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A chilling game that Needs More Love
I am not a fan of games that are supposed to be scary. Naturally, I had to play this game, because apparently I am a masochist. I first heard of this game when I stumbled on the page for it on this very site. Curious, I attempted (in vain) to find more information about the game and its story. To my frustration, I found almost nothing beyond this site and some walkthroughs in Japanese and Chinese, neither of which are languages I speak. I resigned myself that this game would be forever obscure. Then, in September (or October) 2011, I learned that the game was going to get an English release. I was elated and downloaded it as soon as I learned it was available.

The game surprised me. I knew I was going to enjoy it, but I didn't think it would actually, truly scare me. And yet, there were at least three points during my play that I felt my heart pounding fast. All three of those times I had to redo because I ended up failing in my panic. There were a couple CGs that made me twitch in surprise because I didn't see it coming.

The characters are believable and sympathetic. I always dreaded getting a Wrong End, because I knew that even if it didn't show me the actual death, there was going to be a description telling me exactly what is happening to the character and it is never pleasant. Ever wondered what it'd be like to be Buried Alive or have your tongue or your eye cut out with a pair of scissors? The game doesn't actually show it happening (a small mercy), but it makes sure you hear it and lets you know exactly what is going through the unfortunate character's head as it happens. It ends up feeling a lot more personal and uncomfortable when you're seeing a character's thoughts in their final moments, particularly when it's happened because you messed up.

It really is an amazing game that combines the graphics of old school video game sprites with the amazing storytelling of a visual novel. If you're looking for a couple good scares, you should give it a play. The party can always use a few more guests.

(That was a bad pun, I apologize)
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