Reviews: Champions Lullaby

Not recommended

I'm afraid I have to disagree with the previous overhyped review. For one, the punctuation is lacking, there are numerous spelling errors, and the author sometimes decides to forgo contractions, turning the writing very stilted and awkward. The grammar could also use quite a bit of work.

For another, the characters aren't nearly as in character as was previously implied. Really, the fact that all of the Harry Potter characters were described as better than themselves, yet in character, should say something. They weren't better than themselves in this fic- they just weren't themselves, period. The Harry Potter characters bear a passing resemblance to their canon counterparts, but they've been reworked so much to fit the setting that they're entirely different people.

Harry, in the first few chapters at least, is a total Gary Stu- and I'm not just attaching that label to him because he's slightly smarter than average. Captain of the fencing team, genius beyond his years, extraordinarily handsome, self-confident, practically perfect in school, highly social, capable of debating on equal grounds with university professors and acclaimed scholars, no temper to speak of . . . the list goes on. Maybe the characterization gets better later in the story? I doubt that's the case, but I didn't manage to get that far in the fic, so I can't be sure.

Scenes in this fic seem not to come about because they're logical or likely, but because the author wants something to happen to speed along the romance. It's not even very subtle. The author appears to have utilized little to no editing overall and the plot and characterization, as far as I can tell, are nothing to write home about either. I do not recommend this fic, at all.

Review on Champion's Lullaby

I'm friends with the author in the 'real world' and have read the whole fic. She's been slaving after this story for a long, long time, around the same time Klaine became a real thing. She tried to write Harryx Kurt, but liked Klaine so much that she went with it and I am so glad she did.

The characters are very canon personality wise, however they are better versions of themselves in my opinion. There's 15 chapters at the moment and her word count is over 130,000 already, and I know she has 170,000 words on Word that need to be edit. Plus she always add new things to each chapter that made even more interesting.

Also, The Big Purple Book, her side project is pretty amazing too. She has put so much work into this world that she literally can create other worlds out of it. Her second chapter there shows how much depth there is, because changing one little things creates a whole new fic in the same universe.

Either way, despite the uncommon pairing, is totally worth reading.