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High quality entertainment
"Cybersix" is a female superhero cartoon done right.

Not only the animation is extremely good, with a great use of colors and a stylish atmosphere that fits perfectly well with the overall tone of the story, but also this series had many interesting (and likable) characters a fascinating plot that combines incredibly well the action, the seriousness and the comedy.

Even if the story of this toned down several aspects from the original comic in which this was inspired, it respected the essence of the source material, being an intelligent animation that could be enjoyed by the whole family, pretty much like "Gargoyles". (Though I am sure than adult viewers would appreciate this more than the kids.) "Cybersix" was an excellent series that deserved way more appreciation and recognition. Even if it was too short, the 13 episodes from this series were pretty well done, being each one of them highly entertaining and enjoyable to watch.
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