Reviews: Cool World

One wild ride, not always for the better

One of the few good things about the film is that for all its flaws, it never stops being interesting. On the technical side, this probably has the best animation out of any Ralph Bakshi film and while the combination of live-action and animation isn't always executed so well, it's at least more convincing than Rock-a-Doodle.

Also, the side characters are developed enough that they could have made shorts about them for promotional material.

Onto the flaws, for starters, the human leads aren't written well. Frank Harris is little more than a by-the-books cop and Brad Pitt plays him appropriately so. There's hint of shell shock but that comes up about twice in the movie. It's never developed upon. Jack Deebs is little more than a patsy, a considerable downgrade from the more villainous role he had in the original draft, and Gabriel Byrne plays him appropriately so. There's a hint of Perverse Sexual Lust but that is only brought up like once; it's never developed upon. Kim Basinger is great as doodle Holli Would. She seemed really into the role despite her character not even being a PG one. As a noid though, her performance takes a hit. The vocal performances are probably the best ones in this movie, save for a few.

The writers made the plot continually moving forward without stopping to think of reason, and logic sometimes. Holli somehow brings Jack into Cool World. That is never explained, like how Frank manages to get back into the real world by remembering his mother's death. Speaking of which, it seems like a noid girlfriend would have worked better instead of his mother.

Weird things happen on-screen that distracts from the main plot. As explained on one of the tabs, Ralph thought that not giving the animators the script would create a fun experience. How wrong he was.

While not being Ralph Bakshi's worst film, it is one of his worst.