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  • Comments: Set in the middle of the timeskip that happens at the end of Nanoha A's, when Nanoha and Fate are 13, and starting several weeks before Mai-Otome opens. For all that there're only five chapters as of early July 2009 this is a surprisingly addictive fic. Nanoha and Fate are clearly perturbing the plot of Mai-Otome, and it still remains to be seen how big a spanner in the works they turn out to be. Well-written with numerous plot hooks and instances of foreshadowing already in place to lure the reader deeper into the story.
    • Mandemo: Currently at chapter 13, not counting additional "Reflections". Nanoha and Fate really turn the series upside down, mainly by royally screwing up Nagi's original plan. The author appears to be hell-bent on shipping Nanoha/Fate (who is surprised?) and Arika/Mashiro. There are several other new pairings, but those aren't as fully fleshed out as these two.
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