Reviews: Christian Humber Reloaded

The Best Fanfiction ever Written

Christian Humber Reloaded is a strong contender for the worst fanfiction ever written, and for good reason. It's a poorly written, nonsensical, hilariously bad piece of garbage. But I absolutely love it. CHR is notorious due to its quality, but not on such a scale of other badfics, like My Immortal, Sonic In The Search For Love and other infamous fanfics. However, there is a clear difference between those stories and CHR is written completely seriously. The author behind this masterpiece: Christian Humber, probably hates this story, due to the bullying he received because of it. It's a real shame. CHR may be absolutely terrible but it's that certain kind of terrible that makes it enjoyable to read. CHR manages to encase that fun, into a story so legendary awful, it will last until the end of time. CHR has a very... Interesting plot, to say the least. The story is very sporadic. Characters who are supposed to be dead appear and then disappear Throughout chapters, Portals open and send our protagonists wherever the plot demands it. Plot points and items are introduced only to never mentioned again (Season Bringer's power to control the seasons is mentioned once and never again, for example). As such, describing the plot of CHR in detail is very difficult, as deep down, there is no plot. Just a series of events strung together with weapon descriptions, swearing and laughably clichéd plot points and dialogue. The three main villains die repeatably, only to reappear (Sometimes within chapters of each other) again, to be killed again, and then they reappear again. This happens multiple times throughout CHR. The main problem with CHR is that Humber does not explain anything in much detail and the fact that Characters are not developed at all, all the way through the entire story. The only thing about Vash is that he is extremely powerful, badass and someone that you don't fuck with. The only emotions he shows are either blind rage or dry prick. Either powering up, destroying something or someone, calling someone or something ugly or he's swearing up a storm. Every other character is similar to Vash, but never to his level. For example, Sora from Kingdom Hearts, loses his kindness and bravery and becomes a gun-toating, foul mouthed killer.

Parts of the story make little sense, for example, a chapter in Part 2 that has Vash and Season Bringer travel to the Planet Char in a ship so small, only two people can fit inside of it, including season bringer who is 22 miles long.

But the worst of all is Vash himself Its main character is the Most Overpowered, unlikable, clichéd protagonist in the history of all of fiction. Blade is a perfect example of a Gary Stu. The ultimate power fantasy. A character Christian could project himself into, to see himself as a destroyer. Someone cool. Vash is an awful character, but at the same time, he is the greatest character in all of fiction. As such, CHR is probably the worst thing ever, but I love it