Reviews: CHERUB Series

A refreshing reconstruction of the spy kids genre

Whilst a spy academy which recruits child/teen spies is far from original, Muchamore totally reconstructs the spy kids genre. Cherub has specific requirements for its kids. They must be intelligent,physically active and an orphan. They have to endure a tough 100 day boot camp,to prepare them for possible dangers. The kids/teens are realistically portrayed and often are impulsive or mess up just like normal kids/teens. The missions often go horribly wrong and the Cherub agents have use their wits. And the bad guys don't want World domination. Instead they are drug smugglers,terrorists,weapons dealers and human traffickers. Our main protagonist of series one is a jerk with a heart of gold,parody of James Bond called James Adams, who during the course of the series transforms from delinquent,couch potato to hero. The Aramov trilogy has a new generation and a new protagonist called Ryan Sharma who is about to tackle a huge three year mission to not only shut down a billionaire criminal empire, but also a to do it with out harming the grandson of the Big boss, who Ryan genuinely grows to care about. Overall the series and trilogy were both action packed,had many elements of problems facing our society today,with an interesting cast of characters. I LOVED this series and highly recommend it. Just a warning that it is not for kids under twelve, as it contains, swearing,lot of violence and young adult themes.