants to destroy my life. I want my life back. No kidding.