Reviews: Chickenfoot

Oh Yeah (single)

Well, let me put it this way. I saw the name of the band and I thought, "What idiot named them that. Really, Chickenfoot?" I was surprised to find that they were a supergroup, but the name still put me off.

Then I heard their single, Oh Yeah, on the local hard-rock station, and I thought, "My God, that's got to be the most vapid set of lyrics I've heard in a rock song recently." I mean, sure, Intercourse With You is expected, nay, demanded, but it was so darn predictable. I would have hoped for something a little more nuanced, something more...I don't know, fresh, original, even. I mean, it is supposed to be coming from the fertile minds of several members of rock groups I don't really listen to. But it just felt so damn generic! They're going for a shout-along vibe in the chorus, but I never really felt it at any point, and an easy Title Drop like that is just too much. I'd much prefer to call this song "Oh, No", really - after all, I feel like I've heard this song before. About a thousand times.