Reviews: Candy For Your Thoughts

This Saved Courtney's Character for Me

Words can't begin to describe how... better, it is than the actual latter half of World Tour. Everyone, no matter how badly they've seemed within the actual show, is redeemed. Everyone.

But this story doesn't just focus on Courtney/Cody. No, we've also been given some hilarious moments, mostly with Owen and Noah (a good example being at the end of the song in the Niagra Brawls chapter, and a non-Owen and Noah example would be the in universe results for the best pairing), some intense backstabby moments, and a rather heartwarming feel throughout the entire thing.

Honestly, the characters are written so perfectly, I'd rather have this be my headcanon of the latter half of World Tour. It's just so much better.

Happy Man's review

Some degrees of character development? It has SHITLOADS of character development, especially for people you think they're simply going to be Ron The Death Eater for the sake of the main couple. It's one of the best romantic fanfics I ever read. My question is...why it doesn't have its own page yet?

The Otaku Ninja's review

Seconded by this troper, who initially looked into this fic because it was a deconstruction of sorts... and found herself loving every minute of it. It has great musical bits, plenty of hilarious moments, and even some degree of character development! All of this makes this troper eager for the next chapter, especially since the fic is starting to wind down...

Quality and a change of pace

To say that the break up between Duncan and Courtney disappointed some people, it would be an understatement and this fic was born as an one-shot due to the frustation of this event by a DxC shipper. But the most interesting thing is that this is not a bad thing, with Cody helping Courtney to get over it, and there is lots of appropriate angst and fluffines in their relationship. The fic was so well-received that the author decided to write a In Spite Of A Nail fic and it is awesome! The challenges in Australia and China are completely different than canon (and arguably Better Than Canon) and the author invested very well in Character Development and Crowning Music Of Awesome. The only point that most readers did not like was the reason of why Sierra liked Cody, it seemed an Ass Pull, but in this troper's opinion, this is a fic that is in the same level of Total Drama Comeback, sometimes better! And Alien Cody gets more screen time!