Reviews: Candy Boy

Squaring the circle, or the most boring Anime ever done

Twins who don't look like twins at all are infatuated with each other. Third sister and an exogamous suitor cling for one of the twins each. You'd think something could come out of it. Whether it be good or bad, something could happen. Theoretically, every kind of fiction depicts some sort of action, some change in the reality which is narrated.

HA HA, WILLIE! Nothing like that happens! Chapter 0...1... whatever, leaves the watcher with exactly the same though on the characters than the final one. Nothing has happened in between, the characters don't even seem to remember that theoretically the introduction of new people should make things change. NADA!

A combination of character dynamics set in stone, a lack of chemistry quite noticeable in the dub, and a Slice Of Life "comedy" which doesn't show any meaningful part of their lives brings a very boring piece of crud which you should avoid. My time was sacrificed so that yours won't be. I'd like you to appreciate that gift.

Candy Boy Review

A story about twins who are in love with each other and the events they go through. While there never really is a love polygon of any kind, there are points of drama created by other characters having interests in the two main girls, Yukino and Kanade.

Overall it's a cute, short series that most fans of Girls Love would probably enjoy. While it's low on explicit love scenes, it makes up for it in well done subtext. Graphically it's a stellar work and the music isn't bad either. Romance aside it is an enjoyable slice of life anime. Even though things are far from resolved and a lot of things are left to subtext, it's overall a happy anime depicting the lives of two girls in love. Nagato Yuki says, "Watch it!"