Reviews: Ceasefire Days


Ceasefire Days is a collection of short stories (28 chapters total) that may be 1 or more chapters long each. The stories are related to each other in the sense that they happen in chronological order and may reference previous events, but otherwise there isn't really a central plot other than the mercs "enjoying" their ceasefires.

The ending was abrupt, and the entire 76k+ fanfiction had like a couple typos that I noticed. That's pretty much the only criticism I have. The stories were cute and fun to read, a nice break from all the other drama-filled stories out there, and I felt myself smiling along. Read, and relax.

Ceasefire Days

This fic is one of my favorites, for one reason; it actually manages to find the perfect, impossible balance between the insanity of TF2's canon and the more down-to-earth feel of slice of life stories. The characterization for each of the mercs are spot-on, the situations and antics the RED team gets in are completely believable (and hilarious,) and the development of each of the characters is done beautifully. It really feels like any given chapter of this could be a genuine installment in the established canon of Team Fortress 2.

Overall, a very fun, heartwarming, and funny fic. Definitely worth a read if you have the time.