Reviews: Chivalry

Kitsu's review

YESYESYESYESYESSS. This is the one fic that can always, always, brighten my day when updated, no matter how miserable it was previously. It's possibly my favorite fic, and due to my lack of a social life that's saying more than something. At the very least, it tops my Bleach favorites. The only downside is that it's often a while between updates, but they do come eventually.

Comartemis' review

This is the fic that made me into a diehard Tatsuki fan; the author tells the story from Tatsuki's perspective and writes her as a snarky and hot-tempered Determinator, making the story nearly as entertaining to read as Kenpachi's fight scenes are to watch. A definite must-read for Tatsuki fans, though Tatsuki/Orihime shippers may be disappointed that the author has adamantly refused to ship them together. Also, fans looking for more Tatsuki-centric insanity are strongly advised to take a look at some of One-Shot's other stories.