Reviews: Christian Humber Reloaded


Christian was my room mate when he typed this thing we told him to put it online. that was in 2006 and so how it got another kid who i do not know to read it the copy i had or have dont know anymore is so bad that i pulls an error in word this doc has to many spelling and grammatical errors to display till i saw that i did not know such an error existed and i have not seen it on anyother thing so by all means yall do not read this i failed a test that i should have gotten no lower then a 85 on after reading it

you have been warned

The Best Fanfiction ever written

Christian Humber Reloaded is a masterpiece. Regardless of it's insane plot, terrible writing, non existing grammar and ridiculously overpowered, unlikeable characters, it manages to shine through and becomes something truly special. Written by the titular Christian Humber around a decade ago, and subsequently published online by school bullies who obtained a copy, this story is something of legendary proportions. Telling the story of half Wolf, "Sayin", Demon, Vampire, Hordeka, Cyborg, Dragon, Alien killing machine: Blade (or Vash, as he is originally called) and his excessively violent life, Humber manages to craft, through his terrible writing, a character so incredibly unlikeable, so insanely overpowered, so flat out ridiculous that it all goes full circle and ends up being a work of genius. Blade is the epitome of Gary-Stu. A character so powerful he can tear the galaxy in half with a wave of his hand, and that's only in Part 2 of this six act epic. Vashblade continues to get stronger and stronger as the story progresses, gaining powers of Demons, Bionicles and eventually Vampires, among many others, seemingly with no limit. Indeed, Humber seems to simply throw as many series he enjoys into the story as he can, resulting in a crossover the likes of which the world has ever see. Joined on his quest to murder his arch enemies are his half brother dragon Season Bringer, a dragon 12 miles long and with the power to control the seasons, Sora from Kingdom Hearts, now a gun touting psychopath and by the end, Alucard, king of the vampires himself. In the epic battle against Chaos, manifested, a corrupted version of our hero (who ironically is more heroic than him) and a demon called Kekanu. The villains all die multiple times throughout the story only to reappear later, sometimes only a chapter or two apart. The writing style is incredibly long winded, sometimes whole chapters lacking basic punctuation and grammar. Either Humber didn't bother to check his writing, or simply didn't realize we may never know.

To sum up CHR is a very difficult task. Naturally at face value it's a laughably bad garbage pile that only continues to get worse as it goes on. However, it's the absurd writing and crazy ideas that make this story a genuine charm to read. If you can look past its massive faults, you get a story that is actually incredibly fun to read. CHR is a rare gem amidst a land of dull, boring badfics. But this one truly shines