Reviews: Cannibal Corpse

Butchered at Birth: a death metal classic

Those who know me know that Cannibal Corpse is probably one of my favorite (if not my favorite) bands. Personally, my favorite album from them is Butchered at Birth. Every song in here is some of their most prime material. There have been better songs on their albums, but this one I feel is their most consistent. Every instrument is basically finetuned to make it as brutal as possible. Subject matter isn't necessarily varied compared to their other albums, but it doesn't take away too much. A quick rundown of the songs:

Meat Hook Sodomy: Starts with a great buildup with chainsaw-like guitar noise before going into disconcerting riffage which shows what to expect from this album. Probably my favorite riff in here is the descending riff at 3:23 and 5:18, especially since you know that the riffs that come after are heavy as hell. It's their longest song too, clocking in at 5:49.

Gutted: This one's a live favorite for many people. Not so much for me, but it's still pretty brutal in itself. The ending is probably my favorite part, again.

Living Dissection: An underrated gem from this album. The vocalist shows off his technicality by being a total motor mouth during the middle, and the end where he reaches around 190 BPM.

Under the Rotted Flesh: I'm ashamed they never played this one live. Probably the slowest track on this album, but it only makes it all the more heavier. One of the more longer songs on the album, clocking in at 5:04.

Covered with Sores: Another live classic. The recognizable opening riff as doomy as hell, and provides a good indication of the hopelessness. I'm one for buildup, so you can see how I really like this track.

Vomit the Soul: Glen Benton of Deicide backs up Chris on vocals here in a song which differentiates its subject matter for once, from cutting bodies to going on a killing spree for your religion.

Butchered at Birth: As we approach the end of this album, we start to go faster overall, and this track is no exception, clocking in at a brief 2:45. Decent track

Rancid Amputation: The best riff in this song is the descent into insanity at 1:21.

Innards Decay: My fave song of the album (but probably because I have a thing for album closers in general, which is why Monolith is probably my fav CC song). Tons of groove, franticness and buildup to the heavy ending that leaves you wanting more.