Reviews: Core Threads

A must-read

Core Thread is a whirlwind of creativity, humor and just pure fun. It uses several fanfic clichés but never takes itself seriously, lampshading or subverting half of them. This culminates when MasterOfDeath!Harry ends up in an alternate universe that has even more clichés: a fem!Harry, evil!Manipulative!Dumbledore story. Which he proceeds to *accidentally take over*.

The worldbuilding is a major part of the story, taking up a lot of what isn't just humor. There's not real overarching plot or conflict… or so you think, but Chekhov's Guns pile up, and though the latest chapters would be incomprehensible for someone having read only the first few, the fic never feels like it's Jumped the Shark.

The good writing, ceaseless humor and sheer creativity of the whole thing make this a must-read for any Harry Potter fan worth his salt.