Reviews: Culture-Clash

A good story best read w/o Fridge Logic

The core of the tale deals with intricacies of rabbit behavior and how Nick inadvertently causes offense to Judy. In that regards it is quite an interesting story but should be read with the Fridge Logic portion of the brain firmly shut off. Otherwise you find yourself wondering how Judy who is so idealistic and intelligent could have ever thought Nick intentionally meant (or, as a fox, was even aware of) the offense his mannerisms accidentally triggered and then go on to hold it against him for four full days, completely ignoring him, giving him no clue what he did wrong and apparently even requesting Bogo separate them as patrol partners. It's likely that the author did this to sweeten the resolution/apology at the end, but it works best if you don't think about how noticeably out of character it makes Judy seem.

Culture Clash

A short one-shot fic about a misunderstanding between Nick & Judy due to the former not knowing something important about rabbit culture.

It draws heavily from research about the actual social behavior of real-life rabbits, so I would recommend it to anyone who like fics that play up the animalistic sides of the characters.