Reviews: Clerks II

This movie changed me.

The film's message, about living the life and pursuing the dreams that made sense to me, absolutely spoke to me. I guess it seems like a simple message but it was something about the way it was delivered. These two guys, losers by all accounts screwing up over and over, one of them desperately clinging to a chance to become respectable. I was Dante. And watching him come around, something about the way he did it, the message finally made sense to me on a more personal level. It stopped being a platitude and started being something I actually believed.

I changed careers. I'm a web developer now and I'm respected by my peers because I'm motivated by what I do. I'm not wasting my time angsting over not going back to school.

You may say this is not a review but I can't think of a better purpose for art to serve. I know this is a goofy movie. Its probably not anything a critic would look at twice. But it did for me what the first movie had a reputation for doing with so many. And it made me laugh, even as I cringed at the more juvenile jokes. Laughter and a life changing message adds up to a good movie in my book.