Reviews: Chaos Card Captor Sakura

Voidwalker's review

Despite toeing the line of being a DeadFic, this story manages to respectably present a considerably dark tone in contrast with the Canon universe. The author gets bonus points for coming up with cool and original concepts for the Kaos Cards. That said, the AlternateUniverse MegaCrossover may not be many people's cup of tea (especially considering its status as an unpublished work).

DrakeTheDuelist's comments

This fanfiction has been in Development Hell for something around the past 18 months. (Allegations have begun spreading that I'm trying to out-Development Hell Duke Nukem Forever.) Stuff like this happens when a busy author has to deal with Real Life. The final two chapters have been receiving nickel-and-dime updates the entire time, but have not been posted.

It takes place between Season 2 and Season 3. Thus, a lot of Late Arrival Spoilers crop up. This will result in either Laser Guided Amnesia or "We Don't Talk About That" for the vast majority of the relevant cast. The questions are merely (1) who gets what and (2) how do they get out of this giant mess?

Though it does focus on the inevitable Sakura / Syaoran shipping, the larger focus is on the individual characters and their inner traumas, as well as an actual plot.

Chaos Card Captor Sakura is technically the prelude to an Alternate Universe Mega Crossover. The other universes just haven't been incorporated yet, so I leave this fanfic in the general CCS area.