Reviews: Consequences Of Our Pasts

A layered thriller that keeps you guessing

This entry links to the first installment of a planned 5-part series focusing on the exploits of Aang and the Avatars immediately after him (with the last story being a distant prequel). Though the War that was the focus of the original series has been resolved, not only is there still a great deal of international tension, but it's clear from the opening chapter that there is a lot more going on behind the scenes than we thought, stemming from events centuries back, and new tensions appear among the Gaang. Between that, the question of what's going to happen to the Avatar cycle when it comes back around to the apparently extinct Airbenders, and a healthy (?) dose of Growing Up Sucks, this is not an easy read- in more ways than one- but for anyone interested in piecing together parts of a mystery and who doesn't mind Darker and Edgier and multiple Time Skips, it's a worthy (pre-Korra) continuation.

Part 2, All the Myriad Faces, deals with the next Avatar, Nini (who seems not dissimilar to Korra), and continues in a similar vein, albeit less depressingly. The author, after placing it on hold for two years while dealing with Real Life concerns, has declared the series dead due to a changed writing style, dissatisfaction with some plot points, and overall burnout, and has stated he will take down both stories at the end of 2013. Nonetheless, it is an intriguing read, and this recommendation wholeheartedly remains for as long as the stories themselves do.